Australian Sharia and Dhimmitude

I have been warning folks for years now: creeping sharia and stealth jihad are alive and well in Australia. Every day it seems we see more examples of the political ideology of Islam making inroads in this nation, stripping away our freedoms in the process.

islam 39It happens incrementally of course, so most folks don’t notice it, or think it is much of a big deal. But the end of the process will not be pretty. The Islamisation of Australia will be a shocking outcome indeed, and no one will like what they find at that point. But of course by then it will be too late to make a stink.

In the past few days we have had some more sobering examples of this occurring. The mainstream media is little interested in such events, or if it does report on them, it puts its own sharia-compliant spin on things. Consider my first example coming from Victoria.

Money talks. Political Correctness strangles. And fear of Islamic reprisals is very real. These three factors all converged in the case of the dhimmi Bendigo Bank. Larry Pickering tells the story:

Bendigo Bank has closed The Concerned Citizens Fund’s bank account citing the group’s aims as, “…. not in keeping with the Bank’s values of diversity and inclusiveness”. The group was maintaining the bank account to finance its objections to a $3 million mosque project planned for Rowena Street, Bendigo. According to the 2011 census, Bendigo includes Castlemaine, Heathcote, Pyramid Hill and Kyneton, and supports only 263 Islamic residents within that area. The Bendigo Concerned Citizens Group at last count had just under 5,000 supporters and its base was exponentially increasing.

Plenty of people were rightly shocked by this brazen example of capitulation to the Islamic overlords, and many complained to the bank. As a result, this is the statement just released by Bendigo Bank:

In response to recent questions and commentary regarding our decision to close an account. This was a considered decision by our Bank, and we respect everyone’s right to voice their opinions. Equally we have a right to ours, and we want to do business with organisations whose values align with our own. Our Bank values tolerance and inclusiveness, qualities which are an important part of a strong community. This is the only comment we will be making here on this matter.

OK, so let me get this straight. The bank values “diversity and inclusiveness,” and again, “tolerance and inclusiveness”. But that diversity, tolerance and inclusiveness obviously does not extend to anyone who has a legitimate concern about the spread of political Islam, and the diminution of our freedoms and democratic values as a result. As Bernard Gaynor puts it,

For those who don’t know, and in this particular case it is clear that this includes the Head-Honchos of Australia’s fifth largest bank, tolerance is defined as: “The ability or willingness to tolerate the existence of opinions or behaviour that one dislikes or disagrees with.
And inclusive, according to the Oxford Dictionary online, has the following meaning: “Not excluding any section of society or any party involved in something.”
Bendigo Bank obviously has other ideas about what these words mean. It thinks that being tolerant and inclusive is to operate an account for a group that want to build a mosque in Bendigo, while closing down an account for another group that opposes this idea….
It should make all Australians very concerned. The easy refrain that Sharia Law will never be implemented rings hollow when the Islamic population of around only 2% already has the power to pressure banks to shut down the financial operations of those who oppose them. That pretty much is Sharia Law. And, like any law, it also comes with police. Now we know who they are: Bendigo Bank.

And lest anyone protest and say, “Yeah, but they just want to build a mosque,” let me reply. The mosque of course in Islam is nothing at all like a church in Christianity or a synagogue in Judaism. It is a strategic political and cultural centre and a beachhead for the ongoing expansion of Islam. See more on this here:

My second example of the rise of intolerant sharia in Australia comes from Sydney where we have the largest congregation of Muslims. It seems that those who raise concerns about Islam are now even being shot at. Here is how one MSM article begins the story:

An anti-Islamic extremist group member describes how he jumped to the floor before up to eight bullets were fired at his Greystanes unit block in western Sydney on Thursday night. A man who was targeted in a shooting in Sydney’s west on Thursday night is a member of an anti-Islamic extremist group.
Nathan Abela, 24, was not shot but suffered a minor injury to his shoulder when he dived to evade up to eight bullets that were fired into his apartment. Police said they were called to the apartment block on Cumberland Road, in Greystanes, at 11.15pm to reports that a number of shots had been fired. Witnesses told police they saw a silver Audi drive away from the premises.
Police have not confirmed reports that someone called Mr Abela’s name before the bullets were fired. No one was seriously injured in the shooting, but Mr Abela was treated by paramedics for the shoulder injury. Mr Abela is a member of the Australian Defence League, which says on its Facebook page that its aim is “standing up against Islam now, not when its [sic] too late”.

Um, please notice one thing at the outset: who does the MSM label as an extremist here? Yep, you got it. The ones shooting him are not extremists, according to the media, but the one being shot at! Go figure. Such is the level of dhimmitude now smothering most of the lamestream media.

Just imagine if a Muslim was shot at. This would be front page news, and every leftist media outlet in the country would be demanding that Christians be closely monitored to keep an eye on their “hatred” and “racism”. They would demand new laws against “Islamophobia” and work to see even more special rights be extended to Muslims.

But in this case, the bad guy is the one being shot at – all because he is warning us about the very real dangers of Islamic intolerance. And I would suggest that being shot at is a very good indication indeed of intolerance. Such is the paralysis of the mind and will in Australia today, that we now defend attempted killers while vilifying their victims.

All because we dare not say anything critical about Islam. That my friends means pretty conclusively that we have already lost, and Islam and creeping sharia have already won. But the sad truth is, it will get even worse in days to come – unless we all wake up real quick.

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  1. If only we could apply such inverted definitions to the word ‘million’ as the Bendigo Bank does to ‘tolerance’ and ‘inclusiveness’. I’d be rich.

  2. “The ones shooting him are not extremists, according to the media, but the one being shot at” I too noticed this when I read the article yesterday – usually the police (and the media) go crazy at the mention of the word ‘gunshot’ – but it was like it didn’t matter because the victim said something politically incorrect on facebook – and that’s all anyone could be bothered investigating – go figure??

  3. Then there are the judicial decisions which view with sympathy serious crimes committed by such people because, it is argued, there are ‘cultural’ differences involved.

  4. Aussies have an interesting history facing Islamic guns, and we like to reflect on the 800 horsemen at Beersheba.
    We had victory in the past, but now when we hear “The Philistines are coming” ..this time, we are Sampson and we have lost our hair.
    Australia (like ancient Israel) has snubbed God big time, and now we are losing our country.
    Go figure.

    If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. 2 Chron 7:14

  5. Yes. It is important to emphasize your point Bill about just what a mosque really is. It is a very large ‘thin edge of the wedge’ & very dangerous!
    What if I tried to open a dance school or butcher shop or underwear store next to this mosque? Would they object?! I’m with Bendigo Bank & I will write to management!

  6. Stewart, I hope you do write to Bendigo Bank.

    I’m not a member but I did write yesterday criticizing Bendigo Bank’s closing of a perfectly legal account apparently under duress from Muslims who constitute fewer than 2% of our population.

    We’ve got to start standing up to Muslims. They are confident of winning, and with good reason: the West is weak having abandoned Christianity.

    But look at the numbers, people: over five thousand plus people in and around Bendigo joined an association objecting to the erection of a three hundred million dollar mosque to service fewer than three hundred people in the district. Clearly the Muslims are anticipating white converts.

    I’ve not been to Bendigo so I googled it was was amazed at what an Australian heritage treasure it is. I knew it was a rich goldfield. Certainly the architecture of Bendigo reflected the opulence of those times. Google it and see it for yourselves.

    A mosque would be not only totally out of place in Bendigo but offensive and irritating to the locals as they’d have to endure the imam’s call to prayer via loudspeakers.

    So let’s get behind the citizens of Bendigo and say no to the proposed mosque.

    And here’s a thought. Because they are the only Westerners to enjoy genuine democracy the Swiss successfully banned minarets, culturally preferring their traditional Christian churches’ spires. See:

    Good on them. Surely we can do likewise.

  7. I think the account should have been called “Mosque-uito Eradication” and they may have kept it open.
    Seriously though, boycott Bendigo Bank for their selective application of their “values” and “principles”.

  8. Where do they get all the money from? Expensive mosques and Audis?
    May Sampson’s hair grow again and may Australians regain their courage. Thanks for this heads up, Bill. Head coverings have even been discovered in our neck of the woods, I guess we can be prepared for what is coming.
    Many blessings
    URsula Bennett

  9. Thanks Bill. This discrimination in the name of non-discrimination is an example of the blindness which accompanies an unwillingness to see, to be truly discerning. True logic ceases to function.

    It is also an example of why you cannot serve both God and mammon. They are different kingdoms.

    We do need to keep pointing out these inconsistencies to our community, but, simultaneously accompanied by the Word of the gospel. Change, with God, is possible.

  10. Ursula you asked where do they get all the money? Much, if not all of it comes from Halal certified foods. This money goes towards Muslim schools, mosques and making a few people rich. We are paying into this every time we go shopping. It isn’t just meat. It’s a huge concern and most people haven’t got a clue.

  11. Hi Antonia, Bendigo is beautiful; as a kid growing up in Castlemaine I remember visiting the Botanic gardens, Sovereign Hill, and other historical landmarks. Based on my distant childhood memories I cannot imagine a Mosque fitting into the landscape.

    And as Bill mentioned in his linked article, there is so much more to a mosque than serving as a place to worship.

  12. The scary part of all of this is what Bendigo’s Sacred Heart Cathedral Monsignor Frank Marriott said.

    Lifted from (Bendigo Advertiser, 7 April): “he called for greater tolerance and harmony among religious groups when the mosque proposal was first announced.

    Monsignor Marriott said the challenge facing Bendigo was to bring Christian, Buddhist, Islamic and other traditions together.

    Monsignor Marriott suggested the possibly of developing an inter-faith council.

    “I welcome the proposal and the ability for them to worship, but I ask the Islamic community to extend the same hospitality,” Monsignor Marriott said.

    “There are places where we are not free to worship and if we are giving them the freedom to worship, we are entitled to expect the same freedom.””

    Anyone who knows anything of history knows that Muslims do not integrate with other faiths whatsoever.

  13. Just now got an email from the Q Society saying that they have closed their Bendigo Bank accounts and gone to the Commonwealth Bank.

    Obviously in response to the Bendigo Banks new Dhimmi attitude.

  14. woops sorry,
    Q Society will be closing the Bendigo Bank a/cs at the end of the month.

  15. I hold a number of accounts with the Delphi Bank which is a division of the Bendigo Bank. I have just sent an email and asked for an explanation before I close my accounts. How ironic that the Delphi Bank, which is largely marketed to the Hellenic community, would be part of this discrimination.

  16. Hmmm. Where’s the petition so I can sign, which demands Bendigo Bank reinstate the account. I am sure there must be a petition which has been launched which could show BBank that more than 2% of the population in the area, and beyond (being Australian wide) do not agree with their decision. A BB has just opened in Pomona, Qld. Maybe it should be shut down? Money talks. Let’s hit them where it hurts.

  17. If we hope to preserve Australia as it was prior to the emergence of the ISLAMIC PROBLEM, we better get a bit excited and learn about this threat. A good place to start ,read THE STORY OF MOHAMMED , ISLAM UNVEILED by Harry Richardson , ten bucks from SUNSHINE COAST SAFE COMMUNITIES INC ( email – – Ignorance is bliss. Freedom is not a right, it must be paid for, it must be earned, so let,s get past doing nothing and at least learn about Islam, that way we can develop a sound view point. Go for it , Folks.

  18. Bill, it’s just great to see the awakening among so many real Australians about this insidious and ever so present problem. A Christian Egyptian said to me: “Frank, you must always remember: there’s no such thing as a moderate Muslim.”

  19. Hi Bill
    I’ve been forming a parallel viewpoint to yours for some years now and am happy that you have published yours.
    Best of luck with it. Hope we can get a major part of the Australian population also agreeing with us
    David Hart

  20. Spot on. The same thing is happening here in the United States. The clown we have in the White House is encouraging this type of activity / behavior because he is an admitted Muslim. He wants to destroy America’s way of life and resurrect it as a muslin nation. Wake up America and Australia. Please don’t sit on the sidelines and watch only the muslims play the game.

  21. Sharia is abominable and medieval and must be stopped as well as anything to do with Islam.

  22. ISLAM means submission…Submit to the “Rules” of Islam, or suffer the consequences.
    I’m not a “highly learned ” man, just an ordinary Australian who has worked for 47 years to “earn” the pension and live the rest of my life in peace, or so I thought. Now we have the Curse of Islam to deal with. As yet their numbers are small, but some of their young members are working in our Chicken bars, (no Ham burgers here) They are here to stay. Let us use a reverse Dhimmitude and not allow them the priviledge of having Medicare and other Health items which we paid for with our taxes disallowed to them seeing as most do not pay tax, only collect govt hand-outs

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