There Goes Another One: Rainbow Capitulation

They are falling like flies. For various reasons, Christians, Christian leaders, Christian schools, Christian churches and Christian denominations are abandoning the biblical witness found throughout Scripture concerning human sexuality and running with the world’s godless and immoral agenda. Go figure.

As more and more capitulate to the homosexual and trans agendas, the name of Christ is being dragged through the mud. These folks are in effect telling us that the Word of God is mere good advice, and is not binding on us any more than some Mexican cook book is.

If the world says we must celebrate all sorts of sexual perversions and distortions, these compromised believers will go right along with it. Forget biblical teachings on such matters and go with the worldly flow. But why do some Christians and Christian institutions head down this path?

Some simply no longer believe the Bible. Some just want to be people-pleasers. Some prefer to be seen as being trendy and inclusive instead of biblical. Some have just lost the will to stand for Christian truth, and have simply given up. Some actually prefer to receive government funding, even if that comes with a price tag of compromise and capitulation.

I have come across all these lame excuses and more over the years. For example, I have known of Christian politicians over the years who have either voted in decidedly anti-Christian directions on various bills and policies, or simply abstained from voting altogether.

When pressed as to why they took such a course, the usual reply is something like this: ‘Well, I need to remain in office and in the party to make a difference, so sometimes I have to pull back or soften my stance on things to ensure I can stay there.’ To which the obvious reply is, ‘But if you are going to wimp out or compromise every time some key vote or issue arises, then what is the good of having you there in the first place?’

Also, I have been involved in various pro-family coalitions over the years in which some of the Christian groups pulled out when discussions about things like marriage, family and homosexuality arose. Why? Because they did indeed suck on the government teat, and evidently decided that getting state funding was far more important than being true to Scripture.

And we all know of churches and pastors and leaders who never will speak up on the things that matter, such as the sanctity of life, and God’s plan for sexuality and marriage, because they just don’t wanna rock the boat. They above all do not want to see a dip in the weekly offering. Better to keep the money flowing in than lay a hard word on the congregation.

So we see Christians caving in all the time, and for all sorts of reasons. And the latest sad example is from a Christian school in Canada. Trinity Western University has made a major change, and students are no longer required to sign a “Community Covenant”.

The original five-page covenant can be seen here:

On page two it says TWU community members should commit themselves to “observe modesty, purity and appropriate intimacy in all relationships, reserve sexual expressions of intimacy for marriage, and within marriage take every reasonable step to resolve conflict and avoid divorce.”

On page three it says community members should abstain from “sexual intimacy that violates the sacredness of marriage between a man and a woman”. And on page four it says this: “Further, according to the Bible, sexual intimacy is reserved for marriage between one man and one woman, and within that marriage bond it is God’s intention that it be enjoyed as a means for marital intimacy and procreation.”

So what gives here? Why the change? Let me provide a bit of background. The university was established in 1962 and now has some 4000 students. It is located in Fort Langley, British Columbia, and is Canada’s largest privately-funded Christian university.

Some problems arose earlier this decade however. In 2012, the University sought permission to establish a law school. Approval was given late in 2013. However, protests soon arose because of its policy on sexuality. It was claimed that homosexuals, lesbians and unmarried couples were being discriminated against by the school.

Late in 2014 the BC Education Minister revoked the province’s approval of the school at Trinity. And in June of this year the Supreme Court of Canada upheld this revocation. At the time TWU said the ruling “diminishes the value of pluralistic diversity in Canada.”

The statement continued, “In a very long complex ruling, with four sets of reasons, eight of nine judges agree that TWU’s religious freedom is violated but the majority still uphold the law societies’ decision not to approve the law school. The court ruling constrains TWU’s quest to establish a law school and offer 60 new law school seats to Canadian students.”

That was a very dark day indeed for religious freedom in Canada. What would have been Canada’s only Christian law school was denied the chance to get off the ground because it simply adhered to basic Christian teachings on human sexuality.

As commentator Michael Brown said back then:

On a more personal, individual level, what happens to all the law students at TWU? What happens to those who spent years studying and invested tens of thousands of dollars in getting a law degree, only to be banned from practicing law in Canada because their school holds to Christian values? What about the significant harm experienced by them?

Honestly, I don’t know where TWU goes from here. And I don’t know how the believers in Canada will respond. But I can say this to my friends and colleagues and fellow-educators and communicators here in America: We either use our liberties or lose them. We either stand fast and stand tall and stand strong, or we cower in a corner. We either do what’s right today, or we apologize to our children tomorrow. It’s time to push back. What will you do?

Well, many are now saying this is where TWU has gone: instead of fighting back, it seems to be caving in. Instead of holding strong to core Christian values, and requiring all students to adhere to them, it seems to have taken the easy way out and done a full retreat.

And that is how most folks are reading this: biblical values out, sodomy in. Consider what one lesbian said after the ruling:

Megan Jespersen, who graduated from TWU in 2005, said her hands were shaking with excitement when she heard the covenant would no longer be mandatory for students. She didn’t realize she was queer when she entered university as a 20-year-old, and says the agreement just amplified the shame she felt as she came to terms with that identity.

“What it created within me was a mistrust of my own heart,” Jespersen said. “That was one of the most traumatizing parts of that whole experience for me. I learned not to trust my heart because I felt that my heart was betraying me.” But the thrill she experienced when she heard Tuesday’s news was tempered when she learned that faculty and staff would still have to sign the covenant.

Um earth calling Megan. Forget your heart – the Bible says it is desperately wicked. But she and many others understand fully what this decision really means. Now students can presumably live like the devil, and TWU will not be too bothered about it.

And the TWU statements on this seem to confirm all this. Whenever you hear weasel words like “inclusion” and “diversity,” you know it is time to head for the hills. But that is just what we find the TWU heads proudly saying:

“In furtherance of our desire to maintain TWU as a thriving community of Christian believers that is inclusive of all students wishing to learn from a Christian viewpoint and underlying philosophy, the Community Covenant will no longer be mandatory as of the 2018-19 Academic year with respect to admission of students to, or continuation of students at, the University.”

Further to this resolution, the University will actively work to determine ways in which our Christian identity, Mission and ministry can continue to be strengthened, communicated and better lived-out in the context of the TWU community – while simultaneously welcoming and affirming the unique value of each member of our diverse student body.

Hmm, so does all this mean that they can now reapply to get their law school established? Is that what this is all about? It sure looks that way. If so, it will simply be a case of selling one’s birthright for a bowl of porridge. What is the point of having a Christian law school up and running if it does not even think that the biblical position on sex and marriage is worth anything?

You might as well just be a pagan law school in that case. It really serves no useful purpose in terms of a biblical witness and worldview. It is just another institution doing its thing. Yes I know, the folks at TWU are playing down any connections with this and the law school.

Well, time will tell, and I am happy to be proven wrong here. But we may soon see another push to get the law school approved. I think most folks will see a connection between these two things. And if that is the case, we have yet another example of capitulation, compromise and carnality – even for what might be seen as a good cause.

But in my books, we should forget about having a Christian law school if Christian morality is no longer a foundational part of it.

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  1. Is this decision any different from “Christians” who chose to burn incense to Caesar rather than go to the lions? I mean, do they seriously think this kind of betrayal and compromise are any different? God looks on the heart…sheesh, a bunch of wienies.

  2. Hi Bill,

    Bearing Christ’s name while continuing in sin is false advertising particularly by world standards and especially by God’s standards not forgetting to mention false advertising. Maybe there are those involved who think that baptism cleanses a soul from sin and that repentance is not necessary in that case, as many criminals in our prison system who keep breaking the laws of the land as well as the Laws of God which is exactly what these LGBT (Letting Go Biblical Truth) at this school are doing. Time is not the judge, Jesus is the judge and these sinners have condemned themselves already! Blessings

  3. I hadn’t realised they had capitulated. 🙁 “Sold their souls to the devil”. “Short term gain for long term pain”.

  4. I thought it was The Bar who was denying the graduates admission. Either way, it`s a salt and Light situation and I`d like to hear that the university was trying to get their graduates admitted elsewhere, even another country, than to bow to political correctness and deny their Christian charter.

  5. And if that is the case, we have yet another example of capitulation, compromise and carnality – even for what might be seen as a good cause.

    Another “ends justifies the means” situation, right?

  6. Bill,
    Unfortunately, there are Christians who are no longer holding onto the biblical truth about marriage including the Uniting Church in Australia with their crazy idea of opposite-gender marriage. There have been Christian churches who have ignored John the Baptist and Christ’s teaching about “adulterous marriage.” The Christian churches protected and supported the creation of man-woman “one flesh” (marriage), and the governments established laws and regulations to control the harm of marriage/family breakdown because this is a massive cost to all levels of government and society, and children suffer the most from separated biological parents. Governments had established public registries to regulate harmful behaviours and practices in order to protect the public and society from harm, such as a public marriage registry. I am not going to stop any person who wants their name and details on a public registry as a sex worker, sex offender and or a civil registered married person, but I don’t need my name and details on the NSW Marriage Registry, as there is no law nor regulation in Australia which controls the harm of adultery nor the harmful practice of breaking a man-woman “one flesh” (marriage) oath. Barnaby Joyce has now 2 legal families, so the crime of bigamy has become meaningless in Australia. The only difference between a civil registered marriage and a defacto marriage is a public commitment to be faithful for life, but the no fault divorce law treats this as a delusional fantasy because a civil registered marriage isn’t based on faithful sexual intercourse nor a lifelong contract.

    In order for a legal consent to be valid for a civil registered marriage it requires and informed decision about the no fault divorce and the 2017 amended Marriage Act. How many Christians married couples made an informed decision about the no fault divorce law? The 2017 amended Marriage Act removed the criteria of an exclusive union between one man and one woman for life, as this is also known as a man-woman “one flesh” (marriage). Therefore, the 2017 amended Marriage Act and no fault divorce law aren’t part of the Christian faith in a man-woman “one flesh” (marriage) and a biblical divorce. People would need to be mentally ill to voluntary consent to the cash cow “wedding” price tag in order to be punished by the expensive legal divorce costs. All man-woman “one flesh” (marriages) are treated equally under God’s law – 10 commandments which warned against coveting/adultery and the breakage of a man-woman “one flesh” (marriage) oath. Also, children are commanded to honour their father and mother, so it is obvious that God never intended for children to be legally separated from their biological parents.

    In 1975, the no fault divorce law was introduced which decriminalised (no longer punished) adultery and breaking a man-woman “one flesh” (marriage) oath because a civil registered marriage isn’t based on faithful sexual intercourse nor a lifelong contract. The civil registered marriage practice has been deregulated in Australia, so it no longer can discriminate between the type of sexual behaviour practiced for a public registry. However, the NSW government continues to discriminate the type of sexual behaviour between sex workers and sex offenders. The Australian governments could now put all sex offenders, sex workers and civil registered married people on the same public registry to achieve “equality of outcome,” but this isn’t the purpose of a public registry.

    Same-sex partners can voluntary give their names and details on a public registry, but they may find in the future that the government and government authorities in Australia and around the world may use this information to punish (criminalise) them, and this would be like my german forefathers experience in World War 1. Over 161 years ago, my german forefathers didn’t have a legal state marriage certificate as they refused to get married in their King’s state church. They came to Australia in the mid 1800s because of religious persecution. In 1856, the NSW parliament forced church ministers/priests to accurately record all church marriage on a public registry, as this then allowed the courts a legal right to punish (criminalise) the harm of adultery and the harmful breaking of a man-woman “one flesh” (marriage) oath. There were no records of same-sex marriage because same-sex partners can’t consummate the marital act of sexual intercourse. Also, adultery can only happen between a man and woman, and the act of adultery can only exist if a genuine man-woman “one flesh” (marriage) had previously existed. My german forefathers had lived in Australia for about 60 years without any problems, then World War 1 happened which Australian government authorities used public records such as a public marriage registry in order to identify their german surname and then this legal record was used as evidence of their german heritage to put them in a concentration camp outside Melbourne.

    On the 9th of December 2017, the Australian Federal Parliament amended the Marriage Act – between any 2 people, so these people can now be punished by a no fault divorce law. This schizophrenic Act/Law doesn’t regulate the harm of adultery nor the harmful act of breaking a man-woman “one flesh” (marriage) oath because the 2017 amended Marriage Act removed the criteria of man-woman “one flesh” (marriage) and the no fault divorce isn’t based on faithful sexual intercourse nor a lifelong contract. Therefore, genuine Christians can choose “independence” or “ind” from the 2017 amended Marriage Act and no fault divorce law because they never made an informed decision about these Act/Law in order for a legal consent to be valid. It is time that Australian governments established a new identification – man-woman “one flesh” (marriage) on all legal documents in order to control the harm of adultery and the harmful practice of breaking a man-woman “one flesh” (marriage) oath.

  7. Both shocking and saddening but what is more saddening is when, according to the major law societies in a country, morality has become illegal. Only a few years ago it would have been inconceivable. How do you fight things when evil has become so endemic within a nation? TWU has put up a fight but will go the way of all the other great universities which all started out as Christian institutions and have all ended up as pagan religious sites because this is what the leavening of the enemy does. It takes what the creative forces of Christianity create and uses it for evil purposes.

    The very sad fact is when you see entire nations basing their laws on complete lies such as the idea that people are born homosexual or it being immutable etc. As far as I am concerned this is, absolutely and without a doubt, an abomination that makes desolate standing where it should not.

    Isa 1:12 When you come to appear before Me, who has required this at your hand, to trample My courts?
    Isa 1:13 Bring no more vain sacrifice; incense is an abomination to Me; the new moon and sabbath, the going to meeting; I cannot endure evil and the assembly!


    The words of Jehovah as prophesied by Isaiah. More applicable to churches than the law and universities but the principle still applies and it definitely shows us how apostasy works and how the covering of sacrifice no longer has effect when confronted with persistent sin. How can you teach and do truth when your foundation is based on lies? The fact is you cannot and that not only goes for churches but also for universities and law societies and entire nations. When your foundation is destroyed total destruction of the building is not far away. Western societies are changing to being founded on lies and that is a foundation that simply will not hold. It undermines not only the law but science and government and business and the building block of families.

  8. Bill,

    Trinity College may understand the biblical truth, but they’re dealing with many people who don’t understand the history of western civilisation which is based on the Judeo-Christian laws including the 10 Commandments. The Bible has a lot to say about sexual behaviours and practices, as well as people’s state of heart. There are people who suffer with heart-failure and they experience anxiety and depression. There is no surgery, procedure nor therapy which can change heart failure into a normal healthy heart. People with heart failure could self-identify as “trans-heart” because heart failure is natural, and they could demand that health authorities change the rules about a healthy heart to include them. However, the change in the definition of a healthy heart to include “trans-heart” people would make it impossible to educate future generations about a normal healthy heart. Unfortunately, biological sex, man-woman “one flesh” (marriage) and kinship family are confused by people’s choice to self-identify their type of sexual behaviour and family practice in a belief to achieve “equality of outcome.”

    Political correctness and Identity politics will change Australian culture as people become victims to all the lies and deception created by the confusion of the English language. There is no “equality of outcome” between heart failure and a normal healthy heart, nor is there “equality of outcome” between man-woman “one flesh” (marriage) and a civil registered marriage based on any 2 people such as a sex worker and their client. The Australian Federal Parliament has recently established a legal union between any 2 people to be punished by no fault divorce law, but this legal practice isn’t part of the Christian faith in a man-woman “one flesh” (marriage) and a biblical divorce. The Australian Federal Parliament no longer controls the harm of adultery nor breaking a man-woman “one flesh” (marriage) oath, as people can have more than one legal family, such as a civil registered marriage and a legal defacto marriage. The recent change to the Marriage Act would make it impossible for future Australian governments to re-criminalise the harm of adultery and the harmful practice of breaking a man-woman “one flesh” (marriage) because same-sex partners don’t meet the criteria of man-woman. The Victorian government has recently established a registry for family violence, so in the future the government may have to establish a public registry for man-woman “one flesh” (marriage) in order to regulate the harm of adultery and breaking a man-woman “one flesh” (marriage) oath.

  9. Michael,
    “Morality becomes illegal” has happened in Victoria. It is a criminal offence in Victoria for people to deter/prevent a mother from a legal abortion or the practice of “intentionally killing an unplanned/unwanted baby with the mother’s legal consent. However, the state would expect Victorians to deter/prevent any parent from “intentionally killing” their child. I can only imagine the punishment doctors and nurses will receive by the courts for deterring/preventing the death of a patient who has legally consented to the legal euthanasia practice. The “Thugs of Melbourne” get $40 per week for good behaviour even though they’re suppose to be punished for doing a crime. The mentally ill are going to voluntary consent to a legal union between any 2 people because they don’t have the mental ability to understand the deregulated civil registered marriage practice which has removed the criteria of a man-woman “one flesh” (marriage) as a result of the no fault divorce law which isn’t based on faithful sexual intercourse nor a lifelong contract. These schizophrenic laws in Victoria and around the western world attempt to confuse the thinking about God’s laws including the 10 Commandments. Genuine Christians need to practice self-control and the other fruits of the spirit in order to be a light in this very dark world.

  10. At the Final/General Judgement at the end of the world who are the group of SINNERS that are going to be The FIRST to lose their souls and be cast down into hell?

    The COWARDS have that unfortunate title.
    ‘ But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.’ Revelation 21:8

    Our Lord Jesus Christ -The Alpha and The Omega (Rev 21:6) -is The Divine Wisdom and Justice!
    May He help us and our loved ones to be faithful to Him in these most challenging times.

  11. A very North American story. I don’t imagine we have moral conditions for say the ACU in Australia. Probably most theological/Bible colleges in this country operate on an Arts model and educate all who come and pay the fees.
    I remember Arch Hart when Dean of the School of Psychology at Fuller on one of his theological lectures in Australia saying that from his long experience with American clergy that about ten percent of them were homosexual. He thought from his more limited work in Australia that the percentage was similar. He was not suggesting they were behaving immorally.

  12. Thanks J. Sheryl Adam and I do appreciate what you are saying but I don’t think you understand the ramifications of what has happened in Canada. The legal system is supposed to be based on truth and if you lie in court it is called perjury and it is most definitely illegal but here the two main bar associations have made a decision based on absolute and demonstrable lies. In any civilized country the acts of extortion and blackmail are against the law and the scriptures say that anyone who extorts is outside the kingdom but in Canada we see these two bar associations sinking to the level of left wing politics and extorting an outcome that forces people to back away from morality and truth. In most civilized nations having contempt for the law and the court is in itself against the law but how can people not have contempt for a system that has sunk so low as to ignore truth and morality and acts in a completely hypocritical manner where the practitioners have forced immorality onto others? If you go to court you are meant to be able to choose a qualified advocate who will work and argue on your behalf but this decision has made it clear that these bar associations want to restrict who you can have as you advocate and must be forced to have someone who promotes immorality and lies and has been trained in an institute that promotes immorality and lies. This decision has claimed it was necessary to allow for diversity but homosexuals and adulterers already have access to all the existing universities in Canada but those who want to be taught in a moral environment now have no choice so the decision was not only based on lies and was completely immoral in itself it is also overtly hypocritical and will inevitably bring contempt upon the whole legal process.

    The ramifications for the future from this decision are massive and yet very few people seem to comprehend the gravity of the legal travesty that has occurred in a formerly free and once reasonably moral nation like Canada.

  13. You will no doubt have seen the results of the ACT/NT euthanasia debate.
    Can we please affirm those politicians who stood up for the biblical perspective ,that humans are not ultimately in control of life and death. Paddy Dodson for example!

  14. Michael Weeks,

    I agree with your comments. Australia has got similar problems to the Canadian legal system. I went to apply for an education program online which had sex as male, female and “other.” I contacted the ANMF and informed the education officer that there is no “other” biological sex or zz chromosomes/gametes. I informed the education officer that I have never met a zz gamete person in my 25 years of working in critical care, and men and women have different experiences of chest pain, strokes, drugs and reproduction, and there isn’t a medical/nursing textbook which includes “other” biological. The application form is a legal document which demands that I sign it as true and correct, but it isn’t true nor correct because it has confused gender identity with biological sex. Gender identity is subjective information based on a feeling of masculinity, femininity, neither or both which creates the idea of “other” genders and gender fluidity.

    The education officer informed me that the application form had been looked over by lawyers and the form required “other” sex. This is because gender identity is protected in anti-discrimination laws in Australia, but there is no law in Australia which protects biological sex. However, medical doctors and registered nurses have recorded patient’s biological sex in medical/nursing records for centuries and all over the world. Biological sex is based on the binary of male and female which can be scientifically measured and tested all over the world and centuries. If biological sex isn’t objective truth, then doctors and nurses would be charged with perjury for falsifying a legal document. There is no professional indemnity insurance available anywhere in Australia for any healthcare professional to falsify a legal certificate. document, report; provide dishonest, inaccurate and misleading information to a patient, relative and the court; nor provide inappropriate care and treatment. However, there are now doctors and nurses who are removing healthy sexual organs and breast tissue, as well as mutilating hormone levels based on sexuality and gender theories. This is really no different to people in the middle-east who remove healthy body parts including the head based on a religious belief system. What will doctors and nurses do when people demand a hysterectomy, mastectomy and or penectomy to be genderless because they believe they’re god and the devil?

    The legal system in Australia is similar to the Canadian system which is no longer protecting people’s identification. The birth, marriage and death certificates have become falsified by gender and sexuality theories. Can doctors and nurses accurately record patient’s biological sex in medical/nursing record (a legal record) now that gender identity is protected in Australian laws? How can medical doctors and registered nurses trust the Australian legal system, especially when they force a false “other” biological sex which isn’t based on any scientific evidence? The legal system is suppose to re-enforce morality, but people’s autonomy and self-determination allows people’s choice which is corrupting the laws in the western world. Why would I trust a lawyer for a legal divorce, especially now that the civil registered marriage practice has been deregulated to include immorality?

  15. At the time of the marriage plebiscite, in which I voted NO much to the disgust of my family, I recall that hypocrite to the HIPPOCRATIC OATH Senator Richard Di Natali, saying that voting yes would be on the right side of history, I sent him an email in which I said I would rather be on the right side of Eternity than his version of history. The same in this case, TWU have made a short term gain decision and have forgotten the eternal ramifications of it, when people will be – unless they repent as – be shaking before the Judge of the Whole Earth.

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