Perversion Compounded and Children Corrupted

There are several truths you can usually count on when we think about the culture wars. One of them is that perversion tends to generate more perversion. Those pushing a particular vice, immorality or perversion tend to push other ones as well. The more the merrier it seems.

And those into unrighteousness and degradation also seem to want to drag children into their world of filth and perversion as well. It is not enough to let immorality and filth reign supreme amongst adults, but these folks also seek out children, dragging them into their sordid world.

Examples of this are easy to come by, and they demonstrate just how far down the moral drain our Western cultures have gone. It is as if there are moral sinkholes swallowing up entire cultures and societies. Or to alter the metaphor somewhat, all over the West we find examples of moral quicksand engulfing individuals, groups and entire nations.

Two recent examples of what I am talking about are worth examining. The first comes from the US. It involves one perverse group (baby killers) trying to get teens hooked on another perversion (bondage and sado-masochism). Hmmm, birds of a feather obviously.

pp 15One report on this explains: “Riding the wave of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ — and other pop culture ‘trends’ — Planned Parenthood of Northern New England (PPNNE) has released a video promoting and celebrating bondage and sadomasochism for teens (BDSM).

“In the video, posted on PPNNE’s website, host Laci Green offers ‘rules’ for such activities. The nearly 5-minute clip is titled ‘Getting Kinky—BDSM 101.’ It is just one of many included in PPNNE’s ‘education project’ called ‘A Naked Notion.’ They are all posted to the website’s section titled ‘For Teens’….

“Other videos posted on ‘A Naked Notion’ include one exploring abortion options, and touting abortion as a ‘safe, legal medical procedure.’ In another, she talks about how she lost her virginity at 16, how she doesn’t ‘regret it.’ It’s not about age, she says, it’s whether ‘you want to’ or not.”

Family groups were obviously not too thrilled with all this. Said Jeff Johnston of Focus on the Family, “This is a growing trend, the push to normalize — and even celebrate — deviant sexual behavior. Planned Parenthood should be held accountable for sexualizing and exploiting teenagers and children through the promotion of any and every type of sexual behavior. They’ve fed for too long at the government trough, and should be stripped of any taxpayer monies.”

Brushfires Founder Daniel Weiss said this: “A common-sense approach for Congress when reviewing these kinds of projects is to ask if the program increases or decreases sexual risk-taking among teens. When the tax-payer-funded BDSM apologist emphasizes the need for fail-safe code words because ‘stop’ is insufficient, you know you’ve crossed into the sexual Twilight Zone.

“Planned Parenthood seems only to exist for promoting deviant sexual lifestyles and profiting off those who follow them. As parents and as a nation, we must ask whether we want this kind of creepiness anywhere near anyone’s children.”

My second example comes from here in Australia. It is just as bad, and also involves various types of sexual perversion and degradation – and it also involves deliberately targeting children. Commentator Bernard Gaynor has just written about one NSW school proudly marching in the recent Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras in Sydney.

As one newspaper report states, “There is again only one school joining in Sydney’s mardi gras parade but Macquarie Grammar principal Darryl Gauld almost said no to participating this year. He changed his mind when he heard the parade was going to be televised.

“’This is Sydney’s largest parade and the biggest of its kind in the world,’ Dr Gauld said. ‘Three million people will be watching it on television.’ The 10-year-old independent school has 120 students and has joined in the parade for four years. Dr Gauld said he wanted more people to know about his city school.”

Gaynor spends some time describing the perversion these school children would have been exposed to: “Then there’s the Sydney Leather Pride Association. Its 2013 official parade description reads: ‘an organisation for fetish or esoteric sexual practice individuals of all sexual orientations. Their float will send the message of “we exist and enjoy what we do”. Most people don’t understand what the SLPA do but they are ‘sane, fun loving, responsible perverts!’

“This followed up the 2012 description that read: ‘Sydney Leather Pride Association Proud to be a sadist? Proud to be a pervert? Proud to be a master… Whatever you are proud to be, wear leather with pride.’ For those who are interested, the 2014 descriptions were cut down in size. We just don’t know what kind of perverts were marching this year.

“But we do know from the website of the Sydney Leather Pride Association that it runs courses on things like ‘dungeon safety’ and interactive workshops on pain and smacking. It also has a page that helpfully explains how you can signal your sexual desire.

“Dr Darryl Gauld and the staff at the Macquarie Grammar School might be interested to know that this page includes signals on how to have yourself urinated on, and, much more seriously, how to signal your intent to engage in pederasty. For those who don’t know, pederasty means sex between a man and a boy.

“Now, just in case anyone jumps to the conclusion that the Sydney Leather Pride Association are some random bunch of no-hoper loners that every other group at the Mardi Gras avoids, I hate to burst your bubble. It’s clear that they run parties and that other groups that parade at the Mardi Gras, including Dykes on Bikes, Harbour City Bears and Femme Guild, are given discounted entry to them.

“These are all groups that marched in the same parade as the Macquarie Grammar School. Now, I’m prepared to accept that Dr Darryl Gauld and the staff at the Macquarie Grammar School did not know about the fact that the Sydney Leather Pride Association webpage explains how one can signal their interest in pederasty. In fact, I’m even prepared to accept that Dr Darryl Gauld did not even know about the Sydney Leather Pride Association until I wrote about it today.

“But I’m not prepared to accept that this is a good excuse. It would simply mean that Dr Gauld and his team did not do their homework and that, as a result, the students under his care were unwittingly exposed to immorality, rather than by deliberate design. And, if that’s the case, then I’m more than happy to print any statement that Dr Gauld and the Macquarie Grammar School might care to release, distancing themselves from the Sydney Leather Pride Association and the organisers of the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras, who welcome them into the parade every year. If Dr Gauld does not release such a statement, I will, of course, want to know why he is not prepared to make any public comment.”

That is simply perversion multiplied, compounded, and amplified. And some schools think it is just fine to drag their poor students along to such affairs. No wonder we are going down the tubes so fast. No wonder we may be witnessing the last days of once great nations like America and Australia.

No wonder we may be the last generation to live in a free and prosperous West. When Barry McGuire sang in 1965 that we are living on the “Eve of Destruction” he may not have known just how accurate he was. It does not look good for the West. And it is certainly looking rather horrible as to the fate of our children and grandchildren.

But don’t take my word for it. Lesbian Tammy Bruce, former president of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Organization for Women, put it this way: “During my activism in the feminist and gay communities, the conditioning was nonstop. The effort, using the mass media primarily, was and is to brainwash the public into believing that certain sexual practices are merely ‘alternative lifestyles’… I was told that my describing S&M as a sickness put gay people at risk. Why? Because if any ‘alternative’ sexual practice was condemned, there would be the slippery slope, and no gays would be safe from those maniacal Christian fundamentalists. By default, it was argued, we had a responsibility to embrace and support anyone who challenged the sexual and social status quo.”

And we are seeing the bitter fruit of this on full display today.

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  1. Another sobering article of truth Bill, our once great nation built on the Judeo Christian principles, is practically going down the tube so to speak.

    The constant pressure from MSM and other perverted organisations to normalise immorality is unrelenting. We no longer watch the idiot box due to its content for the most part being unsuitable for ‘decent’ adults let alone our children.

    If the current trend continues, what is to become of the next generations? One shudders to consider.

    May we all pray for our political leaders to wake up and see what is actually happening. The funding of such events like the Sydney Mardi Gras and the introduction of homosexual lifestyles in our schools is a disgrace and in a sense, sowing the seeds of destruction.

    Please keep up the good work Bill, our nations children and families needs champions like yourself and Cory Bernardi.

    Fred Merlo

  2. I don’t live in Sydney but seeing a school in a parade like that would actually turn me off sending my kids there!

  3. If pleasure is your god, then the only thing that gets you excited is pain.

  4. I long for the day when we have a patriotic, strong and Christian leader like Vladimir Putin running Australia, rather than the weak, grovelling, appeasing and submissive wastes of space occupying the Liberals (except Cory Bernardi), Nationals, Labor and Greens parties.

    We need a nationalist party to support traditional family values and uphold Australia’s Christian heritage.

  5. I checked out Macquarie Grammar School’s website and was amused to see under their Vision and Values Statement that MGS [has] a reputation as a friendly School free of bullying, violence, and illegal drugs …

    Illegal drugs? Homosexuals are notorious for their use of illegal drugs to heighten their pleasures and dull their pains. So MGS is either ignorant of the facts or just plain stupid not to know this and allow (encourage?) their school students to participate in a parade that celebrates illegal drug use and unhealthy sexual deviance.

    MSG’s school age students marching in the homosexual Mardi Gras to provide publicity for their school is unwise and reflects very badly on the school board.

    Bill, please feel free to not publish if you think you’ll get into trouble. I just wanted to share my thoughts.

  6. One of the premises behind the notion of operant conditioning of human behaviour in behaviourist psychology is that all behaviour is merely a response to environmental stimuli – That is to say that the notions of freedom and dignity of the human individual are themselves allegedly delusions somehow foisted upon us by subtle manipulation of sensory stimuli.

    When human sexuality is reduced to mere mechanics of stimulus and response, notions of higher, metaphysical moral and spiritual meanings to human intimacy are forced into the closet and replaced by other more “earthy” impulses – Such “wisdom” is earthly, animalistically “psychic”, and ultimately demonic [James 3:15,16] – as apostate and Neo-Pagan, Aleister Crowley well knew.

  7. Isn’t it interesting that the activists recognise the slippery slope argument as valid, and work very hard to nullify it?

    Note also that they saw the slippery slope as risky on their own side (further and wierder perversions being mainstreamed) but necessary, thus confirming that there is no neutral ground in this war of ideologies.

  8. Bill, I followed your links and watched wirh amazed revulsion,

    I urge your readers to do the same to see how utterly depraved our society is. I was shocked not only by the content but that taxpayers worldwide are contributing to Planned Parenthood’s assault on decency and morality.

    Glorifying carnal lust has always been satanic, and there’s no difference now. We live in evil times but Our Lord Jesus Christ is still with us.

    It’s Lent, so as a Catholic I can’t shout Alleluia, but I can recite the Lenten alternative welcome to the gospel, “Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ, King of endless glory”.

  9. It just keeps getting sicker, Bill. Planned Parenthood have a cynical interest in sexualizing teens of course. It brings more lucrative ‘business’ coming their way. The more sexualized, and hence pregnant teens, the more fodder for their bloody slaughter mills. Their greed and ugly immorality is a stench in the nostrils of anyone who is in relationship with a holy God.

  10. I don’t mean to hog the conversation, Bill, but I’ve been saying for years that with regard to child sexual abuse we ain’t seen nothing yet.

    Currently people are fretting about the relatively few instances of child abuse when the perpetrators actually knew they were doing wrong.

    What will be their response to the probably massive abuse happening now when the perpetrators can’t see anything wrong with what they’re doing in a sex-saturated pornographic ‘culture’?

    Brainwashed parents are abandoning their precious infants, toddlers and children to the ‘care’ of low-paid strangers! Is this not a recipe for trouble and potential abuse?

    I reared my five children at home and my husband and I have never regretted the loss of my income for those fifteen years.

    They’ve all turned out well. Interestingly the four who are married all married spouses from intact families.

  11. The Bible clearly tells us that in the last days Blasphemies will be raised against God. In this respect one has to ask HOW! when Christians make up such a large portion of the population specifically in countries formed into greatness by following Gods instruction but now ignoring those same precepts. The answer for this is buried in what we today call political correctness. A method of containment that has chained us against speaking against those that hate and blaspheme against our God and in doing so forms the basis for our confinement specifically our manner of speech and thought that stops us from speaking against and exposing the truth of the homosexual agenda and all forms of sexual deviancy, pedophilia and blaspheme that is against against God.
    God has given us all the ability to create another human being or any other kind of itself. That is the greatest gift of our being and for our continuing existence.
    To understand how degradation of that blessing and its corruption can and does proceed so easily un-hindered. We need to turn to the answer in
    Mathew 12:29
    How else can one enter into a strong mans house and spoil his goods except he first bind the strong man and then he can spoil his goods.

    It is political correctness and the fear of infringement that has bound and constrained many with neither shackles or rope.
    Many will be turned against what is righteous in favor of accepting an unclean thing.
    Jesus says clearly he that is not with me is against me.


  12. The West is in terminal decline. What’s with this obsession with sex? For now, people are exhilarated by the freedom to do whatever they want and trample all over the graveyard of faithful heterosexual marriage. Fast-forward a couple of years, when people have got bored with what’s currently on offer, what will their pleasures be then? Broken families will cause ever increasing insecurity in succeeding generations; depravity experienced by ever younger children will bring suicidal depression; selfishness will bring callousness, cruelty and death. (Recent news has reported children being sexually abused on an industrial scale in 1970’s UK children’s homes and an investigation into paedophilia is under way which reaches into the heart of the Establishment.) It’s as if sexual abuse of a child is the ultimate delicacy for elites. I should think in 2 years’ time a massive sense of self-revulsion will have set in and people will be hungry for the holy Spirit, by which time it will be too late to undo the damage done; and the real problem of global financial collapse and societal breakdown will finally have to be addressed.

  13. So they want to promote sadism and masochism do they? If they really wanted to celebrate the infliction of pain and its supposed pleasures they would be off to the nearest battlefield to ogle the sights and maybe add to the pain. Or maybe they could defend those sadistic American soldiers who humiliated their Moslem captives a few years back.

    These promoters of sado-masochism are just shallow, immature people out to shock their elders or the bourgeoisie generally. It’s a game, and an anti-social one.

  14. So, what are we to make of the “outrage” expressed concerning the recent findings about the deliberate recruitment of children in state care in Victoria? There is either a lot of hypocrisy or lying going on, probably both?
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

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