Now Quotas For Alternative Lifestyles

One thing you can count on with far too many of our politicians: they will keep coming up with really idiotic ideas. They would likely never try such foolishness out in the home, or the workplace, but they seem to think the political world is open slather for such moonbattery.

One of the more idiotic ideas which our social engineers in the Labor Party have come up with is a quota system for homosexuals in Parliament. I kid you not. At least that is what Bill Shorten wants to do if he gets his way. As one news report puts it:

“Labor leadership candidate Bill Shorten wants to introduce quotas to boost the number of gay and lesbian politicians in Parliament. Mr Shorten is continuing his pitch to the party membership, sending out a manifesto that calls for the introduction of quotas for politicians representing minority groups.”

So just how dumb is this idea? Well let me count the ways. First of all, quotas are never a good idea. Whether used for women, Blacks, or now homosexuals, it is a lousy idea and does not work. It is of course part of affirmative action programs which are meant to help various minority groups, but never actually do.

Black American economist Thomas Sowell has spent much of his life examining affirmative action programs and quotas. Indeed, he has written dozens of books on these and related topics. Simply mastering his important 2004 volume, Affirmative Action Around the World: An Empirical Study would do us a great deal of good.

He finds that not only do they not produce what they were meant to, but they are often counter-productive. As he wrote elsewhere, “At the heart of the affirmative action approach is the notion that statistical disparities show discrimination. No dogma has taken a deeper hold with less evidence — or in the face of more massive evidence to the contrary.”

All quotas do is bring in people to positions they may not at all be qualified for, forcing out others, and filling positions not on merit but on numerical quotas. That is not how we would run a business, and it is not how we should fill political offices. Those who are fully qualified and those whom the electorate want in office should be there, not those who meet some arbitrary quota system.

And Shorten’s proposal is ludicrous. We of course already have homosexual politicians. If they are there, it is presumably because they were voted into office. There is no reason in the world to seek to have more in politics simply because somebody wants to push the homosexual agenda. They should be there only because they are good politicians who are properly serving their own electorate.

Parliament is not meant to be a place for social engineering and radical diversity policies. To simply say the makeup of Parliament should reflect the rest of society may sound nice, but on closer inspection it is foolish in the extreme. If we really wanted Parliament to fully reflect society at large, then we should also demand a quota system for all sorts of other minority groups.

To truly represent the electorate at large, let’s make sure we have quotas for all sorts of groups, including:

-bank robbers
-brothel owners
-cigarette smokers
-cocaine dealers
-red heads
-cake makers
-tuba players
-factory workers
-dishwasher machine repair men
-non-English speaking tax collectors
-left-handed auto mechanics
-male breast milk providers
-pygmy basketball players
-Australian sumo wrestlers
-blind saxophonists
-60-year-old football players
-one-armed accordion players

The list is of course endless. Every conceivable lifestyle and activity could be promoted by means of a quota system. Just how many polyamorists do we have in Parliament after all? None as far as I am aware, yet surely they are found throughout our society. Why are they being so under-represented in Parliament?

So let’s take Shorten’s idea and extend it to its logical conclusion. Then we can have prostitutes in Parliament, along with dentists, snake handlers, pipe-smokers, wiccans and Baha’is. It sure is long overdue to get these poor under-represented folks into Parliament. So come on Labor Party, get your act together.

Stop being so exclusive and discriminatory and start getting those quotas going for all the other poor marginalised groups in Australian society. They have waited long enough, and now it is high time to bring them into the fold as well.

Indeed, according to the last national census, over 60 per cent of Australians claimed to be Christian, so by Shorten’s own reasoning, we also need a quota system here, with over 60 per cent of Parliament needing to be made up of Christians.

But there is actually one group I would support having a quota system for: politicians with common sense, brains, a moral centre, and a hatred of all things PC. At the moment it seems this is the most under-represented group in all of Parliament.

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20 Replies to “Now Quotas For Alternative Lifestyles”

  1. Gee I hate reading stuff like this!!!!! It depresses the hell out of me!

    Steve Davis

  2. Actually, to follow their logic, if homosexuals make up 1-2% of our population, as data shows, (not the 10% we are constantly told by all the propaganda) then they are probably currently overrepresented in all Australian parliaments.
    Imagine if TV represented a homosexual character in their true proportion in regard to the general population, ie. 1 in 100, not the 1 in 5 (or so) we currently see.
    I say that we need to do more about reigning in the ‘over representation’ of homosexuals everywhere.

    Annette Williams

  3. Absolute and utter crap if I may use words I’m not supposed to use. If Bill Shorten is fair dinkum about about a quota system for Gays in Parliament then some of the gay Parliamentarians would have to be removed because they are already over represented when considering gays make up about 1.5% of the total Australian population. On this figure we are over Represented by gays in Parliament already, let alone the Labor Party.

    Leigh D Stebbins

  4. Rather than have a quota for homosexuals, they should be ineligible from standing for parliament on character grounds. In an earlier more civilised time in our history, people who indulged in perverse sexual practices were considered to be of bad character.

    Ewan McDonald, Victoria.

  5. Don’t forget organists, train lovers, septuagenarians and de-caf coffee drinkers.

    One of the problems with those who want more women and others in parliament is the confusing use of “representation”. They talk about women being “under-represented” in the House of Representatives, for example. What they mean is that the percentage of women in parliaments is much smaller than the percentage in the population. That has nothing to do with “representation” in the political sense.

    Each member of a State or Commonwealth lower house (both of them being Christian women in my case) is there to represent everyone in his or her electoral division. I remember many years ago when there was just one woman elected to the House of Reps (there were some in the Senate). A journalist asked her how she was going to represent women in Parliament. She replied that she was there to represent everyone in her division equally.

    As with “marriage equality”, the social engineers always try to distort normal language use, sometimes, probably often, with deliberate intent.

    David Morrison

  6. Bill,
    Increasingly the truth of Romans 1:22 becomes evident in our society – “Professing to be wise, they became fools.”
    Disturbing is the fact that this man would like to be Prime Minister of Australia. Also disturbing is the number of people ready to embrace the ‘wisdom’ of fools.
    Thanks again for your writings.
    John Gillespie.

  7. I can’t see what Mr Shorten is on about. He already has Penny Wong: female, lesbian, and Chinese – three for the price of one. In fact, in a Parliament of 55 Labor members, she fully represents the quota for lesbians and Chinese.

    Malcolm Smith

  8. There are usually around twice the number of male homosexuals than lesbians in a large population. So does he want that ratio reflected in Parliament? Then there is the little matter of male homosexuals dividing into dominant males and effeminate males in the feminine role, not to mention those that fancy pre-adolescent boys. Would these types be entitled to quotas?

    Shorten is an impractical twit.

    Daryl Snowden

  9. Surely this is only further evidence that the Labor party is on its way out as a ‘proper’ political force in our fair country. If this is the best they can do after the drubbing they got at the election, then I fear they have not learnt the lesson. Rudd’s attempt to gain more votes by embracing same sex marriage was most likely the final straw for many Australians, even loyal Labor supporters. Now we have another attempt by Labor to gain popularity through the supposed ‘flavor’ of the moment, homosexuality. Proverbs 12:5 comes to mind “The way of fools seem right to them, but the wise listen to advice”. Of course we cannot expect the Labor party to know much about Proverbs, so we shall pardon them for their lack of wisdom, however, there will be consequences and I venture that there will be a change in leadership before too long.

    Fred Merlo

  10. Just when I think I’ve heard it all, we get something as looney as this. I wonder if Mr Shorten is trying to win over certain factions in his party so that he can get hold of the leadership?

    James Brimblecombe

  11. Quotas make minorities look like fish or livestock. There is no dignity in it.

    And as Ayn Rand said: There is no smaller minority than the individual.

    It’s as you suggest Bill – they want numbers to force an agenda, and I might add, to also shore up the votes of the emotional generation.

    God Bless Bill.

    Mike Marshall

  12. And here I thought they rejected the “fact” that Christians always forced their agenda down their throats and now they are doing it, well, they have done it for a long time, but it is official now. Just proves there is nothing new under the sun, but really, these trendies could be a little more creative.
    Many blessings

    Ursula Bennett

  13. A quota system for minorities is a part of India’s national constitution. There, the stated intent was to provide a “hand up” to persons of no caste or persons from hill tribes or persons of Anglo-Indian ancestry. The unspoken intent was to keep Hindu persons of no caste – Gandhi’s “Harijans” – from leaving the sociopolitical power bloc of the Hindu community to join a modern revival of Indian Buddhism…

    John Wigg

  14. Bill Shorten wants to broaden the ALP’s quota system to increase the number of homosexual candidates for parliament. A more convincing proposal would to tighten its quota system to decrease the number of complete idiots as candidates. But I suppose that would be self-defeating.

    Peter Barnes

  15. Dear Bill, A hundred years ago the A.L.P. was the Party of ordinary family loving workers. The modern A.L.P. has long abandoned those people, including myself.
    Regards, Franklin Wood

  16. Bill, thank you for providing me with an early morning giggle! Left handed auto mechanics, dishwasher repairers and tuba players represented. You list is a hoot. Serious subject though and hopefully Shorten will not be elected.

    Kerry Hardwick

  17. Labor barely resembles a viable alternative government these days. They truly have been lobotomizing themselves since the original Rudd dethroning by Gillard and her ‘helpers’ (Shorten et al). What a shambles.

    John Davis

  18. A quota system for homosexuals in Parliament trumpets Bill Shorten. You wonder what episode of The Simpsons inspired this “Lost in Space” type reasoning. Equally a super hero type is Paul Howes declaring that Labor MP’s should be made to vote in favor of Gay Marriage. Really, is this guy draconian or what? Howes’ statement declares that under him there’s no freedom of choice if you are a member of the AWU union. I thought that dictator type bullying died a natural death after the shearers strike in the 1950’s.

    Michael Mercier

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