Halal Foods and Creeping Sharia

Is the ready availability of halal food and halal products in the West just a harmless aspect of multiculturalism, or is it an indication of something much more sinister? That various groups in Australia and elsewhere might want to avail themselves of special and specific foods is one thing.

But if this is part of a larger attempt to make free and democratic nations sharia-compliant, then we may well need to sit up and take notice. The truth is, creeping sharia is well under way throughout the West, and halal foods are in fact a part of all this. I have already written about the matter, and encourage you to look at some of my earlier pieces on this: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2010/07/15/concerns-about-halal-foods/


Here in Australia it seems that Woolworths is getting further in bed with Islamic compliance. I have been following the creeping sharia at Woolworths for some time now. Back in 2014 I discussed how they were getting us all to celebrate Ramadan: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2014/07/02/ramadan-and-jihad/

Um, never mind that Ramadan happens to be the most blood-thirsty month in the Islamic calendar, with violent jihad escalating during this period. That has been the case for 1400 years now. See here for more detail on this: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2014/07/02/ramadan-and-jihad/

But now Woolies has its own halal sections at some of its supermarkets. As one news item reports: “Woolworths is getting ready to introduce its own range of halal products as it goes ahead with efforts to better target individual suburbs. The nation’s largest supermarket chain is developing a range of private-label chicken that adheres to Islamic rules of animal slaughter.”

Again, those wanting halal foods may well applaud all this. But if it is part of a bigger agenda – one that seeks to see all of the West come into submission to Islam – then we all should be concerned. Some experts have referred to this as a ‘modern day trojan horse’.

Indeed, that is the title of a 2009 volume by Sam Solomon and E Al Maqdisi. With the subtitle, “The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration,” the authors demonstrate – as I wrote earlier – how

Muslims in the West are going about establishing a political power base to work toward the eventual takeover of the host nation. The strategy, as detailed by the authors, is quite clear: set up a beachhead in a non-Muslim nation, consolidate your gains, push for a separate and distinct culture, and work for full rights in terms of separate law systems, finance systems, dietary systems, and so on.

Thankfully a brand-new booklet by Sam Solomon has just appeared on this issue of halal foods and how the West needs to take heed. The 25-page publication is entitled “Islamisation through halal products” and is well worth reading. The first three paragraphs in Solomon’s introduction nicely lay the foundation:

The aim of Islam is to create a supreme worldview, whereby all other laws come under Islamic law. Halal food markets, Islamic dress markets, Sharia-compliant finance and banking, Islamic education, Sharia courts, etc., are all part and parcel of a unified, multifaceted socio-political-religious process deployed to transform the existing society from a civil/liberal/secular/pluralistic society into an Islamic society. The envisioned Islamic society would be a society whereby Islam is supreme over all other worldviews, both secular and religious, and whereby the civil/liberal/secular law is subservient to Islamic law.

In general, Islamic Sharia as interpreted and implemented by the Muslim community has been claimed to have all the policy elements and methods (legal, political, religious, etc.) to carry out the ‘Islamisation’ of any society. So in essence, Islam has both the ‘will’ and the ‘way’ to carry out the mandates of universality, contained in the teachings of the Qur’an and the Sunnah, as claimed by the Islamic ideologues.

It is increasingly well known that according to Islam, the Sharia is a “divinely mandated” system of regulations, doctrines, and directives governing all aspects of a Muslim’s life, individually and corporately. Furthermore, these directives are also imposed on non-Muslims in all spheres of life within the context of Muslim rule, severely curtailing all non-Islamic religious worship at the root, with formidable and onerous restrictions. In so doing, it meticulously regulates all aspects of religious practices, beliefs, religious obligations, education, legal systems, economy, freedom of speech, and much more.

Solomon goes on to speak about the three-legged stool of the global Islamic economy: (1) Islamic banking and finance, (2) Halal food markets and (3) Islamic dress markets. As to the second, he says this in part:

One might reason that Muslims are appropriately exercising their rights to consume food as prescribed by their religion – surely if this were to be the only end of the story, there would be no issue. But what if the halal food certification process is an open-ended holistic method being used to incorporate, implement, impose, and hence legitimize across-the-board Islamic-compliant standards on Muslims and non-Muslims alike, thus accomplishing the Islamisation of all food and drug products under cover of solely meeting the needs of Muslim communities?

Writing in the context of the UK, he also looks at some legal implications:

Is halal-based Islamisation a violation of British law? Our main argument is that halal-based Islamisation is discriminatory and hence it is against the British Law. Halal principles emanate from the Islamic Jurisprudence which has as primary sources the Qur’an and the Sunnah. Being so, it is an imposition or enforcement of the Islamic Sharia. Hence halal and Islamisation are interchangeable terms and the final outcome is one and the same. Unfortunately, an average British observer or even a seasoned policy maker, are both unable to discover this gradual discrimination in the early Islamisation stages.

Solomon then looks at policy recommendations, including this:

The Muslim community with its plethora of organizations and councils is ‘promoting’ its Islamic objectives using Western marketing methods. Islamic finance is marketed on the basis of attracting investments from the rich Arabian Gulf countries (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Emirates, Kuwait, etc.). Halal foods and drugs are marketed as opportunities to serve a large Muslim customer base. The same strategy is used for the Islamic dress market. In short, the British policy maker is presented with opportunities for economic and financial growth of the entire British economy. This explains the desire by the policy maker to make London the ‘Islamic Finance Centre’ of the world. Supermarkets would compete to attract the halal food customer base. Department stores would announce major programs for hijab dresses and would employ Muslim designers to create new hijab fashion lines.

As this process continues, the cherished foundations of liberal democracy would gradually fade away to be replaced by the various rigid forms of Islamic domination.

He closes with “Precautionary safety measures regarding halal foods”. He writes:

Based on the foregoing, it is clear that the global and coordinated local efforts to use halal foods and related items (water, drugs, canned foods, etc.) to impose the Islamic will on non-Muslims and to eliminate as much as possible the normal food and drug markets, must be considered seriously. The guiding policy principles are:

1. The normal food and drug market must be protected from the encroachments of the halal food and drug market. This needs to be applied to the entire value chain of raising animals, slaughtering them for food production, packaging, sales, promotions, e-commerce, etc.

2. The halal food and drug market must be separate and independent from the normal market in all of its aspects and value chains.

3. Government oversight of the halal food and drug market must take place to ensure the following:

a. All applicable health and safety measures are adhered to;

b. All slaughtering efforts must adhere to the rules of protecting the animals from undue cruelty;

c. All Halal Food Standards must be subjected to government oversight without the restrictions that those implementing the oversight be Muslims.

4. Muslim individuals who prefer halal foods and drugs must do so without requiring the non-Muslims to accommodate this preference, even if it is deemed by the Muslims as a religious obligation.

5. All added expenses and facilities for halal foods and drugs in public establishments (schools, restaurants, office buildings, etc.) must not be borne by the government or public establishments. The Muslim community will need to find solutions to accommodate the needs of Muslims at its own expense.

In the conclusion of Modern Day Trojan Horse the authors say this:

Islam is neither a religion nor a faith in a personal way, as defined and understood in the West. It is a whole encompassing political system, garbed in religious outfit, addressing every aspect of the life of its adherents.

So when Muslim immigrants refuse assimilation and despise integration, it is done as a political move expressed religiously. Hence it would be in the interest of the host society and its national security to examine all requests, from a socio-political angle. For every Islamic doctrine is a political dictate aiming to establish itself by undoing the existing systems to control, rule and dominate in every area.

Presumably Woolworths and other businesses are mainly just concerned about the bottom line here: making money. Fair enough. However a short-sighted lust for profit at all cost may well be short-lived. If this sort of uncritical capitulation to Islam is not checked, we may eventually find ourselves all forced to live in a world of stifling and strict Islamic uniformity.

If places like Woolworths are allowed to exist in such a sharia-compliant world, they might be the “Halal Food People” as the Australian has quipped, but they will NOT be able to enjoy any of those profits – at least as they once were used to doing.

Many thanks to Christian Concern in the UK for producing Solomon’s booklet: https://www.christianconcern.com/sites/default/files/20190114_ChristianConcern_PolicyReport_HalalFoods.pdf?utm_source=Christian+Concern&utm_campaign=4f69a375f9-WN-20190118&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_9e164371ca-4f69a375f9-127548293

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36 Replies to “Halal Foods and Creeping Sharia”

  1. My only local supermarket is Woolworths but I will drive out of area to buy elsewhere. Why pander to a minority again 🙁

    I wonder if Acts 15:29 -“That ye abstain from meats offered to idols..” refers to halal meat? What is your opinion, Bill?

  2. Thanks Jo. In the first article I linked to in my article I said this:

    But what about this ritual, and the prayers to a false God? Several Biblical passages speak to this, including Acts 15:28-29, 1 Cor 8, and 1 Cor 10:14-33. The latter text for example speaks about foods offered to idols. Paul says in vv 19-20, “Do I mean then that a sacrifice offered to an idol is anything, or that an idol is anything? No, but the sacrifices of pagans are offered to demons, not to God, and I do not want you to be participants with demons.” The question is whether eating Halal meats fits into this warning. It may well, and we need to proceed with caution here. If we accept the biblical worldview that there is one God, and that this God is not Allah, then those worshipping Allah are worshipping a false God.


  3. Bill
    With Halal certification being a source of funding it enables the expansion of Islam funded by Western capitalism who grab the apple on the tree represented by the profits from sale of halal products. Their only concern is the short term pursuit of profits designed to give a short term return to shareholders and having no regard to the long term implications of this for the nation.
    David Grace

  4. The fight back has started and like dominoes western countries one after another are banning Halal slaughter.


    If our Christian Prime Minister wants to run reelection on a pro-Christian platform he should announce the Morrison Government will follow Sweden, Denmark, Slovenia, Norway, Iceland and Belgium and ban religious ritual slaughter within 100 days of being reelected.

  5. Supermarkets need to meet the needs of another important minority group; i.e. those who specifically do not want to buy Halal certified products.

    There is a list on the net, dated Oct 2017, of non-Halal certified products or brands, and there are some big brands like Sanitarium, Peters, Darrell Lea, and Dick Smith, which is great. Many others are very small producers and their products are hardly recognisable to me. Then there are those like Quilton, Mother Earth, and some coffees that I imagine should not have even been approached by the Halal certifiers; but still, good on them for sticking their flag to the mast. Outback Spirit is interesting since they do a lot of catering for their tours, do they just eschew the certificate for themselves or do they ensure as much as is reasonable that the products they purchase for catering are also non-halal certified?

    So thanks for the list, one must say, but there are many gaps in the non-halal supply range.
    Cheese is really difficult, so I will be paying more attention there since Bega, Mainland, and most other common ones are Halal payers.

    There is still some doubt about Arnotts since they have not made it on that list, so can we really be confident that a packet of goods not showing one of the Halal marks is really non-halal? Arnotts have said that their Aust. sold product is non-halal while apparently an identical(?) product sold to the Indonesian market is. Smoke and mirrors? Well even if Arnotts is making exactly the same product for both markets, but they are not paying Halal fees in Oz, that might be good. One should then ask if they are paying more halal fees in Indonesia to make up for the OZ shortfall! Who cares how you skin the cat? Do Arnotts care about anything but profit?

    So Bill, thanks for the rev-up on this issue. It certainly is a creeping power game.
    I will be talking to the shops where we buy stuff to see if they can make it clear what products are non-halal. I resent being discriminated against.

    Seriously though, the Sharia/Halal thing is very concerning and we should be opposing its march in every way we can. So why not a bit of snowflaking?

  6. Devastating!
    Psalm 121
    May The Lord open the eyes of all Christian’s and non Christian’s and our Politicians and may His Grace be over Australia

  7. The notion that halal food and goods may be something that Christians should avoid raises other questions.
    What about the Christians (especially any locals) who are in Muslim countries like Malaysia, Pakistan, UAE etc? Even if they are not overtly persecuted, in their ‘ordinary’ day-to-day lives, I assume they will be using all manner of food and goods that may be unavoidably ‘halal-stamped’. Are they ‘in trouble’ because of that? If so what would be the solution, emigrate elsewhere and therefore decrease the Christian presence in those countries?
    On similar lines, how about an outsider Christian who goes to a Muslim country to try to spread the good news? Again even if they don’t face overt persecution, as part of their day-to-day lives they most likely and unavoidably end up using any number of halal food and goods. Would that ultimately preclude any attempt to spread the good news?
    I’m not trying to disagree with you, Bill, nor am I deliberately trying to be a ‘downer’. I’m trying to figure out the implications.

  8. Thanks Mark. You raise some good issues, but you may be missing the main point here somewhat. Our concerns are about the Islamification of the West, which involves, but is not limited to, halal foods. If you read the pieces I linked to, that can involve supporting – at least indirectly – funds going overseas for terrorism, jihad and the like. Concerned Westerners should know about this, and seek to see this curtailed here. The issue is not so much about whether a Westerner or Christian eats halal foods, but the process itself, and how it is a component of creeping sharia.

    All that of course is different from the situation in Muslim-majority countries. There a Westerner may well find ONLY halal foods available. If one is called to live in such a country, one has little choice then but to eat it. Indeed, a Westerner may have to do many things there that they would not do in the West, and may well oppose while in the West. For example he may have to have his wife and daughters wear head coverings, etc. But again, that is not the main issue here that I am seeking to alert people to. My concerns here are obviously to keep the West free, and not become like Muslim-majority nations. So various strategies and approaches we employ here may not be workable there.

    So if Westerners are called to be missionaries there, they will forego certain Western rights and privileges, and likely do some things to blend in to Islamic culture that they would not do here.

    I hope that clarifies things a bit.

  9. I am somewhat surprised you did not mention a Senate inquiry into Halal has already been undertaken several years ago very capably chaired by Cory Bernadi. What is needed now is for the voting public to give the politicians a good push to pass the very sensible recommendations that came from that Senate inquiry.

  10. A core issue in the halal issue is the use of the certification process as a means of raising revenue for Islamic causes from non-Islamic individuals and corporate entities. Those who would pay this “piper” for the privilege of “market share” will ultimately end up dancing to his tune whether or not they actually like the “music”!

  11. I’ve just emailed to Woolworth’s… the discrimination of 97per cent of their customer base, cannot be tolerated. Everyone should be texting, phoning, writing to, or visiting their elected MP’s before both the NSW and Federal elections….find out their views on this item in particular, and then be in a more informed state of mind to make their vote count!

  12. Thanks Geoff. I am not an authority on New Zealand, but a few bits of info:

    “The majority of meat works in New Zealand are halal-certified and comply with strict Islamic guidelines.” https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11703302

    “Most meat processing facilities in New Zealand have already been granted halal certification.” https://asia.nikkei.com/Business/New-Zealand-rises-as-key-exporter-of-halal-meat

    “While there are no official statistics on halal production in New Zealand, nearly all of New Zealand’s red meat export slaughter premises are certified to undertake slaughter in compliance with halal requirements.” https://www.mia.co.nz/what-we-do/trade/halal/

    “All of our New Zealand Lamb is Halal slaughtered, as is some of our UK Lamb and Chicken.” https://www.facebook.com/tesco/posts/tescoall-of-our-new-zealand-lamb-is-halal-slaughtered-as-is-some-of-our-uk-lamb-/695911263801341/

  13. I am personally quite unconvinced of Scott Morrisson’s faith. He had a prime opportunity to take a stand against the Islamic-bloc UN and their “migration” pact, and merely abstained. He did not vote “No”. Cory Bernardi has been very active on the halal front which Morrisson seems to have flubbed totally. I would think a committed and informed Christian would at least go down swinging.

  14. Yeah Bill!
    Ive written to Bega foods Melbourne a few times urging them to drop the halal on our Australian icon Vegimite.
    They respond lame duck.
    Got so We dont eat our favorite food now.
    The substitute Promite and dick smiths replica is horrible.
    We have got to lead with our feet these days even if it seems a lesson in futility.
    Terry McDonnell

  15. Well written and very informative. It is useless Woolworths, Coles and the like having an Islamic Goods Taxed food section (aka halal certified) as most of the products we purchase already have this well hidden tax system in our Australian domestic non-export product market on almost every supermarket product – with most consumers being blissfully unaware what is happening. Why is the average Aussie expected to fund an political system (with religious aspects) through our domestic market shopping dollars? Why is there no compulsion by standards bodies to enforce clear labelling so you know by looking at the labels if you are paying to Political Islam or not. Imagine if they introduced a hidden ‘Communist Tax’ or ‘Christian Tax’ on our domestic non-export products – the ‘hue and cry’ would be deafening to see it stopped….. and Kosher is not the same ‘thing’ and at least their products are clearly labelled and Judaism coexists in our modern democracies in peaceful support of our nation.

  16. I live in the UK and although I am still at school I do the weekly shopping for my family (dad and brother) I shop at Asda or Morrison’s, Asda, is at the perceived end of the budget end of the supermarket brands and Morrisons towards the higher end. They both sell the same produce basically but the upper end and lower end mainly relates to the shopper’s income as far as I can see. I do not have any income unless someone wants a babysitter for an hour or two, yet I have endless income as my dad gives me his magic card and it takes much control on my part to look at those shoes in the shop window and not use the magic card to put them on my feet. I think, perhaps, those who shop at Asda were brought up to give in to temptation and those who shop at Morison’s was not, this is what I tell myself as I walk away from that shop window minus the shoes anyway. There is little difference between Asda and Morison’s on a weekly shop as regards what it says on the till receipt if £1 or £2 on a £50 shop is anything to go by and the saving isn’t always Asda’s way! but I prefer Morison’s as Asda has large areas of the shop dedicated to serving the community who were supposed to assimilate into mine, however, it seems I am expected to assimilate into theirs, plainly, and this needs saying, the dumber you are the more gullible you are, sorry but that is what I see and experience. I am dumber than my dad and hence more gullible not least as I get confusing messages, like listen to, and respect your teacher, but when the teacher tells me I may get the morning after pill, so sleeping with dopy Ryan maybe something I may want to think about, that, I am to ignore!

    The strange thing is that the shoppers at Asda complain about their ever-shrinking shelves but do nothing about it (like shopping somewhere else for a start) and the shoppers at Morrison’s are all for multiculturalism as long as it doesn’t come to their neighbourhood or supermarket. That is what is happening on the ground, on the one side you have the gullible and on the other side you have the Guardian readers that have either been indoctrinated into utter stupidity or they have slid off the end of gullible, as for me I want those shoes.

    I disagree with the man who said that the trojan horse was such as halal meat. I sit in a class daily with Muslim girls and strangely we have common ground that gives me a peek into their world of tomorrow, the common ground is purity they are my allies in SRE class, they tell me I would make a good Muslim girl. The Muslim girls have no hesitation in telling me that Briton will be fought for and won by the womb, that is the trojan horse under our nose, every one of those Muslim girls will produce six offspring, yet dopy Ryan and immoral Jasmin will only produce a bigger mountain of dead babies, sacrificed to the god of far-left liberalism. The key to the door that stopped the effectiveness of the trojan horse was Christianity, of course. I offer those girls everything a religion has to offer but with freedom added. I am not allowed around their homes to do my homework with them and they are discouraged from debating with me on matters of faith, however, I would be largely ineffective anyway since who wants to join a dying religion even if it offers more than what you already have. The key that opened the door to the monster was year after year of apathy and a search for pleasure without responsibilities until we finally finished up with, dopy Ryan and immoral Jasmin. We gave away what worked and replaced what worked with the meadow where immoral Jasmin may be led out daily to graze in the bliss of a summer’s day, and dopy Ryan can be let loose into the meadow to do what bulls do, and what is their purpose you ask? Well, the halal meat counter needs replenishing!

    Sorry to be so pessimistic but I live where I am seen by one side of the community as someone problematic and by the other side as someone who is spoils of war, the spoils of war side want to rape and traffic me, and the other side wants that to take place in a more discreet way. It seems to me if you create a community that murders babies as they are inconvenient, then you are not going to inconvenience yourself with the cries of a child being raped, after all, this is just the far-left dream and not their nightmare. The solution to this problem for dads (my dad anyway) as far as I can see is that their daughters live their lives in the safety of their homes, I have been told this morning I can’t even walk to church with my friends tomorrow, as that is now too dangerous, that was one of only two times a week I have time with my friends where we can just be teens, we did not cause any trouble unless you count giggling as trouble and testing out our new hairstyles on the boys walking to church to see if we impacted them. I will have to be driven to church now or my brother will have to walk with me. I will soon be living the life of the Muslim girls in my class. Christianity offered my mum freedoms I do not have, and far left liberalism offers me a society I do not want.

    Thank you for making this topic one of your articles, Mr M. I think we may be looking at the problem the wrong way perhaps. since the route of the problem isn’t Islam as that is just that which is the abhorrent of the issue in the same way paedophilia is the abhorrent of a paedophile. The cause is those who let the paedophile into the community knowingly and the cause of the abhorrent of Islam is knowingly sacrificing those you have a duty to protect not only from physical harm but the values and customs of those who live within the border they refuse to acknowledge. I have a right to walk my streets in safety even if that safety eliminates those from other cultures that is why its called the British government and not the “international fasiistation of dumping ground”.

    This will not change until adults stop voting for more of the same and that will only happen when adults start waking up to the problem. I am pleased to say that is happing in France, which is spreading across Europe. This would be the end of the insanity within months if it wasn’t for the fact the left holds the MSM and Academia, so it will be slow progress, but what we know is that politicians will sell their mothers to hang on to power. The Muslims vote on mass that is why politicians suck up to them. We have got to get a party that we will all happily stand behind in our individual countries, that party is going to be to the right which holds no fear for me as the left is hardly something I shouldn’t fear rationally after all. I suspect to counter the far left, we need the far right, that may not sit well with us but allowing the left to become the far left and so active and powerful has consequences. I think it’s going to be very messy and no one will come out of this without dirt on their hands.

  17. Dear Peter,

    I am also unconvinced about Mr Morrison’s faith. But on the positive side he did abstain, with Tony Abbott, Kevin Andrews and Andrew Hastie, from the vote to make fake marriage legal, unlike some other self-proclaimed Christians like Peter Dutton and Ian Goodenough.

    On the negative side he stood firmly behind Christian schools and their right to expel homosexual students and sack homosexual teachers for only 48 hours before buckling to the Cultural Marxists that live in the Sodom that is the electorate of Wentworth.

    You could say it was easy for Mr Morrison to abstain on the change to marriage knowing it was going to go through anyway, but harder to stand up for Christian schools when facing a by-election that would cost him his majority in parliament. But the test of faith isn’t when it’s easy, it’s when it’s hard.

    This is why if he wants our votes the Prime Minister must promise to ban religious ritual slaughter of Australian livestock because we can’t trust Woolworths et al. to do the right thing. Our animals deserve better, the Christian majority deserves better. We deserve the right to shop in our supermarkets and not be slaughtered in the name of a false idol.

    One more question for all your folks, where are our religious leaders on this issue? Other than Pastor Muehlenberg, I can’t think of one other Australian ordained Christian leader who has spoken out about halal foods. Can anyone?

  18. Peter Blakers you are correct. Morrison simply does not have the courage nor the conviction of what is expected from a true Christian. I can’t judge another person on their salvation – that’s up to God but from a “good fruits’ point of view he is very lacking and so a major disappointment. I do have a lot of time for Bernardi but alas not many other people do. It points to one thing – we as a nation are going down hard because we have moved away from our Lord in a big way.

  19. Umm, hello, #3b….b; ” All slaughtering efforts must adhere to the rules of protecting the animals from undue cruelty;” I guess they forgot that little bit when they lured Daniel Pearl to his horrendous, bloody death, and decapitated relatives of the some of the many Coptic Christians I personally know here in Nashville. Now, human beings are in no way animal-kind, but I think my point is obvious.

    I love Mediterranean food cuisine, but I think I should seek out some the harder-to-find ingredients at a Jewish-owned specialty grocery shop and deli. The last time I purchased recipe ingredients from an Arabic-run establishment, they blessed me as I was leaving as, “My sister.” Ew-w-w–w.

    I suppose some who read your article, Bill, will think you an alarmist whack-job, but I think you are on to something very important.

  20. Dear Vicki, how dare they bless you in the name of a false god! This is the kind of normalizing of Islam that we must fight back against. In a Christian country it is normal to bless someone in the name of Our Lord, but not in the name of Allah, and definitely not if they don’t agree to it!

    Dear Mark, thank you for the link but isn’t it a bit late in this parliament for petitions? Isn’t the battlefield switching to the federal election? As a Christian I would love to know if the AFC or any other organisation is planning to campaign on the ground with something like the 2017 “Freedom Team” and who we can speak to to sign up? The battle for Australia’s soul will be fought house-to-house against the most militantly atheistic Labor Party in living memory. Sadly many Christians will hope someone does something but won’t go out and actually do something. In the 2017 marriage postal survey the Maronite community feels we did most of the heavy lifting hitting the streets to go house to house or holding up signs, while most other Christians stayed home or just gave money.

  21. Michael Taouk, I agree about them blessing me in the name of Allah. It was a real wake-up call. Muslims own many, many halal shops here. Due to Bill’s informative article, I will not frequent them again…though after that creepy blessing, I’ve not yet returned and had no plans to.

    Bill, looking forward to reading your link about halal and kosher not being the same. Thanks for that. You did us all a great service with your article as these halal places are showing up everywhere. Some of your folks who commented also gave some seriously good insights. Thanks again!

  22. To understand that Halal Certification is a mafia like scam one only has to read Quran 5:5,

    Chapter (5) s?rat l-m?idah (The Table spread with Food)

    Sahih International: This day [all] good foods have been made lawful, and the food of those who were given the Scripture is lawful for you and your food is lawful for them. And [lawful in marriage are] chaste women from among the believers and chaste women from among those who were given the Scripture before you, when you have given them their due compensation, desiring chastity, not unlawful sexual intercourse or taking [secret] lovers. And whoever denies the faith – his work has become worthless, and he, in the Hereafter, will be among the losers.

  23. The RSPCA in this country is piss %%$##%^ weak when it comes to Halal slaughter. One has to wonder how much is in it for them to turn a blind eye, or are they just white feather carrying cowards when it comes to Muslims?

  24. Hiya Bill,

    I just received an email from a local Countdown store manager boasting their new “Rainbow Tick” certification. I have been wondering if there are many (any) institutions that have been both certified by Rainbow Tick and use/sell Halal certified products. Countdown is a Woolworths subsidiary, here in New Zealand. As an Aussie, I made the sad decision to stop buying Vegemite some time back – because V sold out to Halal pressure.
    Countdown thinks it has LGBTETC and ISLAM approval. Confused Countdown conscience.

    “Countdown is proud to have gained the Rainbow Tick in recognition of our commitment to LGBTI inclusion. In fact, we were the first large employer in New Zealand to introduce policy and training to support transitioning team members, and roll out unconscious bias training to leaders and hiring managers.
    The accreditation follows an independent assessment by the Rainbow Tick organisation, which evaluated how diverse and inclusive Countdown is for our current and future team members and customers. We’re honoured to reflect the communities we are a part of.
    See you soon, ”

    Not likely!

  25. WHY are we bending to cater to a religion that’s intent on killing ALL Non believers! Hell Nobody invited them !!! Go back fix your own country 1st!!

  26. I am from South Africa.
    Currently we observe how the whole local food industry is being swallowed by halaal certification.
    I am just one voice in the masses, but know people of influence and friends who feel likewise, and would therefore like to compile an article which could be helpful in getting people to think.
    May I use the info you publish in your articles on Hallal?
    May I use the links as is, implying that I will refer to your articles in my article?
    * I do not know where it will end up, but for the moment I want to send it to the few producers who are left, and might soon face the demand to certificate their product.

    Thank you!
    A Wolfaardt

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