Crisis, Corona and Christophobia

Christophobia is alive and well in times of crisis:

It never takes much for the Christophobes to come out of the woodwork. Any excuse will do actually. And it is not just today’s progressives who carefully follow the maxim, ‘Never let a good crisis go to waste.’ Misotheists and Christ-haters have been doing this for millennia now.

History is replete with examples of this of course. Consider one very famous case of this from the early days of the faith. When Rome was destroyed by fire in 64 AD, the pagan Roman Emperor Nero blamed the Christians. Let me look at this episode in a bit more detail.

In his classic 1958 book on early Christianity, The Spreading Flame, F. F. Bruce gives us some description about the blaze and the blame that was put on Christians:

Rumour was not content to ascribe the fire to accident, and some curious reports began to circulate. Some men who ought to have been checking the conflagration were seen (it is said) actively helping it on, and when challenged they said they had their orders. The Emperor himself was suspected of starting the conflagration. There is no proof of this; even if he “fiddled while Rome burned,” that does not make him an incendiary. In fact, he threw himself actively into the organization of relief for those who had suffered in consequence of the fire. But when he found that the finger of rumour pointed to him as the instigator of the fire, he did not like it. The people would not cherish kindly feelings towards one who was believed to have destroyed their homes and their living, too. So Nero looked about for scapegoats, and had no difficulty in finding some. The sequel may be told in the words of Tacitus, who obviously had no sympathy with the scapegoats, but knew that there was no evidence to connect them with the fire.

“Therefore, to scotch the rumour, Nero substituted as culprits, and punished with the utmost refinements of cruelty, a class of men loathed for their vices, whom the crowd styled Christians. Christus, from whom they got their name, had been executed by sentence of the procurator Pontius Pilatus when Tiberius was emperor; and the pernicious superstition was checked for a short time, only to break out afresh, not only in Judaea, the home of the plague, but in Rome itself, where all horrible and shameful things in the world collect and find a home. First, then, those who confessed themselves Christians were arrested; next, on their disclosures, a vast multitude were convicted, not so much on the charge of arson as for hatred of the human race. And their death was made a matter of sport: they were covered in wild beasts’ skins and torn to pieces by dogs; or were fastened to crosses and set on fire in order to serve as torches by night when daylight failed. Nero had offered his gardens for the spectacle and gave an exhibition in his circus…”

I say all this because things have not changed in the past two millennia. There are still plenty of Christian-haters out there, always willing to blame them for anything and everything. Did you burn your toast this morning? It is the fault of Christians of course. Did you get a flat tire while driving to work? Yep, its those darn Christians.

And the secular left media is up to its ears in all this. Now we even have the pagan, misotheist New York Times doing the very same thing today. They are running with the same blame game that Nero did: we now know that coronavirus is all the fault of Christians! Yes, you read that right.

An opinion piece in the New York Times dated March 27, 2020 by Katherine Stewart is titled, “The Road to Coronavirus Hell Was Paved by Evangelicals.” The article begins with these words: “Trump’s response to the pandemic has been haunted by the science denialism of his ultraconservative religious allies.”

Wow, there you have it folks. What evil people those evangelicals must be: imagine that, causing this major pandemic! Burn them all at the stake. Or at least use them as human torches like Nero did when the power grids shut down. Let’s put them to good use.

Consider just one paragraph from her scurrilous rant: “Religious nationalism has brought to American politics the conviction that our political differences are a battle between absolute evil and absolute good. When you’re engaged in a struggle between the ‘party of life’ and ‘party of death,’ as some religious nationalists now frame our political divisions, you don’t need to worry about crafting careful policy based on expert opinion or analysis.”

Image of The Spreading Flame: The Rise and Progress of Christianity from Its First Beginnings to Eighth-Century England
The Spreading Flame: The Rise and Progress of Christianity from Its First Beginnings to Eighth-Century England by Bruce, F.F. (Author) Amazon logo

Um yeah, actually there is a war on between good and evil, between the prolife camp and the pro-death camp. Yes it really is that serious. But of course leftist lamestream media rags like the NYT have been pushing irrational and hateful Christian bashing for decades now. They utterly loathe Donald Trump, and they utterly loathe any evangelical Christians who dare to support him and pray for him.

So no surprises here. The only thing that is a bit surprising is why it took this long for the secular left media to make such charges. But better late than never I guess for these guys. Never let a good crisis go to waste, especially if you can target Christians.

Never mind that we DO have a genuine culprit here: the Chinese Communist Party. They are the ones responsible for this pandemic. They are the ones who identified the virus way back in November. They are the ones who lied about its spread and containment.

They are the ones who refused the help of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They are the ones who destroyed early testing results. They are the ones who imprisoned and likely killed the Chinese doctor and whistle-blower Dr Li Wenliang.

But wait, there’s more. Get this: in the very same propaganda sheet we have another doozy of a piece arguing for diabolical idiocy: We need MORE abortion during the corona crisis. On March 26, 2020 the Editorial Board ran with this piece: “Make Abortion More Available During the Pandemic — Not Less.”

It begins this way: “This crisis has underscored the need for greater access to reproductive health care.” And it finishes with these words:

Help Women Pay for Abortions

Finally, it’s long past time to end America’s bans on government funding for abortions, like the federal Hyde Amendment and similar state measures. These bans mean that poor women already struggle to afford reproductive health care — an issue that’s sure to be exacerbated during the coronavirus crisis and the economic fallout from it. With so much about the future uncertain for countless Americans, it’s more important than ever that everyone has control over their reproductive choices, at least. 

Um, no, pregnancy is NOT a disease, and killing babies is NOT health care. And NO, we should not be forced to pay for the murder of the innocents. But this is after all the NYT. They claim to want to save lives in the corona crisis, and seek to blame Christians for it. But open slather on baby murder is just peachy.

The devilish folks running the NYT would make even Nero look rather tame and rational in comparison.

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15 Replies to “Crisis, Corona and Christophobia”

  1. If Christians cause Corona destruction, then how come New York, the bastion of ultra-leftism, also happens to be the US epicentre of Covid-19? People in glass houses…

  2. “…it doesn’t help to have an administration that has never believed in a federal government serving the public good.”

    Seriously? When you have NY Times journalists saying nonsense like this they really should be a complete and absolute laughing-stock. How exactly do people like this think nations would cope without proper border controls for a start? How about the multi-trillion dollar package the Trump administration has just announced? Did this woman seriously not notice?

    The Taiwanese reacted well because they suspected all along the communists were not telling the truth about the then epidemic. So it was actually nationalism that saved the Taiwanese many deaths. They were doing testing on people coming into their nation from 26th January because they knew the communists are very often not honest. Most sensible people understand this. It’s nations like Italy, who trusted the communists, who are paying the biggest price for that misplaced trust. How exactly does this foolish woman think we would cope fighting this sort of pandemic without nationalism and border control?

    You could write a small book about the profound absurdities in Ms. Stewart’s article but what really gets me is people like this actually don’t understand, or at least acknowledge, that it was Christian culture that set up the universities in the first place. Do they not understand that prior to the generally accepted Christian view that there is objective truth and we need to respect that truth and that we have the ability to find that truth, that there is no way whatsoever we would have had the enlightenment? This was the foundation that allowed the enlightenment to occur.

    Do they not understand that it was Christian culture that set up the hospitals and schools and modern democracy as well as the universities etc. etc. etc.? The things that are actually helping to save people’s lives? Do they not understand that it was Christian people who deliberately compiled all the knowledge that could be found and then deliberately set up systems whereby people could have access to that information? Do they not understand that it was Christian culture who was at the forefront of teaching literacy worldwide? When we went to the Moon there was a reason there were people there saying Christian prayers.

    The fact is it is the left wing of politics who are denying this fundamental basis of the enlightenment and who are proposing the various ideas that anybody’s “truth” is as good as any one else’s’, which, of course, is profound nonsense. It is the left wing of politics who has repeatedly shown they want to eradicate borders and proper border controls. It is the left wing of politics who want to create closer, more trusting ties with Communist China. It is the left wing of politics who repeatedly put nations into massive debt which massively restricts our ability to cope with situations like this.

    It is the left wing of politics who has repeatedly denied the existence of absolute truth and it is the left wing of politics who are the greatest threat to true science as the evidence with the increasing number of false scientific publications under left wing university administrations has clearly demonstrated. I think the last I heard is that around half of all scientific publications have been shown to be demonstrably false and in some cases very deliberately falsified. This simply is not the sort of thing that routinely happened under Christian culture, where truth is properly and routinely respected, as it now regularly happening under atheistic, left-wing, covetous and deceit based culture. I recently saw something where even the left wing of politics is lampooning some of the absurd, supposedly-scientific publications.

    When we see this evidence plus the obvious evidence from this astoundingly foolish woman writing for the NY Times, people have a complete right to be skeptical – especially of the NY Times. The NY Times simply are shown to not have any respect for truth whatsoever.

  3. Even as an atheist, the attack on Christians by the Left is an obvious as its attack on the nation state, biological sex or “gender”, our rights in the West, men, education, and even reason/logic/knowledge.

    As Ben Shapiro says (roughly), “The idea that all human life has value is not an idea that is confirmed by science but one created by Christianity”. (Referencing people such as Sam Harris who believe that morals can be magically defined by science.)

    The Left attack Christianity because it’s the last pillar that remains in society that hasn’t completely fallen. The march through (and against) the institutions continues.

  4. Hey the great-fire of Rome is a good evangelical tool! There were so many Christians in Rome only 30 years after the crucifixion that Nero could blame them for the fire. Plus crucifixion eyewitnesses would still have been around and Christians were so sure of Jesus as saviour and lord that they would rather die than deny the truth.

  5. Indeed true, Mark.

    The Left/progressives/totalitarians are all about wielding power. And the Christian faith acknowledges a Supreme Power which they cannot touch.

    Their attacks will never cease, and when they control society’s main avenues of management (media, government, education, public service, even local councils) they have a great deal invested in protecting their positions by denying any other source of authority.

    We need to be cautious about placing too much trust in the machinery of society – especially in so-called free countries. (“Some trust in princes, but we trust in the LORD our God.”)

  6. Will the Australian governments tell Australians the real truth? The state defines legal sex, legal sexual organs, legal sexual intercourse and legal sexual relationships according to the morality of the politicians. What is an essential service? My brother’s elective eye surgery has been recently cancelled because of COVID19, but he can get his haircut as this is considered to be an essential service. He urgently needs to have cataract surgery on both of his eyes as his vision has been significantly decreased over the past months whilst he has been waiting for an eye appointment. An eye is considered to be 2nd to life for compensation, but this truth is lost in the COVID19 panic as my brother’s hair is considered to be more important than his eyes, unless he becomes legally blind in order for it to be treated as an emergency (essential service).

  7. I have found 3 up ticks for this madness of quaranteening and the total shut down and crippling of the Economy and our fragile Nation by this obvious over reaction and fear of Co Vid 19. China virus.

    1. Schools are closed down and the children can not be endlessly propagandized by the majority Leftist teachers in all schools obsessing about recycling and fear of the impending Extinction Rebellion, “The world is going to end in 10 years”. Greta of “I can see carbon dioxide” and “How Dare You !” and lie to me and tell me of endless fantasies of economic growth! Well we have certainly done that by destroying our Economies? Self inflicted harm. The so called cure is worse than the disease?

    2. The abortion industry can not kill enough babies. Planned (un)Parenthood is looking for stimulus and recompense! So lives are being saved? It is black and white and a matter of life or death. Evil abortionists are suffering a slow down in business!

    3. The prostitution industry and massage parlours are having a hard time with lack of clients and are on the look out for stimulus from the 3 $Trillion!

  8. Hey Bill,
    On the subject of Christophobia and the state, it’s interesting that we’ve learned Dan Andrews regime is now okay homeschooling and now believes in biology because they refer to coronavirus statistics in terms of binary sex descriptions ie men are more prone than women to get the virus etc
    I wonder how they’ll argue that in Hansard now that they agree with the facts and therefore conservative Christians

  9. You aren’t the first to be irked by Stewart’s idiotic piece. That bigots are around is no surprise, more perturbing is the fact the NYT is happy to make such opinion piece front page ‘news’. What does it say about our society when powerful elements promote such hatred and illogic?

    As regards a real culprit being the Chinese Communist Party, are they an acceptable villain to the Left? Accusing Chinese is racist whilst accusing Communists, is disloyalty to party\allegiance\political tribe. Like Nero looking to shift the blame perhaps the Left needs an acceptable scapegoat?

  10. Well, I suppose in some way we are responsible. Had we not voted for Trump, the left would not have needed a virus from China. Killary and Co. would have finished us off some other way.

  11. ‘Creative with the truth’ takes on a new depth of meaning. How to make a health crisis birthed in an atheist nation the fault of Christians in the West? We have to award them at least ten out of ten not only for creativity but also for appeal to the masses…The NY latte sippers will lap it up, irritated at the new restrictions and just looking for something to feed their Christophobic worldview.

  12. Coronaviruses will come and coronaviruses will go, but the word of the Lord will last forever. Where have I seen something like that recently?

    My feeling is that it will be around for 12 months and then the judgment. Have you listened to me or haven’t you? If you haven’t, you ain’t seen nothing yet!!!

  13. This utter madness must stop ! It is yet another hyped up panic that the Whole Wide WORLD HAS FALLEN FOR . Sorry capitals. The WWW has gone stark raving mad over this so called pandemic panic. It is just ridiculous to destroy the WWW over a virus that has killed 25 people in Australia. It is such an overblown over reaction you would think the prime role of the government now is to save every life ! ( Life is fatal !…. Best to be born twice and die once than to be born once and die twice ……,Eternity that God has put in our heart )

    I have failed to get the memo that WW3 has been declared. All freedoms faith family have been suspended and indeed destroyed in this irrational war against COVID 19 . The insanity of it all . Where does ScoMo get the alarmist notion that this Flu dictatorship will continue for 6 months or more ? Who is advising this ? A panel of our ” betters ” the Leftist elites and hysterical medicos who have always been keen to annihilate our free society and turn us into a communist Hell?

    We have given up our life and liberty and responsibility on the basis of fear of a flu ? No one is mounting a push back to this madness ! Parliament has been suspended till August ! What use are politicians and democracy if this top down control of totalitarianism take over can be gladly allowed ? Everyone must cower in fear in their homes? Weak Christians go along to get along with this idiocy and are happy to do virtual church ? Fear stalks the Land of Australia. The once sensible reactions to flu to self isolate if need be and be cautious and to be careful are now forbidden to be expressed and acted upon and now even uttered as an inappropriate response.

    If I hear one more demand and instruction to wash my hands I will really lose it ! I am seriously wondering if my marriage of 25 years will survive this nonsense if I refuse to panic along with the WWW ! Last night my husbands best friend in Perth has cancelled his birthday in September ! He is a serious scientific micro biologist! This madness of reaction on a vast hysterical scale is like another mass alternate world has been entered and I have refused to walk though the doorway into the mind altering maze. Friends in Melbourne have heard of grandparents 2 weeks ago mounting a ” goodbye ” party for their grand children . They will voluntarily only have virtual contact indefinately ! Only I think this is crazy and the collective WWW has lost it’s mind and sense?

    I feel like the only sane person in our once Beloved Country. Perhaps I will be censored from this blogsite for my non compliance to the current political correctness. I am horrified and amazed that this night and daymare is happening. It has to stop by Easter or there is no coming back! I stand by my other posts to your wonderful blogsite Bill.

    The list of other hoaxes and scams that the WWW has fallen for over the last decades and centuries.

    Eugenics (“respectable” science of the 19th and 20th century) and Social Darwinism .

    Genocides too numerous to mention.
    Putting into real life practices the Evolutionary Social Darwinism by Hitler Stalin Pol Pot Mao …..

    Darwinian Evolution belief on every level that has adversely effected every discipline of science cosmology medicine psychology sociology well everything ………..every false science.

    Atheism and Theistic Evolution.

    Big Bang nonsense….. Nothing Exploded and produced Everything .

    The fairy tale told to adults that we all came from Goo to You VIA the Zoo!

    Belief that human beings are NOT a special creation by the Triune (Father Son and Holy Spirit) God of the Bible. Day 6 of Creation Week. 6000 years ago. Adam and Eve are our real original parents.

    The millions and billions of years and geological ages that have not happened.

    The false timeline of history and presuppositions that underpin them by mere speculative stories of animal origins.

    Humans are evolved Apes.

    The LUCA (Last Universal Common Ancestor) and primordial slime that everything…… plants and animals and humans have supposedly evolved from… materialist nonsense parading as science .

    Now this WWW destruction of Western Civilization and previously Judeo Christian Nations. We have nothing to fear but fear itself! Fear of microscopic bugs! General collapse and destruction of the West . WWW suicide starting with the Economy and effecting everything else. A profound flow on effect of WWW madness! (Whole Wide World)

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