Londonistan is Now Here

Ten years ago English commentator Melanie Phillips wrote a very important book entitled Londonistan. It was a prophetic volume, a jeremiad against a sleeping England and an aggressive Islam. British self-loathing and loss of confidence coupled with advancing Islam is a recipe for disaster. As I wrote in my review of this vital volume:

Its thesis is that Britain has largely created a culture which breeds Islamic terrorism. British authorities have certainly done very little to discourage it, and in many ways have actually aided and abetted home-grown terrorism. Indeed, “London has become the epicentre of Islamic militancy in Europe”. That is, it has “become the major European centre for the promotion, recruitment and financing of Islamic terror and extremism”.
This book examines how and why this has happened. Two broad reasons are given: First, Britain no longer believes in itself, no longer cherishes its founding values, and no longer thinks it has a role to play in the world.
Second, British authorities have seriously misjudged the threat of Islamic terrorism. Therefore Britain is engaged in a policy of denial, appeasement, blaming itself, and hiding its head in the sand. These two major factors have led to London becoming the “hub of European terror networks”.

Let me offer just a few more quotes from the book:

Britain has become a decadent society, weakened by alarming tendencies towards social and cultural suicide. Turning upon itself, it has progressively attacked or undermined the values, laws and traditions that make it a nation, creating a space that in turn has been exploited by radical Islamism….
The attempt to establish this separate Muslim identity is growing more and more intense, with persistent pressure for official recognition of Islamic family law, the rise of a de facto parallel Islamic legal system not recognised by the state, demands for highly politicised Islamic dress codes, prayer meetings or halal food to be provided by schools and other institutions, and so on. No other minority attempts to impose its values on the host society like this. Behind it lies the premise that Islamic values trump British ones.

khan 2This was fully true a decade ago and it is even far truer today, especially after the first ever Muslim has just been elected as London’s mayor. This is a very significant and ominous development indeed. Here is how one news report discusses this development:

Sadiq Khan, a practicing Muslim and Labour Party politician, has been elected mayor of London, marking a political milestone in the Western world. Londoners voted in Khan, 45, as the first Muslim mayor of a major Western capital city. He will take office in a metropolis where his fellow Muslims comprise about 12% of the population. His victory followed an unusually bitter campaign against Conservative candidate Zac Goldsmith, the son of a billionaire, in which race and religion have proven ugly flashpoints.

Other news reports noted his apparent anti-Semitism:

During a heated parliamentary debate on Wednesday, British Prime Minister David Cameron accused Khan of sharing “a platform with an extremist who called for Jews to drown in the ocean” Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn in turn accused the Conservatives of “smearing” Khan. He said one of the men Cameron had accused Khan of sharing a platform with had also been close to Goldsmith….
The former human rights lawyer has also had to distance himself from Corbyn after a row over anti-Semitism. The Labour leader ordered an inquiry into charges of anti-Semitism after suspending Ken Livingstone, a political ally and a former London mayor, for saying Adolf Hitler had supported Zionism.

An incisive article just out speaks more to these very real concerns and is worth quoting from at length:

Kahn’s rise is a testimony to the fact that major sections of the city are already close to 50 percent Muslim, and critics say many of its non-Muslim residents seem comfortable with turning the top elected post over to a man with questionable connections to terrorists.
With most of the first round votes counted, the Labor candidate had a lead of around 9 percent over Conservative rival Zac Goldsmith. Voting came amid fresh accusations from London’s chief rabbi that the British Labor Party has a problem with anti-Semitism.
Khan was accused of being unfit to become London’s next mayor after footage emerged of him describing moderate Muslims of being “Uncle Toms.” Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis said Labor had a “severe” problem with anti-Semitism that would get worse if the party’s inquiry into the issue turns out to be a whitewash.
“This is part of the Islamization of Britain,” Pamela Geller, the activist-author of “Stop the Islamization of America” and editor of, told WND. Khan’s ties to so-called “radical Islamists” such as Yasser al-Siri, a convicted terrorist and confidante of the notorious preacher Yasser al-Siri, should give pause to any sane Briton, she said. When Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron exposed some of these ties on the Parliament floor, he was shouted down by chants of “racist!”
“That a man who has shared a platform with open Jew-haters could still be elected mayor of London is an indication of how far gone Britain already is,” Geller told WND. “In Sadiq Khan’s campaign, his opponents brought this up as a blot on his record. Soon enough in Britain, however, it will be a selling point for candidates appealing to an increasingly Muslim electorate.” Yet even as Cameron attacked Khan’s background and connections to “radical” Islam, the prime minister was advocating for the importation of more Syrian Muslim refugees.

The article continues:

Dr. Mark Christian, who grew up in Egypt the son of a Muslim Brotherhood father and became a child imam by the time he was 14 only to later renounce Islam and become Christian, said the rise of Muslim politicians in major European cities is inevitable given the brisk pace of Islamic migration. “This is definitely a historical event, a historic moment,” he said.
He noted that Cameron and Goldsmith, Khan’s opponent, have tried to connect Khan to “radical” Islam. That shows a fundamental misunderstanding of Islam and its long-term goals, Christian said. “The narrative that he is connected to radical Islam is by itself something the West invented, trying to differentiate between regular Islam and radical Islam. Islam is Islam,” he said. “The mindset of Muslims, whether Mr. Khan is devout or not, is such that he will be used by other Muslim leaders to accomplish things that have never happened through the sword.”
What’s happening in Britain is “civilization jihad” in action, Christian said, as defined by the Muslim Brotherhood in its 1991 “Explanatory Memorandum.” This document, seized by the FBI in 2004, laid out the Brotherhood’s plan to infiltrate Western societies and destroy them from within “by their own miserable hand and the hand of the believers.”
The Muslim Brotherhood is now deep into its strategy to infiltrate and deceive Western politicians into thinking they are the “good Muslims,” Christian said, the “peaceful Muslims.”
Khan, for instance, presents himself as a liberal-minded leader. He even confided in a speech that he secretly fears his two teenage daughters could be groomed to join ISIS. “When you look at what is happening in England, this has been building up for more than three decades now,” said Christian, who lived in Britain before emigrating to the U.S. “You have seen in the streets of England the rise of the real jihad, I would call it the violent kind of medicine. As the West has been subjected to Islamic violence and agitation, it has responded with political correctness, and the result is a Muslim mayor of London.”

Writing three months ago about the ever increasing Islamic demographics in the UK Robert Spencer wrote:

In five or ten more years, when there are majority-Muslim areas in Britain, do you think there will be beautiful multicultural harmony? Or do you think Muslims will be making increasingly aggressive demands for implementation of Sharia provisions? If you think the latter, you’re a greasy Islamophobe, and the British government hates you. You’re also correct.

We all know about bloody jihad, with bombs being detonated and heads being lopped off on a daily basis. But there are other forms of jihad, including what we call creeping sharia or stealth jihad. Taking over the UK and the West by force may be a daunting task, but it looks like taking it over from within is a walk in the park.
As Phillips wrote in the last two paragraphs of her book:

Britain is the global leader of English-speaking culture. It was Britain that first developed the Western ideas of the rule of law, democracy and liberal ideals, and exported them to other countries. Now Britain is leading the rout of those values, allowing its culture to become vulnerable to the predations of militant Islam. If British society goes down under this twin assault, the impact will be incalculable – not just for the military defense of the West against radical Islamism, but for the very continuation of Western civilization itself.
The West is under threat from an enemy that has shrewdly observed the decadence and disarray in Europe, where Western civilization first began. And the greatest of all is in Britain, the very cradle of Western liberty and democracy, but whose cultural confusion is now plain for all to see in Londonistan. The Islamists chose well. Britain is not what it once was. Whether it will finally pull itself together and stop sleepwalking into cultural oblivion is a question on which the future of the West may now depend.

Barring some sort of miracle, it now seems that we can say goodbye to London and the UK.

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  1. Political correctness, multiculturalism, Islamophobia and today’s abhorrence of absolute values …. all of these have played a significant role in the gradual Islamization of major European cities, and London is no exception. Added to this, we have the helpful (not) Greens and other ‘free spirits’ in Australia, who are loathe to see our police being empowered to take on an increasingly watchful role and act where necessary to prevent the spread of ‘radical Islam’.

    “Our freedom is being threatened”, they chant. Would they prefer it if their very lives were threatened? They are truly ‘green’ in their naivety and their distortion of what is most important: the safeguarding of lives. Let’s give our police force the support they deserve instead of acting like naive fools who stand in the way of survival, for the sake of some measure of freedom. After all, if you aren’t doing anything wrong, you won’t be targeted!

  2. So we now have a Labour Jew hating Leader of the Opposition with a Jew Hating Labour Muslim leader of London ! Also a Labour party completely full of Jew Haters. What a happy cocktail for the next few years in British politics!? If I were Jewish, which I am not, I would be on the next plane out of here.

    I agree with the analysis, Christian internal spiritual and moral collapse coupled with self loathing by the whites as against the Muslim self belief in supremacy, family and children and a desire to be active in take over. They are organised and arrogant, the men are energetic and ruthless and the women have lots of children. I see this even in a sleepy rural city like Salisbury. And of course they lie (but then don’t all our politicians these days!).

    Yes, you are right about our white culturally christian leaders hating us for saying that Islam is Islam and it is evil and dangerous ! Oh no we mustn’t say that ! I have never seen such hatred from our local MP, both personal and vicious, when I suggested that the Conservative Party had got their analysis on Islam and its affects on our society very wrong. He was very personal and very nasty indeed. It makes me wonder what they are protecting ?

  3. Hi Bill, ten years ago I would have said: not in my life time. But it will. Now I very much fear for my young children into the future.

    I see great importance in building a wall of faithful character that they may not blow in the coming Islamic winds.

  4. I have little doubt that a lot of arrogant pro-multi culti urban youngsters voted for this abomination. A muslim who is pro-LGBT marriage….well, there’s a conundrum. It will not be long before there are riots, as sections of the city fall under Sharia. Living in the western part of Britain, the events of London are at a distance from me, but we are a small country. Civil strife is now inevitable and will manifest in a number of places….which is how the new world order is supposed to be brought in; order out of chaos.

  5. An Islamic Mayor of London, or Greater London, which is a region of England based on London. It comprises 33 districts: the 32 London boroughs and the City of London. The City of London(referred to as the “City”) is a major business and financial centre Throughout the 19th century, the City was the world’s primary business centre, and it continues to be a major meeting point for businesses. London came top in the Worldwide Centres of Commerce Index, published in 2008.
    Consider this- a key element of the Islamisation of the world is to control the world’s finances. Their prophet controlled trade routes (through warfare)- his first violent conquest was of a camel caravan. The most significant attack on the western world in recent history was the destruction of the World Trade Centre- a significantly critical symbol for Islam.
    All I can say is, with a Muslim in control of one of the key financial districts of the world, watch this space.

  6. I wonder how long will it take for him to show his true colours?

    Look on the bright side. There will be no London Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras while he is in office. What else will be outlawed as “Western decadence”?

    When democracy works properly the people get the politicians they deserve.

  7. I couldn’t care less about “British Values.” British values are what they had before Christianity came to Britain and include violence, little or no justice, murder, rape, human sacrifice, no property rights and tyranny. Christian values are what matters and what attempted to put Britain on its feet. Are these people really so stupid as to believe that there is no difference between religions? Did they actually look at Pakistan or the Middle East and say “that’s what I want for my city?” Can they in reality not see what Christian culture has delivered? How you get through to these people when they just get angry and shut down is the question but the fact they voted for Boris Johnson previously is very telling as to how deceived and blinded they are.

    Clearly there is a link between the left wing and Islam and apart from the obvious that they both oppose God and Israel, one part of that connection is they both promote sexual immorality.

    It would be nice to see a demonstration like :-

    1Ki 18:21 And Elijah came to all the people and said, How long are you limping over two opinions? If Jehovah is God, follow Him. But if Baal is God, then follow him. And the people did not answer him a word. (MKJV)

    … but the fact is the people have been given plenty of evidence, they just choose to not look at it.

  8. So sad, so sad, London is my home, where I spent my youth. I have loved returning there regularly, but no more. I will stay in Australia until this place becomes as bad, or the Lord comes. I am hoping for the latter.

  9. Thanks Ken. See the earlier comment by Chris. Khan is a Muslim, but he is also a lefty. Thus he supports homosexual marriage! He is a strange bedfellow with himself!

    So here we have the two big shibboleths: Islam and homosexuality in the one leader. Will be real interesting to see how all that gets played out.

  10. On the other hand, Ken, he may have a short life if extremist muslims go after him because of his stance on homosexuality!! He sounds like he’s a bit mixed up as to what he believes, probably because he wants to please everyone. We should pray that he has a revelation of the TRUTH!

  11. Interesting, yesterday we had a family party, with my elderly father who lives in a London borough and my brother and his ‘woman friend’ who live in central London. My father, aged 87, said he hadn’t voted but was somewhat shocked to now be governed by a muslim and my brother, who tried to ridicule me for even raising the question, inferred that it was somehow antediluvian of me to even consider the new mayor’s religion. i.e. Both where really unwilling to look at what having a muslim leader might actually mean to London or to them culturally, politically or internationally. Very interesting indeed.

    Yes Michael, it is Biblical Values we should be looking out for not pagan ‘British values’ which have taken us back to the dark ages. Well said.

    The Labour Party will now have woken up to the fact that having Muslim candidates in metropolitan seats will ensure their election so almost all new Labour candidates in future will be muslim. This dovetails beautifully into their Jew Hatred as well. This is going to happen so fast we will be astonished ! Within a few years we will have a ruling muslim elite ! Now that is going to be pretty comfortable isn’t it ? Bye, bye Britain. RIP

  12. It’s the religion stupid. What is happening in Britain and the West in general has been coming for decades. The scale of the disaster has not sunk in. As we know, Islam is a political ideology, hiding behind religion and race. Its montrous ambition is to dominate the World. But even more monstrous is the treachery of those who have allowed it.

    David Cameron, our Prime Minister is proud of the fact that he financially supports a Palestinian fascist state that has vowed to destroy Israel [1]. He claims that Islam donates more to charitable works, than any other community – more even than that of the Christians! [2].

    On the topic of Law, he is proud to have made London the centre of Shariah [3] and Shariah banking [4]. Cameron looks forward to the day when Britain will have a Muslim Prime Minister and a leader of the British military [5]. Simon Hughes, a homosexual, Liberal MP who calls himself a Christian, also shares the same dream.[6]. Muslims are already looking forward to the day when the whole of the British Parliament will be Muslim [7].
    Prince Charles also wants to leverage young Muslims into position of leadership in Britain [8].
    Lord Waheed Ali, a homosexual Muslim who for nearly 10 years has been responsible for pushing homosexual legislation through the House of Lords lectures Christian peers in the House of Lords [9].

    On the topic of land, a subject of great interest to Islam, Muslims already own much of prime, London property [10], whilst the Muslim Business Secretary Sajid Javid conspires to privatise the Land Registry which holds the records of land ownership in Britian. This opens up the door to enormous corruption [11]

    Another personality in this grotesque saga is Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London who looks forward to the day when Islam and Christiandom will merge to create a new one world order of ‘peace’, ‘tolerance’ ‘ harmony’ and the ‘flowering of a truly one world civilisation’, the first seeds of which he claims were seen in the kingdom of Cordoba in the 10th century.. He says, “ And what feels now like the clash of civilisations will turn out to have been the birth pangs of a single tolerant global civlilsation of which we saw the first inklings – however imperfect – in the unity of the ancient Mediterranean world , or Medieval court of Cordoba.” [12] His description of this caliphate exist only in his imagination, for the famous Caliphs of Cordoba were in reality cruel, homosexual despots who kept male harems [13]

    On the topic of religion, the name of Allah is already ringing in our churches [14]. The canon of Salisbury Cathderal when I asked him if multicultural services were performed there replied: “Thank you for enquiring about multi-faith services at the Cathedral. We don’t have any plans in place for a multi-faith service in the Cathedral in the near future I am afraid, but should we plan one in the future the website would contain full details in good time. I am sorry if this is disappointing. I trust you will find such a service elsewhere in the region.”

    Words alone cannot convey the scale of the disaster to hit Britain, only seeing it with one’s own eyes can begin convey what we have brought upon ourselves.

    Apart from our ancient churches, Islam is commandeering our public buildings [15] public spaces [16] streets [17] and even car parks [18] in which to offer prayers to Allah. Cameron, Johnson and Prince Charles speak of Islam as the religion fit for the 21st century. If that is true it means we are returning to the barbarism from which we came when the first missionaries arrived on our shores.
    Like the Jews who left the slavery of Egypt only to go full circle and return to it 700 years later, so we are returning to the bondage of our pagan roots of nearly two thousand years ago[19].

    Britain along with Europe is a rotting carcass to which all the predators of the Islamic world are being summoned to feed off, whilst there is still something left to eat. If we think Muslims have taken over our city centres and streets[ 20] we have seen nothing yet [21].

    I have not even touched on the barbarism of Islamic summary punishment of dismembered limbs, decapitations, crucifixion, rapes, genital mutilation and forced marriages. But whilst Russia and China stage the most awe inspiring presentations of military discipline in the Red Square Parades, the only appearance of our military is marching in London Pride. [22]

    Allow David Cameron to have the last word on this religion of peace [23]

    [1] David Cameron’s support of Palestine that is determinded to destroy Israel
    The grand Mufti of Jerusalem

    [2] David Cameron’s enthusiams for Muslim charity

    [3] David Cameron’s bringing Shariah into Britain

    sharia patrols

    [4]Shariah Banking in London.

    5) Cameron wants Islam to rule British politics and the military.

    6) Homosexual MP Simon Hughes wants Muslim cabinet and Prime Minister

    7) Shahid Malik muslim labour MP wants Muslim Parliament.

    8) Prince Charles leveraging young Muslims

    9) Lord Waheed Alli, homosexual Muslim lectures Christian peers in the House of Lords.

    10) Muslims already own much of London

    11) Selling off the details of title deeds of our land to Muslims

    12) After Rome – Holy War and Conquest . Boris Johnson’s mad fantasy;_ylt=A9mSs25otAdXUkAARQFLBQx.;_ylu=X3oDMTB0ZTgxN3Q0BGNvbG8DaXIyBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNwaXZz?p=After+Rome+-+holy+war+and+conquest+2+Of+2+%28part+6%2F6%29+youtube&fr=mcafee&fr2=piv-web#id=2&vid=fc9e1e93bab5658c6bb880a0267df45d&action=view

    13) The truth about Andalusia

    Muslims taking over our churches

    15) Muslim cleric arrives at Birmingham International airport

    16)Muslims praying in our public parks
    17) Muslims praying in Streets
    18) Muslims praying in car parks
    Teso Car Park
    iv) Muslims praying in our little villages

    19) Muslim paganism
    i) Prince Charles and the sword dance
    ii) Ashura in Tehran coming soon
    iii) Bloody Ashura in Greece
    iv) Also coming to a town near you

    20) Muslims invading and parading in our streets

    [21] Feeding time: Invasion and conquest.

    [22] British Military on parade

    Cameron: Islam is a religion of peace.

    David Skinner Britanistan.

  13. Yes, Bill, I know I have stretched your rules beyond breaking point, however, words alone cannot convey the true scale of what is happening in Britain and the rest of the West. Also what might appear to be chaotic and confusing can be categorized and compiled so as make a useful resource for others. What is missing however is, as is suggested, the other half of the picture. The Gaystapo are almost a mirror image of the Muslim agenda. Whilst the gays have hollowed us out from within, the Muslims are attacking the outer husk. At some point the liberal, useful idiots who have allowed this to happen will themselves be eliminated, leaving a coalition of Marxist gays and Fascist Muslims to create anarchy and a vacuum, for the World ruler step in. He will then do away with both Muslims and gays and thus create order and tyranny, the like of which the World has never seen before. God is working out His purposes. Let us pray that we all remain faithful to Jesus Christ.

    David Skinner Britanistan.

  14. Wow David. I couldn’t possible wade through all you have posted but I did note Boris Johnson using the term “bourgeoisie” in his expertly crafted, one sided piece complete with emotional music. When you see supposed conservatives using terms like this, that supposedly just denigrates the middle class but in fact is a demonically inspired denigration all human kind, people of any intelligence should be able to see that there is something very seriously wrong. The idea of bourgeoisie is, of course, in complete opposition to the Godly view of mankind and the Biblical concept of common wealth. Without a reasonably prosperous middle class there would have been no industrial revolution and very few scientists and inventors would have had a chance to contribute to mankind and the USA would not have rescued Australia and Europe from the Nazis etc. etc.

    I do, however, take exception to your idea of God as a tyrant. God not only hates pride (the cause of tyranny) in others such as Satan and in man but through the humiliation and death of Jesus has proven His nature showing, in this regard, God is neither proud nor tyrannical. Just because there are fundamental truths such as there being only one God and therefore He is completely justified and right to be jealous (which He admits) the fact that He constantly listens and reacts to us and tries to give us our way proves that He is not in any way tyrannical. The ruling with a rod of iron in Revelation is simply a reference to everything having to again become subject to truth. There is, in fact, freedom in Jesus just as the Father would have it but truth itself will never be done away with.

  15. I am sorry Michael – my fault – and thank you for pointing out my lack of clarity. I was referring to the ‘man of lawlessness’ mentioned in 2 Thessalonians who will set himself up as World ruler:

    2 Thes. 2 1-4
    Now we do implore you, by the very certainty of Christ’s coming and of our meeting him together, to keep your heads and not be thrown off balance by any prediction or message or letter purporting to come from us, and saying that the day of Christ is almost here. Don’t let anyone deceive you by any means whatsoever. That day will not come before there arises a definite rejection of God and the appearance of the lawless man. He is the product of all that leads to death, and he sets himself up in opposition to every religion. He himself takes his seat in the temple of God, to show that he really claims to be God.’

    That tyrant has been prefigured in many historical characters, each one becoming more powerful than the one before.

    And yes the music in Boris Johnson’s presentation is seductive but demonic.

    David Skinner UK

  16. Thanks Bill. Let us not forget when we attempted to put 27 adverts on London Buses to show that it was possible to escape from the bondage of homosexuality, Boris Johnson, the mayor of London banned it. The bus ad read,
    “Not gay! Post-gay, ex-gay and proud. Get over it!”

    It is time now put up bus ad, print T shirts, produce mugs, and hoardings saying,


    This would produce WW111

    David Skinner UK

  17. Thanks Bill,

    If you look through David’s links you will see how far the ruling elite have ‘bought into’ the lie that everything that comes out of Arabia (money and oil) and Islam is good and everything that comes out of Christianity, the Holy Bible and therefore the Hebrews is bad. They are animated and enthusiastic when talking about and interacting with rich muslims. They are scornful and uncomfortable around anything to do with Christianity. Just watch Cameron and Osbourne at Margaret Thatcher’s funeral in St Paul’s Cathedral ! There was no belief, no commitment, no interest. Not so when taking about Ramadan and Eid.

    By any objective standards, then, the modern wishful “let-us-all-get-along” thinking that tries to gloss over evidence to the contrary, cannot support Islam as a model of multicultural harmony. Islam is beset by religious, political, and racial conflicts controlled in the best of times only by the application of tyrannical force and in the worst of times by murder. Its achievements are inseparable from its turmoil.

    How then can one explain the persistence of the belief that Islam creates a land of peaceful coexistence? In the cultural conditions that prevail in the West today the past of Islam has to be marketed, and to be successfully marketed it has to be attractively packaged. Self-indulgent delusional fantasies of Islamic ‘glamour’ do wonders for re-sharpening and re-shaping Islam’s image. But Islam never has been a tolerant and enlightened society even in its most dominating epochs, the 7th to 12th centuries in the Middle East, North Africa and Southern Europe.

    Another explanation could be what one might call Christian self-hatred, the obverse of what was once Western European Imperial self-aggrandizement. This has left us open to attack. A more convincing explanation may be that extolling Islam offers the double advantage of surreptitiously favouring secularism and deprecating Christianity, which is one of the foundations of Western civilization.

    This mechanism is not unlike that in the mind of the atheist marxist who dislikes Western culture intensely, but who with the fall of Communism find themselves without any clear alternative and so grabs ‘multiculturalism’ for example, as a castaway grabs anything that floats.

    So anyone who dislikes Western culture or Christianity—for any reason, be it religious, political, or cultural—goes on happily pointing out, regardless of the facts, how bad Christian values and way of life are when compared to the Muslim paradise.

  18. Mark Wong, with regard to the women only gym hours, surely a transgender women’s rights will trump those of Muslims.

    Secondly in the article about Muslim converts in Germany, I would have thought they were genuine because of the death threats they will sure to receive. Indeed these new Christians might teach us a thing or two about how to withstand persecution.

    David Skinner UK

  19. Dear David

    “The myth of an Islamic Andalusian paradise”

    Thank you for this link.

    I have read quite a bit about the muslim persecutions and murders in Spain by the Arab muslims and their cohorts and it is NOT a pretty or easy read ! So this site and article was a very helpful addition. What an excellent addition to our source of knowledge, for multiculturalism – read muslim take over – demanding Christian ‘tolerance’. Well NOT IN MY LIFETIME !

    I thought the Mission Overview on the 4freedoms website very helpful and interesting. “What do you make of Islam, operating at the micro and macro level is unstoppable by individuals ?”

    4Freedoms Mission Overview
    Most Western societies are based on Secular Democracy, which itself is based on the concept that the open marketplace of ideas leads to the optimum government. Whilst that model has been very successful, it has defects.

    The 4 Freedoms address 4 of the principal vulnerabilities, and gives corrections to them.

    At the moment, one of the main actors exploiting these defects, is Islam, so this site pays particular attention to that threat.

    Islam, operating at the micro and macro levels, is unstoppable by individuals, hence: “It takes a nation to protect the nation”. There is not enough time to fight all its attacks, nor to read them nor even to record them. So the members of 4F try to curate a representative subset of these events.

    We need to capture this information before it is removed. The site already contains sufficient information to cover most issues, but our members add further updates when possible.

    We hope that free nations will wake up to stop the threat, and force the separation of (Islamic) Church and State. This will also allow moderate Muslims to escape from their totalitarian political system.

    The 4 Freedoms

    These 4 freedoms are designed to close 4 vulnerabilities in Secular Democracy, by making them SP or Self-Protecting (see Hobbes’s first law of nature). But Democracy also requires – in addition to the standard divisions of Executive, Legislature & Judiciary – a fourth body, Protector of the Open Society (POS), to monitor all its vulnerabilities (see also Popper).

    1. SP Freedom of Speech
    Any speech is allowed – except that advocating the end of these freedoms

    2. SP Freedom of Election
    Any party is allowed – except one advocating the end of these freedoms

    3. SP Freedom of Expenditure
    The government can spend money in any way it wants – except one where the debt burden passes across generations (20 years)

    4. SP Freedom of Movement
    The government can import new voters – except where that changes the political demographics (i.e. electoral fraud by means of immigration)

    An additional Freedom from Religion is be deducible by equal application of law: “Religious and cultural activities are exempt from legal oversight – except where they intrude into the public sphere (Res Publica)”

  20. The election of this man as Lord Mayor of London is more about the state of the Conservative Party as anything else. Those people who claim to be conservative today seem to have very little idea of what that actually means. They would do well to read Margaret Thatchers biographies. And this is the same in Australia.
    The fact is that Islam will grow quite easily while so called conservatives continue to lean left.

  21. This whole Islamic issue would be more comprehensively met if Christians would get off the pews and take concerted action against Islam. It is in essence a battle of the books. Christians need to be standing up in the public square discrediting the Quran while far more actively discipling Muslims. The problem is not so much Islam as the weak, servile state of the Church, thanks largely to very poor leadership.

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