The State’s War on Free Speech (and Christianity)

If you want to implement a police state in the West in which freedom of speech, along with freedom of religion and freedom of conscience are savaged, if not eliminated altogether, there is one good way to bring it about. Simply allow a diabolical political ideology free rein for a while and wait for the reaction.

As more and more evil is committed by this ideology (BTW, it starts with “I” and ends with “slam”), eventually the people rise up and demand that something be done about it. What should be done is for the government to crack down on those causing all the trouble. But instead of focusing just on Islam, plenty of states are using Islam to clamp down on all religions.

free speech 2How convenient. Tar all religious faiths with the same brush, and presto, you can deal with all religion in one fell swoop. We see this happening all over the West. New laws are brought in to deal with terrorism and extremism, but then they are used to attack Christianity especially.

This is not surprising, since most secular left states hate Christianity more than they do Islam. Thus it becomes very handy to have an excuse like this to attack Christianity, even though the initial cause of all the new legislation was and is Islam.

Consider a classic case of this in the UK: the Extremism Disruption Orders. It is supposed to be about radical Islam, but all sorts of folks see some very real dangers here. Christian groups are certainly worried. Voice For Justice UK for example has just put out this post about the EDOs. It begins;

In its drive to counter terrorism, the Government’s yet to be introduced Counter-Extremism Bill will, if and when passed, bring into law Extremism Disruption Orders, primarily aimed (we are told) at combatting hate preaching by radical Islamists. Of which, in the UK, we presumably have a great number.
Any measures to combat Islamic terrorism are of course to be welcomed, but the proposed plans specifically include any views deemed to go against our newly defined British values – even if non-violent and legal. This would clearly target not just radical Islamists, but also much mainstream Christian teaching. A sermon, for example, on the sanctity of marriage as between one man and one woman would be prohibited – as might also affirmation of the belief that Jesus is the Son of God, which could be deemed offensive to other religions.
Even with our current safeguards for free speech, we’ve already seen street preachers – quoting Leviticus – arrested for homophobia and hate crimes, but without a doubt the situation could be infinitely worse if these banning orders ever become law. Imagine … peaceful pro-life prayer vigils outside abortion clinics – banned. Mention of clearly documented medical risks attached to homosexual sex – banned. Reference to DNA identification of gender – banned. You name it … the Government will ban it.
This is a clear attack on free speech. It goes against everything our nation holds dear, and the real values on which our society is founded.

One MP made a similar warning:

New banning orders intended to clamp down on hate preachers and terrorist propagandists should be used against Christian teachers who teach children that gay marriage is “wrong”, a Tory MP has argued. Mark Spencer called for those who use their position in the classroom to teach traditionalist views on marriage to be subject to “Extremism Disruption Orders” (EDOs), tough new restrictions planned by David Cameron and Theresa May to curb radicalisation by jihadists.
In a letter to a constituent, Mr Spencer, the MP for Sherwood in Nottinghamshire, insisted that Christian teachers were still “perfectly entitled” to express their views on same-sex marriage – but only “in some situations”. Christian campaigners said Mr Spencer’s remarks confirmed what they had previously warned: that those who believe marriage should only be between a man and a woman would now be “branded extremists”.

A group of religious leaders agree:

Extremism Disruption Orders (EDOs) in the forthcoming counter-extremism Bill look set to rely on a test of extremism that threatens the very democracy they are meant to protect. Many people will fall foul of EDOs and, as the former head of MI5 has said, “harmless evangelicals” could be among them.
Evangelicals like William Wilberforce, Lord Shaftesbury and Josephine Butler, though revered now, faced many malicious accusations during their lifetimes. Today Christians can be labelled “extremists” by those who disagree with Christianity. For some such people, EDOs will be a gift. For the Church, they will be a disaster.

Indeed, it is so bad that not just religious groups, but decidedly non-religious groups have united to voice their grave concerns about this:

The Christian Institute and the National Secular Society have become unlikely bedfellows in their fight against the government’s proposed Extremism Disruption Orders (EDOs). The “writing could be on the wall” for freedom of speech in the UK if EDOs are introduced next year as planned, the two groups have warned.
Extremism Disruption Orders have been conceived by this government as a means to go “beyond terrorism” and “eliminate extremism in all its forms,” in the words of Chancellor George Osborne. By disrupting the lawful activities of all those the government deems “extremist,” it hopes to crack down on such ideas before they develop into terrorism.
But the proposals have been slammed for being too vague, allowing the government to penalise any form of speech outside of the establishment narrative, even if it is not expressly illegal. Examples could include teaching Christian religious doctrine, environmental activism, or disseminating trade union manifestos.
Chillingly, in May the Prime Minister David Cameron told the National Security Council: “For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens, ‘As long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone’. This government will conclusively turn the page on this failed approach.”
The Christian Institute, a conservative Christian organisation, and the National Secular Society have both been vocal in their opposition to the orders and their defence of free speech. Now they have joined forces, as founder members of Defend Free Speech, a campaign set up to oppose the introduction of EDOs.

Consider part of just one article from one atheist website:

On the face of it, it might be tempting to laud such measures, especially when the measures are presented as something like “intolerance of intolerance.” But as Keith Porteous Wood, Executive Director of the National Secular Society, reminds us, these orders have great potential to abuse freedom of speech. He explains:
“[T]hey are the largest threat to freedom of expression I have ever seen in Britain. The spreading of hatred is far too vague a concept to be the basis of legal sanctions, and would be worryingly open to misuse, particularly by ideological opponents.”

And even homosexual activists have gotten on board here. As Peter Tatchell writes:

The Defend Free Speech campaign is spearheaded by normally rival groups, the Christian Institute and the National Secular Society. It is backed by former shadow Home Secretary David Davis MP, Caroline Lucas MP, ex Chief Constable Lord Dear – who will lead the campaign in the House of Lords – and human rights defender Peter Tatchell. Other supporters include Big Brother Watch, English PEN, the Manifesto Club and the Peter Tatchell Foundation.
The campaigners warn that the Government’s proposals to tackle extremism – in particular far right and Islamist extremism – are so broad and vague that they could penalise a range of dissenting and minority opinions.
They say the sweeping new powers will have a chilling effect on free speech because the Government has repeatedly failed to set out a definition of what will be considered extreme. Ministers have, however, confirmed that the legislation will clamp down on extremists even if they have not broken the law – a very sinister and menacing attack on liberty and human rights.

When you have such a wide-array of groups condemning a law, then you need to stand up and take notice. By all means bring in decent legislation which specifically targets one of the biggest threats we face today: expansionist Islam. But do not bring in overly broad, nebulous and unhelpful laws that target those we most need to hear from: biblical Christians.

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  1. Well, Bill, that’s just too bad for sad old David Cameron and the other political pygmies. Christians like are going to keep on saying the truth no matter what. Things like homosexual acts are wrong, people are either male or female or marriage is between one man and one woman. Come and get me, Nazis!

  2. What more evidence do we need for the fact both homosexualism and Mohammedanism are joining forces to expunge the Christian from the public space than the case of Mike Overd, a Christian street preacher who was falsely accused by a homosexual of homophobic hatred and who then was tried in Bristol Crown Court, fined and ordered not use certain passages from the Bible by a Shariah court Judge?

    David Skinner UK

  3. Recently Peter Tatchell shared the same platform with the Christian Institute defending freedom of speech . He clothed himself in the mantle of a human rights activist but he speaks out of both sides of his mouth. In other words, he is a liar.

    Whilst admitting that a child should be allowed to “express themselves” and maybe even hold a point of view, he would still force them to conform to LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transsexual) attitudes and values; for what he is proposing is for children to be forcibly indoctrinated with queer theory and constantly tested and examined for political correctness from the first day they enter school, until they leave. How well they qualify will effect them for the rest of their lives, with regard to pursuing education, a career and their place in the public square.

    He presented a talk as part The University of Wolverhampton’s 2013 LGBT History Month, in which he finished by saying,

    “ What I propose – as a positive- is that all schools, from the very first year of primary education, should be required by law to have mandatory equality and diversity lessons – so every school should have to introduce mandatory equality and diversity education, from the first year of primary school. The first year of primary school, all pupils throughout the rest of their school life, should have mandatory equality and diversity lessons – to combat prejudice -to promote understanding – to encourage acceptance – not just on LGBT issues, but also on race, gender, disability, faith and belief. The idea is to create an inclusive, compassionate society. Why do I say this? Because, very simply, we all know that young kids are not born bigoted. They become bigoted. And we know from pioneering studies and experiences in some countries and cities, that where this early education, against prejudice is in place, those kids tend to grow up to be much less bigoted, in later life”.

    ( I could add no one taught him to become a liar, narcissist and pervert, he was born like it, in spite of his claiming that he wasn’t! Indeed following his logic if it were not for the restraining influence of the Christian faith, a lot more people would naturally be liars and narcissists like him.)

    Tatchell continues,

    “If schools are about preparing young people for adult life, then of course they have to have to prepare young people for the fact that some of them will be LGBT, or if they are straight, they will know in later life, people who are LGBT. It strikes me as just obvious, that if you want a caring and compassionate society, you need to take the necessary steps to create that society. Now I would say that having the lessons themselves, is not sufficient. The equality and diversity lessons need to be backed up with exams – because pupils and often teachers only take things seriously when there is an exam. Make them do the exam. Make those exam results go into their school report. Make it a mandatory requirement for all job applicants to produce the results of their equality and diversity exams. That’s how you get a consciousness that this is an important issue. It’s taken seriously- and young people do strive to do well. I don’t go with the exam, exam, exam, mentality. You know exams aren’t everything, but I think you need exams sometimes to concentrate the mind and to get results”. (Listen to Peter Tatchell at (51 minutes 10 seconds)

    In 2012 Peter Tatchell, said at World Pride, London,

    “There are no borders or boundaries when it comes to Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender human rights. No nationality, no culture, no belief system can stand in the way of the historic quest for LGBT freedom.”

    That is the voice of tyranny. Nothing, absolutely nothing can stand in the way of LGBTs getting what they want, whenever the want it , no matter who or what stand in their way.

    David SkinnerUK

  4. I suppose each change of government would see ‘new’ threats to the state added! Reminds me of the Taliban!

  5. Remember, those in power, the real puller of strings, have for two decades released the reigns on Muslim and gay rights in our society.
    Let us not forget the case of Daniel Nalliah and Danny Scott [1]
    In Britain both Muslims Council of Britain and the gay rights “charity”, Stonewall, since 2005 have worked together to silence the Christian voice. But this has been orchestrated by Neo- Marxists in order to create division, disorder and anarchy, giving the Saul Allnsky – inspired government of David Cameron, the excuse to silence everyone [2].

    In 1984 KGB defector, Yuri Bezmenov, described the process as a period several decades of subversive activity. This is followed by a shorter period of economic and military crisis- such as that which we now witness. Then we will have a very short period of total meltdown in society – nihilism [3]. Finally he describes “normalisation”, the kind of normalisation of the Russian tanks rolling into Hungary in 1956 and into Czechoslovakia in 1968 [4] . Those who do not learn from history are forced to repeat it.




    [4] (view at 1hr 7minutes 30seconds)

    David Skinner UK

  6. St Theresa of Avila was once told by one of her sisters that everything was going wrong in their efforts to found another convent. She said ‘good; we must be doing the right thing because the devil is not happy.’ Does anyone seriously believe that true Christians will not be persecuted? Yes, we will be persecuted but Jesus Christ will have the last word; as He always does in these circumstances.

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