Culture Wars and Culture Warriors

OK, just a few home truths and practical points worth sharing, or more accurately, worth reiterating. As I have said a zillion times now, it is imperative that we get truth out into the public arena. We are not getting truth out of the mainstream media, so we must be providing it to a world fed on falsehoods, myths and misinformation.

That is why CultureWatch exists. With 3360 articles under 75 subject headings, I am doing my best to get truth out there. In a war of ideas, information is ammunition. So I have tried to make a lot of that available, and I hope that people will avail themselves of what is there.

But let me say this: While it is flattering to always be asked to help people debate an issue, I am often overwhelmed by such requests. I am always happy to help out where I can, but a main reason for this ministry and this website is to provide you with the information, data, facts and evidence so that you can make use of it, instead of depending on me to do it for you.

culture-warsTake the issue of homosexuality: I am constantly being asked by someone to enter into a debate and fight the good fight on their behalf. As I say, I am happy to help when and where I can, but I cannot fight everyone’s battles, nor should I be expected to.

That is why, for example, I wrote 3 books and 611 articles on this issue – so far! I did in order that folks could arm themselves with the information and use it to fight the good fight of truth, and not always call on me! Sorry, but I simply cannot fight everyone else’s battles.

It is sort of like having an army where only a few people know how to use their weapons, so everyone else depends on those few who do. That is not how to win a war folks. Everyone is a soldier in this army, and everyone must contribute. So can I plead with you to try to read and learn a bit so that we can all get involved? Is that fair enough?

As I say, I am happy to help when I can, but I cannot fight every battle on the planet. We need to learn how to fight some of these things ourselves! Asking for a bit of advice or for a quick link is one thing. But often people think I will do all their debating for them, while they just sit back and watch. That is not how we will win!

Sadly some folks are lazy: they don’t want to take the time to read and study so they can defend their faith and defend vital things like marriage and family. And some are afraid or cowardly, and want me to take the blows for them! Some folks may not be good debaters, or doubt that they can do well in such discussions.

But we all must get involved and share truth in the public arena. We all do not need to be great debaters or experts in anything. If we just take some time to read a bit, study a bit, and do our homework – and not rely on the MSM – we all can be well equipped to stand for truth.

What does bother me is when I am asked to help someone out, and I do, and I get into a big debate with others and receive all sorts of abuse, but the one who asked for my help does not say a word; they just sit there while I do all his work for him. Hmm, not too helpful folks!

Sure, we all can use some help in these battles. It is nice to have backup. I have no problems with coming to someone’s aid, and I often do so without them requesting me to help. So that is not the issue; yes we need to help each other and support one another. But my concern here is about those who think I should do their work for them, while they should be doing a bit of their own.

If people get stuck and need help I am more than happy to help out as I have done thousands of times. So don’t get me wrong – I will always help when and where I can. But we should at the same time be teaching ourselves and preparing so that we each can fight these battles when necessary.

Hey, one day I will be dead – then who you gonna call? Ghostbusters? So please make use of all the resources which are available on CultureWatch. Remember that at the top right there is a search function which you can use to look things up. And don’t forget to utilise the various books I have written as well.

Obviously in these culture wars we really must pray like mad, and we must be armed with truth – the two always work together. So please, let’s all get involved as much as we can. OK?

And this is how they debate…

To conclude, I thought I would attach a mini debate I just had. I have these all the time and they are depressingly similar. In this case, someone asked me to come to their aid, so I did so. The topic was homosexual marriage, and she said, “what about if people who marry their pets? where will it end?”

So a gal from the other side comes along strongly objecting, and our little discussion went like this:

Her: Pets?? You really think that by allowing humans of the same sex to marry each other, it opens the door for people to marry pets?

Me: It is of course already happening:

Her: I think an act between two wiling participants, extremely different…And there are plenty of married, heterosexual men that have been know to participate in bestiality & incest. Fred West, for one. There will always be people taking advantage of the weak or no voice. i dont think we will ever condone others legally taking part in that. This is not the case.

Me: You of course miss the point altogether here – you attacked her saying it was ludicrous to suggest there might be a slippery slope with homosexual marriage leading to all sorts of other demands for rights. She was 100% right – it is already happening. And by your way of thinking, you likely think there is nothing wrong with three or more “willing participants” getting married as well, another thing being pushed all over the place:

Her: Bill, I didn’t attack her, I asked a question. I’m not going to continue this conversation. Because I think it is a waste of your and my time. You are so far one way, and I am the other. We will go around and around. All the best.

Me: Evidence presented – cannot reply – takes ball and goes home – sadly so typical.

Her: Its not the case, I just you’re bat shit crazy and don’t agree with your point of view, nor your so called evidence… i tried being polite about it, see it how you will. See ya.

Me: Feel the love and tolerance and acceptance!

There you go again. This is how the other side “argues”. They make a reckless and unsubstantiated claim. We provide solid evidence refuting that. They get angry, do not deal with the evidence, but resort to name calling and abuse, then hightail it out of there.

And they call this debate? This happens to me so often that I simply expect it to happen. The other side does not have any answers it seems. It simply pushes agendas, and when anyone dares to challenge them with truth, facts and evidence, they do not respond in kind, but simply throw a hissy fit, hurl abuse and mud at you, and then storm off. Gotta love it.

But bear this truth in mind: in any of these hard core debates, there will always be around 5-10% on the other side, and around 5-10% on our side. The ones on the other side will likely not be swayed by what we have to say, and hopefully our side will not be swayed by what the other activists have to say.

But that does not matter. We are not trying to reach the other 5-10% so much as the 80-90% in the middle who have not yet made up their minds on these sorts of issues. They are the ones we are trying to reach, and if they are simply reading our debates, they may see truth and change their minds. So that is why we enter into these discussions.

That is why we do all the hard work of getting truth into the public arena. Sure, we will get plenty of hate and abuse from the other side, but plenty of non-committed folks in the middle may well be reached and come around. That is why we keep getting involved.

So please, all of us must do our bit. We must all prepare ourselves and educate ourselves so we all can stand for truth. I am more than happy to help out when I can, but please don’t expect me to do all your battles for you. OK?

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17 Replies to “Culture Wars and Culture Warriors”

  1. Hi Bill
    Thanks for the challenge. AS FOR ME AND MY HOUSE, WE WILL SERVE THE LORD

  2. Hi Bill – Just discovered your soundcloud channel. I like listening to podcasts and really enjoyed listening to you!

  3. ps: if you all in Australia are still debating Marriage law, this is a handy 5-minute video that sums up a lot of the best arguments and common sense about why marriage means husband and wife. If you want to share it here is the link:

  4. Hi Bill, I’ve heard about a new show on channel 9 starting this week called AD: Kingdom and Empire (also called A.D. the Bible continues). Apparently it’s about Christianity after Christ’s resurrection. Do you know anything about it? It just concerns me that this just be more lies and blasphemy. I don’t have mainstream tele so not sure how it’s been advertised, but I imagine it can’t be a good thing. Cheers, Linda

  5. God bless you, Bill, for your efforts. Be assured you’re not alone. Some of us champion you.

  6. Thanks Bill.
    I am sure of what I believe and why I believe it. I too am concerned over the constant stream of lies that are believed as truth and want to do what I can to get the truth out there.
    What are some of the more effective ways to get it “out there”? I feel that my personal facebook account is probably a meager effort, and most of the time I post on the topic of SSM there is usually no response at all. I suspect people (mostly christian) are unwilling to engage.
    Again, thanks for your daily efforts. It’s amazing.

  7. Thanks David. I guess there are many ways: simply talking to friends, using the social media, having a website, letters to the editor, talk back radio, public protests, making videos, writing books, contacting MPs, etc etc.

  8. Oh, btw, I ordered your Dangerous Relations from Koorong. But it got lost in transit. So they declared it lost and sent another. Then the first showed up and they are letting me give it away to someone instead of sending it back. I’ll pass it on to my Pastor.

  9. Hello Bill. Yes, it can feel horribly lonely at present with so many bad things happening in the world and sanity and morality fleeing out of the window. I agree totally: we all have to start doing our bit. Speaking out clearly and unequivocally with firmness but compassion too is the first step. Many thanks for all your efforts

  10. Yes Bill and also as you mentioned on soundcloud, to reinforce those in church and who may already be on our side to hold strong. We can’t neglect “preaching to the choir” because everybody is under a constant propaganda barrage to devalue marriage. Simply reminding people that husband-wife marriage is unique and needs to be supported in whatever problems it may have, not equated with homosexuality, is very important too.

  11. @DavidSampson,

    In my opinion, calling fellow Christians out that are bearing ‘false witness’ could be a good way to start. Instead of you posting the information, follow up with them when they post their side. Always back what you say up with The Written Word. Your personal facebook and personal community present a great deal of opportunity because you most likely carry some weight there. A bunch of anonymous people (for the most part) would find it easier to write you off.

    Here is an interesting article I found the other day that could spark some thoughts:

    Thank you for the post Bill.

  12. We need to stop being afraid to tell the truth.

    No-one would teach their child that eating faeces is equal to eating normal, healthy food.

    So why teach your child that having sex with the place that faeces comes from is normal, healthy behaviour?

  13. As you may (or may not) know, Bill, I have posted a number of current issues for debate on my FB page over the past few weeks. And it is exactly as you say. The brains of otherwise intelligent people who are politically far left seem to turn to mush when it comes to certain topics such as same sex marriage, immigration security, and all things Islamic, and vitriolic language can change a debate into a bun fight. Because I refuse to remain silent on such vital topics, I have been forced to ‘unfriend’ several people (even relatives) which is extremely sad. Right now this has affected most of my family. Perhaps that is what Jesus meant in Matthew 10:21… although I hope not!

  14. Just for the record, Bill, your books are excellent to teach from. I prepared a small group study last year straight from the pages of Strained Relations, combined with some other wonderful resources. Coherent and logical and easy to share and teach from. I appreciate being able to ride on the crest of your diligent efforts.

  15. Can I ask – I was sad and depressed about this latest SCOTUS abomination, but am I the only one who, on reflection, thinks it may also be a great opportunity for christians? Since it happened, I’ve moved from depression at the moral depravity of our society to feeling that it has really invigorated me as a christian. It’s made me look at myself and ask how closely I really do follow the teachings of Jesus. It’s made me think about how I can respond to our opponents in a clear, truthful but loving way. I’ve also noticed that there are a lot of real christians coming to the fore, and linking up. It’s almost a relief: society has now taken off the velvet gloves and shown us its real nature. Now we know where we stand. Now we know who are real friends and enemies are and what are task is. That’s my feeling – am I out of touch with reality or does anyone else feel this?

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