Ban the Bible – And Those Who Read It

The Bible has often been banned or strictly censured in the past – and even in many places today. Simply think of most Communist and Muslim countries, past and present. The Word of God is always anathema to the powers that be, especially those of the secular left.

And those found possessing a Bible have often been punished severely. Simply quoting from the Bible can get you into a lot of trouble. But the very worrying thing is this is now happening more and more in the so-called free West. The once free and democratic West is becoming more and more averse to believers even quoting the Bible in public.

In the politically correct and heavily secularised West of today, the Bible is routinely being described as a book of “hate speech,” and those who simply recite some passage from it are getting into big trouble with the law. I have documented various cases of this happening, and there looks to be no let up to this.

bible-19Indeed, the most recent case – coming from France – is a real shocker. It is another example of how it is mostly because of homosexual activism that believers are being targeted and persecuted by the law. The claim that granting special rights to homosexuals will not impact anyone is looking thinner by the day.

We are all impacted when homosexuality becomes a politically protected lifestyle, and everyone is expected to bow the knee to it, or face the consequences. Just ask Christine Boutin – she knows all about this. The French politician and former housing minister was found guilty of “hate speech” a few days ago, all because she dared to quote from the Bible.

Because she used the biblical word “abomination” in an interview in the political magazine Charles two years ago, she is now paying the price – literally. She has been ordered to pay a fine of 5,000 euros, along with being forced to pay 2,000 euros each in damages to three homosexual groups that took offence at what she said.

Here is how one media report covers this worrying story:

This amounts to being fined for quoting the Bible. In two separate occurrences, Leviticus uses the word abomination, which is the same in French as in English, in chapter 18, verse 22: “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination.” Clearly, the judgment also means that Christians should not express their agreement with this form of prohibition of homosexual acts if they do not want to be sanctioned for a criminal offense.
The public prosecutor and the three senior judges of the 7th penal chamber of the Paris Court of Appeal agreed that Boutin committed an offense with regard to French “anti-racist” laws, which impose specific and extra heavy penalties on defamation, insults, and inciting to violence or hatred against a number of categories of persons including sex, age, nationality, ethnicity, handicap and, more recently, “sexual orientation.”
The judgment confirmed a prior condemnation in December 2015 by a penal tribunal in Paris and added more damages in favor of the “Inter-LGBT” group, which had not been deemed admissible at the first hearings.
Boutin is well known for having opposed civil unions for homosexuals. She was a figurehead in the mobilization against the legal recognition of same-sex couples in 1998 as well as same-sex “marriage,” which became law in France in 2013. A former member of Parliament and longtime head of the Christian-Democrats, Boutin was also the founder in 1993 of the “Alliance pour les droits de la vie” (Rights of life alliance), now “Alliance Vita”, a mainstream pro-life movement that is mainly active against abortion and euthanasia and aims to help pregnant women. The group avoids involvement in political debate over the abolition of legal abortion.

People can decide for themselves just how ‘hateful’ Boutin was by simply reading about the actual interview in question:

Boutin was every bit as cautious in her interview with Charles, in the way the Catechism of the Catholic Church speaks about homosexuality, taking care to distinguish between persons and their acts, and then some. But that was not enough to avoid scrutiny.
During the talk with a female journalist, Boutin was asked whether the fact that her openly-gay communications adviser was not in “contradiction” with her declaration to another magazine in 1999, saying “homosexuality is an abomination as it is said most clearly in the Old and in the New Testament.”
Boutin answered, “It isn’t contradictory at all. (…) I have never condemned a homosexual. Never. It is not possible. Homosexuality is an abomination. Not the person.”
“You’ll admit that the boundary may seem very fine,” the journalist said.
Boutin replied, “‘Oh, no, it is not the same thing! For me, the difference is the same as between the sin and the sinner. Sin is never acceptable, but the sinner is always forgiven! The two things are completely different! It’s a subtlety that is not always understood. I have homosexual friends! I promise you, they are real friends! But as far as sexual behavior goes, everyone does as one can. I’m not even saying as one wants; I’m saying as one can.
“With my faith, a homosexual person is every bit as loved by God as I am. Thank you for letting me explain this to you: that is where a very important confusion lies. Homosexuality has nothing to do with the judgments that I make about homosexuals who are my brothers, my friends, and whose dignity every bit as large as that of people who have other sexual behaviors. They are sinners like I am. We are all sinners. I am in sin also, I am a sinner (she laughs). But you will never hear me glorifying a sin. Even if I can forgive a sin.”
These are the words for which Boutin was prosecuted and doubly condemned, in the first instance and then in appeal. No matter how carefully she worded her response, she used at least one word too many. The gay press was quick to pick it up and to slam her condemnation of homosexuality. The mainstream press denounced her as homophobic.
Days later, Boutin backpedaled, publicly proclaiming that she had used “awkward terms.” “Abomination,” according to the Dictionary of the Académie française, means “that which provokes horror.” Boutin said in a communiqué: “Following the numerous reactions to the words I used in an interview with Charles magazine, I admit that the word abomination, taken out of its original context and of the complete text I spoke, in which it was included, can have been an awkward term. I made no personal attack and I regret that the meaning of my words can have been misunderstood, or have hurt people. There was no intention at all of hurting anyone.”
At that point, various LGBT movements had already filed a complaint against Boutin.

It does not matter how careful and cautious you are it seems. If you dare to say anything – ANYTHING – critical of homosexuality, eventually someone will hunt you down and drag you to the courts. All because the homosexual militants and other minority activist groups have created out of nothing bogus ideas about “hate speech” and “hate crimes”.

Um, I would have thought most crimes already involve some hate. Why create new classes of crimes? And the idea of hateful speech is quite bizarre. Any time someone does not like anything someone says, it can be labelled as hate speech. I would imagine right now that a lot of Cleveland Indian fans are sure that Chicago Cubs’ fans are full of hate speech.

But this is all about silencing people and taking away their basic freedoms, including the freedom of speech. For decades now we have been warned about how all this will pan out. Let me offer a few warnings that have been made in the past, but obviously went unheeded:

“Liberals supported free speech until they realized, years later, how bad speech is for them and began demanding hate crimes legislation, speech codes, and sexual harassment laws restricting speech.” Ann Coulter

“Hate crime laws establish a preferential justice system and create a double standard in the legal system that fosters distrust, conflict, and intolerance in a society. Such laws suggest that members of a minority group deserve a higher level of justice than those of the majority, which makes members of the minority group more important and morally superior.” Jerry Kane

“In George Orwell’s classic novel 1984, the government Thought Police constantly spies on citizens to make sure they are not thinking rebellious thoughts. Thought crimes are severely punished by Big Brother. 1984 was intended as a warning against totalitarian governments that enslave and control their citizens. Never have we needed this warning more urgently than now, because America’s Thought Police are knocking on your door.” Chuck Colson

“One of the most dangerous trends of our times is making the truth socially unacceptable, or even illegal, with ‘hate speech’ laws. There seems to be something ‘liberating’ about ignorance – especially when you don’t even know enough to realize how little you know.” Thomas Sowell

Their important warnings have sadly fallen on deaf ears, and so we find ever more totalitarian cases of “hate speech” prosecution in the West. One simply has to ask how long before the Bible is banned altogether? I fear it will easily happen in my own day.

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  1. What a sad state of affairs. Soon there will be no Christians left in public life. Christian charities and organisations will similarly fold because they will no longer be allowed to run their organisation along Christian lines without facing legal action.

    The Bible may be on the banned books list one day, Heaven and earth shall pass away but God’s Word shall not pass away – Matthew 24:35.

  2. 2 Thessalonians 2:4: “who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God, or that is worshiped, so that he sits as God in the temple of God, setting himself forth, that he is God.” (MKJV)

    I’m not sure what the law is in France but I dare say the court was just upholding what the socialist government had put into law. The judges think that they have sat in judgement of Christine Boutin but what they have in fact done is condemned themselves. Their words and actions demonstrate clearly that they are in opposition to God. They have shown they have no respect for natural family, sexual morality, the rights of children and parents and of course, the actions and instructions of God. To have sat in judgement of God Himself is not a position I would have put myself in no matter what the socialist law said but this is in fact why things are the way they are. This is how the people destined for destruction are revealed and how they will be condemned out of their own mouth. It will not be for no reason that certain people are sent to destruction.

    The question I have is whether Jesus would have paid the fine. I think He probably would have but in doing so this would only help to heap coals on their head.

    Rom 12:18 If it is possible, as far as is in you, being in peace with all men.
    Rom 12:19 not avenging yourselves, beloved, but giving place to wrath; for it is written, “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay, says the Lord.”
    Rom 12:20 Therefore if your enemy hungers, feed him. If he thirsts, give him drink. For in so doing you shall heap coals of fire on his head.
    Rom 12:21 Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

    Whether this is applicable in this circumstance I am not sure because my inclination would be to not pay. Either way I think spending money on legal representation would only be a waste. These people have no concept of right and wrong and no amount of logic or truth will sway them.

  3. This hate crime/speech seems to only go one way…against Christians and those who oppose the homosexual-trans agenda. I have yet to hear of this crime being used in the other direction… and they cannot say that they adore the Christians and all who oppose them. They hate Christians especially with zeal!

    I wonder at times how we as people can be so easily duped by the devil, and the founding fathers of great countries like Australia, USA, France etc would be rolling in their graves if they knew the state of their country right now. I think even Voltaire (critic of Christianity) would be face palming himself if he witnessed this situation.

  4. Dear Bill,
    One piece of Good News in a world of madness.

    The Facebook racial vilification (18c) case against 3 QLD university students was thrown out of Court.

    This ridiculous case should never have made it to court.

    Mr Morris (solicitor) said. “There is one person to blame for that, one person, and that’s Professor [Gillian] Triggs, the head of the Australian Human Rights Commission,”

    “She has a job to do under the anti-discrimination legislation and that is to inquire into every complaint that comes into her office.”

    “In this case, Triggs sat on the complaint for 14 months before these kids even learn’t that they had a complaint.”

    Mr Morris said Professor Triggs should have dismissed the matter.

    Triggs is a clear problem and should be removed from the position.
    She is not even handed or fair.


  5. Here in Australia, we are seeing the same sort of thing occurring – it’s Christophobia. The same sex agenda isn’t trying to “live and let live”. In fact, they are targeting every one in every way possible, especially through the public service and more specifically, indoctrinating our naive children and young adults with sexualisation because they are easy pickings without parental knowledge – programs like the “Safe Schools” (more accurately “unSafe Schools”) and the “disRespectful Relationships” (the latter designed to make out that sex-driven, one-night stands, gay or otherwise, is ok with all the STDs, immorality and soul/marriage/decency destroying attributes that go with it). I picked up a magazine in the local fish-and-chip shop to read while I was waiting for my chips to cook and I get Calvin Kline adverts of sex-driving gays/lesbians plastered in my face, there are Medibank gay ads and transgender theater ads on buses, plus the myriad of gay relationships depicted in tv shows, movies, music, comics, etc – how can we avoid all the depracity?….no chance of that. The other day I was walking through my local Mall. There were a several same-sex marriage advocates wrapped up in rainbow flags or something like that. There were about half a dozen people standing around listening to them while the advocates were speaking quietly to them. All good, whilst I am not convinced about same-sex marriage, I am a believer in free speech so I believe they have that right to express their cause. It was a Saturday afternoon and there were lots of children with their parents. All of a sudden they all got their microphones out and started chanting’ 2,4,6,8 your kids may not be straight’. When people were ignoring them, they started yelling out ‘homophobes’ repeatedly. This would not have helped their cause at all, but they seem to think by intimidating people in an aggressive manner, that they will convince people. Their quiet talk may have, but not the bizarre behaviour they carried on with afterwards. Terminology is also being changed to eliminate “gender-specific” words/definitions (like “boy”, “girl”, “him”, “her”, “mummy”, “daddy”, etc) – even “Mothers Day” and “Fathers Day” would be dumped due to half the same sex parents missing out. And what about “maiden speech”?….that’s right – it’s feminine gender, so out it goes. The list runs into thousands of words and phrases. Shakespeare plays like “Twelfth Night” and “Taming of the Shrew” are also in grave trouble with their sexist prepositions….and what about all the “trans-gender women” (men who think they are women) planning to go into women’s toilets and women’s change rooms to perv at all the real women/girls undressing? This is why it is so destructive and deceitful to think that the gay agenda is “live and let live”….it is not. All the propaganda slogans and pretty coloured rainbow flags hide the true agenda of the gender fluidity which is population control using hedonistic humanism/atheism. If you want Australia to turn into a social sewer with unrestrained immorality, then this is how you do it. Section 47 of the Marriage Act, b(II) allows government to intervene and force Christian church leaders to perform same sex marriages – it would be interesting to see if they try and it goes to court. A government doing that will be looking for a sympathetic hearing and, given the left leaning of most Judge appointments now, they could have a chance but only a small one.

  6. Hello Bill. The Holy Bible, word of God has been on the top of the best seller list for centuries, even millennia despite the opposition to this wonderful word from our almighty creator God in heaven. In the beginning it was preserved by God’s people and handwritten until the time of the first printing press. Thanks to the Hebrews and scholars for keeping an accurate record of the work of God in their lives at this time when writing first began. Of course Sanskrit and ancient hieroglyphics are the first accepted traditions but we know the truth that biblical Hebrew has been around a lot longer than these, one can easily see the similarities. The word of God was even hidden away in monasteries for many years and guarded by monks during a very dark time in world history, Biblical Hebrew is a very interesting subject to study and even better to have wonderful teachers.

    History cannot be erased entirely even though some people may try and God’s His-story will always remain as like pornographic images that cannot be unseen, the people of God have His word written on their heart even though at times they may not act as one would expect, “These commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.” Deuteronomy 6:6-7 The other day a young lawyer came into our Christian Bookshop to purchase a nice new blue leather bound copy of God’s word for her her clients to place their hands on and swear that they will tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God, I made sure the customer went away with a good translation and said “this is a good one especially to read!” handing her a NIV ’84 version. One wonders to whom or what allegiance is being sworn to in the French courts, homosexuality? What a joke!!

    Christians know that the word of God was written for us, it records the fact that it cuts like a double-edged, sword dividing flesh and bones, it is even sharper than that and God divides the wheat from the chaff. Even Jesus disciples did not believe for a long time that he was who he said he was, even with all their traditions, Jews today are still learning about Jesus in the celebration of the pass over in particular. 2″Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.” Romans 12:2 NIV 2011 God is the only one who can change a heart, nobody can stop us from praying to Him, He wants us to rely on Him alone, not to just sit back and ‘see what will happen’ as some say, prayer is our weapon to fight against the principalities and powers of this world which God created good. Thanks again for your work for God’s Kingdom Bill and the great “Prayer Points”, God bless you!

  7. Dear Bill,

    Thank you for this timely article, as a Catholic friend of mine has just sent me an article which refers to the retired Hong Kong Cardinal Zen expressing unease about the imminent agreement between the Vatican and the Chinese government which will recognise bishops installed by the latter. He says that these bishops have up to now been very faithful but this agreement will make ”the church totally subservient to an atheistic government” as THEY will submit the list from which the bishops will be chosen. He also says that Pope Francis has had no real experience with communism.To me this is yet another example of Pope Francis’s naivety which can be dangerous in a world leader.It is all very well to see good in everything and everybody but it should be balanced with a healthy degree of scepticism. St Pope John Paul 2 on the other hand had lived under totalitarianism under the Nazis and then under Communism so he knew what they were capable of.Unfortunately he died before he could get started on unrestrained secular liberal capitalism which is also evil.The Chinese government may have opened up in many ways but with such a large population it will be making sure it can control it with a passive Christian Church. This is also what so called ”liberal” Western governments want too as the are no longer ”Christian” but secularised. The last thing they want to encourage is militant Christian believers on the streets openly quoting the Truth from passages in the Bible about the evil and unnatural behaviour of homosexuality. Judging by the quality of most of our parliamentary representatives and MSM ”journalists” they have largely got what they want .

  8. Thanks Bill. So what’s new? The Catholic church has always actively discouraged its members from reading the bible. The parish priest here says he doesn’t preach biblical morality he preaches Catholic morality. And these blokes are supposed to be educated! Actually he preaches himself. And what is at the root cause of narcissism? Ask Michael E Jones.

  9. Actually I think that should be E Michael Jones and his reference is to homosexuality although I’m not sure it is exclusive.

  10. In my view, to ban the bible is to ban Christ. Of course the other way to ban him is to execute him but that proved to be ineffective as he rose from the dead. Now they execute his followers. When will they ever learn. For all his angelic intelligence, Satan is indeed very stupid. But what of those who side with him? Good luck on judgment day!

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