Global Creeping Sharia Never Ceases

Whether in Western nations or in supposed moderate Muslim nations, the spread of sharia continues unabated. And the loss of freedom and democracy is the inevitable result. As Islam continues to conquer by force of arms or stealth jihad, the liberties of the rest of the world continue to shrink.

Cases of this occurring are never ending it seems, and you finish one article on this, only to find new, even more frightening examples of creeping sharia. The capitulation of the Western world to the demands of Islam is hugely worrying, and places like Europe and the UK seem just about gone.

islam 39Consider the latest move in the UK to placate and appease Islam, even if it means snubbing your nose at Englishmen themselves. The headline reflects a growing trend to do everything to accommodate Islam, no matter what the consequences for everyone else: “Subway removes ham and bacon from nearly 200 stores and offers halal meat only after ‘strong demand’ from Muslims”. The story begins this way:

Fast food giant Subway has removed ham and bacon from almost 200 outlets, and switched to halal meat alternatives in an attempt to please its Muslim customers. It has confirmed turkey ham and turkey rashers will be used instead in 185 of its stores, where all the meat will now be prepared according to halal rules.
The chain, which has around 1,500 outlets across the UK, explained its decision by saying it had to balance animal welfare concerns with ‘the views of religious communities’. Nearly 200 Subway branches across the UK and Ireland have cut out ham and bacon, selling only halal meat, in response to demand from their multicultural customers
Traditional halal slaughter sees animals have their throats slit before bleeding to death. But Subway stressed that the meat served in its sandwiches would come from animals that have been stunned first, a practice that aims to reduce any suffering.
In Arabic the word halal means ‘permitted’ or ‘lawful’ and defines anything that is allowed or lawful according to the Qur’an. It is often used to indicate food – particularly meat – has been prepared in accordance with Muslim principles and techniques.

There are several things that can be said here. First, critics will say this is no big deal, and that one can always go elsewhere for one’s fav bacon-laced Sub sandwich. But that is missing the point here. If this were the only case of creeping sharia in the UK, we could perhaps all relax. But there are now hundreds, if not thousands, of such cases.

It is the cumulative effect we must be concerned about here. One or two cases is one thing – but many hundreds leads to an avalanche of Islamic supremacy and Western decline. As I have written before, Islam and Western freedoms and values are simply incompatible. To choose one is to reject the other – and I am not just speaking about halal foods here:

And there are plenty of concerns about halal foods and halal certification as well that we must be aware of:

Moreover, what about this claim that Subway must consider ‘the views of religious communities’? Really? It seems that only one religious community is being considered here. What about Christianity for example. Even in pagan England I suspect that there are far more Christians than Muslims. What is Subway doing to keep Christians happy?

And what next? Will Subway bow to further Islamic pressure and stop serving altogether during Ramadan? Will it soon remove female employees, or at least cover them in burqas to keep Muslims happy? Will they soon be lying out Islamic prayer mats for any devout Muslim seeking to do his daily religious duties while munching on his Sub sandwich?

But let me turn to a so-called moderate Islamic nation for my second example. This headline is a shocker: “Malaysia: Muslim medical group says Muslim doctors must amputate thieves’ hands”. As an article about this states, “Muslim doctors must fully support Sharia laws, says i-Medik, and that includes amputation of hands for theft, as per the Qur’an: ‘As for the thief, the male and the female, amputate their hands in recompense for what they committed as a deterrent from Allah’ (5:38). ”

As the Malay Mail Online says:

The Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) has disrespected Muslims and Muslim doctors by threatening to axe doctors who perform amputations under hudud, according to Muslim medical practitioners’ group i-Medik. Muslim doctors have sworn to an Islamic doctor’s oath which also binds them to Islam as a way of life and the implementation of Islamic laws including hudud, it added. “A Muslim doctor performs his task according to the Islamic medical doctor’s oath, which fully supports Islam as a way of life, and this includes fully supporting Shariah laws,” i-Medik chairman Prof Dr Azmi Md Nor said. His message was carried on Islamist group Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia’s (Isma) website. i-Medik is allied to Isma. Dr Azmi did not specify which Islamic oath he was referring to, and how it differs with the Hippocratic Oath taken by all doctors.

While it is heartening to know that the MMA is not too thrilled with the sharia practice of amputation, this is simply one of many examples of where the Islamists are often at war with their own people, and the important question remains: who will prevail?

We see in many places, such as Turkey, where previous moderate Islamic regimes have been replaced by much more radicalised regimes. Those wanting to see full sharia law implemented – whether in the West or in the Muslim world – are working overtime to achieve their goals, and most folks are blissfully unaware of all this.

Indeed, Western ignorance and gullibility is what is the real worry here. We seem blind to the threat that we face. We refuse to believe that a group of committed religionists have vowed never to rest until sharia law extends from north to south, east to west, and the whole world lies under a universal caliphate.

As a former Muslim from Syria Wafa Sultan explains concerning our dire situation:

I have found myself fighting on two fronts. The first front is against Islamists, a daunting fight indeed. But the other front is one shaped by too many uninformed individuals who like to view themselves as open minded “progressives”. They seem to somehow claim superiority on compassion, on peace, on open-mindedness and on appreciation of other cultures. Regarding themselves as tolerant, free thinking individuals, they avoid questioning Muslims’ harmful intentions. They restrict themselves to self-criticism, and make politically-correct excuses for Islamism. Regrettably, they show their indisputable acceptance of “others” at the expense of the public’s responsibility to learn the truth about Islam’s detrimental tenets.

But today it is simply politically incorrect in the West to say anything critical about Islam. As Dennis Prager put it, “At the present time in the Western world, people are free to morally assess and critique any ideology, and to morally assess, critique, or even mock any denomination of Christianity. But any moral assessment of Islam that is not entirely positive is unacceptable.”

To allow ourselves to be silenced here really is to commit national suicide. As Robert Spencer has put it:

The West today faces the threat of stealth jihadists. By using this term, I am not implying that they operate in secret; to the contrary, one of the key characteristics distinguishing them from their violent counterparts is that they carry out their business openly, carefully constructing a facade of moderation. What is stealth about these operatives is their ultimate agenda—they are not seeking to protect Muslim’s ‘civil rights’ from the rampant ‘Islamophobia’ that ostensibly plagues Western societies, as they claim. Rather, they are leading a full-scale effort to transform pluralistic societies into Islamic states, and to sweep away Western notions of legal equality, freedom of conscience, freedom of speech, and more.

The two examples featured above are merely the tip of the iceberg. Either we wake up, and wake up real soon, or we will soon find that it is too late to say anything about stealth jihad. The choice is ours.

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  1. Good article Bill & so obvious. Our Government is committing billions of our dollars to state of the art fighter planes to give us the edge on invading countries but are oblivious to the fact that we are slowly but surely, being taken over & no one seems to be the slightest bit concerned.

  2. I closed my account with the Dephi bank today. The Delphi bank was previously the Bank of Cyprus, and more recently taken over by the Bank of Bendigo. To date I have not had a satisfactory response from the Bank of Bendigo regarding the closure of the Concerned Citizens Fund’s account.

  3. Good points Bill and Ken.
    I hope Subway does not bow to Islamic pressure in Australia and I hope UK subway lovers boycott the stores.

  4. Hi Bill, I was reading a brief article the other day, about the dual Civil and Shariah laws in Malaysia. The author, Zaitoon Dato Othman, concludes with: “it can be observed that Malaysia has done well despite the multiracial and multi-religious population and the Shariah law and Civil law has been practiced side by side successfully. What is also to be noted is that Shariah law does not affect non-Muslims with regard to offences under the Islamic law however non-Muslims are not prevented from taking advantage of any Muslim products or following Muslim principles whenever available.”

    What is your take on this dual application of the laws in Malaysia?

  5. Peter, Bill and everybody, you’ll all be pleased to know that there was a huge COST OF BACKLASH to BENDIGO BANK according to an email I received this afternoon from an Australian fishing tackle business (I wont name them in case they don’t want to be named but they do deserve Christians’ business). Their email said:

    “The figures are in.

    “The public backlash to Bendigo Bank’s “moral stand” against Concerned Citizens Fund has cost the bank $60 million of cash money in deposits alone. With 15 to 1 cash to lending ratios that means their lending wings were further clipped by one billion dollars ($905,000,000).

    “That cuff over the ear by the Australian Public has got to hurt! (Thanks everyone. ) Makes keeping the $4.2 million mosque account pale into insignificance.

    “I wonder if in hindsight they would do it again? Trust not.
    They did close our account [the small business who objected to Bendigo Bank’s stance] and we have received a cheque for $423.45 from Bendigo bank.”

    Reading about Bendigo Banks’ unedifying cravenness to PC I was disgusted and took the trouble to email and thank that small fishing tackle company for making a stand against the gutless Bendigo Bank and today I got my reward and have shared it with you.

    The moral is: be active, Christians!

  6. Great news, Antonia. I remember one document I read, a Catholic piece, iirc, that suggested that a vocal, inner-city, wealthy, and influential minority were the driving force on gay rights, and probably other issues.

    Your story says to me that when it comes to the crunch, the ordinary Australians talk with their feet. I bet Bendigo Bank never thought their stance would cost them that much.

  7. Creeping sharia is like slow poisoning when the person don’t recognize its long term effect and accept taking it as immaterial and die. After some time we will find that all our human virtues of 21st century are sacrificed to Islamic sharia law where we all become Kafirs to be killed to make the world a Dar ul Islam and take the mankind to 7th century Bedouin world

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