Islam and Western Dhimmitude: This is How Revolutions Begin

The formula is now down pat and fully predictable: another terror attack; usually by an Islamic refugee; Western leaders strenuously deny it is terror- or Islam-related; ‘It was a lone wolf attack by someone with mental problems’; soon enough the blood is cleaned from our streets; we await the next instalment.

Over and over it goes – the same old same old. Our spineless leaders, a complicit lamestream media, and some utterly clueless Christian leaders all follow the piper in regurgitating the same script: ‘This has nothing to do with Islam; Islam is a religion of peace; and what really must be dealt with is “Islamophobia”.’

After hearing this tired routine countless times now, many Westerners are unsurprisingly getting a bit upset with all this. So where will it all lead to? While I am not a big fan of conspiracy theories, I do try to be a student of history, and what I see unfolding right now has me really worried.

What happens when ever larger portions of the population suspect that their leaders (politicians, police chiefs, media outlets, etc) are actually lying to them about crucial things like national security? What will happen to a culture when the masses suspect their leaders are far more interested in defending those who hate them than in protecting its own citizens?

I fear we are increasingly moving in this direction. This can be true on various fronts, but overwhelmingly we find what seems to be lies, obfuscations and deliberate deception when it comes to the ever-related issues of Islam and terrorism. Our leaders for the most part seem intent on denying reality here, and are more concerned to protect and make excuses for Islam than they are in defending their own populations.

As the body count rises and more and more blood flows on Western streets, the masses are increasingly getting unhappy about this. They are getting restless. They are getting ticked off. They do not want to be treated like fools. They do not like to be lied to. They do not like to be kept in the dark as to what is really going on.

All this makes for fertile soil not just for all sorts of conspiracy theorists, but for a population that will eventually snap and begin to take matters into their own hands. I am not advocating any of this. I am not fomenting revolution. I am not demanding that we take to the streets.

I am simply pointing out what I see currently happening. And as I tie this in to the lessons of history it is not looking good. Indeed, all this has me quite worried. This sort of stuff just cannot continue. Something eventually has to give. And the latest attack in Melbourne just offers us more of the same.

Our dhimmi leaders, cowardly politicians, clueless media personnel, and gullible Christians are all still insisting this was not about terrorism and Islam, even as the evidence mounts up to the contrary. As I have stated in earlier articles on this, the attacker listed the conditions of Muslims elsewhere as a reason why he did this. And today we learn further about this:

“Flinders St attacker Saeed Noori rambled about Allah and the nation’s top security agency after mowing down 18 people. Acting Chief Commissioner Shane Patton has revealed that Noori made the comments from his hospital bed in the hours after his rampage which left three people on Friday night fighting for life.”

Let me point out this home truth: there are plenty of abused, misused and aggrieved Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Sikhs, Hindus and so on – and some would even be mentally ill – yet we don’t read about them driving vehicles on to crowded sidewalks, slaughtering as many innocents as possible. Why is that?

The “mental illness” mantra is already wearing a bit thin. If they were actually trying to tell us all Muslims are mentally ill, that might be one thing. But that is not what they are trying to say. What they are saying is this: “A good Muslim is one who does not act according to his own faith, nor take it seriously. The devout, obedient Muslim, on the other hand, is mentally ill.” Problem solved!

I think the millions of people who do suffer from genuine cases of mentally illness who have NOT mowed down innocents on sidewalks in speeding vehicles are owed a massive apology from our dhimmi leaders and authorities. They are being painted with a really bad brush here.

While I make no claim to being an expert on mental illness, nor want to belabour all this, a few quotes from those who are experts may be of use here:

There is little consensus in the literature regarding the importance of mental illness in lone-actor terrorism. However, the evidence suggests that mental illness is not a key factor contributing to acts of violence in these cases. It is therefore erroneous to insinuate that psychiatrists have a role in identifying these individuals. It is also highly questionable whether a ‘future potential Breivik’ would – or could – be identified by psychiatrists. In the case of Breivik, the forensic psychiatric evaluation concluded that although he has narcissistic personality disorder, he was not affected by a serious mental disorder when committing the act of terrorism, nor at the time of the evaluation.

Or as one person told me just recently:

A short time ago on Sky News a mental health expert said it was wrong to blame mental health patients for atrocities like Flinders Street. He said statistics show that it is very rare for a mental patient to do such crimes. Mental health people are statistically far more likely to be victims of crimes than perpetrators of crimes. This crime was done by a person who knew exactly what he was doing and he has indicated to police that one of his motives was the treatment of Muslims around the world.

And one more:

What is it about terrorism that people fail to grasp? I’ll put it as simply as I can: there are individuals (and groups) out there that plan and carry out heinous acts of violence we label as terrorism because they really believe in what they are doing. Whether it is divinely inspired (or mandated) or self-styled legitimate action to right a wrong, some people will engage in these acts out of a sense of justice or to impose on the rest of us what they see as the only way to conduct our lives. There is nothing inherent in any of this that points to mental illness. We really need to stop leaping to the conclusion that perpetrators are suffering from psychological imbalance just because we don’t understand why they are doing these kinds of attacks.

It is simply part of the accepted PC narrative in the West that Islam is just peachy and terrorism cannot be Islamic-based, so we must find another excuse. And right now playing the mental illness card seems to be working just fine for our elites.

Today Chris Kenny said what needs to be said:

The police arrested an Afghan migrant who according to their own reports cited the treatment of Muslims as his grievance and his motivation. Yet Victoria Police waited five hours before sharing any of the detailed information and even then denied any link to terrorism.
This denial is so worrying so ignorant and so dangerous, yet even the Prime Minister adopted this same ridiculous line. They tell us a Muslim migrant from Afghanistan has mown down people and raved about the treatment of Muslims yet they say there is no link to terrorism.
How can the public feel safe if the authorities and politicians won’t even confront the very real enemy of Islamist extremism terrorism. This is the evil whose name they dare not speak — they are in jihad denialism.

Let me finish with a few quotes from commentator Brendan O’Neill. His views sum up what a good many of us are thinking right now. He reminds us that

terror has become a normal part of everyday life. It has contributed to today’s weird acceptance, almost, that strange violent incidents, the occasional truck attack or stabbing rampage or bomb, are part and parcel of living in the West in the 21st century. This strange, muted sense that terror is like the weather — always there and beyond our control — has become more and more pronounced during the past year.

And he points out that another casualty of all this Islamic terror is the death of truth. We are just not supposed to talk about the obvious:

We’re discouraged from asking difficult questions. Debate is frowned on. Wonder if radical Islam is a major problem for the West and you’ll be branded “Islamophobic”. Ask if it was wise of Angela Merkel to welcome hundreds of thousands of migrants from the Middle East into Europe in 2015 and you’ll be called racist.
Even to argue that there are certain French, British, American or Australian values that are good, and that we should encourage newcomers to adopt, is to risk being viewed as a sinner against the multicultural idea that all values are equally valid.
We always see this post-terror: the chilling of debate. The aim is to tame moral thought, dampen dangerous emotions. It sometimes feels like the political and media elites fear us, the public, more than they do the apocalyptic terrorist. After every attack their first response is to say: “There had better not be an Islamophobic backlash in response to this.”
It is becoming clear that the perversely chilled response to terrorism is not an act of defiance. Rather, it speaks to a reluctance in the West to engage in robust debate about terror, religion, immigration and values. It speaks to such a deeply entrenched culture of relativism, PC offence-avoidance and intellectual and moral cowardice that some now think occasional acts of barbarism are a price worth paying if it means we can avoid asking deep, difficult questions about Western society, Islam and multicultural tensions in the 21st century.
We need to change this post-terror culture. We need to recognise that a society that will not even permit anger or moral soul-searching when an eight-year-old girl at an Ariana Grande concert is blown apart is a society that has already been defeated. It is a society that is already dead.

Such cultures will either be dead, or become the ideal fertile soil for an ugly and perhaps violent revolt from the masses. Neither outcome is looking very good.

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20 Replies to “Islam and Western Dhimmitude: This is How Revolutions Begin”

  1. A fair analysis. Expect at some point some major civil unrest. Similar to the ACL bomber which was a terrorist attack, any “motivation” of any kind was denied! Do the ruling elite really think that people are that stupid all the time> I think not!

  2. Government and elites have a serious problem in admitting they have created a style of immigration that has placed a 5th column in our country that is at war with us. Its too darn embarrassing…must keep the peasants in ignorance. The latest comment by a drive by jihadist includes that he was seeking retribution of Muslims killed elsewhere in the world. That is a deceleration of war on us. Of course those who try and control public information do not want to admit that Islam has a deep problem that regularly produces adherents that express a genuine belief they need to kill us infidel (let alone the sharia law by stealth and population growth mob). If the public keeps voting in the parties (Libs, Labor, Greens) that gave us terrorism, then expect more terrorism (plus housing costs, energy crisis etc)! They are not going to change. I would rather be terrorised by Cory Bernadi, the ALA and Pauline than by jihadists. They could make no more of a mess of our country than the major parties have.

  3. Bill, In the long march to take over the institutions one of the moves to quell the idea of Armed Revolution was to get the guns off the people. This I believe was done through evil forces manufacturing incidents that would give them the excuse to do so. It is no use saying today that the power of the pen is mightier than the sword (or gun) for the average Westerner/Australian) because, as pointed out, the Media is bent all in one direction and conservative and sane voices like yours and the valiant few can not get coverage or headlines. You can be a Muslim, commit an atrocity, plead mental illness and the blind and ignorant politicians, Police and snivel-libertarians will defend you all the way.

  4. Thanks for saying what many are thinking, Bill. I have been reading several blogs on various news sites, and the people responding are furious at all this PC response. People are calling for the hangings of terrorists, and some are pricing bullets to take action themselves. This is not just one or two, this is blogger after blogger, scores of them, one after the other. No mercy or compassion toward anyone who would carry out such evil actions in Melbourne. Massive rage, as you say, is building. Some bloggers have even talked of civil war. A friend of mine said this is just what Marxists would want, a rebellion on the streets, which would let a totalitarian force move in to control such rebellion. But there are many Aussies, I suspect, who would rather put up some resistance than simply go under without a word. Is this really where Australia is heading?

  5. Thanks Bruce. Yes this is often the way things go: when the populace gets far too frustrated and stymied by their lousy leaders, they revolt one way or another, and then a massive police state clampdown ensues. It was a great way for the state to consolidate power and tighten its grip on the masses.

    As I say, I am not here calling for revolution, but I can see why so many people are getting so fed up with the status quo. At the very least, Christians need to think long and hard about all this. I offer some tentative thoughts on this here:

  6. Bruce If what you say is true then I pray for not just Australia but for the west as well. Here in America, the crazy left talks about how Trump should be assassinated and some literally talk about their hatred of white people and/or think that once white people become a minority that the U.S will somehow become so much better. Its insane. When did Muslims become this endangered species that the left swore to protect to the point where in Canada, their prime minster Justin Trudeau invites an ISIS terrorist because he thinks that they can evolve into “an extraordinarily powerful voice for preventing radicalization.” No I’m not kidding:

  7. This has nothing to do with Islam; Islam is a religion of peace, yes thats right, and if you dont beleive that we will cut off your head.

  8. Bill, In Australia the head David Carroll refers to wouldn’t have to be taken off by a Muslim the PM sympathizer would have it done for them.

  9. Islam and its scriptures certainly is the West’s ‘elephant in the room’. Occasionally however, the media will allow a voice or two some airtime concerning the ‘elephant’ (as long as it’s not a Christian voice). Ali Rizvi, author of a new book ‘The Atheist Muslim’ (yes, that’s how he describes himself), recently told a leftist Western interviewer:

    “When someone says, “I did this for money,” we believe them. Even when people say, “I played Doom, the video game, and I listened to Marilyn Manson,” we take it at face value and have all these cultural conversations about the role of video games and music in violence. But when people say, “I’m doing this in the name of Allah,” and quote verse 8:12, which says, “Strike the disbelievers upon the neck and strike from them every finger tip,” and we see them doing exactly what those words say, we look at that and go, “No, no, it’s got to be politics. It’s got to be for money. Let’s see what video games they were playing.””


    “There are words in the scripture that command, verbatim, exactly the kinds of violent acts we see Islamic militant groups do. They’re not quoting Islamic Studies professors at Al-Azhar University. They’re quoting the Quran and Hadith.”


    “So why do we deny that religion itself, the scripture itself, can drive these atrocities?”

    Rizvi also identifies ‘Islamophobo-phobia’, and how it effectively suppresses debate:

    “Several white Western liberals have confided to me that they agree with what I say, but won’t say it themselves because they’re afraid they’ll be labeled bigots or Islamophobes. I call that “Islamophobo-phobia,” the fear of being called Islamophobic. It’s a great way to shut down the conversation and silence people with colonial or white guilt.”

  10. The talk about “mental illness” makes me wonder: what makes them think that you need a clean bill of mental health in order to join ISIS, al-Qaeda etc? It occurs to me that it actually helps if you are a bit crazy. To put it more directly, much of ISIS propaganda and extremist preaching is in fact directed at the mentally disturbed.

  11. Reading this just after reading
    I’m thinking along the lines of:-
    The PC term mental illness is just a PC way of saying “possessed by the devil”.
    Yes as you say the truth is being hidden, but many/most know something is not right here in communicating the truth.
    It’s the language we are using (or not using). That’s why we are being hoodwinked.
    Great article on Why Did Jesus come?
    Just posting again in this comment.
    Bill, I would appreciate if you could clarify my thinking if I have this all wrong.

  12. Dear Bill,

    I agree with your article completely. This cowardly reluctance on the part of authorities to call a spade a spade and show even a modicum of common sense and courage worries me very much too.

    I remember I wrote to John Howard the former Prime Minister decades ago when boat loads of so called ‘refugees’ were coming into Australia expressing an opinion that unrestrained immigration could eventually lead to the rise of fascism.

    The liberals obviously agreed because they stopped the boats. That is not to say that I agree with all their policies on immigration but that is another topic.

    I said in my letter that Australia was now a post Christian society where many, many thousands had no idea of what true Christian values were which forbids the use of violence to accomplish what they want. Consequently there was a real potential for the rise of violent clashes between the far left and the far right which on the political spectrum there isn’t much difference. Nazi Germany experienced this in the thirties.

    We find ourselves in the position decades later where sensible voices like mine, yours, a few politicians and journalists like Andrew Bolt and Miranda Devine who are by no means fascist inclined are saddled with unfair labels such as Islamophobic, far right, racist etc. just for showing some much-needed commonsense and having the courage to say how unwise leftwing polices really are.

    These accusations are of course coming from a largely left wing secularist media and their supporters who wouldn’t have an ounce of commonsense between them .

    The Christian Churches on the other hand who should be at the forefront on the war on our Christian culture have been pushed to the margins of society and are embroiled in the child abuse scandals so have no real inclination for the fight.

    Sadly, most of the ‘unchurched’ masses of nominally ‘Christian’ and decent Australians are happy to let them stay there. This is because many have swallowed the massive media coverage which seems to castigate ALL the clergy for the sins of a tiny minority. Never having known a priest in their entire lives they would understandably have no other way of knowing.

    Even ‘hatched matched and dispatched’ ‘Christians’ would be very thin on the ground by now.

    When Christian clergy DO speak out on issues it would be to the largely converted because there would be only committed Christians who would bother to turn up to Church on a Sunday to give the Lord the praise and thanks He truly deserves. It is highly unlikely they would be unwise enough to support either a fascist or Marxist organisation. Moreover to saddle a conservative Catholic Christian like myself with the ‘racist’ label is ridiculous in the extreme because many of my friends and acquaintances are of ‘Asian’ origin being part of the congregation I attend.

    Finally thank you again for your wise and courageous article.

  13. I am grateful that there are still some commentators ( including you, Bill) brave enough to speak the truth.

  14. Yes Bill, thats it.
    We were in London in 2004 where the Islamist bombed a few busses and Paddington Station. Killed heaps. (70 odd I think?)
    The most annoying thing other than all the killings was the lies an lack of any truth gushing from all those expert government commentators.
    The only credible information to come forth on that day was from the Australian Prime Minister John Howard.
    Seemsed he had more facts than the whole united kingdom. Yep John knew more than all the these expert officials.
    Remember thinking how can these officials treat thier people so?
    Recall thinking that our Australian Australian government would never stoop to treat or insult the Australin public like this
    these British lot.
    I was wrong we are sadly so afflicted.
    Makes one ashamed to be part of the culture of lies and disinformation.
    Truth is always so refreshing.
    Terry McDonnell

  15. The oh so caring PC left has effectively restigmatised mental health issues.

    The West will likely need a third world war or economic cataclysm to cleanse it of all this deeply toxic PC nonsense.

  16. Thanks for your informative article, one can only hope that our politically correct spineless leaders may wake up one day very soon before it is too late to reverse the Muslim invasion we are witnessing today.

  17. If it means a return to the days pre-PC, SSM, Safe Schools Programs, Euthanasia and the Fluid Gender rubbish then let the revolution begin be it political or otherwise.

  18. Surely, the real “Islamophobia” lies with those media and political spin-doctors who obviously have not or will not read for themselves the source texts of the world religion in question.

    People will gain neither true happiness nor true light from the use of psychosis- or paranoia-inducing substances. Disinhibition of ulterior impulses and “basic instincts” is that kind of “personal freedom” which inexorably enslaves our neighbours to the tyranny of violence and terror.

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