San Bernardino: Islam at Work Again

Devout Muslims who take their faith seriously have been at work again – this time slaughtering 14 innocent infidels in California, and injuring 21 others. The diabolical killing spree was thankfully put to an end when two of the Islamic terrorists were eventually shot dead by the police.

All this is of course front page news again. Another day, another Islamic terror attack. We almost yawn when we see this being played out once again. And as usual we have the lies, the spin, the deception, and the taqiyya being thrown at us.

San-Bernardino-shooting-15As usual Obama and the media are doing everything they can to exonerate Islam and put the blame somewhere else: a “gun culture,” Islamophobia, another “workplace incident” and so on. Indeed, our pro-Islam and anti-Christian POTUS is still waffling on about not knowing the motives, and that it still might be just some workplace problem.

But as Doug Giles put it, “If white conservative Christians massacred 14 in San Bernardino the media & Obama would tell you immediately.” Indeed, the secular left apologists for Islam immediately condemned the recent Colorado shooter near a Planned Parenthood mill as a Christian pro-lifer when he was of course nothing of the sort.

T.J. Sweetin put it this way: “A non-Christian, white, schizophrenic, American male shoots up a PP. He is labeled a hateful Christian and his religion is to blame. Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik murder 14 innocent civilians in cold blood. Media recommends that the American people ‘not to jump to conclusions’.”

Indeed, this is now as predictable as it is reprehensible. Christians are always blamed for everything instantly, but our elites can never open their mouths and utter the “I” word or the “M” word. You know the murderous political ideological has won already when its intended victims do everything they can to defend their killers.

Fools who claim that this was just some offense taken by a Muslim at a Christmas party – yes, there are fools who have tried to argue this – are simply aiding and abetting the enemy. This was no spur of the moment offense taken resulting in mass murder. This was a fully planned and fully prepared for terror attack. As one news report mentions:

According to authorities:
The couple had high-powered weapons, some could pierce body armor;
There were thousands of rounds found in the couple’s home for their weapons, including 2,500 .223-caliber rounds;
There were three pipe bombs found and detonated in the building where the shooting occurred;
There were ‘thousands’ of tools in the home that could be used to make additional bombs;
The couple wore GoPro cameras and body armor, and had extra ammunition stuffed into clothing
A search of their home turned up 12 pipe bombs and explosives attached to remote controlled cars;
The black SUV where the couple died had been rented some days earlier.

Yeah right, just a quick reaction to not really liking some Christmas carols being sung. This was a premeditated terror attack done by Muslims who hate the West and hate Christianity. Islam is a death cult, and devout Muslims kill people. And let me tell you what else is responsible for terrorism and murder: political correctness.

You may have seen this shocking report: a neighbour knew something was amiss, but dared not speak out for fear of being labelled a racist. Yes you heard me right: “According to a local Los Angeles news report, a neighbour of San Bernardino massacre suspects Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik didn’t report suspicious activity at their apartment for fear of being accused of racism.”

This was nothing other than yet another Islamic terror attack. The evidence is overwhelming, and as former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani said, if you can’t come to that conclusion you’re a “moron”: “The question here is not, is it an act of terror? We’re beyond that. When you’ve got two assault weapons, two handguns, you’re in body armour, you got a home that’s booby-trapped. You’ve been practicing to do this. Sure, it may have been motivated by some argument in a party, but this is a premeditated act of terror.”

And spare me this crap about “alienated Muslims”. Syed and his wife were living the good life in America, enjoying all the benefits of American generosity: “San Bernardino shooting suspect traveled to Saudi Arabia, was married, appeared to be living ‘American Dream,’ co-workers say”.

Other reports said he was enjoying lavish taxpayer handouts and was even allowed to regularly take time off work to pray. He also had a nice trip (with full pay) to Saudi Arabia earlier in the year, where he obviously learned more about the religion of peace. So spare us the Islamophobia nonsense. He had it made.

And of course the God-haters wasted no time in all this as well. While leaders and others were offering prayers for the victims and their families, the demonic editors at the New York Daily News thought it would be neat to have the entire front cover splattered with these words: ‘God Isn’t Fixing This’.

The lefty misotheists there used this tragedy as yet another attempt to ram failed gun control policies down American throats, while happily using the opportunity to mock God and offend millions of Christians. This is what we expect from the secular left: unrelenting contempt for God and contempt for Christians.

The simple truth is, 95 million American gun owners killed no one yesterday, but two or three devout Muslims did. This is not an issue of gun control; it is an issue of Islam control. It is the political ideology of Islam which has resulted in 27,375 terror attacks since 9/11.

There is something fundamentally wrong with Islam itself. That is the problem. Not Americans exercising their Second Amendment rights. But of course leftist tools like Obama will avoid the “I” word like the plague while putting all the blame in all the wrong places.

The typical idiotic line from our POTUS and the lefties is that we can never blame Islam when an Islamic terrorist attack takes place, but we should always blame every single gun owner whenever any shooting takes place, anywhere. Yes, this is the leftist narrative routinely regurgitated every time something like this happens.

I will say it again: Islam is the problem. This is an ideology which commands death to the infidel and rewards those who die doing so with plenty of virgins in paradise. This is why 14 people were killed yesterday, including a father of six and a messianic Jew.

This is why everyday innocent men, women and children are slaughtered, tortured and enslaved. This is all part and parcel of an archaic, bloody and fascist religion which has no place in modern Western society. And the sooner we stop lying to ourselves about the nature of our enemy, the sooner we can start saving lives.

Syed’s father spilled the beans as to why all this happened: “He was very religious. He would go to work, come back, go to pray, come back. He’s Muslim.” Not every Muslim is a terrorist. But Islam is a terrorist political ideology. We will not stop Islamic terrorism until we get real about the nature of Islam.–youre-a-moron-n2088653

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17 Replies to “San Bernardino: Islam at Work Again”

  1. I even read one newspaper report that said he had a troubled childhood!

    He murdered the colleagues who gave him and his wife a baby shower.

    When will people wake up!

  2. Hello Bill

    You are spot on, the second Amendment is not the problem [ never was ] firearms related deaths have been in radical decline for over a decade according the FBI and DHS stats, the peak law enforcement bodies all show this, yet the elites scream about disarming people, how many people know that the arms used are NOT legal in California ?, Sayeed Farook had outside help in getting the guns

    Note :

    The long guns used in the attack are BANNED in California, both by description of their configuration. Farook most certainly did not just walk into a California gun shop or a gun show and buy them in that configuration. ALL long guns less than 50 years old are banned from private party sales in California, and to legally possess a banned-configuration “grandfathered” semi-auto rifle in California, it would have had to have been registered to Farook on or before December 31, 1999. But he was 13 years old in 1999, so that is impossible.

    So banning legal citizens from protecting themselves will achieve what ? will it make more people [ sheep ? sorry to say ] even more victim like ?, remember the Police and Milittary carry firearms, are firearms evil ? do they possess ” feelings ” ?, sadly rational and clear thinking does not rule the media or most people, the top policy makers know this, they count on this, its taught in schools, Universities, Church’s, the press, the Police , whatever you do , do NOT use a firearm to stop a violent, homicidal person or jihadist from harming you.

    So please people start thinking about what is happening here and see that there is a clear and growing danger of people in the West being led down a totalarian State where we are perpetually at war and in a permanent state of fear of Islam but with the depressing side effect of not being able [ or allowed ] to defend oneself, please before the anti’s jump on me, about having an armed camp if everyone has a firearm or how Christians ” cannot ” defend themselves [ a clear misinterpretation of scripture ] , understand that much deliberate misinformation is going and the manipulated war will just go on, because our politicians lack the will or stomach to tell the public the truth.



  3. Bill, I can’t imagine a better article than this. Absolutely right on, to the point, and outstanding! Got to run over to FB and ask everyone to read this. Thank you….

  4. Bill one question………do you believe that Obama is Muslim ? having lived in the US for years understanding American politics, a very high majority think and say this, what do you think ?

  5. Bill

    even though Obama said

    …….. “Understanding that Jesus Christ dying for my sins spoke to the humility we all have to have as human beings, that we’re sinful and we’re flawed, we make mistakes,” Obama said Tuesday. “And that we achieve salvation through the grace of God.”……..

    of course people lie and the hardest part for so many American believers to perceive is that Obama uses Taqiyya, I think he is Muslim , because his outward actions bely the words dripping with honey about him being a Christian he made and he stated that their is no sweeter sound than the call of the Muzzem call to prayer in the morning.

    To me it fits perfectly to disarm America and Americans , personaly at all levels, then the USA becomes like every other nation that disallows a individual to protect themselves from an aggressor.

    Its very troubling that millions of Christians do not see this. Other believers nearly always tell me I have no right to judge Obama. At times it is easier to keep ones mouth shut during the tea and coffee after church and endure the veiled sarcasm and ridicule.

  6. It is difficult to discuss religiously motivated terror incidents in a calm and rational manner. But what can be done? Are measures proposed by presidential candidate Trump the way forward? They certainly seem to resonate.

  7. Every incident of this type builds up towards policies to disarm the American people. In fact, I often wonder how many of these shooting incidents are carefully “manufactured” entirely for that purpose., so that the old problem-reaction-solution system can be wheeled out.
    I’m not suggesting this one was….but it’s not impossible.

  8. Much is said about Islam being a religion of violence, which it is, but not enough is said about its lies. We are all sinners. Some are prone to greed; for others it might be covetousness or lust, but all of us, without exception, are born liars – But for Muslims it is a way of life. How else could it be any different when they worship the father of lies, Satan in the guise of Allah and Mohammed.
    Allah and Mohammed are liars. No matter how good Muslims might be as soldiers of the Queen, surgeons or even President of the United States of America, when filling out questionnaires, asking them about their age, gender and nationality etc., and to the question of religion, all that a Muslim need answer is “Liar.” [1]

    When a pastor said that he would never trust a Muslim, the BBC invited him to be mocked and jeered at by a Muslim and the arch traitor, George Galloway,. [2]

    As for our Prime Minister, David Cameron, he has put an injunction on the word, ‘Islam”. No politician is allowed to use the word to describe the ISIS as Islamic Instead it is to be called Daesh [3]

    What Winston Churchill had to say about the discussion of Nazism in Parliament in 1938 is directly applicable to Parliamentarians having the freedom to speak the truth about Islam today. When trying to alert Parliament to the threat of Nazism, in 1938, Churchill said: “I foresee and foretell that the policy of submission will carry with it restrictions upon the freedom of speech and debate in Parliament, on public platforms, and discussions in the Press, for it will be said – indeed, I hear it said sometimes now – that we cannot allow the nazi system of dictatorship to be criticised by ordinary common English politicians. And do not suppose that this is the end. This is only the beginning of the reckoning. This is only the first sip, the first foretaste of a bitter cup which will be proffered to us year by year, unless by a supreme recovery of moral health and martial vigour we arise again and take our stand for freedom as in the olden time.”

    Cameron would also force us to drink these lies without them even touching the sides of our throats. [4] Prince Charles would also have us believe the lies of Allah and Mohammed [5].
    If it were not for the restraining influence of what is left of British law and order, based upon Christian truth, we would be like any other Muslim country. Indeed parts of Britain are rapidly descending into the Islamic pit of lies [6].

    [1] Two examples of bravery

    [2] Disgracefull mockery of Christian pastor for speaking the truth

    [3] David Cameron and freedom of speech

    [4] Cameron’s lies and treachery

    [5] Where will we find a more fooligh knave or knavish fool, than in Prince Charles, adulterer and Judas?

    [6] A sanitized view of Islam, barely restrained by British law.


    David Skinner UK

  9. Bill two questions…..

    1. Do you see the West as lost to Islam ? do you see this loss as a deliberate plan if you like on the part of God[ and Satan ] to bring forward a new order of totalarianism ? or do think the West SHOULD be kept afloat in its current form ? ie with fiat money etc ?

    2. Do you see believers coming under a real choice of life or death persecution within yours and my lifetime ? especially in Western countries like Australia, USA , Canada that really have never experienced this type of persecution ?

    I would really like to hear your thoughts on this, sorry for length my questions.

    Thanks for your writing and honest Godly approach, it is very refreshing to know that others like you are still holding to a genuine Gospel as preached by our Lord.

  10. Thanks Chris.

    1. The West is losing badly, and unless it and the churches wake up soon, we will lose it all. We are toast, unless God intervenes.

    2. Yes I do not doubt we will see this coming in the West, if things do not change soon.

  11. “2. Do you see believers coming under a real choice of life or death persecution within yours and my lifetime ? especially in Western countries like Australia, USA , Canada that really have never experienced this type of persecution ?”

    Sorry Chris, have we not already seen this beginning to happen in precisely the 3 countries you mention? Small scale so far, but that’s exactly what’s happening already.

    I agree with those who believe that the Obamanation in the White House is a muslim. I do feel sorry for thinking Americans, but the country gets the best leaders money can buy. Oz is following suit at a rapid pace.

    As for Allah, just a little research reveals that he was just the old Arabian moon god. Arabian society was polytheistic until the paedophile prophet made a unilateral decision that it shouldn’t be.

  12. Will the West be overrun by Islam? I am not too sure. Full blown Islam can only exist in Muslim countries. In countries such as Burma, China or wherever there is totalitarian government it is repressed. It is only thriving in the West because it experiences no opposition from our secularist and atheist governments who have rejected the Triune God as revealed in Jesus Christ, the Bible and all of creation. However, my belief is that this is orchestrated, just as is the rise of homosexuality, in order to create division, instability and ultimately anarchy. There will come a time when only the intervention of martial law and a dictator will be able to create stability and normalization. At that point all those in opposition to the dictator, those who protest in the name of gay, green, muliticultural and islamic human rights will be lined up and squashed like cockroaches.

    Bezmenov a KGB officer who defected to the West decades ago described the scenario over the thirty years ago. He died mysteriously in nineties. In my view, we need to take his warning seriously because reality seems to playing out exactly the way he described.

    David Skinner UK

  13. The term “Syed” in a man’s name indicates something akin to Islamic “royalty”: This honorific indicates the bearer is a descendant of Muhammad’s daughter, Fatimah and of his son-in-law, Ali. Therefore, we may expect the late Syed Rizwan Farook was, at some time in his life, proud of his family lineage… How different to the Son of God, who gives all who receive Him the authority to become children of the living God [Joh 1:12]!

  14. David hi

    thanks for the links, my wife and I watched the link of the elderly christan man being surrounded by the laughing , jeering , mocking muslims, my wife thinks she can see some that look demonic, I agree, sorry to say that they look like brute mindless beasts, he was a very brave elderly man , it is vile and angering to see the mocking , it so much reminded me of the killing of stephen. .

    Muslims have NO place in the West if they will not assimilate., if they are willing to assimilate and wish to abide by their awful book and vile despotic so called prophet, and then there MAY possibly be room for SOME of them in Australia, NZ , Canada etc, to date the bringing in of unfettered amounts of Muslims is certainly not working .

    I am at the point that I do not trust any of them.


    my answer is yes you are right, its only been on a small scale in Australia, not on a scale like France [ yet ] I think its only a matter of time before a major terrorist event happens in Australia, Allah is the blood thirsty god of Baal, Molech and other satanic incantations in various pagan cultures.

    American Muslims Stone Christians in Dearborn,

    As a Australian who had grandfathers and uncles who fought and died in two world wars who paid the ulimate sacrifice in blood for Australia, I am very angry that their sacrifice is now in vain , my father flew sPitfires and Hurricanes in the battle of Britain, alone afraid but flew night after night aginst vast odds, my uncle fought against the SS in the Ardense in 1944 in freezing snow against a hardened ,brutal enemy ,yet thse men would be aghast at what people like Mr Turncoat is doing to Australia.

  15. A female reporter actually asked a shrink if the woman jihadi could have merely “gone off” due to post-partum depression. Now, that’s one doozy of an excuse. Talk about grasping at straws to maintain the “Religion of Peace” party line…

    Anyway, comments have been made about Sayed’s co-workers saying offensive things about his beard. A. If Jihadi Joe and wife had bothered trying to assimilate, they’d probably have learned that gentle kidding is what friends and co-workers do here in the US. Duh-h-h-h. B. Bill, you sport a beard. Now that we know how integral beard discussions were to this massacre, I’m wondering if we should be expecting any violent Church of The Well-Trimmed Beard kind of barbaric behavior out of you? I, for one, am scared witless that you’ll go off any moment now. And that’s just how stupid this whole making excuses for these barbarians is….

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