Trans-Reality and State-Mandated Lying

We are being forced to lie. We are being forced to bear false witness. We are being forced to renounce reality. We are being forced to reject truth. We are being forced to deny our conscience. Just who is doing this? Our leaders, our governments, our media, our elites, our “experts” and our authorities.

All have demanded that we renounce the use of our minds, pretend there is no such thing as reality, and lie repeatedly in order to make deluded and confused people feel good about themselves. I refer of course to the global trans jackboot coming down on anyone and everyone who dares to speak truth in this area.

If you call a man who pretends he is a woman a man, you WILL now be punished. I have documented countless cases of this happening, and it gets worse each passing day. Just a week ago I wrote about one brave Canadian man who refused to submit to the lies, deception and tyranny of the trans militants.

For that he is being forced to cough up $55,000! Can you believe it? See my write-up here:

Of course this poor guy is just one of many who have fallen afoul of the trans mafia and their war against reality, biology, truth and sanity. I have documented many cases of people being punished simply for speaking truth, for staying true to their conscience, and refusing to bow down to the news trans overlords.

Consider just a small sampling of some other cases of those being punished for refusing to bow to this new madness:

I called a trans boy a girl by mistake… and it may cost me my job as a teacher: Maths tutor suspended after praising pupil using the wrong gender
November 12, 2017
-Joshua Sutcliffe said ‘well done girls’ to the teenager after seeing them working
-He apologised when corrected by the pupil but their parents then complained
-He has been summoned to a formal hearing to face charges for ‘misgendering’

College student is kicked out of religion class for saying there are only two genders
March 13, 2018
A college student from Indiana University of Pennsylvania was banned from Christianity class for saying there are only two genders.

Indiana Teacher Forced to Resign Over Refusal to Use Transgender Pronouns
June 6, 2018
After teaching orchestra in Brownsburg Community Schools for four years, 28-year-old John Kluge is being forced to resign. The reason? He refuses to call transgender students by their preferred names, versus the names they were given at birth. “I really do care for all of my students,” Kluge said, “which is why I don’t want to be compelled to speak in such a way that I believe I’ll be encouraging them in something that’s dangerous.”

Student editor who retweeted article pointing out that ‘women don’t have penises’ is fired from university journal
September 21, 2018

Christian student’s stance sparks protests at UC Berkeley
November 13, 2018
More than a thousand of Isabella Chow’s University of California Berkeley classmates are demanding she resign as a student senator after she abstained from a vote [on transgenderism] she said contradicted her Christian values.

Young mother is barred from her local pub for wearing a T-shirt saying ‘Woman: human female’ after a complaint that it discriminated against transgender people
January 7, 2019

D.C. restaurant fined $7,000 after asking transgender woman for ID before letting her use bathroom
January 17, 2019
A D.C. restaurant will pay $7,000 as part of a settlement after an employee tried to stop a transgender woman from using a women’s restroom last summer, D.C.’s attorney general said this week.

Gamer reportedly banned from Twitch for claiming there are only two genders
February 7, 2019
A popular online gamer who regularly broadcasts on streaming platform Twitch claims she has been permanently banned from the platform for stating her “beliefs” that “there are only two genders”.

Mother, 38, is arrested in front of her children and locked in a cell for seven HOURS after calling a transgender woman a man on Twitter
February 10, 2019
Police officers detained Kate Scottow, 38, at her home in Hitchin, Hertfordshire.

I could do this all day folks. The cases of those being punished for clinging to truth and reality are mounting and getting worse and worse. Losing your job, being fined, even being arrested for speaking biological truth! This is utter madness.

And poor Bill Whatcott was slugged with a $55,000 fine for simply stating truth. These are very scary times indeed folks. When the state gets in the business of going after and punishing people who think truth and reality are important, you know we are in a very bad way indeed.

This is simply diabolical. In the old days you could lose your job, be fined, or jailed for things like rape, arson, murder and theft. Today simply being true to the real world will result in you being punished. Wow. And as bad as all this is getting, now more than ever we need people to resist – to say no to this fascist Big Brother agenda.

We must always speak truth, regardless of the consequences. We cannot let the other side intimidate us and bully us into silence, into living a lie, into denying the real world. We must resist the thought police and the trans totalitarians, regardless of the cost. If we don’t, we really have lost it all.

In my recent piece on Whatcott I quoted from Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. A brand-new article, “Conservatives Shouldn’t Use Transgender Pronouns,” also quotes from it, as the writer rightly urges us not to bow down to the trans dictatorship. The piece by Graham Hillard begins:

One of the most disturbing passages in 1984 has nothing to do with telescreens, Newspeak, or rats. Rather, it is the assertion by Winston Smith’s torturer that he could “float off this floor like a soap bubble” if he wished to do so. Such a claim, the reader understands, is neither hyperbole nor metaphor but an earnest expression of the belief that reality is contingent on human perception. Winston could be forced, if necessary, to affirm his torturer’s proposition. His acquiescence would render it “true” in the only remaining sense of that word.

He concludes:

It is not the case that every transgender individual will choose to endure surgery. Yet it is the case that transgenderism is socially contagious, that it is advancing with astonishing rapidity, and that surgical interventions will surely proliferate as a result. Conservatives are not to blame for the fact that 12 percent of Millennials now identify as “transgender or gender non-conforming,” according to a recent GLAAD survey. We are to blame, however, if our conciliatory language impairs our ability to declare that this is wrong. It is not real. We have to stop it. If the transgender man or woman really is “held” or “trapped” or “born” in the wrong body, let us say so and accept the cultural and medical consequences. But if the central transgender assertion is a lie — if it derives from the same fantasy that says a man can float like a soap bubble — then God forgive us if we utter a word in its favor.

To be sure, conservatives will pay a price for their stubbornness. A transgender movement that holds public opinion in its grasp may well increase the legal pressure on nonconformists should that grip begin to loosen. Jobs may be lost or friendships ruined. Our own children may one day condemn us. What is at stake, however, is the irreplaceable right to say of one thing, “true,” and of another, “false” — to define the basic realities from which our politics proceed. A man is a man. A woman is a woman. Let us not pretend otherwise.

When Big Brother arrives in the 21st century, he will appear not on posters but in grammar handbooks, HR manuals, and social media. Not as a tormentor but as a disappointed neighbor or friend.

No matter. We still mustn’t submit to him.

Now is the time to stand against this Orwellian madness and declare our allegiance to truth, to reality, and to biology. If that makes us bigots and haters, well, then so be it. About the only thing worse than all this Big Brother activism targeting us is the sad fact that so many of us have been warning about this for decades now.

We TOLD you this would happen. We warned, we pleaded, we sounded the alarm. But most of our warnings fell on deaf ears sadly. And now we are paying the price – big time. As my good friend Mark rightly put it on the social media:

One of the reasons I hold to the socio-political views I do, is because they accurately explain the past, describe the present, and most important of all, predict the future with a high degree of reliability. (I have not always done so, but a measure of maturity is the ability to say, ‘I was wrong’, and change the way you think.) One of the key marks of leftism, is it pays no attention to historical applications of its principles, with adherents preferring to believe if you only feel or emote the right intentions, the outcome will take care of itself.

Well, no. You could never draw up a model for any invention if you thought like that. It’s not how reality works. What is happening now in some places around the world is chilling. The idea you can be held to *legal* account for simply stating one of the most basic facts about being human was an inevitable outcome from letting people with no rational or moral foundation continuously inject their warped ideas into government authority. As Michael Brown states, “We told you this was coming.”

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22 Replies to “Trans-Reality and State-Mandated Lying”

  1. Quote; “This idea that the body is either Male or Femail is Totally Wrong”. This is the heading of a new video on Teen Vogue. A number of Activists making huge statements that, quote; “Your sex is what YOU want it to be”. Yes, direct forceful propaganda to our Children from the MSM/Elite. No-one will or can understand or debate such a relativist & psycologicaly harmful idea, least of all our Children, without proper airing/expression of objections & argument AGAINST such tripe! But no, they won’t allow ANY diversion from their program of decit & decay. You are right Bill, we have been warned, but we must pray hard!

  2. Thanks Stewart. Yes I saw that as well. It is diabolical. It is an all-out war on our children. Yes we must work and pray even harder than ever.

  3. Let us not forget Bill that there are over 100 listed genders where the nong nongs cannot even decide what they are and they even have a ‘gender’ for that.
    My favourite is the ‘SURGENDER’ whic is for the nong nong who has “100% of one gender and a lit bit left over for something else”. These clowns cannot even get their maths together.
    Oh, and what about ‘G’ for homosexual – there goes the alphabet.
    John Abbott

  4. I can be a prize idiot, though. In the UK there is a local government providing receptacles in men’s loos for sanitary towels/pads. The idea is that men have periods as well as women. Ridiculous, I thought. But of course *trans* men will need these receptacles, being women anatomically. And some men apparently have monthly mood swings.

  5. The solution.

    If you are arrested on such a charge as telling the truth then do not pay the find and when you are imprisoned go on hunger strike. It’s important to show that words have consequences (think about it!)

    Do not vote for anyone who is not going to repeal these laws and make it plain you want a candidate who you can vote for.

    I will say this again vote on ‘block’ so you will have to come together to form ‘one voice’ do not consider the difficulties involved in this, consider it’s the solution that needs to be achieved.

    Withdraw your children from classes that teach against your principles and then you are going to have to go into war mode and do something that you would not do in peacetime, get the teacher permanently suspended and then go after the head. I’m sorry if this seems like we will be as bad as what we are fighting, but it’s shocking I have to tell you that we have to be worse, it’s been allowed to go past the point of rational discussions I’m afraid.

    Take the opening paragraph of Mr M’s article and send it weekly to your local newspaper and politicians and get your friends to do likewise.

    When we have our ‘one voice’ website which I will get one of you men to arrange and run since I can be really persistent and an annoying teen, that opening paragraph of Mr M’s above needs to be the backdrop.

    End of suggestions.

    I detect a little movement of; ‘let’s do something’, taking place on these comment sections. One of you men will eventually break and realise you can die fighting for the good or be a useful fool for the bad. The tide is turning, people are polarised, evil is working to convince the useful fools to stay useful fools. The good shouldn’t need convincing to do good, but it seems they do, so men, get on with it.

  6. Unfortunately I noticed Michael Brown referred to the Ronan person as “her”. I don’t know if there was some legal cause that forced him to say that but it is something I don’t think I could intentionally do.

    I think it would be good for people to read Bill Whatcott’s leaflet that has caused his $55,000 fine, $20,000 of which was for “misgendering” Ronan in a court situation. ( )

    To do other than what Bill Whatcott did in court is, in true reality, perjury. Which court do you obey? The earthly court that requires you to lie and commit perjury or the vastly greater court that insists you speak the truth in love? Is there anything on the flyer that is not what the scriptures speak of?

    I don’t know if Bill Whatcott was required to swear on a Bible but irrespective of that it was still a legal requirement, attempting to force him to lie in a court situation. I don’t think the absurdity of this requirement has yet sunk in with most people.

    I think the another aspect of the ruling that people should consider was that all Bill Whatcott’s witnesses were rejected on the absurd basis that they were not “experts” in “love” and “hate”, including clergy and a psychologist. What would have been a court approved “expert” on “love and hate”? We are left to speculate.

    No recourse to truth was allowed as normally allowed in slander cases either.

    No allowance for the democratic requirement for free speech, especially in the political arena, was allowed for either, despite Canada having supposedly strong laws that are meant to protect this. The court even admitted that what Bill Whatcott said was likely true but also that Ronan’s description of his (“her”) hurt was also true. The problem is, however, of course people who are living in delusion are going to feel hurt. That is a function of their sin and delusion, not a function of people standing on truth. As James said – lust brings sin and sin brings death (Jas 1:15). You name the delusion whether it be anorexia or the idea that it’s OK to kill someone because you don’t like their race or whatever – it is going to bring hurt.

    No court approved prosecution “expert” on “love and hate” was called either, as far as I am aware, but it would have been very interesting to see this happen because it would, very clearly, underline the court’s bias. Had that happened at least the absurdity of the argument could have been brought into the light. As it was the hypocrisy of the court was hidden from view because no argument against its prejudice was allowed. This is increasingly what we are seeing across the board and even given the court’s requirement to act on precedent to expedite matters, the fact is this was a precedent setting case and so should have had an overarching requirement to be thorough. It clearly had an overriding directive from the the court, however, to ensure that it was not. Truth, clearly, was not this court’s paramount objective and, as is becoming increasingly common, the hypocrisy of their perspective is hidden by the fact that arguments against that hypocrisy are simply not allowed.

    It would be good for people to consider seriously the Bible verse Bill Whatcott referred to on his flyer:-

    Rev21:7 He that overcomes shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son.
    rev 21:8 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and fornicators, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

    Many scriptures such as 2 Thes 2:10 tell us that love of the truth is paramount and have accurately predicted this massive delusion. They also tell us we can overcome with patience and through speaking the truth in love.

  7. Gosh, there are so many things to be said here that it’s hard to narrow it down. First, the last time I checked, I was still a ‘female.’ I’m not ashamed of that and am deeply appreciative to God for having made me so. It’s not easy being a man, and frankly, I’m too doggone lazy and wimpy to be one. My husband works very hard and a lot of long hours. He braves all kinds of weather going to work and running errands solely on my behalf. Out of love, and yeah, pure downright macho-ism, he can be relied upon to go the extra mile for me. And I appreciate him so very much for that and for a whole host of other reasons. Why on earth any woman would covet being a man to the point of going through this outlandish and totally unrealistic gender-bender business is beyond me. And, guess what? Despite the high demands upon and expectations placed upon a man, my husband would not change his gender for the world. This is truly nonsense gone to seed and an unleashing of the gates of hell against the church.

    And some males can do the whole thing, the surgery bit, but I’d like to see how hep they are on that route if they actually were enabled to and had to carry a child for 9 months and then go into hours upon hours of labor. It’s easy to make like your a female until the real work of bearing a child occurs. (I understand this is not the real point, but these are still real-world practical things gender-bender supporters love to pretend don’t exist).

    You’re right, Bill, you and others have tried to warn us but I think it’s like how the 9/11 Commission said those horrible events happened due to a failure of imagination on the part of our government. You said this would happen, but it’s so darned hard to grasp the full implications and ramifications of it when most believers wouldn’t dream of such craziness. It’s kind of like when a family member of Corrie ten Boom’s predicted the very outcome that eventually resulted in Hitler’s Germany and beyond. Some thought he was nuts, but for many, it was more a matter of how they’d never do anything as horrible as Hitler did, so it was inconceivable to them. But here’s a promise, we’ll all keep trying to grasp the full diabolical intent of these characters and their agenda and praying and taking what action we can to put an end to this.

  8. DNA does not lie.
    I think that if I am ever in a situation facing a court case over something like this, a part of my defence would be a blind tested DNA sample from the complainant.
    Likewise, Michael Weeks thoughts about perjury in the above discussion, are very important.

  9. 1Jn 2:15  Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

    I guess the bright side to all of this stuff is that it makes it a whole lot easier to not love the world!

  10. Geoff, while 1984 is scarily close to the current direction of society, is it suitable for school students? I read it a while back and have an inkling that there are a couple of ‘bedroom’ scenes in it. Tame perhaps by modern standards, but still not what you want to be exposing kids to. Then too there’s the issue that a lot of teachers these days might take it as a how to manual for perfecting society. :-\

  11. Hi Bill, Well written again. Problem is when an individual refuses to bend to this rubbish they are heavily ostracised and face expensive legal costs and fines, as you have pointed out. It needs to be a whole social movement of people working together and supporting each other in our efforts to stop this madness. AND the problem there is the apathy of the majority; they won’t unite, they won’t actually get up and do something. Reminds me of a joke I once heard; “Two men sitting on a porch chewing the fat, and there was a hound dog lying by his masters side on the wooden boards. When all of a sudden the dog gave a howl, but didn’t move. The visitor gave it a quizzical look, but kept on talking. A little while later the dog gave a howl again, but stayed lying where it was. After this happened a third time the visitor said to his friend, “What is wrong with your dog?” The owner said, “He’s lying on a nail”. So the first man asked, “Why doesn’t he move?” The owner said, ” He’s a lazy dog, it hurts enough for him to complain, but not enough to make him move.”

  12. >>Mr English & Mr Mason,
    I am still attending school, high school, yet I was home-schooled until nearly 12. I learnt most of what I know from being home-schooled. I often get asked by parents which is best for their little one, and my answer is always the same; it’s a parent’s responsibility to educate their children not the states. I am a Christian, and when I babysit I bring my worldview to bear on the little one, I am babysitting even if I know the parents are atheists. When an atheistic teacher teaches your child, they bring to bear on that child their atheism.

    In a 45 min average English class I would challenge my teacher on her atheistic assertion on me 2 or 3 times. I am sensitive to that as being home-schooled doesn’t mean mum or dad does all the teaching, but what it does mean is that mum and dad are sensitive to what a child is being taught. Otherwise, they would send them off to the state indoctrination units. If I had a professional educator for say maths, my mum would ensure I was only taught maths and if I wasn’t the educator was told.

    What I am exposed to at school today I would never be exposed to at home, some think this is a good thing, but some have little value for their children.

    When I first attended high school, I thought it was great because I had lots of friends and girls my age. I also thought most of my peers were educationally limited. The reason for this is because homeschooled children have a lot invested in them, as mum and dad still pay the taxes for the state schools and then pay again to educate their child at home. Parents who do not highly value a child’s education, plainly would not do this and the other reason home school kids do so well is that mum and dad are paranoid that their home school child is behind the kid’s in-state school and the way they resolve that is by making sure the children are well advanced.

    Your child should not have as part of their state school lessons George Orwell literature stuff since most schools are struggling to teach reading skills, some things are so important that parents have to step up to the mark and do the teaching themselves or closely supervise it. if you don’t little Jonny will go to school in the morning and return home in the afternoon little Jenny.

  13. Sarah, what a beautiful, balanced, young lady you are. May God continue to Bless you throughout your life.

  14. Bill Whatcott could pay his fine by writing the following on an ordinary piece of paper:–

    The Bank of Sodom & Gomorrah promises to pay the bearer the sum of fifty-five thousand dollars…

    Paper genders, paper money…!

    If men are made by changing paper sex, then fines are paid by writing paper cheques.

  15. Mary H.
    Thank you so much, Mary and may God Bless you too. Some people Mary are encouragers and the thing about encouragers is that they rarely get encouragement, its as though they give away what they do not need themselves, Well, encourager Mary let me give back a little of what you give out. Mary, there are great theologians, poets and musicians on these comment sections. Having twice the amount of those wouldn’t make one jot of difference to Mr M’s reach or his effectiveness. However, one Mary with her encouraging ways propels a one and a half line comment that reverberates around heaven, since you added the essential flavouring to Mr M’s work, making it acceptable to be served up in heaven, as those like you Mary are the fruits of his work.

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