When Folks Identify as Brainless Nincompoops

When future historians, sociologists and cultural commentators discuss the death of Western Civilisation, various markers along the way will be highlighted. Certainly one of the major turning points to be noted will be that of the trans-reality brigade, which declared that reality is really whatever you want it to be.

The trans-everything mob are as responsible as anyone for the death of the West. When a man can claim to be a woman, when a Black can claim to be a White, when a man can claim to be a child, then you know madness has fully and fatally settled upon a culture.

Of course the radicals from a half-century earlier laid all this ground work for this. The sexual anarchists of the 60s, such as the radical feminists, insisted that gender is merely a social construct and fully fluid. They insisted that we can be whatever we want to be, since there is no biological reality to deal with when it comes to gender.

So you can be anything you want to be: homosexual today, bisexual tomorrow, heterosexual the next day, a transvestite the next, and so on. There are no limits, because there is no reality. Reality is simply whatever you want it to be.

trans 6A defining feature of the new trans-mania is trans-rationality, where heaps of our intellectuals and ruling elites have declared that they have now transcended rationality, and have taken up residence in some looney-tune cloud somewhere. They have effectively declared that they will not be bound by reason, by logic, by rationality or by common sense. Indeed, they have declared reality to be off limits.

They now float about in a mindless ethereal fog delighting in their utter moonbattery. And every day we get another, even more shocking example of this. By now you all would have heard of Paul Wolscht, or Stefonknee Wolscht, as he now prefers.

This 52-year-old Canadian has decided he is now female, and not only that, but he is a six-year-old girl. So he has dumped his wife and seven children and taken up a new “reality”. Says one news item:

Wolschtt had been married for 23 years when she realised she was transgender. She’s now living with an adoptive family, and says she does not “want to be an adult right now”. “I can’t deny I was married. I can’t deny I have children. But I’ve moved forward now and I’ve gone back to being a child,” she said in a video series by The Transgender Project, published by Daily Xtra.
Ms Wolschtt said her wife could not accept her as a transgender woman. She was told to either “stop being trans or leave”. “To me, ‘stop being trans’ isn’t something I could do,” she says. “It would be like telling me to stop being 6ft 2 or leave.”
She now receives support from the Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto, where the congregation is mostly made up of LGBT people.

Another report says that he/she/it is a “committed Catholic”. Umm no, I don’t think so. But he may well need to be committed. The person is in serious need of help, of counselling, of therapy. But he certainly does not need approval, promotion, celebration or attention.

But this madness is, as I said, just the logical outworking of a war on reality which has been going on for decades now. The sexual and social anarchists are waging a war on everything. Of course at the end of the day, reality still stands. These revolutionaries and nutters can declare war on the law of gravity if they like, but guess who wins if they jump off a 10-story building?

This case is of course so utterly crazy that even the homosexual community is in a bit of a tizz as to how to respond. Said one: “As a gay man, the trans narrative was getting bizarre lately but THIS is just ridiculous.” Hmm, I would have to agree!

But there are all sorts of these reality-denying folks. Michael Brown lists a few of the more recent and famous examples:

So, we have Bruce Jenner, woman of the year, the world’s most famous example of transgender identity.
We have Rachel Dolezal, the white woman who identifies as black, a prominent example of being transracial.
Then there’s Jewel Shuping, who blinded herself so her mind could be in harmony with her body. She is now a poster woman for being transabled.
There’s also Gary Matthews, aka “Boomer,” who believes he’s a dog, apparently an example of being trans-species.
And now there’s Paul Woscht, known today as Stefonknee, who “thinks he is actually a six year-old girl—not just a woman, but a six year-old girl—stuck in the body of a 50-something man.”

He writes:

They all have some deep psychological issues, and, rather than celebrating them, we should pray for them as well as pray for professionals to help them find wholeness. I’m sure Wolscht must have been deeply conflicted and troubled in order to abandon his family and live in denial of his past.
And there’s obviously something terribly tragic about the thought of a grown man wearing a dress and playing with little children all day, while his own children have lost their dad and his wife has lost her soulmate.
So, to repeat, I am not here to mock him but to pity him. Yet I am here to expose the insanity of affirming people’s perceptions, whatever those perceptions might be. The transgender movement is about to hit a wall called reality, and the crash will be painful indeed.

One of the better pieces written on this also emphasises this horrific flight from reality. Carl R. Trueman asks some hard questions here:

If everything else which shapes our identity can now be determined by mere personal preference, why single out age as an exception?… So when it comes to transgender people mewling and puking about how Wolscht is trivializing their cause, let me put this as simply and gently as I can: When you decide that categories of identity are merely psychological and that reality is constituted by language, you consequently have neither the right nor the ability to call a halt to the Promethean process which you have unleashed just because some of the results prove to be distasteful to you and unhelpful to your political cause. Indeed, whining like a bunch of, ahem, six year old girls is not going to help you at this point.
You do not believe me? Then perhaps it is time to call the spirit of Nietzsche’s Madman once more from the grave: You who have so derided any notion of human nature and external authority, do you now have the courage to face the world for whose birth you yourselves were the midwives? You who have “unchained the sun from this earth,” can you now live with the consequences of your own actions – where all things, even chronological age, must surely give way before the will to power? Face the reality you have made, where Mr. Wolscht is the Nietzschean Übermensch – or, to be precise, the Überkleinesmädchen—of the new order.
No doubt opponents will say that such a view will create chaos. Law courts must recognize an age of consent and an age of criminal responsibility; Schools need an objective standard of age to structure their curricula; And it is in everyone’s best interest that one-year-olds are not allowed to drive on the highways or drink Scotch or play in their cribs with loaded AK-47s. Well, yes, of course – but, please, do not shoot the messenger. I have not created the politics of repudiation which drives so much of the Left today. I am merely pointing out that its logic is inexorable. Those who accept its premises and yet seek to curb its power according to their own tastes are merely so many desperate postmodern Canutes, shouting impotently at the relentless waves of ecstatic nihilism that are even now crashing against the shore.

He concludes:

Still, it is the season of goodwill and I would hate to end this article in such a negative fashion. So let me make a small, positive, and I hope helpful, contribution to the political vocabulary of the New Left. In this age when every micro-identity and pseudo-victim needs some bit of rebarbative sociological gibberish to give credibility to their angry resentments, I offer a new piece of incantatory mumbo jumbo to help us all identify and demonize yet one more species of unacceptable bigotry: Heterotemporal heliocentrarchic transagephobia. This is the irrational, reactionary belief that time is significant, that age is a given, and that those who deny this are idiots, liars, or in urgent need of psychiatric help.
When, twenty years from now (forgive the heliocentrarchic heterotemporalism of that phrase), the U.S. Supreme Court magically finds the right to transageism in the Constitution, then remember, folks, you heard it here first. You’re welcome.

In a world of such mindboggling madness, I too am tempted to resort back to a six-year-old – but maybe a six-year-old bottle of vintage port. After all, I am free to identify with who or whatever I want, am I not?


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  1. ‘Looney tune’ is an apt description alright. This is certainly a case of descending into a quagmire of insanity. These folks will start thinking they are “ants” or “apples” next. Very sad indeed, as its has been said: “If God does not exist, everything is permitted.”

  2. Grown men wearing little girls’ dresses; people becoming dogs; people denying the physical reality of their own gender or species….surely a triumph of the most awful psychological warfare ever inflicted on the human race. There’s more than just black magic at the bottom of this. Even allowing for the fact that some of these folk have got mental disturbances, it is terrifying to realise that there’s a power in the world capable of convincing others to do these crazy things.

  3. But mark this. These transreality moonbats cannot play the game on their own. They demand that we play the game along with them, but without the same privilege of having the “human right” to redefine reality as well. Whilst they play the game with make believe counters, we are forced to play with real money, real children and real houses. Let us have the same right and play the game consistently rather than selectively.
    When a man demands to shower with little girls, give him a card box with the word shower written on it and say in our view of the world that is a shower. Force the devils to play the game consistently and to its logical conclusion.

    David Skinner UK

  4. Well of course we now believe we can alter the world’s weather by using wind turbines and solar panels, so I guess it’s reasonable to imagine we can be anything we think we want to be. If it wasn’t so serious, I might laugh, but I can’t. Words really fail me Bill and no wonder such forces as ISIS and its cohorts are steadily making progress when the West is sinking into such chaotic ‘befuddledom’! Someone said that once the world turned from God, all that the human race would be, is clever monkeys. I seriously doubt if we’re clever monkeys now. More like idiot monkeys.

  5. The real issue is Human Rights. This is the source of much of our present evils. Society has been divided up into competing minority groups based upon: age; disability; race; religion (Islam); gender(feminism and the eradication of men); sexual orientation ( LGBTQIP….XYZ); Transgenderism; being pregant ( transgender wowan) and being married ( same sex marriage).

    Notice that out of the nine protected characteristics, five are dominated by feminists and lesbians. But this should come as no surprise when in Britain the Equality and Human Rights Commission was set up by an Anarchist, Marxist, Lesbian, IVF mother, Angela Mason who has probably done more than anyone to bring Britain to its knees. Incidentally it was she who designed Stonewall’s logo which is the satanic symbol, an inverted pentagram. She is presently a children’s councilor for Hampstead Council, London:

    ‘Cllr Angela Mason, cabinet member for children at Camden Council, said: “Today the High Court ruled that the allegations relating to Christ Church Primary School were completely fabricated, baseless and untrue.

    “We are pleased that the staff, governors and parents at Christ Church and the other Camden schools mentioned in this case have been exonerated.

    “We note the judge’s comments about those who have circulated the false allegations and would ask that anyone who comes across this material does nothing that causes it to circulate more widely.”

    The judge’s ruling said that those wrongly implicated in the allegations had been forced to “live in fear”.

    She said: “Lives have been disrupted. Several of those implicated have received malicious, intimidating phone calls and emails at all hours of the day and night from all over the world.

    “It has been necessary for the police to protect worried parents and children at the gates of the school in Hampstead at the centre of the allegations.

    “Prospective parents have wondered whether to withdraw their children from allocated places.

    “Existing parents have been uniformly supportive of the school and every member of the teaching staff.”’


    Transgenderism is not just insane but Satanic. But of course no one believes in Satan in a technologically, progressive, civilised and 21st century society.

    David Skinner UK

  6. Total insanity, the west is on the way out, when a society loses it’s morals values and way, you know that society is in big trouble and that society is not going to last.

  7. As any keen student of history knows, civilisations come and go. They also know that the final stage is nearly always the same: a suicidal and insane denial of reality. Unfortunately, as in physics, reality always comes a calling. I just can’t see how our “civilisation” can postpone a horrible collision with just such a Reality!. Who now can honestly say that the Book of Daniel, Matthew 24 and Book of Revelations are wrong? However, Christians need to keep their nerve, watch and pray and speak out fearlessly. We are saved if we stick with Jesus – no matter how crazy it gets.

  8. Bill

    After reading this and sitting down with my morning coffee , I have almost reached the mental point of conceding that ISIS have a certain high degree of hating the west and sticking to their devilish logic , men dressing as 6 year olds ? Black men becoming white ? A person thinking and acting like a dog ( do they also chase cars ? and cock a leg on lamp posts ?) .

    I also agree that the deep magic as used in Narnia is being used here in our world our time, with the demonic roaming the wilds and adults and children dissapearing also in their thousands , it brings into focus what our Lord said…” As it was in the days of Noah so it shall be in the days (our current days) of the coming of the son of man.

    I have no doubt that the Nephilim are eagerly salivating on coming back onto this plane of existence ! Giants? Of course! Weapons of war ? Shock horror they of course be benign wouldn’t they and spin tales of being on ” our side ” while those who lust for power over us become evermore lost to evil and deception. The true and loyal body of believers of The Lord Jesus Christ are and will be sole bulwark left call out against the darkness approaching .

    For we must all stand true to the gospel as preached without fear or favour. We have already won, but must also be aware of the cost involved .

    Blessings to all and may God bring you a great time this Christmas

  9. Seriously, I’m beginning to believe that the world has turned into one big television “reality” show… Where people go to extremes airing their dirty laundry to the world, as if it is the normal thing to do. If any of this is all “real”, we are seriously in much bigger trouble than I first thought… O_o Where is the psycho paddy wagon when you need one…?

    These, sorry, delusional folks really need our prayers that they get the help they really need, or come to their senses! If their family and friends support this kind of strange behaviour, they should be ashamed!

  10. So why is this madness on a growth curve? Where are the men of mettle who will stand against the evil of corrupt radical transition? We need to look at the source of that which permits such degradation and get in the ring and fight it until it is defeated. No more ‘woosy’ pretense at opposition. Thank you for your tenacity in shining a light.

  11. “Angela Mason who has probably done more than anyone to bring Britain to its knees. Incidentally it was she who designed Stonewall’s logo which is the satanic symbol, an inverted pentagram. She is presently a children’s councilor for Hampstead Council, London:”
    – By David Skinner.

    I know about the “Stonewall” logo because NSW GLLO gay police (facebook.com/policeglbti) used to wear it until I forced them successfully to change it. If you deny the fact that until very recently NSW GLLO Gay sex police proudly wore the http://pink-triangle.org Logo that was first associated with homosexuals by Hitler’s SS you will be guilty of denying the Gay Holocaust and will not be allowed to travel to Europe without a jail stay.

    The Gay activist suing my father – his associate and proven Facebook Friend Peter Tatchell who writes letters to the Guardian Newspaper saying “Not All Sex With Children Is Unwanted or Harmful” also is totally obsessed with the “Gay Holocaust” or “Homocaust”.

    https://uk.lush.com/article/qa-peter-tatchell (Yes Lush cosmetics praises those who think child sex is often OK as he talks about the “Pink Triangle”)

    NSW GLLO Gay Police are proud they wore a logo first designated use in relation to homosexuality was to designate those homosexuals who must die or at least be castrated in Nazi Death Camps. Here is the “proof”:


    Maybe Today, it signifies they are willing to die for “gay pride”, and will pervert the course of justice at any opportunity to that end rather than just obeying the law like regular police would. From my own experience (see my interview with my father on my youtube) this may be true.

    The logo was also used to designate homosexual’s marked for DEATH in the AIDS protests of the 80’s (ACTUP!) and even appears in the movie “Philadelphia” I saw finally for the first time last week. It’s actually a puff piece to legitimatize to the public to what the GLBTI sandwich lobby is doing to is doing now, especially to my father who dared to do that radio interview with me.

    ActUp! was a gay lobbyist front demanding we save them from the AIDS virus before it spread outside their community via bisexualism. Gay’s themselves self-associated with the Stonewall logo because then as it did in Nazi times, their kind is marked for death, incarceration or castration.

    “The AIDS Coalition To Unleash Power (ACT UP) adopted an inverted pink triangle along with the slogan “SILENCE = DEATH” as its logo shortly after its formation in 1987.[13]” – Wikipedia?

  12. Hello Luke my wife worked in NSW for 15 years, she left because of rampant corruption, jobs for the boys and endemic selection of yes men, as a Christian you cannot survive within the NSWP without being silent on moral issues such as GLLP Police marching in the Mardi Gra and same sex partners, remember the NSWP has not had a royal commision for a long long time [decades] my own view is that a little yeast will work it way through the whole loaf as the Lord says, the NSWP was founded with ticket-o-leave convicts ‘[ so called smal time criminals on good behaviour] is it any wonder that corruption has been there since inception ? the wise words of Jesus apply to EVERY secular law body that closes it eyes to just and fair law enforcement, not all cops are corrupt, but the institution BEDROCK is !.

    This rule applies in every country where the LEOS are subject to overruling power from above, Americans are finding out this same fact with the DHS supplying vast amounts of used surplus military trucks, MRAPS to eager would be trigger happy cops.

    Sorry the Police enforce the laws to the elites that pay them, its not for us. I wish it were not so.

  13. Chris, Not all NSW Police are evil. We need the Police, but not the segregated gay apartheid bigoted biased police, aka GLLOs.

    Those that serve Catherine Judith Burns and the ultra-left Clover-Moore faction in the NSWPF you spoke of are truly sick. Police called upon to interrogate my witnesses in Australia have even told my witnesses (name supressed but a security officer) he doesn’t want to be doing her bidding and the old brass can’t see her getting the top job.

    Those two (Clover & Cath) are closely linked at the hip, and the mainstream media has even documented it, so has Hansard. Garry Burns the person suing my father is confirmed by other Sydney Counselors to be her former staffer (previously I punished the email’s with the Councillor’s name blurred). I complained about Catherine publicly before the Parliamentary inquiry or media exposed her habit of doing “dodgy search warrants” and Garry was the first to fabricate charges against me in exile since the incident of the dodgy 60C NSW Crimes Act Search Warrant, in support of her, dropping her name on his first unsolicited contact back in 2009.

    Catherine Burns and Garry are both on the gay public sex crime liberation site beatproject.org.au. Catherine Burns has said if you do gay sex acts and the cop doesn’t the normal police complaints procedure doesn’t apply – go directly to her.
    “We are not the enemy” & “Time to work together – Catherine Burn – SX – April 1, 2009” Yes she writes articles in the gay newspapers.

    In the last 24 hours both of them have shot themselves in the foot over extremist Muslim terrorists. The 4rd link is my interview about her involvement in the Sydney siege after it happened. Clover also went to Paris to be on the Climate Hoax global government initiation event main stage. I did a new interview today for Restore Australia podcast on Blogtalk radio.

    (aka Photos of Catherine Burn dining with the Grand Mufti who supports to those who support terrorism, whilst being the NSW Police Counter Terrorism Task Force Commander / Deputy Commissioner)



    (Aka “Deconstructing the Sydney Seige” censored by legal action from otoaustralia.org.au a Bathomet worshiping cult in Australia that the government recognizes as a “Religion” yet refuses Christian applicants in the same tribunal)

    After the news today I think Catherine’s Career’s already over. See her photo having dinner last night with a supporter of those who support JIHAD, the Grand Mufti of Australia. I’m glad these two events happened in the lead up to election. Rainbow Labor and the Liberals are both staring defeat down now.

    I know many ex-police, who fled her reign of terror in internal affairs – some overseas like myself. She’s been making cash payouts to the Greens Via Paddy Gibson. The Journalist in that article Edmund Tadros as god as my witness told me off the record he thinks it’s her. I have had a conversation with her about this in 2009 (recorded) and she denied it. So either she is a liar or she is admitting (as she’s done on tape to me) her department (Professional Standards) can make massive cash payouts to the Greens Resistance center paid protesters without her knowledge (incompetent).


    If people only knew how corrupt it is in NSW. ICAC refuses to investigate the NSW Police making cash payouts to the Greens associate Gibson who speaks at events with David Shoebridge MP who’s going to court with Garry. So does PIC and the Ombudsman. There is so much more to this story, but many know NSW is so corrupt many people just choose to get out of dodge rather than fight it.

    Now, this week I have just heard a similar story about Tasmanian Gay police persecuting someone in the same boat as me. Affidavits are available on request. James Dursten wants them shared far and wide. This madness is only going to get worse until we separate church and state and disarm the gays who are out to persecute Christians, legally (repeal homosexual vilification) and physically by disbanding the GLLOs just like what happened in Victoria – and the GLLO gay police radio show on GAY FM – Joy 94.9 along with it. See video links. Seeing is believing this special gay police who target anti-pedophile activists really exist.

  14. Luke McKee, nothing could be clearer than the interview you and your father gave on the Vinny Eastwood show; which is that for nearly a generation, ever since homosexuality was decriminalised in the late 1960s, we have been engaged in a zero sum war. The gays are not into “give and take”, or “live and let live”; it is clearly either them or us – or rather our children.
    It has been a series of battles which we have consistently lost simply because the queers disarmed us by saying that all they wanted was to integrate and have the right to love, whilst the Church swallowed this lie, the enemy pressed on to conquer more territory.

    But they neither wanted to integrate or wanted to be loved – least of all by society.
    Whilst the church became distracted by the human interest story, the gays, devoid of empathy crushed all pockets of resistance, violated the natural order and promoted Bondage Domination and Sado masochism (BDSM).

    Today, in the 21st century, the gays are revealing more and more their true fascist roots.

    When soldiers, sailors and airmen march in uniform in London Gay Pride this has nothing to do with showing solidarity with the gays, but more to do with the fact that gays are turned on by men in uniform [1].Gay activist, Professor Eric Anderson of Winchester University (like Peter Tatchell, an apologist for paedophilia [2]) appears as a gay icon on “Mr Leather” [3], a site that is full of men in Nazi uniforms [4].
    Manchester Pride has LGBTs marching in leather, with whips, chains and all the accoutrements of the (BDSMs) [5]

    However as they become more emboldened and cast off all restraint, scenes of domination and bestiality will become common place, as they are in Berlin [6], the birth place of the gay activism [7].

    Dr Scott Lively in his book, “Redeeming the Rainbow” says, “Many people wonder how the Nazis could have been homosexual, when homosexuals were among the targets of their brutal social engineering policies. The secret is that many of the Nazi leaders were masculine-oriented homosexuals, while many of their political enemies in the German Communist Party were effeminate homosexuals…………At the furthest extreme of the scale are men whose gender imbalance has left them without any hint of feminine restraint. Fortunately there are few of them, because they are capable of the worst atrocities. Many of the guards of the Nazi extermination camps were of this type. In our society, such men have often been responsible for mass murders, serial killings, torture slayings, and the like. They seem less like men than like animals to us, since we recognize that a fully human nature is made up of complementary, balancing and mutually restraining male and female components ”[8].

    Surely it is no coincidence that Berlin Museum, which houses the Great Altar to Zeus, or the Seat or Throne of Satan from Pergamum, became the inspiration for Hitler’s Nuremberg stadium from which to address his storm troopers [9].

    But what could be more wicked than queer perversion, apart from making it child friendly? Elly Barnes the lesbian slut, founder of Educate and Celebrate, who works in the heart of Birmingham City Council Education Department has introduced books to be used in Primary and Junior schools which illustrate such scenes of BDSM as so much fun. The books are called “This Day in June”[10] and already there are signs in California that children, dressed in “kinky” costumes, will soon be joining in on such parades [11].

    The day is fast disappearing as night draws in over Western civilisation and we must take seriously Peter Tatchelll, when, in the 2012 World Pride, London, he boasted,
    “There are no borders or boundaries when it comes to Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender human rights. No nationality, no culture, no belief system can stand in the way of the historic quest for LGBT freedom.”

    What Winston Churchill said in 1938, when faced with the threat of Nazism, is even more relevant today:

    ‘[The people] should know that there has been gross neglect and deficiency in our defences; they should know that we have sustained a defeat without a war, the consequences of which will travel far with us along our road; they should know that we have passed an awful milestone in our history, when the whole equilibrium of Europe has been deranged, and that the terrible words have for the time being been pronounced against the Western democracies:

    “Thou art weighed in the balance and found wanting.”

    And do not suppose that this is the end. This is only the beginning of the reckoning. This is only the first sip, the first foretaste of a bitter cup which will be proffered to us year by year unless by a supreme recovery of moral health and martial vigour, we arise again and take our stand for freedom as in the olden time ‘[12].

    [1] Military march in London Pride

    [2] Bernard Gaynor and the liar Peter Tatchell

    [3]Professor Eric Gumby Anderson

    [4] Mr Leather – men in Nazi Uniforms

    [5] Manchester Pride- BDSMs

    [6] Folsom Berlin Fetish and Leather Fair

    [7] Johann Hari. Fascism and homosexuality

    [8] Reedeming the Rainbow by Dr Scott Lively

    [9] The Seat or Throne of Satan, Berlin.

    [10] “ A Day in June”
    i) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVZakD63n7g
    ii) http://arenaillustration.com/blog/just-published-day-june-illustrated-kristyna-litten/

    [11] Children in Kinky Couture (at 7minutes 13 seconds)

    [12] Fred Nile

  15. David, we are definitely on the same side mate! I get the most support from UK anti-pedo activists (twitter.com/t0mcahill and friends). The Victorian special gay police are about to be rebooted. Previously they even did employment ads for new sworn officers that discriminate based on Gay sexual preference. Obama’s university Harvard called segregated gay police the best innovation in American Government.

    ^^ Gay Police and Harvard University ^^

    All I can say is Vinny Eastwood leans too much towards the ultra-left/Greens – see his own videos praising them and has been involved in setting up a hit piece against me saying I am not wanted for arrest and I made all my claims up – you will see is debunked by NSW Police letterhead. The Gay FOI officer even threatened my father with arrest on the letterhead for associating with his own son, when even the “bikies” in Criminal Organization Control Bill 2010 are allowed to talk to their blood relatives.

    So there you have it, NSW gay police say anti-pedophile activists are public enemies #1 who deserve less human rights than domestic terrorist “bikies”

    You only watched that video because I put it back online after Vinny deleted it. He also deleted a video about my father Talking about East Timor on a different show no AFR that has been put through the internet black hole.

    A statement from a Gay FOI officer Richard Hanson in the Inner City Legal Centre annual report 2011-2012 as a “gay activist” took over the my dad’s FOI into NSW GLLO Gay Police corruption after Catherine Burn’s retired a more senior FOI Officer Linda Trost from My Dad’s FOI. This is why my father was targeted at the NSW Anit-Discrimination Board by Catherine Burn’s proxy Garry Burns.

    Even the gay FOI officer says Vinny and his friends at the “Cancel the Cabal” / Susanne Posell are blatant debunked liars making up stories about their imaginary federal police sources.

    His blog linked to by the ABC the Drum now offline details details of unlawful public sex acts and sex tourism abroad to the “Hokkusan 7” floors of gay sex sauna in Osaka Japan. He also published the admission price to the KKK gay orgy sex club where the former NSW Police Minister and “family man” David Campbell MP was caught going to gay orgies, by Adam Walters of Channel 7 News. Garry Burns suggested a national coming out day for gay politicians after that. But Rainbow labor’s Penny Sharpe MP’s GLORIA awards criticized him for that, because the Gay lobby needs to keep as many closet homosexual politicians liable to blackmail as possible to push their agenda and subvert democracy. I backed this up after he also took down his two ultra-left political accounts some may remember from #auspol @RM_Hanson and @MrLicharo

    Garry a split Personality cheers others saying I’m not wanted for arrest for demanding an investigation into corrupt gay police and 60C NSW Crimes Act when he of course says I am.


    The Video best explaining how the war started with the corrupt NSW GLLO Gay sex police who are in the profitable business of framing up the innocent so illegal immigrants can get ZB951 Criminal Justice Stay Visas instead of teh inevitable deportation if they weren’t to over-rule DIMA (Immigration) is my father’s and I interview on Topher’s unpopular view. That’s the one I mentioned – again for the record.


    Catherine Burn’s linked-in page is only endorsed by the immigration official who gives out ZB951 visas to illegal immigrants who get visas by bearing false witness.

  16. My 7-year-old told a male trans, who was gender assigned to female, that he couldn’t be a woman because he didn’t have periods. He, or they as we refer to them, went ballistic.The trans also insisted that they were a woman of the age when they first were not happy being a man and that the man was dead. Truth fears no questions but the lgbt “community” won’t tolerate any disagreement with their chosen reality. Unbridled self-determination can only lead to emptiness, darkness, nihilism and death of the soul. This same trans became identified as a lesbian who was in a relationship with another male trans to female who identified as a lesbian. Women’s groups and sexual rights organisations kept the illusion afloat. This person said he believed in God but God is not the author of chaos, the likes of which is unfolding before our eyes.

  17. My little protest against this war on reality is to keep my watch on the proper time, and not move forward for ‘daylight saving’. It is impossible to save daylight: you can’t bottle sunlight to use for when it gets dark.

    In saying your watch is fast or slow, you admit that clocks merely measure time; they don’t define it. Time is defined by the relative position of celestial bodies, which the Creator has set up. To change your clock to some other time is to deceive yourself.

    Daylight continuously increases from the winter solstice to the summer solstice, then it decreases until the next winter solstice. For over half the ‘daylight saving’ period, the amount of daylight is decreasing.

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