Happy 10th, CultureWatch

Ten years ago, on April 5, 2006, I posted my first article on my new website, CultureWatch. The CW ministry and site was to be a continuation of the work I had been doing for quite some time, which involved dealing with the culture wars, ethical issues, apologetics, theology, politics, social issues, and many other matters.

I had long been involved in pro-family, pro-life, pro-faith, and pro-freedom activism, and one way to continue this work was by means of a website. Obviously my audience could be huge, with anybody having Internet access potentially able to view my material.

While dealing with the various external attacks on faith and family has been a big part of this work, so too has been the need to address issues within the Christian community. So both church and nation have been the focus of this ministry, and I might offer about an equal amount of attention to both.

10 years 3Of course that can possibly confuse some readers out there. One minute I may write on the scientific and social science evidence as to why something like human cloning is to be rejected, which any non-Christian can hopefully benefit from.

But the next minute I may be writing a very biblically-based devotional which likely only Christians would appreciate and understand. So this is a bit of a crossover ministry, one which seeks to reach different audiences at different times. This may not be ideal, but it is the way it has panned out.

I could have chosen to go down the path of just one of these two directions and perhaps avoid some confusion or consternation: non-believers wondering what the Christian stuff is about, and Christians maybe questioning the value of my other material which is presented in secular language, using non-biblical resources.

So I realise I may have lost some readers here: some believers may not like all the non-Christian stuff, and some non-Christians may not like all the religious stuff. Well, I guess folks are free to read what interests them, and avoid what does not.

This website was also meant to be a place where my many writings could all be assembled in one place – well, most of them anyway. Longer footnoted research papers – and books obviously – would not appear here, but my growing collection of essays would.

Thus this is now my 3645th article. Perhaps around five per cent of those pieces were older articles which I posted and backdated, but the majority have been penned in the past decade. So that averages around an article a day. It keeps me off the streets at least!

And if each article averages around 1350 words or so in length, that means with all those articles I have written nearly 5 million words just for this website. It is by no means the most anyone could have written, but it is not too shabby either I suppose! As I keep telling folks, I cannot fix their car or tend their garden, but I can give them a thousand words in 20 minutes!

And of course this is an interactive website, and there has been plenty of interaction going on, even from day one. There are around 55,000 comments posted here. Many thousands had to be rejected for not meeting my commenting rules, eg, no anonymous comments, no trolls, no profanities, etc.

Had I simply posted every comment that came in, I might be up to 80,000 or more comments. And so very many of the rejected comments were vile, filthy, ugly attacks on me. Some of the most perverse and foul stuff you will read has come in with these comments.

At first I simply trashed such comments, but for the past few years I have been saving them. They might make for a great book one day. We could title it something like, “The Wit and Wisdom of the Tolerance Brigade”. And of course as part of this steady stream of hate mail are the occasional death threats.

Given all the abuse, hate, and vicious assaults, one can rightly ask: So why do all this? Why open yourself up to so much misery, abuse and venom? There would be several reasons why I have kept at it for ten years now, and will likely continue going with CW.

One, it is important that we get truth into the public arena. As I have documented so often (see especially the 202 articles I have in my section on the media), when the mainstream media is more in the business of pushing a radical secular left agenda than it is in accurately and objectively reporting the news, then we need alternative media sites to pick up the slack.

That is a big part of the reason why I have this site. With some 80 different subject headings (including politics, economics, social issues, the arts, theology, ethics, family issues, etc), I seek to deal with what we will not hear about very much from the MSM.

And when we do hear about these issues there, it is usually a very skewed version of events. So seeking to get truth out there into the public square is a big part of the rationale for CW. Truth matters, and it deserves a wide hearing. I am thankful others are also trying to disseminate truth far and wide, and I am happy to do my part in this.

Another key reason is that this is what I feel I am called to do. I guess you can say the previous 53 years of my life were a lengthy preparation for this ministry. Decades of reading, writing and research have been good preparation for all this – as has been many years of lobbying work and culture warfare.

And even my stint in the radical left as a wild youth would have been helpful preparation for what I now do. I can certainly say I have been there and done that when I comment on leftism, Marxism, radicalism, various non-Christian religions, and so on.

Because I have been delivered from all this and more, I may be better placed to continue to comment on it. For those interested in my rebellious years as an activist teen, you can read my four-part testimony here: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2012/06/27/coming-home-my-testimony-part-1/

It is because of a clear sense of God’s calling and guidance in this ministry that I can put up with the steady stream of attacks and criticisms – even from fellow Christians. And believe me, there have been plenty of those. All sorts of believers have told me how they just do not like what I do.

If I existed only to please men, I would have quit this work years ago. But while I take on board and assess the various criticisms thrown my way, at the end of the day it is Jesus Christ who I must be ultimately answerable to. It is pleasing him that matters above all else.

So while I expect the waves of criticisms to keep coming in, and while they must be treated like we would a fish dinner (eat the meat but leave behind the bones), I will keep doing this ministry until I feel God calls me to do something else. That is not to say that all the abuse, hatred, criticism and constant attacks do not take their toll: I am human, and it certainly hurts.

I am no glutton for punishment, and as I have often said, I would much rather lead a quiet and peaceful life, just sitting around home reading books and the like. But that is not to be. How can it be? Jesus did not take the easy way out, and neither can his disciples.

We all have a job to do. We are in a war. It is a spiritual war of course, but it is also a cultural war, a war of ideas, an ideological war, a war fought on so many levels. Thus we must engage. We must join in and not pretend we can just sit on the fence and wait this all out.

No one has the luxury of fence-sitting in a time of war. Indeed, that is tantamount to treason. We either enter into the fray and fight, or we deny our Lord and effectively join the other side. So that in good part is why I do what I do. It is something I have been called to do, and I will seek to do it to the best of my ability – with God’s grace.

Do I make mistakes along the way, and get things wrong, and not always represent my Lord as I ought to? Sadly, yes – often. I regret this and I ask for your forgiveness when I have got it wrong. That is why I so greatly covet your prayers for this work.

It certainly is not easy nor pleasant. I would give it up in a minute if I could. Indeed, I regularly offer this ministry back up to God, and let him know that if it is time to quit, that I will happily do. But until that divine release comes, I will keep at it. So please keep me in your prayers – they mean more than you may ever realise.

And in response, I will keep CW running. Maybe, if the Lord should tarry, and if I remain alive for that long, we will be up to 7000 articles by 2026, with over 100,000 comments. You never know. But I will seek to be faithful to the work God has led me into. And I will forever value your spiritual warfare and intercession on my behalf.

Soli Deo Gloria

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48 Replies to “Happy 10th, CultureWatch”

  1. Hi Bill,

    Thank you for being a voice for CultureWatch. It is great to hear a voice with the truth, unlike most news sources. Keep on proclaiming it like it is, Bill!!

  2. What a magnificent achievement, you do deserve a pat on the back, you might have to do that yourself. Thank you Bill for this recap, most refreshing to read this review. Is been almost six years from when I first discovered CultureWatch. Your personal resume from 2012 was amongst the best read. Just joking. Many of you posts have been upbuilding and encouraging. It’s a relief to note that you are not quitting, but even reminiscing about the next ten years. I do hope that many of your readers will keep you covered in their prayers. Incidentally, do you have any idea how many
    readers you cover? Not that this matters, as it will be impossible to know. What does matter is that your message spreads like wildfire. Keep up the good fight, and ignore the arrogant, abusive comments like water from a Ducks Back.
    Bill Heggers Bridgetown W.A.

  3. Happy anniversary Bill! Praise God that you heed the injunction: Be strong and courageous: and may the Lord bless you and yours and keep you and his face shine on you and give you his peace – let the numbers be fulfilled!

  4. Thanks Bill.
    I think we can draw encouragement from the fact of our communion within the great body of those who at various levels will fight the good fight until release comes and we ‘slip the surly bonds of earth’. Retirement comes then. Amongst these are the martyrs many of whom work long hard hours in loveless prisons for the sake of the Kingdom.
    For the believer, the further we go the more the truth and reality of it shines clear.

  5. Congratulations on keeping faithfully to this great work, Bill.
    Although I don’t comment very often, I digest your articles and have used or quoted your articles and books in class situations over the years.
    Truly, glory to God alone, but praise for those working the harvest is deserved.
    Thank you Bill!

  6. Congratulations Bill
    Really enjoy your blog… I guess your ultimate reward will be eternity…. Then what? Haha.
    Thought and prayers for you and your ministry.

  7. G’day Bill,

    I have opened your website daily for about 8 years, looking forward to a Biblical and articulate apologia for the Christian worldview. I have been taught, encouraged, challenged, and just once disagreed. I have particularly appreciated the reasonable length of the articles. They are not just twitter soundbites, but you get into the content of the issue. Goodonya.

    Andrew Campbell

  8. Congratulations Bill!!!

    10 years and still going strong.

    I am sure I cannot imagine the kind of abuse and insults you have had to read and listen to because of what you do, but be encouraged, you are not doing this in vane. A lot of your articles have helped to shape and sustain my Christian outlook to events around the world.
    For me now, when some major event happens somewhere around the world, I log into my computer to see what “Culturewatch” has to say about it. We need this alternative view on world events and sometimes we do not even know about some events happening unless we read about them through your articles on your website.

    You are certainly laying up treasures in heaven where moth nor rust cannot destroy them and where no theives or even the “tolerance brigade” cannot steal them.

    Keep Shining and the strength of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you always!

    Nigel Onamade

  9. Congratulations and Thank you. Thank you that you can articulate in written words what is on my mind. This encourages me in the way life is looking like and happening for me. Excellent ministry.

  10. I thank God for your blogsite Bill – I am another, who after a World event, I love to hear your take on it. Seldom do I disagree with your assessment. I have been informed and encouraged and have learned so much from your site. God bless you and yours for this faithful and much-needed work. With the MSM being so corrupted, it is absolutely essential that we have an alternative. Love in Jesus always.

  11. Thank you Bill for this amazing ministry.
    It is so very needed in today’s twisted culture, where truth and reason and biblical discernment is so lacking, even in most churches.
    I too have been logging on for years now and it helps me in immeasurable ways.
    I am so sorry for the abuse you endure but it is hardly surprising when people just want their ears tickled and ‘peace, peace, where there is no peace’.

    To date, I have never disagreed with a single thing you have written.

    You are a good and faithful servant

    God Bless

  12. G’day Bill, we’ll continue to pray that our Lord continues to sustain you – we reckon you do a good job! Regards Steve

  13. Congratulations Bill & just wanting to thank you for your diligent persistence & perseverance throughout. Your articles always seek to engage in truth, where truth in these days is progressively sidelined. You have been a great help to so many including myself :). God Bless you & keep the courageous words & deeds coming 😉

  14. Your work is much appreciated Bill. I subscribe to many different apologetics/culture focused blogs and websites but when yours hits the inbox, it’s always the one I open first. I’ve used your articles many times for study preparation and to shape up a Sunday message, giving you due credit and hoping to make others aware of your work. Eighteen months ago, I put together a 10 week study on homosexuality based largely on your books and articles. Invaluable resources. As long as you keep those fingertips flying over the keyboard, I’ll be reading.

  15. Fantastic effort, Bill!

    Invaluable commentary on issues that will impact us all whether we know about them or not.

    Looking forward to another decade.

    God bless you!

  16. I have been reading Culture Watch from not long after you started this ministry. I have encouraged others to read your articles and have posted links to CW on secular blogs.
    I am mindful of the plight of moral campaigners, the abuse they get, the discouragements, the feeling they are alone against the world. I pray for them as I pray for you because your ministry is vital. Thank you.

  17. Bill,
    I found your website about a year ago. It has become part of my morning devotion and routine. I can definitely say that this ministry has impacted my life. I certainly am not as well read as you, but have read a lot of the work of Tozier, Spurgeon, and others. While your style is more modern, your insight and wisdom are timeless.
    I also write for a publication that our Church sponsors and I can tell you that many has been the time that Bill Muhlenberg has been quoted in those articles.
    I pray that The Lord will continue to use you and anoint your pen.
    Thank you sir for obeying the Lord

  18. Congratulations Bill! A fabulous effort. You are a wonderful soldier in Christ. Thank you for persevering in your call.

  19. Dear Bill,

    In so many ways you have shown me how to be a better person. Your honesty, integrity and sincerity have been that guiding light to me, to help bring me closer to Jesus and to becoming that person I know I want to be.

    I couldn’t have done this without you my friend. To another 10 years.

    Your friend in Christ,

  20. God bless you, Bill, and thank you for your wonderful ministry for Him.

    Since our family became aware of Culture Watch, one of our children reads a Culture Watch article aloud to the family almost every evening while I prepare dinner, often pausing along the way when someone wants something re-read, or for discussion together.

    We want to encourage you that your ministry is bearing much fruit.

    We thank God for you.

  21. Thanks Bill!

    Here’s to the next 10 years, when sites like CW will be more necessary than ever.

  22. Well done Bill – the watch man of our culture. You said it well here: “We all have a job to do. We are in a war. It is a spiritual war of course, but it is also a cultural war, a war of ideas, an ideological war, a war fought on so many levels. Thus we must engage. We must join in and not pretend we can just sit on the fence and wait this all out.” If we are not talking at least we are not engaged. Thank you.

  23. I would like to say big THANKS too, Bill. Not only for the very well written and challenging articles but for persevering with the adversities that goes with defending the truth.

    Regarding the blending of social science, philosophical, devotional content, and more, I think you have it right. It’s all engaging. And like others readers have passed these on to friends, work colleagues, etc, and know they have been well received.

    A big thanks to your wife also, for being supportive of you dashing away and doing this.

    May God bless all your efforts as you attempt to glorify Him 🙂

  24. Thanks Bill, I discovered your website after being told about it last July and have devoured your blogs virtually every day. Lots of issues, world events, Godless biased media and societies all out war on Christianity were getting me down.Your wisdom and courage has inspired and equipped me to finish the Christian journey I started 39 years ago. I have never been in more complete agreement with any other Christian worldview than yours Bill. You certainly have been blessed with a special gift. Many thanks and prayers for you Bill.

  25. Dearest Bill…I enthusiastically add my voice to the praise and gratitude of everyone who has commented here for your years of laboring in this cultural wasteland. Your articles and insights have provided me with a confidence in sharing both the Gospel and of commenting on the great issues of the day. God bless you!

  26. God Bless you, Bill, as you continue to stand on the front lines and declare the truth. You are a warrior. We pray that God will uphold and sustain you, and your family, as you contain to faithfully serve God in this way.

  27. Dear Bill, Many thanks for your faithful work.
    I suspect there is a great deal of covering prayer taking place. As to the abuse – it’s only the devil whining about the beating he receives from this site. Keep up the good work and God bless and protect you and your family and this site.

  28. This deserves a huge congratulations!! An amazing effort with such personal cost attached. I only ‘discovered’ you about one year ago, but have been hugely blessed and encouraged by your blog. I am so thankful for your faithfulness…..

  29. Congratulations Bill, to me CW is essential reading for all true believers. Equiping the Saints is what you do. May God continue to bless, keep and strengthen you.

  30. Awesome milestone! Looking forward to many more insightful articles.

  31. Congratulations faithful servant. Your perseverance through stiff criticism is an example to us all. As others have said, essential reading and a great research resource, especially for talking with others about these issues.

  32. Dare I say it. Tears flowed as I read these comments. Oh, that God would raise up may more that would put their life on the line for the Kingdom.

    I am reading “Revolution in World Missions” for the second time. It is the story of a man who broke all the rules to take the gospel to the unchurched masses in India. His way was not welcomed by many mission organisations. But you know what? He has reached millions with the gospel.

    As satan tightens the screws Lord, let us break forth and be a shining light.

  33. When the threats of homosexual marriage started to circulate around Britain, I spent a lot of time on the Net looking for people who would understand the stupidity of it. It was a relief to discover many sites, including CW, and many people who did understand. Your site also encouraged me back to reading the Bible more regularly, which I now do, first thing in the morning. Plus, you have so many resources covering subjects I know so little about. Writing is a gift and God has clearly given you this in abundance.

  34. Congratulations!!!! Thank God for your labour of Love for the children of Australia and the families of Australia. You are a true living legend. As Phil Keaggy sang, “Who will speak up for the little ones, helpless and half abandoned.” Thank God you are a voice for the little ones. I often think of how many more people would be abused or even dead if not for the work we all do for the KIngdom.

  35. Many thanks everyone for the very kind words. It is encouraging to know that some good is being done here, so that inspires me to keep on keeping on. Thanks again.

  36. Hi Bill, Wishing you a happy and blessed anniversary. May God continue to strengthen, and protect you from the forces of darkness. You’re doing a very great job. You’ve impacted my life my life so much by your articles that I feel proud to have been your student. More Grace to you.

  37. Thank you Bill for your incredible knowledge and advocacy, you have blessed and educated many people. You are a strong brother and father of the faith to many. Standing with you.

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