CultureWatch Turns Thirteen

Today, April 5, we commemorate various historical milestones. For example, in 1955 Winston Churchill resigned as prime minister of Great Britain. But I want to look at another event – one that occurred 13 years ago today. On April 5, 2006 I posted my first article on the CultureWatch website. And I have been going strong ever since.

The article you are now reading is in fact the 4701st piece to be posted here. Not bad I guess for 13 years. That equals 362 articles a year – one a day. For the record, I did early on post perhaps several hundred articles I had written prior to April 2006 and back-dated them.

So with those figures factored into the equation, I tend to pen around 346 articles each year. Some days I may not get any articles up, and some other days I might pen two or three – sometimes even four articles. But for the most part I try to get something new up every day.

As to a total word count, it might go something like this. Perhaps each article averages around 1400 words. If so, that comes to a grand total of nearly 6,600,000 words. To put that in some sort of perspective, the Bible has around 807,000 words.

So I have penned around six Bibles worth of material. No, I am not inspired, just perspired! But that is one way to get a handle on my literary output, for what it is worth. But what is worthwhile is the fact that truth matters, and truth is in short supply in our culture.

The mainstream media no longer seeks to report truth but to push agendas – secular left agendas. And much of modern education does exactly the same. We are starved for truth as Isaiah long ago said: “Truth is nowhere to be found” (Isaiah 59:15). Thus websites like this exist to help get truth out in the public arena.

So, what have I been writing about in all those 6 ½ million words? A quick look at the 80 categories listed to the left of my site shows what some of my major topics have been over the years. Here are some of the bigger ones, in rounded numbers:

-Culture wars, 1850
-Ethics, 1800
-Family, 900
-Islam, 550
-Apologetics, 700
-Theology, 1000
-Sermons and devotionals, 750

So you get some idea of what has been keeping me busy. All the articles have been written by me, although my wife did once pen one piece. Now and then someone will ask me if they can post an article they wrote on my site. So far I have tended to decline.

If I start allowing a few folks to do that, then it will be hard to deny others the same thing. Plus dealing with comments will get quite messy if I do so. At the moment I have over 68,000 printed comments. That keeps me pretty busy as is. To have to deal with comments on articles from other authors will make life even more busy.

Thank you!

But before proceeding, let me do something very important here. Let me say a big thank you to all who have supported me and this ministry for the past 13 years. Without your help and support this work would not have been able to take place.

Many of you have prayed for me and CultureWatch – some on a daily basis. And some of you have been very generous in supporting us financially. Indeed, some of you have been giving regularly for many years now. Thank you so much saints! God bless you.

This is a faith ministry, and I get no salary or income. So your kind donations and gifts enable me to keep CultureWatch going, and allow me to pay the bills and feed my family. And my apologies for not thanking as many of you as I should for those kind donations.

I have no secretarial help of course (except for a champion in Perth who has proofread all my articles!), but my wife helps me out when she can. And just yesterday she encouraged me to get some thankyous out to some recent contributors. So we both took a bit of time to email some of those thankyous.

One person responded right away to my wife’s email. Allow me to share his very encouraging remarks, with a few of his personal details edited out:

Hi Averil,

An absolute pleasure to gift your work. Please pass on my thanks to Bill for his standout efforts over many years.

I live in ****** and work over at RAAF ******. My wife and I go to ****** Baptist Church, and occasionally ****** Presbyterian. I cannot thank Bill enough for his intelligent tuition on matters that are very dear to my heart. I, like he, am very aware of the serious deterioration in our culture and values. I have watched Air Force over 40 years service deteriorate to the point where matters are quite concerning.

Many folk in Defence are also concerned by what is happening politically and culturally. The material Bill publishes has been used by me to good effect in Defence, and has started many a conversation in the Mess over a meal.

I work with a Wing Commander ******, whose mother apparently knows Bill. We talk together much about Bill’s work.

It would be great to share some encouraging news with Bill and yourself some time. I would like you both to know, with your valuable help and Bill’s resource library, there are like-minded folk out in the trenches working to bring about change by re-educating those we meet regarding traditional Judeo-Christian values.

Yours in Christ

Whither CultureWatch?

One issue arises once in a while in my mind that is worth discussing. While I have no plans to stop the ministry of CultureWatch, at some point I will be stopped – either by death or by some debilitating illness or consequence of old age. At some point my ability to keep this site going will come to an end, or at least be slowed down considerably.

So what next? I suppose once I pass on, the site will eventually just disappear from cyberspace. I think certain regular payments are needed to keep a website going. Even if someone did that for me, with no new articles, interest in the site will likely quickly disappear.

Sure, I happen to think that much of what is found here is of more than passing worth, and many of the articles might have some enduring value. I guess one option is to find a replacement – a successor. But questions arise here as well. For example, would anyone actually want to take over this site and keep it going?

If such a person existed, there would need to be a few basic prerequisites I would think. One, they would need to basically agree with all that has been posted here thus far. Not everything of course – but most of it. Two, to keep it more or less as it currently is, if possible, at least one new article a day would be required.

Most folks may not have that much spare time, or that sort of inclination. Sure, CultureWatch is for me my full time calling, my daily Christian ministry. Presumably anyone wanting to take this over would need a similar sort of call, and have a similar dedication to do this full time.

And CultureWatch is more than just about writing a lot of articles. I speak and teach quite often, I put in submissions to government inquiries, I do media interviews, I try to network with other like-minded individuals and groups and so on.

One word of warning also needs to be offered here: If you really do want to be an Elisha to this Elijah – if I can put it that way – you will have to be prepared for the downsides of a ministry like this. And that includes receiving hate mail on a regular basis, and perhaps even the occasional death threat.

This is NOT a ministry for the faint of heart. You will need solid, 24-7 prayer cover to make it happen. At the end of the day it really is not just an intellectual or ideological or theological war you will be engaged in, but a spiritual war as well – not that I am trying to deter anyone here!

But I am just thinking out loud at this point. And no individual or ministry is indispensable. When I do finally pass away, this website might just vanish like I have. But it might be worth throwing out there this idea of a possible successor – it is something to think about anyway.

Who knows, but there might be a few folks out there who might even prayerfully and carefully consider such a thing. So let me put this thought bubble out in public. Any takers? Think about it. Pray about it. Not that I think I will be disappearing anytime soon of course, but for further down the road….

At some point I will be no more, so the question is, do we allow CultureWatch to be no more as well, or might someone be raised up by God to keep it going? Time will tell I guess.

A Rather Uncomfortable Afterthought!

Hmm, it just occurred to me how I can get heaps of Christians pounding on my door, pleading to take over this ministry. If I simply offer to throw in my library as part of the deal, I can think of plenty of folks who will swoop on me and this offer like vultures swooping on a fresh carcass!

But wait a minute – that is a thought just way too radical for me to contemplate! Give my library away? Never! But in all seriousness, that too will be a major question to deal with as I get older. At some point I will have to let it go I suppose.

At the moment such thoughts make for a nightmare, not sweet dreams, so I will have to ponder that one later on – hopefully much later on! But a word to all you evil book lusterers out there – and you know who you are! – keep your grubby little paws off my books! Don’t forget the 10th Commandment!

[1720 words]

44 Replies to “CultureWatch Turns Thirteen”

  1. Awesome. So glad I came across your articles Bill. I hope you have another great 13 years, if not more.

  2. Keep up the good work Bill! We appreciate your wisdom, honesty and ministry to us all!

  3. I’m so grateful for your work, Bill….so much wisdom, insight and spiritual common sense!
    May God bless you richly, and keep you going for many more fruitful years.

  4. Thank you Bill. I read 99% of your articles and look forward to continue to read them.
    John Abbott

  5. Bill, well done, we cannot put a value on this site.
    For me it is at the top of my must read list.
    1. Normal size hat; huge deep thoughts moderated by humility
    2. Size 15 boots at least.
    3. Experience; 50+ years ranging from culture to counter culture to counter/counter culture.
    4. Able and willing to live on the smell of an oily rag.
    5. Willing to take flak from most quarters.
    6. Able at the same time to walk a tight rope, and at times, a slack rope; but it is thought, with an invisible harness and belay.
    7. Often seeming to appear in more than one place at a time.
    8. Does not suffer from RSI or spelling mistakes.
    9. Buys books faster than most can read, or is that; reads books faster than most can buy?
    10. Remembers, categorises, and recalls seemingly at will, the contents of any of the books on the shelves.s..s…s….s…….
    11. Is obsessed by the importance of one really old book. Though he has many of that book!
    12. Has a band of followers that cannot be surpassed.
    13 Has a family that is even better.
    14. Has a Boss who’s even even better better.

  6. The burden of responsibility of housing, let alone reading those thousands of books might frighten off capable web writers- I know it would me! You might have to gift your collection to a theological college. You library is probably more extensive than many colleges own I suspect.
    Still, it’s a good idea to plan your succession. We wrote our Wills later in life than is wise. Maybe you need to crystallise your thinking and get it into your Will. There’s nothing quite like the frailties of age and life to focus the mind.

  7. Congratulations Well done on your 13 years l only wish l had discovered your site earlier. At least I’m on to it now, if l l iive another 13 years you will remain my No. 1 read
    May our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ strengthen you and up lift all who read your words
    Mark Bryant

  8. Such an amazing milestone and well worth celebrating by all CultureWatch fans. I am so thankful for your ministry as I am certain are many others.
    With respect to your long term plans for CultureWatch, maybe it might take on a slightly different shape in the future – meaning that it might possibly be very difficult to find that one person gifted in the same way as you in such a variety of different areas to keep CultureWatch exactly as it is now. I am sure you know many within your networks and amongst your umpteen gazillion FB followers who are gifted in one or two of these areas – those who speak with you, those who interview well, good writers, good solid Biblical understanding, etc. Perhaps in time, you could start sharing tasks out to several people with the specific gifts – some to be available for interviews, some to speak, a team of writers who specialize in certain areas – culture, books, theology, etc. Maybe in time a good ‘all-rounder’ such as yourself will emerge, but having you retain control in a ‘delegation and coordination’ fashion rather than the active ‘hands on’ person might be a first step in moving forwards. That way you will still have the final decision and control over articles, speakers, etc, to ensure that the ethos of CultureWatch is maintained as you intended when you began the work, and in line with the overall philosophy as embodied throughout the entire CultureWatch ministry.
    My experience has shown that when a work is handed over totally to one person, it often loses a lot of the original ‘flavour and savour’ and it often dies out into eventual non-existence. Maybe start praying (as I’m sure you have been since you are writing about this) that God reveals some likely candidates in specific areas for you to consider and eventually approach when you are certain that they are appropriate for what you have in mind – offer guest writer spots, etc to see how they are received by your current audience. Just a few ideas to consider.
    And I’m sure you have this covered, but make sure your articles are all backed up in several places should the worst online disaster occur. And I’m sure there are many like me who have saved many of your articles between us for future reference.
    Bless you.

  9. Many thanks for your wise and helpful words Kerry. As I say, I dare not presume CW will or should continue when I die. Indeed, it is possible God will lead me to stop the ministry before I die. But IF it is to continue in some form, you offer some very good and practical tips.

  10. It’s hard to imagine anyone getting as many words out as you do let alone getting so many of them right.

  11. Wow, has it really only been 13 years? I was sure you started long before that since there are so many articles. Warrior for Christ, much? Apparently so, and we praise and thank God for that [you].

    I suppose with that many articles it would be nearly impossible to put together a book of all of them. I’m a complete Luddite, so I’m uncertain as to how it all works, but would there be a way to preserve your column or have your own website? I’ve no idea what that would entail or cost.

    I have to ask if there’s any goofball hinderance with donating via online banking between the USA and Australia. (I apologize for putting you on the spot like this, but I truly don’t know how that works). I would appreciate any helpful info you could give me on this because I would like to contribute. Thanks, Bill, and, as you sometimes say with a one-word response on FB, “Yep.”…..You have helped me understand a lot of things. Thank you, and don’t you go “kicking the bucket” anytime soon!

  12. Thanks Marissa. No immediate plans to kick any buckets thanks.

    As to preserving my work, much of it is out there in cyberspace – for now. So that acts as a sort of backup. And all of it is on my computer(s) mostly in the form of MS Word documents, and slide shows, etc. But the question remains: what happens when I die? Someone has to keep paying for a cyberspace presence, or it will soon enough no longer be there. And unless my kids or others want to preserve my work on my computer, that too will soon enough all disappear I guess. So one would need someone willing to preserve this stuff I guess, otherwise it will eventually evaporate. But then again so will all things one day!

    As to banking stuff, I am no techie, but I do of course have two means of electronic payments available on any page of my website: top right (just look for the word “Contribute”). I would have thought that either of these means is straightforward enough and easy enough to use. If not, my advice to non-techies or computer-illiterates always remains the same: simply ask your kids, or grandkids, or great grandkids!! They all know how to do all these computer and internet thingees no probs!

  13. Happy Birthday Bill!
    Please stay well away from trams, busses and trucks for the immediate future!
    Please keep up your great work.

    Bill, I noticed you left something out though when you said: “I will be stopped – either by death or by some debilitating illness or consequence of old age”. I was expecting to see something along the lines of “…or stopped by the state..”

    I trust that this will not be the case.
    Bless you and your family and your work.


  14. Very big boots to fill, Bill. Perhaps it would take a small team of like-minded believers. Meantime, please keep fit and well. You are indeed a hugely effective servant of the most High . . and we honour you for your faithfulness to Him.

  15. Hi Mr Muehlenberg,
    Congratulations on your 13th year of serving the Lord via CW. I read your articles second hand as I am the one who correlates the information that goes into mine and Sarah’s EOTP (end of term project- the decline of the culture).
    I like to read the responses to your articles particularly the difference between the young and the older generation.
    we look forward to reading what you say and I particularly like your ability to spark something in Sarah that inspires her to write above her normal ability, that has been commented on by our teacher who is usually very critical of Sarah.

    I think we all need to remember not only have you been working tirelessly for the Lord but preparing the next generation to continue where you leave off one day.

    You, sir, have enormous respect from us girls in the UK and for good reason.
    Miss Katie M. xxx

  16. I’m so proud to know you, Mr M. I think when you post one of your articles heaven breaks out in song as someone on earth is doing Gods will as it would be done in heaven.

    You will never be matched Mr M as you are purposely made to be just what you are. I disagree with most of those posting as I think what you have created has worked because of the way you created it. One person responsible to God to do his bidding, there can be only one head of a family, one head of a company and one person who is Culture Watch. If there were six, one would still be doing all the work or spending his time chasing what he could have done himself.

    There are godly young men out there Mr M, but they are full of errors as you would have been at their age. However, with a comprehensive library, a database of all your articles, a brilliant wife and the ringing in his ears of the encouragement of the Holy Spirit, Gods, Will be done on earth as it is in heaven again. Of course, heaven would have to put up with a grumpy old man complaining about the run on sentences of one young woman trying to get the men to step up to be persecuted by the ungodly.

    I can’t begin to describe what glory awaits you in heaven Mr M, a sinner saved, put to work, and glorified God as you turned each page of those books in your library.

    God bless you, Mr M, as he has blessed us through your work,
    Your daughters in Christ,
    Katie, Molly, Milly, Alice and Me.

  17. Many thanks indeed young Katie, young Sarah, young Molly, young Milly, and young Alice ! In good measure it is champions like you who inspire me to keep on keeping on. Bless you heaps.

    The only question that remains is this: When young Sarah takes over CultureWatch on April 5, 2035, does she stay in the UK or move to Melbourne to make use of a certain library as well? Just wondering.

  18. Hi Bill I am ever so grateful for all your articles which are inspiring and a great resource when speaking to people.
    I was gobsmacked by your article on your library resources and your ability to read all of them plus your regular articles, public speaking etc. –

    I ma b the wright bloke 2 tak over from yu – i reed about 2 0r 3 boks a yer sides the bible – th only problm is I fink I am older than yu.

    God’s blessing on you and your wonderful wife

  19. What a lovely and inspiring comment to make to an equally lovely and inspiring bunch of young women. My granddaughter Molly brought her computer around to her grandma and grandad, as she was so proud to get a mention from you. Bless your kind and compassionate heart, children are so undervalued these days that a child brings her computer to show me something positive she has received. Your comment about Sarah brought tears to my eyes, as I know much about this young lady and the mountains she has had to climb and for someone to see in her at such a distance that others can’t see which is under their nose speaks much about the failures we have in the UK.

    My granddaughter was intending to wish you a happy birthday but it looks like Sarah did that for her, that did not surprise me one bit. Molly has explained to me what you do. I have told her staying close to the lord puts you in good company. I hope she is telling you what I am saying as I have no idea how these computers work.

    kind regards,

    grandma and grandad Thomas.

  20. Thanks Molly. They are indeed a lovely and inspiring bunch of young women. Concerned Christians in the UK can rest better at night knowing that they exist, and that they will go on to do great things for the Kingdom.

  21. Before coming to a conclusion on this crucial matter Mr Muehlenberg, Sarah’s future bridesmaids need to know is a husband provided with CultureWatch Melbourne? If so could we have the following details.

    1. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being best), how handsome is the provided husband?

    2. Does he make more than £100,000 a month as an investment banker?

    3. Is he a robust individual, only lads who think Sarah needs to hear their chat up lines that are not robust tend to need to spend long periods in therapy?

    4. Does he understand that his purpose is to continually father children? I need to clarify, he needs to continuously father children with just his wife, and only stopping when it looks like the library may need to be turned into a nursery?

    5. Does he understand that Sarah has a lot to say about everything, disagreeing with her will only prolong the conversation, the moment he engaged in conversation with her, he has already given her the path to what he is going to agree to?

    6. A dowry comes with Sarah; her dad said he would consider just about any amount of money if someone will take Sarah off his hands. However, this has been improved; as her brother said he would convert the- just about, to any amount, as you can see, our Sarah is a very good catch.

    Subject to CultureWatch Melbourne not being able to provide a suitable husband we may have to consider scouring the Uk for a gullible guy before deciding if we need to scour Australia, as we have been informed (by Sarah’s dad and brother) that they would prefer someone who could play cricket to a high standard.

    We understand that you consider your library is a considerable incentive to the filling of this important position, however, it has been brought to our attention by an unnamed blonde that your comprehensive library is lacking some very important works that only the unnamed blonde holds, namely a book by the 1st century church fathers that is signed by Clement, remarkably its written in modern day English. A very rare work by the late Lloyd-Jones on marriage that the unnamed blonde is claiming has an inscription pend in this rare volume by the late grate man himself offering this one and only copy of this masterpiece to her, given he died before the unnamed blonde was born it just shows you the mysterious ways the lord works.

    We look forward to your response, but would point you to 5 above before doing so.

    Katie, Molly, Alice, Milly and an unnamed blonde.

  22. Many thanks again Young Miss Katie, Molly, Alice, Milly and an unnamed blonde. I have given much thought to your most recent missive. But given the sizable and seemingly insurmountable list of requirements that young Miss S has for a suitable Mr S, I have decided that my ministry – and my library – will go to two other females in my life: my dogs Daisy and Jillie. While it is true that young Miss Jillie did chew on one of my bookcases when she was younger, I trust that she is now well and truly broken of that evil habit. And given how good young Miss Daisy is at carrying 6 or 7 sticks in her mouth at one time, I am sure she can write 3 or 4 articles a day as well.

  23. They say genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration so I guess with all your perspiration you have a IQ comparable with NEWTON!

    Sorry I didn’t write back sooner I had testicular surgery on Thursday (emergency arose) and could use some prayers from recovery. Thanks.

  24. Hi Bill, may I suggest two things.

    Firstly, with regards to all of your articles, if you know of people who would be interested in having a copy of your complete catalogue of writings that you could find a way of electronically packaging them all and providing them so that they don’t disappear with your website if or when the time comes that either the G-men put a stop to CultureWatch, or the boss decides to promote you to headquarters.

    Secondly, if you get promoted before your kin and they’re not the readers that you are, I’m sure your books would make an amazing fundraiser for your family as your collection would likely put Koorong to shame.

    All the best. I’ll keep praying that you keep going until the Lord appears to take us all home before the great tribulation hits.

  25. Dear Mr Muehlenberg,
    I am terrified, but I have been told by the unnamed blond to point out to you that Miss Daisy and Miss Jillie will violate 1 Timothy 2:12-14, woof-woof. She, the unnamed blond, not Jillie or Daisy, would like to further point out that in the only surviving copy of a book by the church fathers that she, the unnamed blond holds it clearly states that any violation of 1 Timothy 2:12-14 by Jillie or Daisy will result in a fine not exceeding all your books.

    Last time I did what the unnamed blond told me to do it resulted in us both sitting outside the heads office. The head commented that a chair with the unnamed blond’s name on may be required but she was surprised to see me there. I thought given it’s my first time and she had already found the unnamed blond guilty I would just get a telling off. After standing at the heads desk and listening to the unnamed blond’s defense, even I thought she was innocent of what she/we had done. The unnamed blond made it look so easy so I decided to ignore what the unnamed blond had told me which was answer every question with ‘it wasn’t me’ and leave the talking to her. The head let me talk myself into my guilt. I had 2 before school detentions and a telling off. The unnamed blond took the opportunity to ask the head if her ban on joining the humanist club could be lifted, she had actually got away with one violation and was planning the next in the heads office. Due to the teflon nature of the unnamed blond, Mr. Muehlenberg, do look on me as just the post girl delivering the post or should I say it wasn’t me.


  26. Mr. Wilson, I will put you on our Prayer list too.
    Molly and Milly x.

  27. WHAT! I have been passed over in favour of Daisy and Jillie? Has it been pointed out to you that I fetch my dad’s paper from the doormat every morning for him and I even fetch his slippers? My dad and brother held a party last night, they have packed my suitcase I also have a label attached to my coat with your address on, they gave me a quick hug and a goodbye when the football went out of play on the TV. They have left me by the bus stop ready to catch the number13. Are you telling me you are prepared to make two grown men cry?

  28. Mr Wilson, sir, prayers are our speciality, who wouldn’t take the opportunity to speak to our creator, us girls will pray for you, be assured, God is fully aware of your situation. Our prayers, Gods knowledge and doctors skills are Gods gift to you at this time.

    Oh, and yes the book thief does have an IQ to be admired, but it will be his love of God that will bring him his most joy ultimately.

  29. Sorry folks, but too late. Miss Jillie and Miss Daisy are now the sole proprietors of said library, and that is how things must remain I am afraid. At least that is what they told me.

  30. To drag the comments back to topic: may I add my congratulations Bill on this auspicious anniversary. It appears you have no triskaidekaphobia, which is good because it’s unbiblical (in the sense that it doesn’t appear in the Scriptures). There are however a number of Bible references to thirteen, the worst of which is the 13th verse of Esther 3 when letters were sent to kill all the Jews on the 13th day of a particular month. Fortunately the Lord had that under control.
    And He has the fate of this site under control too. So don’t worry!

  31. Hi Bill,
    I wrote on Aug 20, 2016 at 6:16 pm:

    I know of no site like your’s Bill, and frequently direct others in the UK to it. It remains a place where we as Christians can return to re- charge the batteries, bring back news from our area of the theatre of war and exchange valuable information with others who are fighting in different arenas. It is certainly a place where we can all gain encouragement and re arm before returning to the front.
    However as the war intensifies it is taking longer for some of us to report back to base as we are engaged in our own local battles, which as you will agree are growing in intensity and length.
    Not only that; as the years have passed and the Bible has come under increased attack, new issues which we would never previously have given a second thought , have arisen which indeed as you say, cause our best and dearest to suddenly become strangers.
    The list of issues that we have to grapple seems to grow by the day: women in headship in the church; divorce; homosexuality; ecumenicism; Arminianism vesus Calvanism; Neo – Calvanism; pre- tribulation versus mid and post tribulation; the post apostolic age versus the Pentacostalism; replacement theology etc., etc. These are issues which never presented themselves to me before. Need I mention those Christians who feel passionately that it is our duty to be part of the European Union and those who see it as Sodom; or dare I say those who would vote for Donald Trump and those who, not in a million years would do so? It seems that we are faced with pushing those with whom we have journeyed through a diminishing eye of the needle. Indeed it seems that one day we will have made the eye so small that even we cannot pass through it.
    And if many of us have left our local church, is it any surprise that we will then look hard at the small band of discontents with whom we have joined? It is good that we are being sifted but whilst major surgery is being performed we need to keep the body alive and forebear with one another.
    I think we need to learn a lesson from Paul, who was no respecter of persons and who never sacrificed truth for the sake of unity. On the other hand we also need to regard Peter who was always gracious and quick to admit his error.

    Since I wrote that things have deteriorated even more in Britain, where society has become completely divided. If I do not have time to contribute as much as I used to Bill, it is because we have our backs against the wall and are hard pressed on all sides.
    However be encouraged Bill, we shall always be indebted to you and your unique ministry.
    As for your huge repository of knowledge and chronicling, this needs to be placed in the hands of those who will continue with countering the attacks of the cultural terrorists. Perhaps there is Massresistance group already formed who are training to go into the public forum in order to pull down every stronghold, and cast down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bring into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ (2 Corinthians 10) .

    God bless and keep us all.
    David Skinner UK

  32. “I think we need to learn a lesson from Paul, who was no respecter of persons and who never sacrificed truth for the sake of unity. On the other hand, we also need to regard Peter who was always gracious and quick to admit his error”.

    It could be Paul and Peter were for different times within the same timeframe; for instance, killing is always wrong in the same way divorce is always wrong. In war, men kill other men, men do not kill other men outside war, and if they do, both are wrong. The necessity for something doesn’t make it right, but it’s nevertheless necessary. Perhaps Peter was the shepherd looking after his flock and Paul happened to be looking after the flock when the wolves circled, and he killed them. It isn’t so much Peter was right, as Peter was right for the requirement of his service at that time. Paul wasn’t wrong even though killing is wrong since in his time frame there wasn’t a requirement for Peter. If this is so, it is never the case you need a little of each, but you need to be one or the other.

    It’s essential since protecting the flock could be hindered by indecision. It’s always better to be Christ-like, except if you are a new-born Lamb. (Note I say Christ-like and not Christ) I think you would agree the distinction is great. However, the gap isn’t closed by the sacrificing of the lamb for our own virtue, after all, it is always better not to kill, but is that so if that action causes another to be killed. I suppose as long as it wasn’t us doing the killing then our conscience would be clear. But then I suppose that would depend if you were a Paul or a Peter perhaps.

    It could be “our” backs are against the wall since we have misunderstood being Christ-like, isn’t being Christ-like at all, for us to have taken Jesus’s place on the cross would have been anything but Christ-like, but it would have been an act of supreme love and compassion for him. For you to take my place in death, no man has greater love. . . . But for you to have taken Jesus place, stand behind me satan. This extremely complicated conundrum isn’t solely related to his purpose, it’s a key to something bigger too. It’s the key to the understanding of why your back is against the wall perhaps. How could we witness our sins being punished via the innocent such that it brought us to tears, yet we could not stand up to being called names unless its sinner?

    (Peter drew his sword!)

    I just can’t quite get there and I think its because I have the wrong metrics, there is something about accepted Christianity that is wrong maybe, but the wrong would have to be so apparently insignificant that it’s overlooked.

    Anyway, I did not intend commenting on your post, countryman, Mr Skinner, but I have a blind spot that I have to work out that is always just out of my reach.

  33. Ok, Mr M, I suppose I will have to resign myself to the fact the better females won and its a lost opportunity, and we will leave it there.

    Sarah stands at the bus stop, lonely with a suitcase in hand, rejected, alone and cold, waiting for the number13 bus and It’s starting to rain. It’s so sad.

    I think we did pretty good Mr M.

    Sarah xx.

  34. Bill,
    Much belated thanks for all your tireless work and dedication to the truth. I wouldn’t know half of what is going on in the world, if it weren’t for you.

    Re possible threats to your website, I assume you have a development server on your private network, on which you test all changes before uploading to your production server’s live website.

    I guess you keep your DNS records registered with a different company from your hosting provider. That way, if your enemies pressure your hosting provider to take down your site, all you have to do is rent a new server elsewhere, and point your DNS records to the new server’s IP address.

    Of course, some Christian writers don’t need external threats to take them offline, because they’re perfectly capable of sabotaging their own website. For example, the folks at the Australian Marriage Forum haven’t posted any new articles since December 2017, but have apparently found the time to delete all the comments, some of which were extremely detailed, and worthy of being posted as articles in their own right. Well, it’s their website, and they can do what they like with it, but surely it’s now even more important to tell the truth about marriage, not less.

    The Freedoms Project also appears to have removed their comments facility as part of a recent website overhaul, but at least they are still posting new material.

    I’m sure you have many friends around the world who would be willing to host a static mirror of your website, to guard against the worst happening.

    I’m always amused when you allow comments that don’t refer to article on which they’re posted. Sometimes I think readers should have to answer a quiz on each article before they’re allowed to comment on it.

    Thanyou once again for letting readers comment on your articles, as one would feel quite isolated without this form of interaction with you and with other readers.

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