The Myth of Moderate Muslims

So did you hear about the mass demo of Muslims in Sydney worried about Islamic extremism? Did you catch the big turnout of Muslims in Paris denouncing jihad? Did you notice the tens of thousands of Muslims marching in London to stand against Islamic bloodshed and violence in Iraq? Did you read about the anti-jihad protests by concerned Muslims in Amsterdam?

Neither did I.

islam 47Instead, all we hear is crickets chirping. The silence has been deafening. One atrocity after another takes place all over the world, and the Islamic community remains absolutely mute. We just don’t hear a peep out of them distancing themselves from the terror and murder.

And there may be several reasons for this. One, moderate Muslims really may not exist. Perhaps that is the reason. Or two, if they do exist, they rightly know that if they do speak up, they could well lose their heads – literally. That is also telling: Islam is so bad, that those who prefer real tolerance, civilisation and basic humanity are too terrified to speak up.

And heaven knows there is plenty to speak up about. Not a day goes by without yet another horrific atrocity and murderous rampage being committed in the name of Islam. It becomes nearly impossible to keep up with them all. But Andrew Bolt has just sought to do that:

What the hell is the problem with Islam? In the past week…
In Kenya:
At least 34 people have been killed after unidentified armed men stormed the coastal city of Mpeketoni, setting hotels, restaurants, banks and government offices on fire and spraying bullets in streets. Kenyan army spokesman Major Emmanuel Chirchir … blamed al-Shabaab, Somalia’s al-Qaeda-linked militant group… “They were shouting in Somali and shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’,” he added, meaning “God is great”, in Arabic.
In Nigeria:
Suspected Boko Haram gunmen have reportedly kidnapped 20 women from a nomadic settlement in north-east Nigeria near the town of Chibok, where the Islamic militants abducted nearly 300 girls in April, most of whom are still missing.
In Iraq:
Sunni Islamist militants claimed on Sunday that they had massacred hundreds of captive Shiite members of Iraq’s security forces, posting grisly pictures of a mass execution in Tikrit as evidence and warning of more killing to come.
In Syria:
The Al-Qaeda-breakaway Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria has prevented food and medical supplies from reaching some neighborhoods in an eastern Syrian city, an activist group said Friday. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said … an offensive by ISIS in eastern Syria against rival Islamic rebel factions has killed more than 640 people and uprooted at least 130,000 since the end of April.
In Spain:
Spanish police arrested eight people in a pre-dawn raid in Madrid on Monday, breaking up a jihadist recruitment network led by a former Guantanamo Bay inmate, the government said… Spain’s government has said it fears battle-hardened Islamist fighters may return to Spain from Syria… Spain this year marked the 10th anniversary of the March 11, 2004 Al Qaeda-inspired bombing of four packed commuter trains in Madrid, which killed 191 people.
In Belgium:
The fourth person to die after a gunman opened fire on the Jewish Museum in Brussels was to be buried in a Muslim cemetery in Morocco. Alexandre Strens, whose mother is Jewish and father a Muslim Berber, was to be buried near his grandparents’ graves in the cemetery in Taza, north-east Morocco… A suspect, Mehdi Nemmouche, was arrested in Marseille, southern France, 11 days ago …
In Indonesia:
Radical Islamists in Indonesia have been celebrating and swearing allegiance to ISIS on line, raising concerns that more potential terrorists will be attracted to the conflicts in Iraq and Syria… Jakarta-based terrorism expert Sidney Jones says Indonesians are known to be fighting in Syria, and that Indonesians attracted to ISIS are more radical than the Bali bombers.
In Sudan:
The retired Libyan general Khalifa Heftar who is leading the military campaign dubbed as ‘Operation Dignity’ against Islamist militias accused Sudan directly of providing aid to these groups… Heftar says that these militias have wreaked havoc in the North African nation.
In China:
China today sentenced three people to death over a deadly attack at Beijing’s Tiananmen Square last October, state television reported, an incident blamed by the government on Islamist militants…. Five people were killed and 40 hurt when a car ploughed into a crowd at the northern edge of Tiananmen Square and burst into flames…All of those sentenced appeared to have ethnic Uighur names. Xinjiang is the traditional home of the mostly Muslim Uighurs, and China has blamed previous attacks on separatists… China has been on edge since a suicide bombing last month killed 39 people at a market in Urumqi. In March, 29 people were stabbed to death at a train station in the southwestern city of Kunming.
In Australia:
ON a hot summer’s day earlier this year, a beautiful young Pakistani girl named Amina stood in the living room of her western Sydney home, listening in horror as her father explained how he planned to murder her. “I am going to kill you now, right here!” he shouted at the 16-year-old. “And no one will say anything about what I do to you. I am too powerful in the community.” Amina’s parents had promised her to a man 13 years her senior and she had made the mistake of refusing to marry him… For years, child marriage in this country has been hidden under layers of culture and tradition in tight-knit communities… Then came news of a 12-year-old girl who was “married” in January to a 26-year-old Lebanese university student in an Islamic ceremony at the girl’s home in NSW’s Hunter Valley, and the layers of secrecy began to peel away.
In Britain:
The Prime Minister[’s] …. stance appears to be a direct response to the ‘Trojan Horse’ scandal which revealed Islamist extremism in schools in Birmingham… The Trojan Horse scandal found some schools had enforced “a culture of fear and intimidation”, with Ofsted’s chief inspector for schools for England Sir Micheal Wilshaw, adding head teachers had been “marginalised or forced out of their jobs” in an “organised campaign to target certain schools”… Inspectors found boys and girls had been segregated and were told Christian celebrations including Christmas had been scrapped while Muslim festivals went ahead. At one school teachers told pupils they didn’t believe in evolution…
In Israel:
This past Thursday night, three Jewish teenagers — one of whom is a dual American/Israeli citizen — were abducted on the West Bank. The Israelis are certain that Hamas is responsible… For the moment, we can also observe the reaction of the Palestinian Authority, or the Palestinian authorities. Via the Times of Israel, we learn that the Fatah Facebook page features the image below.

Is that enough for you? Or are you still unconvinced yet? Islam is an ugly and murderous death cult which comes straight out of the pit of hell. And even if all the above – and more – are merely aberrations, my question still stands: why do we never seem to see mass protests by so-called moderate Muslims condemning all this?

While it is true that most Muslims are not suicide bombers, or engage in decapitating the kafir and posting their pics on Youtube, Islam itself is a political ideology that is fundamentally about bloodshed, killing, terror and jihad. While there may be “nice” Muslims, Islam is not nice.

And the fact that “moderate” Muslims remain silent about all the hideous bloodshed, torture and murder being done in the name of their religion, their god, and their prophet, is most telling indeed.

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  1. Wow – haven’t been first poster before. Where’s everyone else? Scared?

    So true Bill. Most apparently peaceful “moderates” seem to be happy to have the Jihadists doing the dirty work for them.
    Which is even worse than the “peaceful” citizens in Dachau who lived next door to holocaust extermination camps. At least they could say “Wir sind aberall belogen worden.” (We have all been lied to.)
    Islam’s badness is impossible to keep secret – even with all the help of the western media conspirators.
    So whether by fear or secret support, the mythical “moderate Muslim” has more in common with an SS supporter than with the citizens of Dachau.
    Only with Islam, it’s a slower, longer war.

  2. Thanks so much Bill. I look forward to reading your blogs whenever they come.

    The only difference between the moderate Muslims and the radical ones is that the radicals are following what the Koran tells them to do. “…slay idolaters wherever you find them. Arrest them, besiege them, and lie in ambush everywhere for them”..Sura 9:5 and “Believers make war on the infidels who dwell around you. Deall firmly with them. Know that god is with the righteous.”..Sura 9:123.

    Keep up the good work

  3. I should offer to re-punctuate that for Andrew…
    “What the hell is the problem with Islam?”
    “What the…? Hell is the problem with Islam”

  4. Joining the geographical dots here shows that we are suffering global Jihad by terrorism, the invaders are fifth columnists within our borders. And our governments seem too paralyzed to do anything about it.

  5. Hi Bill
    I’m sitting in the safety and comfort of my loungeroom, and I’m appalled, but angry at the injustice of it all.. What can I do, as a born again christian to tackle this evil? I live in Australia and I’m not satisfied with living my life whilst thousands of people are being killed and persecuted for no reason. Apart from prayer, what else can our churches do to rise up against this evil in our world. Thanks Peter

  6. Yes, Bill, I’m still waiting for local Muslims to condemn the violence done in the name of their religion. I can’t understand it since they tell us it’s the religion of peace.

  7. As I sit and write this, on my computer at home I’ve bookmarked a couple of ISIS videos and I’m steeling myself to watch them. They’ll be harrowing but I feel that I need to be aware of exactly what is happening in Iraq. I also searched for “Muslims condemn ISIS” and couldn’t find very much.

  8. Hello Bill!
    You’re quite right. Why haven’t Muslim people in our cities organised massive demonstrations protesting against Islamic violence, torture and death as seen on our TV screens?
    Moderate Muslims indeed ! What an absolute myth!

    I don’t think I’m alone in expressing my absolute disgust with the Australian Islamic Council and their affiliates in remaining silent in this whole sordid matter.

    John Ferwerda

  9. On the day of 9/11 as we sat watching the Twin Towers I told my wife, “We need to start joining with all the non-Muslim world because in the not-too-distant future we are going to be in a World War of survival with the Muslims.”
    It is sooner than I expected. When are our media going to stop calling them “militants” and use the correct terms, “Muslim Terrorist Killers” or “Muslim Terrorist Kidnappers?”

  10. It looks like the radical Islamists have started a co-ordinated bloody assault on all “Infidels” to their belief with a worldwide caliphate in mind. So much for the Arab Spring. I haven’t seen much reporting of the recent psychopathic atrocities in the main stream media or from the UN, let alone moderate Muslims who must be afraid.Such acts of terror are deeply disturbing. These acts of cold-blooded murder on civilian streets and homes, must contravene rules of engagement of war, when a situation escalates from war to crimes against humanity; but these beheadings, gauging of eyes, crucifixions are all meted out with the zeal of a divine punishment authorised by Allah. There is a saying that all’s fair in love and war. The end justifies the means. Ultimately the words of Jesus, rejected by Islam and Judaism as the Son of God, must prevail: “What shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world but lose his own soul?”

  11. Can a good Muslim be a good Australian

    Politically – no. Because he must submit to the mullah (spiritual leaders),who teach annihilation of
    Israel and Destruction of America and her allies, the great Satan.
    Intellectually – no. Because he cannot accept the Australian or American Constitution since it is based
    on Biblical principles and he believes the Bible to be corrupt.
    Socially – no. Because his allegiance to Islam forbids him to make friends with Christians or Jews.
    Philosophically – no. Because Islam, Muhammad, and the Quran do not allow freedom of religion and
    Democracy and Islam cannot co-exist. Every Muslim government is either dictatorial or autocratic.
    Religiously – no. Because no other religion is accepted by his Allah except Islam
    Check out and see what’s happening in Holland France Indonesia or Africa.

  12. Yes it is the peaceful Muslims that sit back and let it happen!
    Just wondering, are they not just as guilty?

    I see it like this: Two people walk past a house and one wants to steal a nice vase, Jack says to his friend NO – what you intend to do is wrong!
    However Jack who has the means and know how and opened the door to let him in.
    Who is quilty???
    May God’s peace be with us ALL.

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