Abetz: Speaking the Truth about the Media

The mainstream media long ago abandoned any pretence to neutrality, objectivity and even-handedness. Today you can put good money on the fact that if you are a conservative, the MSM will treat you miserably. And if you are a Christian, you will get the same treatment.

But if you are a conservative and a Christian (what the MSM pejoratively refer to as someone from the ‘religious right’), then all hell will break loose. There is nothing more despised, hated, mocked and vilified by our media than Christians who happen to be conservatives.

This is plain as day to see. If you are a religious lefty, you will get a great run with the MSM. You will be prominently and frequently featured as if you were one of their own. Even the secular lefties can tolerate a religious lefty, as long as their leftism outshines their religion.

When it comes to the two major media outlets in Australia, we can say that while the Fairfax press is overwhelmingly made up of secular lefties, the Murdoch press is only mostly made up of secular lefties. Thus a few conservative exceptions can be found with the latter, and on occasion some conservative wisdom will get through.

Less often will Christian truth get through. And even rarer yet will Christian conservative truth emerge. So those who are conservative and Christian will rarely get a good run at all in the MSM. Conservative Christian politicians know this just as well as conservative Christian bloggers do.

abetz 4One terrific politician who is a ‘double C’ has had enough of this lousy preferential treatment, and he has had the courage to speak out on this, even though it will get him more ill treatment from the secular left MSM. I refer to Tasmanian Liberal Senator Eric Abetz.

Today’s Australian (Murdoch media) featured a story on his complaints about blatant media bias. It is worth quoting from at length:

Liberal senator Eric Abetz has unleashed an attack on the Canberra press gallery, arguing it is hostile to conservative, Christian politicians while giving favourable treatment to left-leaning or Muslim MPs. Senator Abetz said the media had treated him and his conservative colleagues, in particular former prime minister Tony Abbott, “unfairly”. He said the media felt comfortable vilifying politicians like Mr Abbott because of their Christian faith, but would never dare speak the same way about people of other religions.
“Journalists will need to explain why they do this, but it is very clear that if somebody swears their oath on the Koran, this is a wonderful expression of diversity and to be encouraged, whereas if you swear your oath on the Bible then you’re an old fart and not to be taken seriously. Well, excuse me, what’s the difference?” he said. “There is a special negative-sentiment override for those that profess the Christian faith.”
Senator Abetz referenced a description of Mr Abbott as the “mad monk” that often appeared in the media. “Just imagine making fun of somebody else’s religion of a different nature, as in if you are a Muslim, Buddhist or a Hindu,” he said. “There is the double standard that you can basically vilify anyone from the Christian side of the tracks but don’t you dare touch anyone else.”

The article continues:

Members of the Canberra gallery gave more positive coverage to politicians and policies they agreed with, Senator Abetz said, arguing that journalists hardly ever referred to the far Left or the extreme Left when discussing the Greens or the Labor Party, but frequently referred to him, Cory Bernardi and other conservative politicians as being from the far, extreme or religious Right. “I’ve been referred to as from the religious Right a number of times in the media and when I’ve thrown out the challenge, when are you going to report on the godless Left? The answer is never,” he said.
The ABC was one of the worst offenders, he said, providing coverage that was markedly different for the politicians it supported. “I’m terribly loyal to my new leader but you might comment on the flirtatious approach of Leigh Sales when she interviewed Turnbull. Just ask yourself the question, did Leigh Sales ever apologise for interrupting Tony Abbott?” he said. “If you’re a conservative, you’re fair game to be interrupted.”
Senator Abetz said that when ABC host Tony Jones interviewed Joe Hockey on Lateline, he interrupted him 33 times. However, when he had Wayne Swan on the previous evening, there was barely an interruption.
“Then they say Joe Hockey is unable to sell the message. Well, with 33 interruptions in one interview, one might understand why it is difficult to sell the message,” he said. Senator Abetz found the “groupthink” of political journalists had worsened since he entered federal parliament in 1994. And it was to the detriment of democracy, he said. “If you promote conservative policies, you are immediately demonised and conservative policies are demonised,” he said.
“If you have a Christian, conservative point of view to offer, the media will have this negative-sentiment override which will simply be critical of any views that you may seek to express and that has, regrettably, been the case now for many years in the media gallery.”

The piece concludes with these words:

“I think the groupthink of the media gallery has got worse as the years have gone by and the concept of a diverse range of opinions or interpretations is now lacking.”
When asked if journalists were reflecting the view of their audience, particularly when it came to issues such as gay marriage, Senator Abetz said he did not subscribe to the view that conservative Christian values were unpopular with the public. He said they were unpopular with the media, which was unrepresentative of the Australian people.
“If you go to the footy, you’re a man or woman of the people, but if you go to church, what a strange individual you are. Yet around Australia, as I understand it, a lot more people go to church on a Sunday than go to football on a Saturday.” Senator Abetz said the press gallery tended to report on issues in the same way. “The genuine diversity of reporting just does not seem to be there as one would have hoped it might,” he said.

I of course concur with every word spoken by Eric here. But the bulk of the media will be having a field day with this, seeking to tear him to shreds at every opportunity for the rest of the week. They will simply prove the very points he was making.

One simply has to see the way the MSM is fawning over secular lefty Turnbull, in marked contrast to the despicable treatment handed out to religious conservative Abbott. This in itself tells you all you need to know about our media’s leftist, anti-Christian bias.

Three cheers for speaking out Eric. Not that it will likely change anything in the Australian media. But truth is always worth sharing anyway.


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  1. Thanks Bill,

    Eric Abetz could have been even more blunt but said what needed to be said. He told the truth about our biased media. I think he was still holding back, but It is great to see that a conservative politician has finally come out and said what needed to be said.

  2. Unless one is a Christian, its virtually impossible to really appreciate and have empathy for what the effect of media bias and discrimination against one’s faith.
    It appears that much of society believed that the right to believe anything means that everything you believe in is right.
    Everywhere you turn there appears to be more attempts to deliberately undermine or destroy that which the Christian faith holds as fundamental.
    Separation of church and state (which is a Christian ideal) does not mean the Christian church has no rights to voice an opinion or participate in the public square.
    The framers of the US constitution, of which the First Amendment was not put first by accident, had it it mind that there would be freedom for all to exercise their faith and speak their mind, free of faith tests.
    However, in Australia, this simply doesn’t happen- especially when the interest of small, but powerful minority ginger groups have their way. The legal action against Bernard Gaynor of Queensland, the cancellation of cancelling of a university lecture by the former Minister for Defence, Kevin Andrews MP, a pro-marriage pamphlet put out by the Catholic Church, now the subject of a lawsuit and the banning of the pro-life American prolife activist Troy Newman are all examples of censoring the Christian voice.
    Its often said its the strong who tolerate the weak, not vice-versa.
    In this case, its the strong secularists who choose not to tolerate the Christian church and all that it stands for.
    In his “their finest hour” speech, Churchill preceded with the not-so widely reported comments that the “Battle of Britain” was about to commence- and that battle upon which “depend(ed) the survival of Christian civilisation”. Churchill may have won the initial Battle of Britain, but the war for the survival Christian civilisation still rages with Australia, like the US and Great Britain, its front line.

  3. Dear Bill
    For some blatant media bias, have a look at the Sunday Night program on Channel Seven. It began well enough, interviewing those who were responsible for the formation of Reclaim Australia. From there it went downhill, focusing on the Bendigo Mosque demonstration and how Reclaim Australia was dividing the nation. The only voice of “sanity” and “reason” was from a representative of the Islamic Council of Victoria. Unbelievable!
    They came unstuck though when, even after this “even handed” report, they took a poll on the question asking if Reclaim Australia represented the views of ordinary Australians. The last time I checked, an incredible 76% said yes!
    I wonder if this result will even get a mention or it will be conveniently swept under the carpet.

  4. Looking on the bright side, it does confirm I have somehow stumbled across the one true religion. No credit to me, but by God’s kindness.
    With only one truth, as Jesus declared in John 14:6, then by definition, every other path is wrong. No surprise then to find so much common ground between the false paths. They are all doctrines of demons.
    Muslims vote like atheists, homosexual lobbyists agree with abortionists, and Greenies are invariably attracted to Hinduism (New Age versions). Liberal churches agree with them all. The MSM knows their own, which is why they love all these false teachings and hate the truth.
    There are really only 2 groups of people. Those in the Book of Life and those who aren’t. But Jesus mentioned a third group in His prayer in John 20:17
    “My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message..”
    There are those YET to enter, which is why we must endure this battle. Since many have endured in the past to get the truth to me, it’s only fair I do the same.

  5. Most conservative Christian Right minded people give you full support, and will praise also your courage to speak out about these outrageous attacks from the extreme left MSM. Senator Eric Abetz is a courageous man, always has been in his years of political expose’. I have always see him as the man who took Senator Harradine’s place. Other then make these public objections of how the media reports, how is it ever going to change in this age of going further down the slippery slope. We know the answer, these are end times.
    Bill Heggers Bridgetown W.A.

  6. Vicki, I tried to vote in that poll, but couldn’t get on to it and I would have voted “yes”.
    One of the Murdochs is said to have made an interesting comment about Obama and Ben Carson saying “If Ben Carson becomes president then America wil have had its first true black president.” It sounded like a compliment to Ben Carson to me, unless I am totally politically undiscerning, which is quite possible. 🙂
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  7. Well said, Senator Abetz. It is time for the “Main Stream Media” to return to a balanced reporting instead of propagandising the views of the more radical factions within society. A balanced approach requires that the views and contributions of those who lean to conservatism and and Christianity receive equal treatment and coverage.


  8. Just watched Ben Carson on Youtube at the National Press Club recently tell the media that they had a sacred obligation to inform the people in a non partisan way. He went on to tell them that the reason people don’t trust them is that the level of trust for them is down there on a level with used car salesmen. Currently here in Australia as well we have hit rock bottom.

  9. The ABC are using their $1 billion budget as a gay marriage advertisement, and they will not let up until ‘voteing day’.

    Talking about money being wasted on gays — sexual healthcare should be like denistry, where those who use it pay for it.
    Gays use an astounding amount of all sexual healthcare funding in Australia – and by just 3% of the population.

    Gay individuals who use sexual health services walk right out the door and continue on with their harmful behaviour, only to return again and again at tax payer expense. That’s well over half of the gay populaton doing this over decades. Gays are not getting healthier – but sicker.

    In areas of public health where people can harm themselves, like smoking and drinking, government takes actions like taxing the harmful products to curb the harmful behaviour. But with ‘sexual health’ the government chooses instead to encourage gays INTO having poor personal health by providing ‘free sexual healthcare’ – the very thing that does gays most harm.

    If any other group in Australia showed such alarming health statistics, then one way or another, they would be coerced into mending their poor personal behaviour by government, or at least into reducing it. But not with gays – why?

    Australians should have access to sexual healthcare but it is best for their own health if the individual funds the total cost themselves – as the cost helps regulate behaviour. Just like the cost of dentistry currently does by making people think twice, about, well, sucking on sweets.

    Keep up your very good work Bill. God Bless.

  10. RE Vic Trudeau comments. Wasn’t it a joke that channel 7 (who is actually better in my view than the ABC) called Reclaim Australia “extreme right wing”. To call just about anyone in Australia extreme right wing is really a joke, especially those who are more intent on fishing or family. Apparently the Hindu religion (which has a caste system) and Muslum religion (which forces strict adherence to religious leaders and ignores women’s rights) are just fine but the religion of Christianity which gave us this freedom we enjoy, has always been in favour of individual choice, people’s rights, truth and justice, deferring to others and as Jesus said “call no man master”, is apparently right wing. The UK which has a house of Lords but homosexual “marriage” is apparently the epitome of equality but Australia which has bent over backwards to try to give homosexuals equal treatment under the law while still respecting the natural family, is considered “right wing.” This nonsense has to end. We need to talk more about justice and right and wrong and truth and the tyranny of left wing politics and some of these other groups that Christianity is fully opposed to. A huge number of Christian people died over many centuries so that we were not subject to tyranny and this generation just seems to want to throw it all away. They want to stop free speech and even behaving according to our own conscience and to remove the right to react to what we believe is bad behaviours and beliefs; that are detrimental to the individual, their close relatives and society. This is simply facing up to reality and truth. Treating things that are not equal as though they were equal is actually injustice, inequality, unscientific and nonsense – like treating a butcher as though he was a doctor. Not ignoring reality is not “right wing” but forcing people to ignore reality is certainly tyrannical.

  11. I’ve just listened to Os Guinness speaking on Islam and the Civil Public Square. A speech very relevant to the topic of debate in this blog. Worth a watch here

  12. Hi Bill
    To Mark Wong and the subject of the poll reported in The Sunshine Coast Daily. This newspaper has printed a number of letters supportive of Islam; however any letters which express an opposing view are total anathema. I spoke to the editor who agreed there should be an opportunity for both sides to be heard. In theory only unfortunately, as my next letter on the subject went the route as my previous efforts. Vic

  13. So true and so courageous. Satan is in charge of the media. It is amazing that journalists like Miranda Devine still are allowed to write for the Sunday Times. 5 out of 10 of the virgins in Matt 25 were foolish and 5 out of 7 of the churches in Rev 2,3 needed drastic repairs. How do we wake up the church?
    We need more people like you Bill and Mr Abetz.

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