The House that Muhammad Built

Imagine this scenario if you will. A Christian bookshop in the leafy suburbs of an Australian city is actually much more than it appears to be. Inside it has all sorts of literature calling for the killing of non-Christians, and attacks on Jews.

It features books arguing for the second class citizenship of women, and urges Australian Christians to rise up against the nation and overthrow democracy, rule of law, and religious freedom. Not only is it selling such literature, but it actively recruits Christians to go and fight overseas, killing in the cause of Christ.

And it is involved in raising funds for such overseas terror activities. But hey, it is a good Christian bookshop, so we really should not get too excited about some of these extra-curricular activities. Plus we don’t want to be seen as racist, bigoted or intolerant, now do we?

Now let me assure you that if a Christian bookstore were involved in such things, every news outlet in the country would feature it as their lead story, would demand that it be shut down at once, and urge that we look closely into whether we allow Christianity to continue in this country.

Well, I have a bit of good news here for those who might be getting worried: there is no such Christian bookshop in Australia, or in any other country that I am aware of. This is not at all what biblical Christianity is about, and if it were found to exist, every true Christian in the nation would denounce it in the strongest of terms.

But there is also some bad news here. You see, this scenario happens to be perfectly true. It is just that it is not a Christian bookshop, but – wait for it – an Islamic bookshop. Yep, this is an actual Muslim shop up in Brisbane, Queensland.

islam 107The story first broke 4 days ago. Here is part of that initial report:

A Logan man believed to be the brother of Australia’s first suicide bomber in Syria is running a bookshop south of Brisbane which is accused of promoting extremist views. The Courier-Mail has been told that the iQraa Islamic Centre at Underwood had developed ties to firebrand Perth preacher Mohammed Junaid Thorne.
The centre this year “promoted’’ and helped raise funds for two “sermons’’ by the self-styled preacher, who is a vocal supporter of jihad and has had ties to the Australian branch of the Millatu Ibrahim group, which is banned in Germany. It can also be revealed the centre hosted a lecture this year on what followers should do if they were contacted by national security organisation ASIO.
The lecture included being aware of the “tell-tale’’ signs of spies and examples of when a group had been infiltrated.
But a spokesman for the Logan centre said it merely engaged people to speak on a range of opinions. A key figure in the bookshop is Omar Succarieh, who in an online promotional video is described as “one of the main brothers’’ at the centre. Succarieh’s brother Ahmed has been investigated by Australian agencies in relation to a suicide bombing in Syria, where a truck laden with 12 tonnes of explosives was driven into an army checkpoint last September, killing 35.

And then there are the very interesting books on offer there:

While the iQraa Islamic Centre does offer books promoting peaceful coexistence and respect for women, it also carries on its shelves books that call for men to restrict the movements and employment opportunities of their wives and some that even assert that “beating” can be used “as a last resort”. One such book, Forty Solutions to your Marriage Problems, describes the “Jewish plan to emancipate women and thus corrupt them and society” and says women “should remain in (their) homes, but go out only if it is necessary”.
It discourages women working, unless “necessary”, because it may lead to mixing with the opposite sex and possibly “illegal sexual intercourse”. Author Muhammad Salih Al-Munajjid also lists as recommendation 25 “hanging a whip in a visible place”. “Hinting at punishment in different ways is one of the elegant methods of punishment,” he writes. He does note that it has been previously said that the whip is not explicitly “meant for beating”.

If all that was not bad enough, today new revelations are appearing, with a police raid actually resulting in the arrest of two men:

Two Brisbane men face terrorism charges after Australian Federal Police raided an Islamic bookstore and seven homes on Brisbane’s southside. It will be alleged the men were involved in recruiting, facilitating and funding people to travel to Syria to engage in hostile activities, the AFP says.
The charges come after an Islamic book store and drop-in centre south of Brisbane was raided by the Australian Federal Police this morning. Officers are still on scene at the iQraa Islamic Centre on Logan Rd, Underwood several hours after the raid. Two men were taken into custody. At the same time, there were seven raids on homes across the Logan area. Bullet holes were also found in a window at the centre.

Now that is serious stuff. But as I have documented plenty of times, this is simply Islam 101. It is not an aberration or perversion of Islam. It is not extreme Islam. It is not Islam gone bad. It is Islam, pure and simple. It is the house that Muhammad built.

But so far I have not seen mass rallies in the streets by “moderate” Muslims condemning both the extremist literature in such bookshops, nor the recruiting and funding of jihad which happens also in mosques and elsewhere. I am often hearing Muslims defend these sorts of things, but those criticising it seem to be on holiday or something.

As I have said before, when it comes to all the so-called moderates in the Islamic community, the crickets keep chirping. No mass protests, no taking to the streets, no angry letters to the editor condemning all the terror, bloodshed, beheadings and jihad. Just business as usual.

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8 Replies to “The House that Muhammad Built”

  1. Hey Bill, great post. How’s the spirit? If it is anything like mine, yours is sorely taxed at present. The constant dilemma of how to properly oppose islam in a Christian context! You really are in my prayers, and I don’t say that lightly.

  2. Has anyone ever done a study on “radicalisation”? We recently heard the story of the 22 year old Islamic girl who her father said was “just an ordinary girl going to nightclubs and such”. That in itself speaks volumes. But just the same I would like to know what kind of young people are most likely to get “radicalised”.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  3. An outrage and we appease this atrocious ideology and worse, seem to tolerate it with all the abandonment of a happy festival. Why do WE the people NOT say, IF YOU WANT SHARIA, LEAVE. We didn’t invite you here, you came of your free will. If you are surprised at our society and cannot assimilate, LEAVE. Easy – plenty of space in your homelands it seems. We really have been far too preoccupied with this insane cult. Too much time, too much kowtowing and far too much “understanding” no one else causes, nor demands such that our tuck shops can’t have pork. I mean who do they think they are? This IS Australia NOT the Middle East.

  4. Dear Bill,

    Thankyou for the article.

    Our leaders are so weak and cowardly they are incapable of recognising the truth even if it rose up and hit them in the face which is what will happen eventually.All they can manage is to create another generation of whinging “victims.’

  5. Response to Suzanne Rix,
    For many it was just the reason for them coming to a Western country. It is just part of their Jihad. According to an Egyptian Christian couple we met some years ago, him a medical doctor, she a qualified lawyer, they train zealots to become asylum seekers. This is not to say that there are no genuine Muslim refugees, but it is partly also jihad by infiltration. This couple was astonished about the ease and carelessness with which we accept Muslim refugees.

  6. Behind genuine Christianity is the Holy Spirit. We know that the Holy Spirit never contradicts himself with regard to doctrine, belief and practice. What is the spirit behind Islam? It can’t be the Holy Spirit, so that leaves only one option. Islam is the religion of Satan. Therefore, we should not be surprised at the atrocities being committed all over the middle east area and his message of terror and destruction being preached – even in Australia. What are you going to do about it??

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