Jihadist Bloodshed in Europe – Again, This Time in Nice

So at the latest count, we have 77 dead in Nice, France after yet another Muslim jihadist attack. As usual most media outlets are squeamish about mentioning the “I” word or the “M” word. As usual, political correctness and appeasement and faulty immigration policies have resulted in numerous dead and wounded.

Masses of people were out celebrating Bastille Day and watching the fireworks when a truck filled with weapons ploughed into a crowd. While European leaders bend over backwards to accommodate Islam and bring in millions of Muslims from elsewhere, the jihadists have always been clear about their aims.

Just recently the Islamic State had issued a clear call for even more jihad attacks in France: “The French must die by the thousands.” And that is now happening, but how many clueless wonders in Europe and the West will still defend Islam, still say this has nothing to do with Islam, and still manage to blame non-Muslims for all this carnage and death?

nice 2016 1One news report offers this overview of the attack:

French officials have confirmed that they are investigating a terrorist attack and there are reports that there are gunmen on the loose in the city. French TV channel iTele tonight reported that a gunman believed to be one of two terrorists had “holed up in a nice restaurant downtown” but was then “neutralized” by police.
The channel said it is not believed the man had taken any hostages during the incident. The man is believed to have been in the lorry with the driver and fled on foot to a restaurant called Le Buffalo nearby, where he was killed by an officer with a handgun.
French newspaper Le Figaro quoted police sources saying that officers found weapons, guns and grenades inside the lorry cab, indicating it was a premeditated terrorist attack. Police are now actively seeking out any accomplices involved in planning the atrocity and specialist anti-terror detectives from Paris have taken over the investigation from local officers.
On the promenade it is thought that police officers desperately fired on the truck as it was “deliberately driven” for more than 100 metres at people leaving a major bank holiday fireworks celebration.
Witnesses said the truck picked up speed and “rammed” the crowd where it was thickest at more than 40mph whilst the driver fired a gun out of the window. Images then emerged of the cab riddled with bullets. One eyewitness said he saw the driver emerge with a gun after the truck came to a halt and begin shooting at the fleeing crowd.
Police have identified the driver, who was killed during the incident, and it is believed to have been a man who was known to security services. Separate reports emerged tonight that police fear four different trucks are involved, raising fears of a massive organised terror attack.
At least 74 people are dead according to the French newspaper Nice Matin, with another 42 fighting for their lives in a critical condition in hospital. More than a hundred more people are believed to have been injured.
Nobody has yet claimed responsibility for the attack but supporters of the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group have been celebrating it on social media. It is believed to be the 10th terrorist attack carried out in France since January last year.

France is under attack. Europe is under attack. The West is under attack. Since September 11, 2001 there have been 28,815 Islamic terror attacks. Just in the past month (June 2016) there were 238 attacks in 33 countries, with 2055 people killed, and 2006 injured. Some 43 of these attacks were suicide blasts.

This is a test for all Western leaders. The brand new English Prime Minister Theresa May has been quite soft on Islam and sharia law in the past. Will she rise to the challenge and now get real about Islam? Will Germany’s Angela Merkel and France’s Francois Holland start waking up and getting tough? Time will tell.

Other Western leaders up till now have been utterly clueless on this, certainly US President Obama. He has been among the West’s biggest apologists for Islam. Let’s see what sort of spin he will put on this attack. But I will not hold my breath.

The truth is we are in a war. Islam has been waging a 1400-year war on the West, on the infidel, on the unbeliever, on all who will not submit to Allah. Experts on Islam say that anywhere from 240 million to 270 million people have been killed in the name of Islam during its bloody history.

How many more innocent men, women and children must be killed before the West wakes up, snaps out of its stupor, and gets serious about the biggest threat we face today: the political ideology of Islam which is the bloodiest and most brutal ideology ever to plague the human race?

Do our leaders even care? It really seems like they do not. We need to pray that they get some backbone – and soon. If not, we need to pray that we get some new leaders who do have some backbone. And please pray for all those who are right now steeped in such heavy grief, mourning, sorrow and suffering.


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  1. We lament we have not woken up to pray for a modern-day Charles Martel, who is sent by God and turns the hearts of fathers to children, and children call out “Abba, father”.

  2. I think the answer lies in guns. Give healthy people open carry gun permits so they can defend themselves against those monsters. This would serve as a deterrent for many. These terrorist attacks would NEVER happen in Texas or South Dakota. The reason they would not happen is that a gun owner would kill the terrorist before he had a chance to kill others. Some owners are very quick on the draw.

    Erik Ahlblad

  3. Did you see 4 Corners the other night , the guy who bravely went undercover on France with a few young radicals? This type of incident was exactly what they were planning!, could’ve been the end footage to the program. Chilling. ‘Nice polite’ young men, excited about the girls that awaited them on death, meanwhile enjoying the intrigue and hoping Dad did not find out too much. Etc.

  4. I agree with you Erik. It has been proven by the facts and history that law abiding open carry and concealed carry have reduced crimes and halted some in progress before things got out of hand.
    Many police departments agree with this fact and appreciate the assistance. Texas is a prime example where crims tend to choose other softer targets with unarmed populations. I must admit that most Australians are better shots due to enforced regular practice with their firearms.
    I honestly doubt that most of our politicians would ever admit the truth and venture to have a backbone and pass the required legislation to allow it. They and the people need to wake up to the fact that gun control doesn’t work since criminals don’t follow the law anyway. The criminal element have continued to break the law and commit many more serious crimes since gun control was brought in. Although I believe legal carry would help, it’s the courts that need to reflect what the people want to see in criminal justice. Public outcry against soft judges should throw them out on their ear and get in more balanced judges to really combat crime.

  5. This act of premeditated mass murder must of course be condemned strongly. It is a grievous sin. There is however irony in the fact that the victims were late-night revellers celebrating Bastille Day, generally considered to mark the beginning of the French Revolution in 1789. That same Revolution ushered in a Reign of Terror in 1793 to 1794 by an atheist-controlled government. Thousands of Christians were horribly persecuted and murdered. To celebrate the French Revolution is to celebrate unbelief and its goddess, human reason, and all the evils associated with it. Over against the celebration of the Revolution, let us celebrate the Revelation, the Word of God, which condemns murder and the root of murder: unbelief and revolution.

  6. Some useful idiot on the channel 7 sunrise panel this morning said the main “threat” is white Christian militia, another ch 7 presenter said Muslims are not to blame here, but guns etc What?!! I could not believe what I was hearing, typical of the dopey Australian MSM who do the work of Islam. Now we wait for another candle light vigil to mourn another blood bath of innocent people, promoting love and solidarity while Islam and militant Muslims carry on unchallenged and plan another attack. The same could happen here, how many more people have to die.

  7. My French relatives who are fully signed up to the liberal, marxist ideology of Monsieur Hollande, become incandescent with rage when I mention Islam and terrorism or extremism in the same breath. Indeed my French niece screams at me that the big problem with France are not the Mohammedans but the gypsies.

    Paul Weston would be torn to pieces in France – instead of merely being arrested- if he were to read out in public, as he did at Winchester, two years ago, Winston Churchill’s summing up of Mohammedanism

    David Skinner UK

  8. The same outpouring of grief at London’s Gay Pride Parade, on the Saturday, 24th June 2016, where the massacre that occurred at Orlando, last month was used to place the blame on guns and anti-gay extremists, i.e., Christians.

    When I spoke to pink revelers, stating that Omar Mateen was both gay and a Mohammedan, they went raving mad.
    This level of denial can only be explained by supernatural causes. Satan has blinded them


  9. “This level of denial can only be explained by supernatural causes. Satan has blinded them.”
    Succinctly put,David. In a nutshell,thank you..

  10. What to make of this?

    All sorts of questions come to mind.

    Others have raised their concerns about immigrants who settle in Western countries, but seem to hate the Western way of life, and have no desire to integrate into their new communities.

    See: http://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/5128/france-no-go-zones

    A 120-page research paper entitled, “No-Go Zones in the French Republic: Myth or Reality?” documented dozens of French neighborhoods “where police and gendarmerie cannot enforce the Republican order or even enter without risking confrontation, projectiles, or even fatal shootings.”

    Were not the attacks on the offices of Charlie Hebdo blamed on people living in a Muslim enclave in Paris? The person responsible for the attack in Nice could have come from a similar neighborhood.

    Meanwhile, in Melbourne, there is talk of building a Muslim only housing estate. No one in the media would seem to want to talk about this, for fear of sounding intolerant.

  11. Thanks Bill,

    No easy answers to stop these atrocities. I grieve the horrific loss of precious and innocent lives and acknowledge the courage of those who tried to prevent it including the motorcyclist who died under the wheels of he lorry.
    Challenges I see for Europe are as follows
    (1) This is WAR but PMs do not assess terrorism as war.
    (2) The enemy is within and increasing more sophisticated. Exceedingly stupid open door policies have led to this problem over a 10 year period. Foolish Merkel and others should been better informed.
    (3) Open boarders means anyone or any weapon or any multi tonne truck can come in and out of your country with no surveillance OR control
    (4) Lack of political will. Very interesting to see if Patricia May has got the backbone to tackle terrorism in the UK. Time will tell.
    (5) Hopeless surveillance and hopeless intel by French and European Police.
    (6) Terrorists operate on a Kill or BE killed basis. Politicians will never operate on this basis. In the main they are gutless. Politicians like Geert Wilders are few and far between and aligned.
    (7) Targeting, imprisoning and killing suspected terrorists prior to an event must be considered for the greater good.
    (8) Mossad do target terrorists and as a result they are hated by the LEFT and the UN. Regrettably innocents may die BUT if 80+ people are saved, then there is certainly justification. Morally as a Christian, killing a person before a crime is committed has problems BUT there are few options and this is WAR.
    (9) We are living in HORRIBLE days. I believe there is definitely a ONE WORLD GOVT Agenda running in the background (whether people believe this or NOT). The Goal being to place fear (including financial fear) into Europeans.
    (10) Removal of freedoms, identity cards, 666 mark of beast financial system is definitely coming. Terror acts create fear and it’s a great way to force the population on mass to accept the “necessary??” changes for their well being.

    Short term I see more terrorism in Europe and little changing because the major costs and resource to reign it in.

    Individually we may cleave to the Lord Jesus. You only have to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. My wife and I wish to visit London one last time but there are higher risks now

    God Bless,

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