Islamophiles Prove Our Point

The West is filled with clueless wonders who tell us repeatedly and adamantly that Islam is not a threat, it is a religion of peace, and the only real problem we face is “Islamophobia”. How many times have we heard Western leaders, politicians and “experts” rehash this mantra?

anti-semitismIt is the only accepted public line one is allowed to take on this issue. One dare not say that Islam IS in fact a problem, that it is a direct threat to Western values and principles, and unless we wake up to this reality we may well lose it all. But those who dare to state the obvious are treated as the enemy.

Some of us will keep proclaiming the truth on this matter regardless of those who want to live in la la land. Things are far too important to allow those living in delusion to control the narrative here. And the funny thing is, reality has a way of breaking through, shattering the deception and forcing us to face the facts even if we do not want to.

An obvious case in point of all this has made the news headlines for the past few days. A proposal to build a synagogue in Sydney has been rejected. Why? Because of fears it would become a target of the Islamists! Wait, run that by me again!

Those who have shouted the loudest that Islam is no threat to our way of life are now actually telling us we cannot build a synagogue because it might result in Islam, er, becoming a threat! The mind reels. But let me first offer a few more details of this shocker of a story. One report states:

A local council has banned the construction of a synagogue in Bondi because it could be a terrorist target, in a shock move that religious leaders say has caved in to Islamic extremism and created a dangerous precedent. The decision, which has rocked the longstanding Jewish community in the iconic suburb, was upheld in court this week as the nation reeled from the alleged airline terror threat and debate raged over increased security measures at airports and other public places.
The Land and Environment Court backed the decision by Waverley Council to prohibit the construction of the synagogue in Wellington St, Bondi — just a few hundred metres from Australia’s most famous beach — because it was too much of a security risk for users and local residents.
Jewish leaders are shocked the decision appears to suggest they cannot freely practice their religion because they are the target of hate by Islamist extremists — and that the council has used their own risk assessment of the threat posed by IS against it. The head of the local Jewish community said the council and the court had effectively stifled freedom of religion and rewarded terrorism.
“The decision is unprecedented,” Rabbi Yehoram Ulman told “Its implications are enormous. It basically implies that no Jewish organisation should be allowed to exist in residential areas. It stands to stifle Jewish existence and activity in Sydney and indeed, by creating a precedent, the whole of Australia, and by extension rewarding terrorism.”
NSW Jewish Board of Deputies chief executive Vic Alhadeff told he had never heard of any other religious group being denied a place of worship just because they were targeted by outside extremists and that the move was a dangerous precedent.
“It’s a very sad day for Australia if an established community, which needs a house of worship, is refused permission to build it because of fear that others may pose a threat,” he said. “This simply shows how we’re all losing our freedoms. Those who want us to be afraid are winning, and this ill-conceived judgment represents a dangerous precedent.”…
Rabbi Ulman said the decision “came as surprise and shock to the entire Jewish community” but was even more scathing about the council, warning it had threatened the future of Jewish life in Australia. “By pulling the terror threat argument they have shown that they are completely out of touch both with the reality and with needs of their constituency,” he told “They have effectively placed in jeopardy the future of Jewish life in Australia.”

Yes I am just as shocked by this as these Jewish leaders are. So what we have going on here is really two things: One, this is in fact an admission that we have a problem with Islam! The very thing so many of us have been saying for so long is now being tacitly admitted to.

The second point is this: instead of doing the obvious (deal with dangerous Islam) they are caving in, and targetting the victims of dangerous Islam. Um, our Jewish friends are the good guys here! But the powers that be are penalising them, while letting militant Islam go unchecked.

This makes as much sense as siding with rapists over against their victims, and demanding that all women never leave their homes. It is punishing potential rape victims while doing nothing about potential rapists! But of course in many Muslim-majority countries that is just what we find happening: rape victims are further punished while nothing is done about the rapists!

This is such a despicable act of cowardice and capitulation that even the overseas press, including the Washington Post, is running with this story. What an incredibly mixed up world we live in, where we penalise the victim and make excuses for those targeting the victims.

Indeed, the moral of the story is quite simple: because devout Muslims so dislike Jews and Christians, the way forward to a peaceful and harmonious society is to ban the building of all synagogues and churches, so as to keep Muslims happy. Better yet, either tear them down, or convert them into mosques.

After all, we need to do our bit for interfaith harmony and religious unity. I guess this is as good a way as any of achieving this. This is why we keep losing. Spineless councillors siding with Muslims and against Jewish victims is all about surrender, appeasement, and dhimmitude.

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  1. I indeed wanted to comment, but words fail me, apart from …unbelievable ????

  2. Yes quite so Pieternella. And Christians have no excuse to go to sleep here. Next it will be Christian churches of course. So we must all be very concerned indeed about this. And we must speak out while we still have the freedom to do so.

  3. ‘A proposal to build a synagogue in Sydney has been rejected. Why? Because of fears it would become a target of the Islamist!’ Just when I thought I heard it all. This is not some comedy skit either. I thought I couldn’t get shocked again. What next, church/synagogues will be prevented from repairing their buildings to appease Muslims so it complies with their Islamic Sharia Laws?

  4. Something I also would like to share here that I believe you should do an article on Bill, Richard Dawkins, one of the most outspoken atheists, actually got a radio speech of his cancelled over his “Islamphobic” tweets. I remember when the left praised him when he bashed Christianity but now that he targeted Islam they back stabbed him. Now I’m not a fan of Dawkins by any means but I have to side with him for once and he’s right about the left’s double standard here. ‘Why is it fine to criticise Christianity but not Islam”? … Richard Dawkins.

  5. So from now on all mosque building applications will be refused for the same reason?

  6. Thanks for highlighting this Bill. Please continue to make sure we are all fully informed on this sort of issue.

    On that note, I do hope you take precautions for your own safety. While I do not for a moment suggest you quieten down a little’, the last thing I want to some radical Muslim tracking you down to kill you as that would be a senseless and huge loss to the contribution of our awareness of what is going on. Speak out, but as I am sure you are aware, being as shrewd as Jesus was will keep your effectiveness high. We all value your life and ministry, but we do not want your value to be diminished by any hint of having to censor yourself.

    God bless,

  7. If Islamists are such a threat why isn’t Islam officially made a proscribed “religion?”

    Japan doesn’t recognise Islam as beneficial to its national life and doesn’t have “Islamist” terror attacks. And they are not alone.

  8. Apparently the council also said there were some “solar” issues presumably about the possible shadows the building might cast but I had a look at the plans and if they are correct it looks like they have made a great effort to not impact others and if you look on “Street View” you can see there are already two and three story unit building on the street that impact people a lot more.

    This appears very obviously to be left wing/immoral retribution against a conservative organization.

  9. Words fail me too, apart from a few choice ones which I won’t put here. A suggested headline for any reporting of this outrage: Local council comes clean – admits that Islam is a danger to non-Muslims.

    “Solar issues…”, what a load of horse manure.

  10. Dear Bill,
    Thank you for this article. Why doesn’t the Bondi council go the whole way and suggest that all the ratepayers in the shire just stay at home and never go out in case they get targeted by militant Islamists on buses, trains, planes, shopping centres, walking the pavements etc. After all people are getting killed or are under threat from Islamists in these places. Why pick on this particular group? Their actions could be construed as anti-Semitic. Apparently some people have never heard of the holocaust. I am not Jewish by the way.

  11. You should not have police too. Because they might be targeted by terrorists. ?

  12. Here is my letter to the Council….

    Dear Bondi Council,

    I believe that you have refused permission for a new Jewish Synagogue on the basis that it may be attacked by Muslim terrorists.

    That raises a few issues which are…

    One. You have caved into Islamic terrorism.

    Two. You have put the mockers on freedom of religion.

    Three. We are constantly told that Islam is a religion of peace so you are saying it isn’t.

    Four. Best if we all stay indoors as anyone is the target of Islamic terrorism.

    Five. Where does it say in your Planning Manual that you can refuse a planning application based on what might or might not happen or to avoid the machinations of some Islamic crackpots?

    Six. You have set a precedent to refuse planning for all places of worship in Australia.

    Seven. Are you going to ban the building of all mosques in your municipality on the basis of equality and fairness? Are you going to insist that those already built are closed down? After all, now that you have refused permission for a synagogue, some radical Jew might lob a bomb at the local mosque.

    Eight. If you don’t do this are you saying that Muslims do not deserve the same protection as Jews from possible terrorist attacks?

    Nine. Come to think of it, are you going to close down all places of worship on the basis there might be a terrorist attack?

    Ten. Who came up with this brain dead idea?

    Yours sincerely,

    Sorry but I could not help writing it.

  13. These thugs that treaten Jews need to be called to account and either goaled or expelled, but we all know that the gutless Governments that the plebs vote for won’t do anything!
    Vote for the ONLY party that WILL.
    Vote 1 Australian Liberty Alliance

  14. Does anyone know anything about a group that seems to have a lot of Muslims in the group called Secular First? I noticed it because of Australians being part of the group. Do you know if it is an Islamist front?

  15. What do you expect when our politicians are sprouting the virtues of “Tolerance”….

    The virtue we need right now is honesty.

    Honesty about preserving our western civilization rather than Islamising it.

  16. Absolutely stunning. And your commentary is right on Mr. Muehlenberg. This is classic dhimmitude.

  17. Revelation chapter twenty one verse 8… This happening in Sydney tells us that the carelessness of the general public in Australia towards Jesus Christ has bred cowards. Only the gospel of Christ changes cowards into heroes. The just shall live by faith. The RIGHTEOUS is bold as a lion. Proverbs 28:1. Oh for hosts of George Whitefields and John Ridleys who will proclaim eternal truth again on the streets for truth is fallen in the street now. Isaiah 59:14. And Jesus is saying to us “I have this against you – repent, your candlestick … Great peace have they who love Thy law and nothing shall offend them Psalm 119:165. Someone please tell these things to our local councils. The virtue we need right now is honesty. For sure.

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