We No Longer Have a Free Press, Only a Homosexual Press

Once upon a time there existed what was known as a free press. Back in those days the media actually tried to report the news, and do so in a fairly objective, impartial and neutral fashion. Those days are long gone. Today what we have is the mainstream media fully in the advocacy business.

Not only are they in the business of pushing the worldview of secular humanism; not only are they all about pushing political correctness; but they are obsessed with pushing the radical causes of the minority activist groups. And there is no greater group that they bow down to and worship than the militant homosexual lobby.

Thus we can say that a free and neutral press really does not exist anymore. Instead we have everywhere homosexual propaganda rags force-feeding the homosexual agenda on to the masses whether they like it or not. I just wrote recently that the media only covers one side of the story nowadays when it comes to homosexuality. As I wrote,

Any time a pro-homosexual piece appears in the media today, nine times out of ten an alternative point of view is just not heard. And if it is, they will get just one line at the very bottom of the article. That alone tells you how utterly homosexualised the entire mainstream media has become. Nothing critical of sodomy can ever be heard, and if it does get a hearing, it must be attacked mercilessly.

And we had yet another example of this yesterday. I thought I had seen it all, but this article has to be one of the most disgusting, pathetic and deplorable examples of media bias and anti-Christian bigotry I have seen in a long time. Although appearing in a mainstream paper, it might as well have come straight out of the homosexual press.

Indeed, I have no doubt at all that the journalist who did this shocking hatchet job is a homosexual. The entire article was one sickening paean to the ‘wonders’ of homosexuality, and one vicious attack on the ‘evils’ of Christianity. In the old days this would be reported to the Press Council and those responsible would have been strictly censored. But not anymore.

mardi grasIt concerns a street preacher in Sydney who was sharing the gospel just before the start of the annual decadence parade, the Mardi Gras. A street busker turned on him and shouted him down with his music. The newspaper made him out to be the hero of the millennia, all the while demonising the Christian.

In this short article we have the word ‘hate’ or versions of it used at least eight times! And all applied to the Christian! Um, biased much Herald Sun? Pushing an agenda much Herald Sun? Taking sides and showing how one-eyed you are much Herald Sun?

This is probably the clearest example you will ever see of how actual news reporting has been completely ditched, replaced by advocacy and PC promotion. The entire piece was about singing the praises of this busker, as if he were Mother Teresa or even Jesus Christ.

And at the same time it used just about every single sentence to make this preacher out to be Attila the Hun or the very devil from hell. Thanks a lot for this impartial, unbiased and fact-based reporting Herald Sun. You guys are utterly despicable, and really should be put out of your misery.

And let me clue you in to a few home truths. For the homosexual activists and their willing stooges in the media, hate means anything or anyone who dares to disagree with their agenda. Thus to simply read from the Bible is seen as hate by these militants.

But of course we will never know if the preacher was actually preaching hate will we? He was not interviewed; he was not allowed to give his side of the story; he was not even quoted. All we know about him is from the Christophobes featured in this deplorable excuse for journalism.

Just imagine if some journalist dared to do the reverse here: pen a scathing piece on homosexuality, use words like hate over and over again, only quote Christians, and never once give the homosexual the right of reply. The entire world would be foaming at the mouth by now, the journalist would be sacked, and the newspaper roundly condemned.

But when it comes to attacking Christians, it is open season. Anything goes, and there never will be any accountability whatsoever. The Herald Sun, like the rest of the MSM, is now a law unto itself. It is no longer accountable, representative or even remotely interested in fairness or balance.

And this sodomy-promoting busker actually had the gall to lecture us on what Christianity is all about: “I’ve grown up in a church, and hating is a sin. It says that in the bible.” Um no, not quite. Actually, we are called to hate sin. God hates it and so should we.

As Paul commands us in Romans 12:9: “Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.” And guess what, reading from the Word of God is not hate. Daring to have a different point of view in a democracy is not hate. Daring to think differently than the sodomite mindset is not hate.

Oh, and BTW, just how heroic was this busker? Certainly nowhere near as brave and beautiful as this wretched article makes him out to be. Attacking Christians is the easiest thing you can do nowadays. But would he ever dare to take on a Muslim in this fashion? Of course not. They are simply spineless wonders when it comes to Islam.

And let me remind these folks of a simple home truth. Right now homosexuals in the Middle East are blindfolded, taken up tall buildings, and tossed over the edge to a horrible death by devout Muslims. So does the Mardi Gras feature floats and marchers denouncing Islam? Of course not, just the usual demonic attacks on all things Christian.

And one final note: I have already heard clueless Christians critiquing the preacher here. Duh, go figure. Now I of course know nothing at all about this preacher or what he actually said, because the Herald Sun refused to allow him to speak.

One person elsewhere however told me this: “I know that preacher, and I can guarantee that he wasn’t preaching hate! He is a man of God who was there to preach the gospel and tell people to turn from their sin. If only there were more who had this man’s courage.”

My only word of advice for these pansy Christians who will actually side with the homosexual militants against their own people comes in the form of this story.

One day a lady criticized D. L. Moody for his methods of evangelism in attempting to win people to the Lord. Moody’s reply was “I agree with you. I don’t like the way I do it either. Tell me, how do you do it?” The lady replied, “I don’t do it.” Moody retorted, “Then I like my way of doing it better than your way of not doing it.”

I don’t know which is worse: a totally sodomised MSM which no longer covers news but pushes homosexual spin on everything, or so-called Christians who will attack those who are actually doing something for the Kingdom from the comforts of their own armchairs.


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  1. From what I have heard, CBC is also very pro homosexual, pro abortion, pro euthanasia, and very anti Christian and traditional family. They are very vile about any wholesome values. I remember a movie from the 1970’s on CBC tv called the Tin Flute. It was on in the afternoon, and they showed a sex scene, I believe then the couple did was called ‘the doggy position’ The whole act was graphical, and what a ‘lovely educational program’ it was for children. Most people called in who watched the show and were enraged. CBC did apologize then, but now, a completely different story.

  2. “A BUSKER and his socially conscientious friends” as if.

    I was talking to someone the other day who remembers the original mardi gras and Fred Nile’s original protests. Apparently after an early one a journalist wrote a piece on what happened and his editor refused to publish it because the truth of the homosexual response wasn’t very pretty. Instead a number of pro-homosexual articles were published. And this was around 35 years ago.

  3. This year is the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta. We must all have the courage of this preacher to tell the truth: strongly, calmly, and effectively.

    No screaming sodomite will ever stop me from saying that marriage IS equality between one man and one woman.

  4. Spot on Bill, Thank you as always. We don’t have free speech in this country, it’s just free for the nay sayers. It has the same smack that is in communism. And I often think of Apostle Paul when he went and preached in all those godless places, he must have encountered the same. Talk about the blind leading the blind, and they think they are defending the right side.

  5. You are so right in what you say Bill. For a few years now say 5 years there has been no free Press. Every time I have sought to express a moral Opinion in the Press, not one of them has been Printed, but conversely since the Homosexuals came fully out of the Closest with unlike the Christians the courage of their Convictions things have changed dramatically. Now my beloved Christianity is at the Place where once Homosexuality was kept in the Closet not to be spoken of in Public. Christianity is the Shoosh Word only to be spoken of in Private and in Hushed Voices by Christians, all due to the gutless wonder Christians.

    For even daring to utter these words I like a proverbial Horse will probably taken out and flogged and end up in the Knackery, or all least taken out and Tarred and Feathered for even daring to speak out (Sarcasim Intended). This the State of the World we Christians have allowed to develop around us while the Majority did nothing mimicing the 3 Wise Monkeys, see no Evil, Hear no Evil, spoke no Evil. Oh what a tangled Web we weave when we allowed Satan us to Deceive.

    Those of us who speak out against the Evils of the World and especially the Gross Sin of Homosexuality will probably no longer get the usual Invites to any of the Specuous Christian Festivities. God bless their little Hearts for no longer speaking the Scriptural Truths and the Revealed Words of God because Satan will not support his own at the Last Day.

    Leigh D Stebbins

  6. I just looked at the piece and what a pathetic lot they are. Did I say Lot? No, the other lot.

  7. “To know those who rules over you, simply find out whom you can’t criticise.” -Voltaire.

  8. I have recently been reflecting on the feminisation of Jesus in many a catholic church by those member of the alternative clergy and those others who have chosen to go out in sympathy with them for the sake of justice and equality and acceptance. They serve up a loving forgiving gentle Jesus who in no way does justice to the wild man from Galilee and his mad mate from the wilderness and a couple of others who wanted to bomb a town into submission; not to mention Paul who boasted of the number of times he received the 39 lashes, among other things. So the churches are emptying. Did an angry Jesus plat a whip and drive them out for their own good or does a sensitive new-age Jesus have limited appeal? Would a group of tough fisherman answer a call from an effeminate snag in a dress? If the alternative clergy were not called then what are they doing in the clerical frock? Who called them? Thanks for the article Bill.

  9. Thank you Bill!

    I and many of my friends do as this man does, failingly, imperfectly and humanly try to communicate the gospel to hostile audiences all around Australia. The most common reason for hostility surounds sins that people love and reject God due to. This brave man could have phrased his preaching in the most humble and loving fashion possible and would have gotten the same response. “How dare he – he condemned the holy cow of ….. (fill the blank).”

    This is something that I have written before on your blog, but it bears repeating. If you are a Christian reading this, please do two things for the Christians out there witnessing on the street. Stop and pray for them and then give them some kind of encouragement. They are frightfully aware of how faulty and imperfect what they are say can be and the vast majority need not rebuke but rather encouragement in what is an extremely hard work.

    Praise God for this brave man. I pray that he would be sheltered from the wrath of the homosexual lobby and the public backlash from their mud slinging.

    Thank you again Bill for your good work and exposing of these issues to the light of day. God Bless you brother.

  10. Ben Carson: Being gay is a choice, look at inmates (video)
    March 04, 2015
    Potential GOP presidential contender Dr. Ben Carson says being homosexual is a choice. CNN’s Chris Cuomo sits down with him in an exclusive interview.

    — YouTube
    Bill, I’m not sure how to present this link, but this video with Dr Carson is impressive.

  11. Love the response by D L Moody to the challenge – sums it up very well!!

  12. Written with authority, passion and righteous anger Bill. I just hope the homosexuals in Melbourne don’t get the same idea so some knee work needed.

  13. Another great article. I have just unsubscribed to a petition site because they have started a petition to make channels 7 & 9 apologise for screening the pro traditional family ad during the mardi gras. I told them, among other things, I wouldn’t have anything to do with attacking freedom of speech in Australia.
    If I remember correctly, back when the mardi gras first started, one of the conditions was that it wouldn’t be screened on TV. I think that lasted about 1 year

  14. Another thing that annoys me about this is how lefties constantly claim that the Murdoch press is “conservative”! On the vast majority of worldview/culturewar issues, Newslimited sings exactly the same tune as Fairfax.

  15. I saw a photo of members of the ADF marching in their uniforms at the gay Mardi Gras. Would they be similarly be allowed to march in their uniforms in an anti abortion parade, or a Christian Values parade?

    If not…why not?

  16. The thought crossed my mind to head to Australia, but I fear the entire English speaking world has become a perverse homofascist state. This article just came out from Canada’s second largest national newspaper on my departure from Canada. The comments below pretty much sums up the widespread antipathy towards Christians who refuse to bow the knee to Sodom. Hate and discrimination towards true Christ followers is commended in Canada nowadays:


    Here are people who work in Canada’s media showing real hate complete with Tweets filled with profanity all because of my public views on homosexuality and abortion:


    I have no answer on how Christians can win the once free west back to faith, family and true freedom.

    I lost my nursing career, went to jail and am now a broke alien in the Philippines, having publicly and prophetically witnessed Christ and what He teaches on these issues to the Canadian public. I managed to persuade a few and even won a few legal victories, but overall I don’t think my little witness was ever going to stop Canada’s rush to embrace perversion nor could I ever stop our courts and media in their bid to silence all Christian dissent on these topics.

    I hoped the Canadian church would step up to the plate but even the conservative evangelicals are mostly silent on this issue, some of the Catholic clergy and Bishops are Marxist sodomites and are more of a problem, rather than leaders who will bring about a solution. God was there, but in His sovereignty He allowed me and my legal team to lose at the Supreme Court and contrary to prosperity theology, God never did bring about abundant riches once my nursing career and cleaning business was gone……

  17. Bill W- I read the remarks and comments directed at you and the hate is palpable. Unbelievable…I hope things get better for you away from Canada.

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