Time To Stop Promoting This Deathstyle

You know the end of Western civilisation is near when our elites, eggheads and rulers turn virtue into vice and vice into virtue. When they actually promote that which is not only morally wrong, but just plain deadly, then it really is the end of the world as we know it.

Just imagine if governments and all the institutions of power and influence mounted a ferocious campaign to encourage everyone to take up tobacco use, and demonised those who resisted. To promote a deathstyle like this would be the height of folly, yet that is exactly what we are doing with an equally deadly lifestyle: homosexuality.


My book Strained Relations is filled with facts, data and statistics about what a harmful, dangerous and dead-end lifestyle this is. Yet we are told we must endorse it, promote it, champion it and celebrate it. And the bad guys are now those who warn against all this. Go figure.

The bad news about this deathstyle keeps on coming– yet it seems to be falling on deaf ears. Consider this recent report coming out of the UK: “The UK’s National Director of Health and Wellbeing warns that there is an increasing and potentially catastrophic HIV epidemic in homosexual men in every part of the world.

“Speaking at the British HIV Association’s Autumn Conference earlier this month, Professor Kevin Fenton said that despite an increasing number of tools to combat HIV infection, the incidence and prevalence of the disease in MSM (men who have sex with men) is increasing rather than decreasing globally.

“In his address, titled ‘The Resurgent Global HIV Epidemic among MSM,’ Dr. Fenton said that while homosexual men everywhere have higher rates of HIV than in the general population, contrary to popular opinion MSM in wealthier countries have a vastly higher rate of infection than residents even of poorer countries. ‘It is estimated that the HIV rate in MSM is eight times that of the general population in low-income countries, and 23 times the general-population rate in high-income countries,’ Dr. Fenton said.

“’The most reliable prevalence figures suggest that, regionally, Latin America and the Caribbean have especially high rates, but in no country of the world is HIV prevalence lower in MSM than in the population as a whole. Even in South Africa, the country with more people living with HIV than any other, HIV is twice as common in MSM as it is in other people.’

“Dr. Fenton noted with some bewilderment that statistics show that, in the developed world, the US has the highest rate of new infections, the UK has highest overall number of infected men, and several central European countries have the highest rate of increase in numbers of infected men. Dr. Fenton laid the blame for the MSM HIV epidemic squarely on the two most obvious characteristics of homosexual sex: anal intercourse and promiscuity.”

Of course we have known all this for years, but HIV/AIDS has become the world’s first politically protected disease. Instead of properly dealing with this as we have any other dangerous infectious disease, we have excused it, and glamourised the deathstyle which causes it.

Yet our homosexual militants want even more people to receive the deadly fallout from this high risk lifestyle. UK activist Peter Tatchell wants to lower the age of consent, so that children can also get into the joys of sodomy. He wrote:

“Whether we like it or not, under-age young people are having sex with each other. Given that the average age of first sexual experience is 14, then an age of consent of 14 might be more realistic and reasonable than 16. If sex at 14 is consensual, and no one is hurt or complains, is criminalisation in the public interest? Is it in the 14-year-old’s interest?”

Um, this is called paedophilia, and Tatchell has been pushing it for years. For example in 1997 he wrote a letter to The Guardian defending an academic book about ‘boy-love’. He called it a “courageous” work and said this:

“The positive nature of some child-adult sexual relationships is not confined to non-Western cultures. Several of my friends – gay and straight, male and female – had sex with adults from the ages of nine to 13. None feel they were abused. All say it was their conscious choice and gave them great joy. While it may be impossible to condone paedophilia, it is time society acknowledged the truth that not all sex involving children is unwanted, abusive and harmful.”

And closer to home, folks in this deathstyle show up again and again as hardly tolerant and accepting. Indeed, many of the militants want opponents to die, and are not afraid to say so. A recent homosexual march in Brisbane made this quite clear. And it even has the activists arguing amongst themselves now, with at least one homosexual complaining:

“I can’t tell you how my heart sank as I watched this banner at Saturday’s Marriage Equality Rally in Brisbane. On the right it says ‘Dear Tone, Stahp ur homophobia or else, sincerely de gayz’ On the left, a depiction of Tony Abbott being hung by the neck using a rainbow noose. Put simply, Socialist Alternative, if that’s your idea of supporting our cause, then we don’t want or need it. Leave us alone.”

Of course if some militants don’t like what some other militants are doing, why was this banner allowed to be paraded throughout the entire march? And of course there are always similar hateful and foul signs and banners found at such marches. It is all just par for the course for the deathstylists.

Finally, an older and very lengthy article by a former homosexual really tells it straight here (no pun intended). Ronald G. Lee’s article, “Truth About the Homosexual Rights Movement” should be mandatory reading. It is extremely revealing as it takes us into the real world of the homosexual deathstyle.

He discusses a homosexual bookstore he used to frequent: “So why waste thousands of dollars on books that no one was going to buy? It was clear from the large ‘on sale’ section that only a pitifully small number of books were ever purchased at their original price. The owners of Lobo’s were apparently wasting a lot of money on gay novels and works of gay history, when all the real money was in pornography. But the money spent on books wasn’t wasted.

“It was used to purchase a commodity that is more precious than gold to the gay rights establishment. Respectability. Respectability and the appearance of normalcy. Without that investment, we would not now be engaged in a serious debate about the legalization of same-sex ‘marriage.’ By the time I lived in Austin, I had been thinking of myself as a gay man for almost 20 years. Based on the experience acquired during those years, I recognized in Lobo’s a metaphor for the strategy used to sell gay rights to the American people, and for the sordid reality that strategy concealed.

“This is how I ‘deconstruct’ Lobo’s. There are two kinds of people who are going to be looking in through the window: those who are tempted to engage in homosexual acts, and those who aren’t. To those who aren’t, the shelves of books transmit the message that gay people are no different from anyone else, that homosexuality is not wrong, just different. Since most of them will never know more about homosexuality than what they learned looking in the window, that impression is of the greatest political and cultural importance, because on that basis they will react without alarm, or even with active support, to the progress of gay rights. There are millions of well-meaning Americans who support gay rights because they believe that what they see looking in at Lobo’s is what is really there. It does not occur to them that they are seeing a carefully stage-managed effort to manipulate them, to distract them from a truth they would never condone….

“Ralph McInerny once offered a brilliant definition of the gay rights movement: self-deception as a group effort. Nevertheless, deception of the general public is also vital to the success of the cause. And nowhere are the forms of deception more egregious, or more startlingly successful, than in the campaign to persuade Christians that, to paraphrase the title of a recent book, Jesus Was Queer, and churches should open their doors to same-sex lovers….

“No single book was as influential in my own coming out as the now ex-Father John McNeill’s 1976 ‘classic’ The Church and the Homosexual. . . . Although to this day McNeill, like all gay Christian propagandists, avoids the subject of sexual ethics as if it were some sort of plague, his life makes his real beliefs clear. He believes in unrestricted sexual freedom. He believes that men and women should have the right to couple, with whomever they want, whenever they want, however they want, and as often as they want. He would probably add some sort of meaningless bromide about no one getting hurt and both parties being treated with respect, but anyone familiar with the snake pit of modern sexual culture (both heterosexual and homosexual) will know how seriously to take that.

“And he knew perfectly well that if he were honest about his real aims, there would be no Dignity, there would be no gay Christian movement, at least not one with a snowball’s chance in Hell of succeeding. That would be like getting rid of the books and letting the casual window-shoppers see the porn. And we can’t have that now, can we? In other words, the ex-Fr. McNeill is a bad priest and a con man. And given the often lethal consequences of engaging in homosexual sex, a con man with blood on his hands.”

As to the homosexual cruising scene: “There is nothing compassionate about a gay bar. It represents a laissez faire free sexual market of the most Darwinian sort. There is no place in it for those who are not prepared to compete, and the rules of the game are ruthless and unforgiving. I remember once being in a gay pub in central London. Most of the men there were buff and toned and in their 20s or early 30s. An older gentleman walked in, who looked to be in his 70s. It was as if the Angel of Death himself had made an entrance. In that crowded bar, a space opened up around him that no one wanted to enter.

“His shadow transmitted contagion. It was obvious that his presence made the other customers nervous. He stood quietly at the bar and ordered a drink. He spoke to no one and no one spoke to him. When he eventually finished his drink and left, the sigh of relief from all those buff, toned pub crawlers was almost audible. Now all of them could go back to pretending that gay men were all young and beautiful forever. Gentle reader, do you know what a ‘bug chaser’ is? A bug chaser is a young gay man who wants to contract HIV so that he will never grow old. And that is the world that Harry left his wife, and the other Harry his Church, to find happiness in.”

He concludes: “The homosexual rights movement is rotten to the core. It has no future. There is no life in it. Sooner or later, those who are caught up in it are going to wake up from the dream of unbridled desire or else die. It is just a matter of time. The question is: how long? How many children are going to be sacrificed to this Moloch?”

Yep, he oughta know: this is a real deathstyle alright.


[1955 words]

15 Replies to “Time To Stop Promoting This Deathstyle”

  1. Why are people still so blind about the Gaystapo and their lifestyle when the glaringly obvious is blatantly on display?
    Jo Deller

  2. Wow just remembered why I contend for the faith!

    Thanks Bill,

    Isaac Harrison

  3. Oh Bill.
    How I wish there were many more people, the likes of you.
    And that we, as CHRISTians would be more like Christ, who was sent to open the eyes of the blind and to unstop the ears of the deaf.
    So they may see and hear and understand, that what they wish for is the death and destruction of family and society, and that they wish it on all of us. And if they opened their eyes and unstoped their ears they might see and understand, and seek forgiveness from the only one that can give them, Christ.

    Mark Lambert

  4. All this time I thought MSM stood for Main Stream Media, boy I sure had that all wrong!

    Lex Clarke

  5. Homosexuality is a pandemic practice spreading a pandemic disease that the World Health organisation chooses to ignore.
    A long time ago they traced a Typhoid epidemic to one woman and called her Typhoid Mary. Apparently she was responsible for dealing with a large amount of food preparation with unwashed hands after ablutions. She apparently wouldn’t change her ways so they locked her away. Is homosexuality any different.
    The bible only says that a man must not lay with another man as he would with a woman. It does not condemn two men living for companionship together. Many men have given their lives on the battle field out of love for their brothers and that is one of the greatest gifts that man can give. Yet to take a life of one or many through lying with a man as you would with a woman and the spreading of a lethal disease is totally contrary to the former.

    Dennis Newland

  6. At every LGBTWTF conference, gathering, meeting, parade, get together etc you can guarantee there is a stall or booth dedicated to highlighting health risks. Most of the events I attend, where the theme isn’t homosexuality or gender craziness, don’t seem to bother much with health risks.

    I read that Ronald G Lee article yesterday and it is priceless. When will the MSM (main stream media this time!) wake up and cover the facts and not the gloss?

    Graham Jose

  7. For our healths sake governments nag us about what we eat, how much alcohol we drink, and urge us to exercise. The same governments severely chide, even punish us for criticizing homosexuality – which is a life plan for disease and premature death.

    Go figure.

    Antonia Feitz

  8. Hi Bill,

    Your article reminded me of what was perhaps the only intelligent thing Dan Savage had to say on QandA’s “Dangerous Ideas” program:

    “And remember all of those movements, the antiwar movement, the feminist movement, women’s liberation movement – those were sort of generative. They came about when people became supremely uncomfortable. They were forced up against a wall and then they pushed back hard and so don’t look at sort of the AIDS activists in the ’80s and think, God, they were so motivated. Why aren’t we like that? They got so motivated, my generation of gay men at that time, because we were f****** dying and we had a gun to our heads and we had to come out and fight.”

    Exactly Dan, you were all dying and you still are!

    There is something sinister about the promotion of a lifestyle that leads to early death.

    Nick Davies

  9. One aspect associated with the homosexual lifestyle I’ve noticed is the secrecy surrounding a person’s HIV status…Those in the healthcare system caring for patients with HIV often don’t know – this unnecessarily increases the risk of transmission.

    I’ve noticed if it’s documented in the health care records it’s buried deep within them rather than being clearly marked to alert those caring for them so they can take extra precautions.

    Oh, and don’t you dare write on your handover sheet that they have HIV, what if it falls into the wrong hands. We’d rather risk not passing on to the next shift such an important piece of information…

    I’m always careful as any patient may be infectious but it was not a nice feeling to have washed a patient only to find out a few hours later they had died as a result of HIV related complications. No one told me he had it and other nurses only seemed to have become aware of his infectious status……..


  10. Thanks Anon. I of course require a full name for comments, but I have granted you an exception. Thanks for sharing.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  11. And of course a true product of pragmatism is this retro viral treatment that keeps their body alive while doing nothing for the state of their spirit and their soul and in fact helps to lull them into false sense of security.
    The tender mercies of the wicked are truly cruelties.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  12. Of course, it would be a great deal easier for Bill Muehlenberg – and other talkers of commonsense on the “gay” deathstyle – to be heard, if so many out-and-out perverts had not been cossetted over decades by the likes of so-called moral “conservatives” like Cardinal Pell. The indulgence shown by Australian “Catholic” hierarchs towards Ronald Conway is by now notorious, but at least the victims of Conway’s sexual predations were adults. Not so the victims of Ballarat’s most notorious “Catholic” priest, Gerald Ridsdale (the subject of a two-page Herald Sun feature today, one which largely draws on Broken Rites’ evidence-gathering):


    In March 2013, for what it is worth, I wrote the following words:

    “Our Dennis Altmans and Bob Browns have no fear of serious Catholic pressure, when again and again the Australian hierarchy’s purported opposition to perversion has been as theoretical (not to mention damnably cynical) as H.V. Evatt’s purported opposition to communism. Evatt, at least, could plead insanity. What’s the bishops’ excuse?”

    There is not a syllable of the above quotation that I would now, in the aftermath of Victoria’s parliamentary inquiry, retract. Its concluding question, of course, remains unanswered to this hour, despite – or, for all I know, because of – attempts by me and innumerable others to seek elucidation from certain clerical bureaucrats, not to mention NCC operatives, on this very topic.

    R. J. Stove, Melbourne

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