It’s Time To Get Out of the Closet

It seems that every activist group in town is coming out of the closet – except one. Homosexuals are happy to go public, as, increasingly, are polyamorists, the incest brigade, and even paedophiles. All these groups – and more – are seizing the moment, publicly declaring themselves, coming out loud and proud, and demanding to be accepted and celebrated.

Yet there is one group that seems to be doing the exact opposite. One group is actually going back into the closet. Whether because of fear or whatever, more and more of these folks are retreating from the public arena where they belong, and they are going back into hiding.

I refer of course to spineless Christians. Far too many have absolutely abandoned the calling – and command – to be salt and light, and are retreating with their mouths fully shut. They refuse to speak out, whether about the vital social and moral issues of the day, or even about their own faith.

closet 4So intimidated and cowardly have they become, that they sit back and say nothing and do nothing when all around them their faith is under attack and sin is coming in like a flood. They have effectively decided to just sit all this out, pretending they can somehow remain neutral in a time of crisis.

Well, it just does not work that way, especially in such dark days as these. We need to be shining the light of Christ wherever we go, and whatever we do. Now is not the time for retreat, for silence, for cowardice, for surrender. Now is the time to be men and to stand strong.

And the idea that we can just hide in the closet is not even an option for the believer. Jesus made it crystal clear that such closet-dwellers are none of his: “I tell you, whoever acknowledges me before men, the Son of Man will also acknowledge him before the angels of God. But he who disowns me before men will be disowned before the angels of God” (Luke 12:8-9).

A brand new article on this very matter has appeared, and it is by those who know whereof they speak. I refer to “No Such Thing as a ‘Secret’ Christian Anymore” by Jason and David Benham. You might recall that these brave twin brothers lost their television show because they refused to buckle on the issue of homosexuality.

Thus they speak with authority on such matters. They write:

If the events of the past month teach us anything, it’s that if you’re a Christian living in America, people should know it. There can be no such thing as a “secret” Christian anymore, especially if you occupy a position of influence.
Unfortunately, many Christians, especially those in positions of authority, are afraid to reveal their true identity for fear of being mocked, ridiculed or even persecuted for their faith. But the time for being quiet has passed – it’s time to stand.
We heard it once said, “Silence is golden. But sometimes it’s just plain yellow.”
In some circumstances, silence can be courageous, but silence in the world we face today is pure cowardice.
So how do you discern when it’s time to speak or remain quiet?

They discuss the biblical story of Queen Esther, and continue:

After explaining Haman’s plot to exterminate the Jews, Mordecai then ordered Esther to reveal her identity to the king – to stand up and speak out.
Her first response was based on fear, “But I could die if the king does not first summon me.”
Mordecai responded, “Who knows if you haven’t obtained royalty for such a time as this?!” He reminded her of who she was.
Esther’s second response was based on courage, “I will go in to the king, and if I perish I perish.”
Thankfully, when the king saw Esther standing in his court, he summoned her. She then exposed Haman’s plot to the king, and he issued a new decree to protect the Jews.
Esther saved God’s people from being destroyed because she was willing to risk it all! A stake of testimony was driven deep into the Persian Empire.
There’s much more to the story, but the important thing to note is that the time Esther stood up and revealed herself was when “Haman’s plot” was in the “head of the king.”

They conclude:

The same is true today.
A lesser version of “Haman’s plot” (the agenda to silence Christian influence) is alive and well in America. And, unfortunately, this plot is now in the head of our governing authorities.
Thankfully, we’re not being killed for our faith. (God help those in other countries who are.) But our reputations, jobs and churches are certainly coming under attack. And it’s not time to sit quietly by, enjoying our positions of influence.
When 1600 Pennsylvania Ave is lit up like a rainbow and our tax dollars are paying for the extermination of babies and harvesting of their body parts, we have an Esther situation on our hands. The question is, which Esther will we be – the first, ruled by fear? Or the second, responding with courage?
It’s time to speak up. It’s time to reveal ourselves and risk it all.
Like Esther, we may be afraid. That’s OK – it’s natural. But it’s supernatural to stand and speak when so much is on the line.
If you claim to be a Christian, now is the time to reveal yourself and take a stand – just like Esther!

Absolutely right. There really is no such thing as a closet Christian. You are either a genuine disciple of Jesus Christ, always ready to be a witness in a dark and needy world, or you are not. It is that simple. So, based on these basic biblical truths, just what are you?

Are you a true disciple of Jesus Christ, or just a pretender, hiding in the closet?

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16 Replies to “It’s Time To Get Out of the Closet”

  1. Great words, Bill!

    The Christian motto really ought to be “If I perish, I perish!”

  2. As some christian homeschool mums said to me in conversation the other day…

    “we have got to the point that we just don’t care what the world thinks. if it’s right, we’re going to do it.”


  3. Yes, good article Bill, thank you. Most Catholics don’t know what the church teaches on homosexual sex nor do they know what the bible teaches. But then why would they. They never hear it from the pulpit (if it exists) and they have been discouraged for years from reading the bible. If Catholics knew what God says about this, many would be less likely to fall for the ‘great lie’. They don’t know because too many of the bishops and priests are closet Christians and lack the courage to teach the unpopular truth – all of it – given they believe it!

  4. I can now understand why the Lord said “he would rather spew lukewarm Christians out of his mouth”. I feel exactly the same way with the so many spineless Christians because they nauseate me in exactly the same way as they nauseate Christ. In fact in my book they are not fit to be called Christians. How they have the audacity to call themselves Christians is beyond belief when they won’t even stand up in defence of Christ and his moral laws and principles. Any person to call themselves a Christian must be prepared to go alone against the world if that becomes the only option. We have to be prepared to stand for Christ in all places, climes and circumstances as for me I would rather die a martyr than deny Christ.

    Leigh D Stebbins

  5. I suppose it’s quite an honour these days to be called a hating, homophobic, God-bothering bigot. Even some supposed Christians call other Christians harsh names if they dare stand up for the truth. A letter in the local paper the other day seemed to be accusing me of anger and hate. I plead guilty to a bit of anger, but where they get the idea of hate from I don’t know. Some of these critics leave us at the starting line when it comes to hate. It can be funny in a sad kind of way.

    Never be weary in well doing, Bill. I’ll try not to be either.

  6. I was shocked and saddened to see a letter in Monday’s The Australian from a Peter MacLeod-Miller of St Matthew’s Anglican Church in Albury who wrote:

    “Many Christian leaders have called for tolerance and more time for listening, which perpetrates an evil against the most vulnerable. Society does not need to be more tolerant of the diversity of its citizens; mere tolerance enables religious institutions to be ghettoes of prejudice. Marriage equality calls for acceptance, and the church should be on the field using all its capacity for positive change.”

    Let’s pray for him.

  7. Yes, Peter Macleod Miller. Yet another sinful clergyman, fed and watered by yet another sinful dumba*se congregation.
    Ghettos of prejudice – he needs to visit a mosque.
    I suppose the clear teaching of the Lord Jesus on marriage means nothing to him and his brain dead and spirit dead congregation. What has happened to the Anglican Church?

  8. In BC Canada, they are flying Pride flags on our government institutions’ flag poles and painting crosswalks with rainbow colours.

    It has resulted in this:

    New West senior (91 years old) arrested after allegedly pouring white paint on new Pride crosswalk

    “He was also taken to hospital for evaluation.”
    It is clear that we are in end times, and need to concentrate on Christ’s Great Commission, bringing one person at a time to Christ’s saving grace — rather than to try to change the world and its immorality.

  9. We watched this by John MacArthur last night on this very topic. It is brilliant! He does not hold back and that is what I love. It is a very recent sermon.

    Entitled: We Will Not Bow Down

  10. @Sharon Stay (We Will Not Bow) It certainly is one of the most powerful addresses I have heard. Please everyone share it far & wide. As it brings absolute clarity to so very much of what we are facing in these forever darkening times… If I could also ask that we pray for one another as I’m certainly feeling very alone somewhat but at the same time strengthened in my relationship with the Lord…

  11. Sharon and Matt, Bingo! I too saw this John Macarthur sermon (last night) and it is one of the few absolutely clear-cut and forthright statements I’ve heard from Christian leaders that I’ve heard in these awful times. I live in a small village thousands of miles away from JM, but his Church is now my “local”. One of the few good things to come out of these demonic last few months is that we are really getting to know whom we can trust.

  12. Sharon Stay, I have access to almost 4000 emails. This is a must for all those on the Lord’s side. It might also be appropriate to say that Bill Muehlenberg’s site is a unique centre for giving and receiving vital intelligence in the war in which we find ourselves engaged.
    Thank you and the comments of Matt and John, which are also very useful

    David Skinner UK

  13. IF we feel afraid of what may be required of us, we must remember that innocent people depend on us being courageous. Esther did not face the King for herself, but for the sake of her people. There is no victimless crime, even if there is only 1 victim, the offender him/herself, there one victim worth straightening out and bringing to Christ or the other way round if you will.
    Who has heard of the plan to flood parliament house with flowers on Monday 10 August to say thank you to those who are standing firm on traditional marriage? I think this is a great way to make a point, I pray lots of people send flowers and I also pray they won’t run out of them. 🙂
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  14. “Thankfully, we’re not being killed for our faith.” umm maybe ?

    I don’t think I would trust these Satanists (see video) once they get the recognition and celebration of their ‘lifestyle choice’. Like the homosexuals their plea is for their 1st Amendment rights but this is just such an obvious cover for their true hatred of God and His people.

    I suddenly realised last week ‘in the Spirit’ there is no where, absolutely no where to hide. We just have to continue to walk into it. And the Gates of Hell will NOT prevail and if we perish we perish. I believe there is a good reward for the martyrs promised in Revelation, am I not right ?

    Blessings, Naomi

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