Heteros Biting Back

This is an absolute classic! I love it! It just makes my day. I could not have made any of this stuff up. Sweeeeet. So what’s it all about? Well, let me tell you: homosexual activists are fuming in New Zealand, because two males are about to get married.

So?? Well, the happy couple happen to be heterosexual. And for that, the homosexual brigade is spitting chips and going absolutely nutzo. Yes you heard me right. Just when you thought all this madness could not get any worse, now we have homosexualists upset about, and discriminating against, those with other lifestyle choices.

Bizarre as. My mind is still reeling! But hey, I am not making this up. Here is how the story goes:

ssm 26Travis McIntosh and Matt McCormick wrote their wedding vows yesterday, brimming with”nervous excitement” about their big day. The Dunedin men will marry tomorrow, but their move has horrified gay groups. The pair are heterosexual best mates. Engineering student Mr McIntosh, 23, and teacher Mr McCormick, 24, will tie the knot to win a The Edge radio station competition and a trip to the 2015 Rugby World Cup in England.
Mr McCormick said from Auckland yesterday opposition to the wedding was understandable but the pair never intended to offend anyone. “We are not here to insult anyone. We are here to do our own thing and travel our own path.” Mr McIntosh said the wedding was not mocking the institution of marriage. It’s just seeing how far two good mates would go to win a trip to the Rugby World Cup. We picked up our wedding certificate and the nerves are starting to really hit home.”
They will marry in front of 60 family and friends at Eden Park, Auckland. Mr McIntosh said most guests would travel from Dunedin and Central Otago, paying their own way. A celebrant would make the union legally binding and Crowd Goes Wild television presenter James McOnie would be MC. The pair said their wedding vows would touch on their friendship and recall their time playing rugby together at King’s High School in Dunedin.
They were undecided if they would take hyphenated surnames and who would walk down the aisle. The couple’s wedding song is Cruisin’, by Huey Lewis and Gwyneth Paltrow. Mr McIntosh said he thought the marriage would last at least two years. Mr McCormick, a teacher at Musselburgh School, said the friendship began after the two met at Pirates Rugby Club in Dunedin when he was aged 6. His family, like Mr McIntosh’s, was excited about the wedding. “They’re backing us 100 per cent,” Mr McCormick said.

So are the homosexual activists celebrating in yet more cases of diversity and equal love? Are they over the moon with more marriage equality? Are they going to be there, joining in on the festivities? Um, no. They are completely ticked off to be honest, and think it is just terrible:

However, gay rights groups have condemned the union. Otago University Students’ Association Queer Support co-ordinator Neill Ballantyne, of Dunedin, said the wedding was an “insult” because marriage equality was a “hard fought” battle for gay people. “Something like this trivialises what we fought for.” The competition promoted the marriage of two men as something negative,” as something outrageous that you’d never consider”, Mr Ballantyne said. LegaliseLove Aotearoa Wellington co-chairman Joseph Habgood said the competition attacked the legitimacy of same-sex marriages.

Ha! Gotta love it. The homosexual militants who have done everything they can to utterly destroy and mock and sabotage the institution of marriage are now whining like a bunch of cry babies that the institution of marriage is being, well, destroyed and mocked and sabotaged. Go figure!

I am still laughing at all this. The assault on marriage and family is now coming back to bite them – and they don’t, like it! Well toughen up fellas. You started all this, and now you are whinging about how it is now simply going to its logical conclusion.

Come on guys, why are you discriminating against this couple?! You keep telling us that love does not discriminate. You keep telling us we need to be tolerant and accepting. You keep telling us we must celebrate diversity. You keep telling us to keep the state out of the bedroom.

So now people actually follow your advice, and you throw a major hissy fit. Hey, grow up already. If two male sodomites can marry, then why in the world can’t two male heterosexuals marry?! Why are you so opposed to what these guys are up to?

Hey, they are in love – isn’t that all that matters? How can you be so discriminatory and so bigoted just because of someone’s sexual orientation? Why are you trying to drag us back to the stone age? Why are you so judgmental and narrow-minded?

Get with the times, cry babies. This is the 21st century you know. Stop your bigotry, hatred and discrimination – now. Love should always be affirmed, celebrated and promoted, no matter what form it takes.


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  1. Now all they need do is to wear red noses and that will complete the farce. Next we need some yob and his cat or dog or how about a pig to walk down the isle. After all, those who are active homosexuals consider that two homos and a duck constitute a family but then degeneracy knows no bounds. So to the cry babies I say, suck it up. Marriage is for the sake of children not mutations.

  2. Hi Bill, I know the Christian position on marriage is between a man and a woman, but I don’t understand what you are saying here. Is this real marriage or something else? I take marriage very seriously and will of course marry a woman when God helps me find my true love. I need to understand if you are saying these friends are really married or if this is just a trick. Thank you for your wisdom. It helps me find my path.

  3. “……….“”Something like this trivialises what we fought for.”

    Kinda the way two gay blokes getting married trvialises the entire institution for millions of religious folk? Bad luck super citizens……..”

    I saw that earlier today on a NZ political blog by a guy I regulary communicate with – a non Christian. It is true – gays are classed as ‘super citizens’ by the NZ media and government – immune from all criticism.

    Gays only have themselves to blame as gays rationalised marriage to suit themselves. In other words – Marriage didn’t suit them. And these blokes have publicly proved it.

  4. Are you going to do another article on the utter destruction of marriage that this represents? Friends “marrying”, etc. Apparently it’s a foregone conclusion that they will divorce.

  5. Thanks Toby. I of course was using satire throughout much of the article. It seems – according to the newspaper account – that they will in fact “marry” tomorrow as two heterosexual mates. New Zealand of course has already legalised homosexual marriage, so why not? My point is how bizarre it is that the homosexual activists are now whining about mocking and ruining marriage, when that is exactly what they have already done. Comprendo?

  6. What a classic! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. It’s amazing how the gaystapo are morally jumping up and down, after being so “open-minded” that their brains have fallen out. Uncredible-Inbelievable…Hahaha.

  7. I won’t hold me breath that the Gay community may now understand why traditional marriage is worth fighting for. If Gays delegitimise marriage for straight married couples, and friend marriage delegitimises Gay marriage, then how far do you go before there is no marriage? When everyone is married, then no one is married.

    Have we not been advocating the Slippery Slope and been told we are killjoys and overreacting and being too precious about marriage?

    Finally, Bill I like your sense of humour.

  8. After watching the “living with the enemy” show last week on SBS (David – the anglican priest did a sterling good job of representing the christian position in a winsome way), I was left wondering why anyone who isn’t religious wants marriage. Other than a special day and getting dressed up, what changes for the secular person who was living together before marriage, and who had all the rights of a defacto couple beforehand? As a secular insitution marriage just doesn’t make sense, and when marriage is taken to be something that religious people consider abhorrent, it loses all of its meaning.

    That said, only in NZ would you have a competition for people (of whichever combination of genders is currently legal over there) getting married for a radio competition for rugby tickets. That the marriage happened as the result of a competition for sporting tickets shows how trivial marriage is seen by society.

  9. “the marriage of two men as something negative,” as something outrageous that you’d never consider”

    Mmm. Now, where’s that sense of irony? I know I left it around here somewhere! Unless it’s time-travelled back a couple of decades.

  10. Wow. I didn’t realise that the slippery slope was sloping in that direction!

    “Something like this trivialises what we fought for.”

    Isn’t that pretty much what the Christians have been saying for years about so-called homosexual marriage?

  11. Sauce for Gaynder? Fittingly ironic that the original Gerrymandering Gender Benders and Marriage Mauling Militants are now themselves livid and outraged over how the nuptials of these two chums will somehow ‘denigrate,’ ‘insult,’ and ‘make a mockery’ of the institution of marriage. Well– ‘SS marriage.’ SOUND FAMILIAR? Do we hear an Echo? Told ya so… told ya so… told ya sooooo… told ya…….

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