Further Reflections on the Current Crisis

2020 has been quite a year. Here are some reflections on the current state of play:

I here offer more thoughts on the corona crisis, especially on the rather nightmarish situations as found in Victoria and Queensland. Not only is corona THE top story of 2020, but so too is how various governments have sought to deal with it and handle it. And sadly they are often mishandling it, and often making matters far worse. Over-the-top lockdown measures have in so many ways made the cure much worse than the disease.

Here then are some random thoughts and reflections on the current state of play:

On police and violence:

We need some clarity on recent police actions in Australia and America. It is wrong to see the two as in any way being the same. Comparing apples and oranges is simply not helpful. In the US the Democrats and progressives want to do away with the police altogether, or at least radically defund them and curtail their activities. And groups like Black Lives Matter have made clear their hatred of the police. That has been clearly seen in so many police being attacked and even killed, including the recent assassination attempt on two officers sitting in their police car in LA.

That is NOT the case here. What we find happening more and more in Dan Andrews’ Victoria is a dangerous and expanding police state, and some over-zealous and over-the-top policing by some which no one should approve of. Whether it is handcuffing and arresting a pregnant mother in her own home in front of her children, or running a police car into a citizen with mental health problems, and then stomping on his head, sending him to hospital in a coma, this is completely unacceptable and must stop now.

I certainly support the police and we need to show them due respect. But actions like these are quickly undermining this respect. I also support the rights of citizens to not be abused and misused by some renegade cops who are as much into power trips as our out-of-touch Premier is.


On returning rights to the people:

There is absolutely no virtue whatsoever in rulers handing a few crumbs back to their subjects when they arrogantly and dictatorially stole those basic rights and freedoms from the people in the first place. Tyrants deserve zero praise for this. But they do deserve blame for their authoritarian actions in the first place.


On some clarity on bailouts:

When Dan Andrews says the government will spend $3 billion on struggling businesses, we need to keep four things in mind:

-When that government caused the second wave by sheer incompetence and negligence, they are directly responsible for all the millions of unemployed and underemployed – as well as the hundreds of deaths;
-That government is not giving us a penny of their money – it is OUR money. Governments do not produce anything – they only tax hard-working folks who do. So there is no praise in how they are taking our money and then handing some of it back to us.
-This massive amount of money, coupled with all the other money being thrown around such as with Job Seeker and Job Keeper will saddle us, our children and our grandchildren with crippling debt for decades to come.
-Since Andrews and Co are the ones mainly responsible for these various disasters, they are the ones who should be in prison now, not ordinary Victorians.


On illogical and completely arbitrary curfews:

It is quite amazing really. Until just recently Rona had decided to target Victorian people especially after 8pm, but now Rona thinks it can only get at folks after 9pm. Amazing. This is such a clever little virus, and it is so comforting to know our governments are fully on top of things here. We all can sleep better at night knowing this.


On ‘friends’ on the social media and elsewhere:

Let me make this as plain as possible:
-If you think the most draconian and irrational lockdown measures in the free world are just peachy;
-If you think hundreds of lives lost and hundreds of thousands of livelihoods lost do not matter;
-If you think police state tactics against pregnant mums, grandmothers, and other innocent citizens are justified;
-If you think destroying entire economies and causing massive suicide spikes are hunky dory;
-If you think Dan Andrews is the messiah who can do no wrong;
-If you think human rights, freedom and democracy are not worth fighting for;
Guess what – you are not really my friend, you have little in common with me and my values, and you are advised to go elsewhere. I find your views to be really quite worrying to be honest. You may well be part of the problem, not the solution.


On all the fearmongering:

Much of the blame for all the hysteria and nonsense concerning corona can be laid at the feet of two main sources: power-hungry politicians who know full well the value of fear, and how it can turn the masses into compliant sheep; and the lamestream media which delights in offering us daily servings of panic-porn, catastrophism, and fearmongering.

While I do not agree with all that the conservative line-up on Sky News has to offer, it is one of the only television networks in Australia that seeks to present an alternative to the senseless bilge of the MSM. The evening shows for weeks now have been very good at blasting the corona madness, especially as found in the heartless Premiers Andrews and Palaszczuk, who have inflicted so much suffering, torment and hardship on so many.

Each one of these folks has done a very important service to our nation by pointing out the utter callousness, ineptitude and arrogance of these thuggish and uncaring leaders and how destructive their policies have been. They are:

5pm Chris Smith
6pm Peta Credlin
7pm Andrew Bolt
8pm Alan Jones
9pm Paul Murray


On learning from history:

If you know your Bible well, and if you have a good grasp of history, you will have a very good understanding of what is happening today, especially in places like Victoria. If you don’t, you will be all rather clueless. And that is a massive problem: far too many folks – even those claiming to be Christians – have very little knowledge of Scripture, and very little knowledge of history. Thus we keep missing what God is seeking to warn us about, and we keep repeating the mistakes of history. Both are very dangerous situations to be in.


In Germany in the 1930s there emerged at least two responses to the regime:

-The majority who supported it, who thought it could do no wrong, who defended it to the death, and who hated on anyone who dared to question it;
-The minority who said, ‘Wait a minute – this is going way too far. This is not right. There is a law above the law. The state is not god. We must not allow this tyranny. We must not allow all opposition to be silenced.’

Hmm, why am I increasingly seeing this very thing happening in places like Victoria?


No wonder the Andrews’ government has us under the most draconian lockdown measures in the free world: his government has collected well over $6 million in lockdown fines so far. This is a real money maker for Dictator Dan. If one is cynical about revenue raising from speed cameras, one can also be quite sceptical about this corona lockdown revenue raising.


As I have documented so often now, many of the corona figures are rubbery, whether we are talking about cases or deaths or what have you. Moreover, each country is quite different in various ways, so international comparisons can be less than helpful. Indeed, in places like America you effectively have 50 different sets of government policies concerning corona, as found in the 50 US states.

The numbers in Australia are still worth being aware of:

-We are a nation of almost 26 million people
-We have had 26,739 corona cases so far
-We have had 816 corona deaths so far
-The corona recovery rate is 96.65%

Based on those numbers, this is not really a pandemic but something more comparable to many other viruses. The numbers are found here: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/australia/


I keep hearing rumours of various Labor plots to dump dysfunctional Dan. It seems far too good to be true. One can only hope. But arrogant, out-of-touch and power-drunk rulers do NOT like giving up power – not without a fight. However, I do pray every single day that something happens. I pray that either he gets gloriously saved, repents of his sins, and asks Victorians to forgive him for all the death and destruction he has caused, or that somehow he is removed. Either way we can and should ask the Lord to please act on our behalf. This really cannot go on much longer. Daily suicides, ruined lives and busted businesses are mounting up, and we may never fully recover from all this.


What is happening in Victoria has NOT escaped the attention of so much of the world. Many are utterly shocked. Here are the opening paragraphs of just one such article from overseas:

How far will the COVID “saviors” go to save us? How about arresting pregnant moms in their PJs, conducting warrantless searches, imposing harsh quarantines and 8-5 curfews, employing surveillance drones, dishing out exorbitant fines, setting up police roadblocks/checkpoints, smashing automobile windows and dragging occupants out of their vehicles, and much more?

It is increasingly apparent that many politicians, bureaucrats, and medical authorities are ready and willing to go “Full Wuhan” and adopt communist China’s police state methods to combat the coronavirus. Yet such draconian methods were not used to fight other pandemics that claimed many more lives, such as the 50 million lives lost to the Spanish Flu during 1918-1920. https://www.thenewamerican.com/world-news/australia/item/37032-is-melbourne-s-health-dictatorship-our-future-australian-state-goes-full-wuhan  


One final thought: a few folks have made it clear they do not like these sorts of posts. Well, that is fine. No one is forcing anyone to come to this site. If it is so offensive and causes so much angst, simply stay away! Problem solved! And if you feel it is your mission in life to attack me and criticise me at every opportunity, you will not get that chance here, so why not set up your own website and then you can do it all you like. In the meantime, I will keep doing what I sense I am called to do.

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22 Replies to “Further Reflections on the Current Crisis”

  1. I am grateful for your posts, Bill. Along with other sources that I read, I find your articles informative and helpful in understanding the times.

    Please keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks Bill
    Excellent commentary.
    Praise God for the gift He has bestowed on you.

  3. In ALL the state elections it would be best to vote AGAINST the police minister and attorney general, and AGAINST the opposition police minister and attorney general.

    In other words – if you live in an electorate where one of these people stand – then vote for someone else.

    Why – because ministers are NOT sworn police officers they are simply elected officials, and if you do have a problem with police then this is the avenue to take, as to abuse police and so forth is nothing more than giving police further reasoning to take the course they have – heavy handedness; police have the job to impose law no matter how draconian.

    In other words – next time – the civilian arm of government will be somewhat more circumspect before they impose such draconian laws upon the people – which includes the families, relations, friends and neighbours of serving police officers. And serving military officers.

    Australia is not China and we will NOT live under ‘any sort’ of authoritarian leadership. Police want their dignity – and we want ours.

    Thanks Bill for all your hard work and God Bless.

  4. The numbers are rubbery, but theses widely different deaths per million, from a few days ago, need explaining:
    612 UK
    584 USA
    577 Sweden
    471 France
    364 Netherlands
    108 Victoria, Australia

    53 India
    30 Indonesia
    30 Australia as a whole
    28 Greece
    9 Cuba
    5 Nigeria

    The first group of fairly rich places have good health systems yet have high to middling death rates.
    Some have lockdowns and some don’t – it doesn’t seem to make much difference.
    All either prohibit or discourage hydroxychloroquine use despite thousands of doctors worldwide and many eminent medical experts recommending HCQ as safe and very effective against Covid if used proactively, both to prevent Covid-19 spreading and to reduce the severity of the disease in those who become infected.

    The second group, apart from Australia as a whole, is of countries with very high population densities that make social distancing and lockdowns very difficult to implement effectively, yet their death rates are an order of magnitude lower than the top group.
    Why is it so?

    All, except Australia, permit or encourage HCQ use – which many experts say reduces the infection and death rates from Covid-19.

    Yet our media and the medical ‘experts’ ignore such evidence and refuse to discus it – e.g. see https://tinyurl.com/CovidAnswers. For the last few days they all emphasise the alarming numbers of cases in India, as if India was a basket case, but they don’t discuss what really matters: the death rate per million population that shows that Victoria is the basket case not India.

  5. Thank you Bill for your insightful commentaries. It is always good to hear an alternative to the MSN. Please keep up the great work you do!

  6. -The corona recovery rate is 96.65%

    That should be 96.95% based on the figures you quoted (small quibble from an accountant 🙂 ).

    That is 26739 – 816 = 25923 / 26739.
    The incidence is merely 26739 / 26 million or 0.10% and the mortality rate is 0.003%. Of course, that is an average over the whole of Australia, whereas we know that infections have been in a small number of pockets only.

    This is the yet another major political protection racket, after
    a) the LGBT movement and AIDS
    b) climate change (protecting the weather!!)

  7. Another Great article Bill, appreciate your hard work to expose such tyrannical actions of those who would fit right in with other Globalists who want their Satanic N.W.O.one world totalitarian government agenda to succeed.

  8. We honour your passion and straight talking, Bill – thank you.

    Here’s another injustice, though minor on the scale of what you have referred to in your post:

    We have been waiting for a week for vital mail for each of us from the neighbouring postcode. I have just rung the post office to ask when they think we may receive these items. I was told that all Victorian mail, as well as all NSW regional mail, is being sent to Sydney for sorting, then back to Melbourne, to regional Victoria, to regional NSW etc, for delivery then to each ‘addressee’.

    Don’t hang by your teeth!

    Thank you Bill for rallying all your readers!

  9. Go! Bill Go! That was so so good, For some of us the Lord has put are fire in our bellies, the question is what are we going to do about it?
    Also thought this might be of interest. This came out on the 4th October last year through the Bolt Report.
    “No need for communist China to invade. Victoria’s police have already raised the dictatorship’s flag over a police station in a heavily Chinese suburb. And guess who came to cut the cake to celebrate the dictatorship’s birthday? Why, it’s Gladys Liu, the Liberal MP tied to China’s propaganda arm”. Editorial from The Bolt Report.
    Clearly some of your police have been infected by the “Red Dragon” disease.
    So when you say: ” It is increasingly apparent that many politicians, bureaucrats, and medical authorities are ready and willing to go “Full Wuhan” and adopt communist China’s police state methods to combat the coronavirus”, you actually could be on the right track.

    It is interesting to note that when the Lord picked out Gideon’s army, he did not pick out the ones with their heads down drinking the water, he picked the ones that brought the water to their mouths. Why? Because they were still watching and discerning any danger that might be lurking around them while still drinking the same water. So it is with Christians today. There is those who want to just drink the water of life, and there is those who not only drink the water of life but are also watching and discerning any potential dangers that may be trying to invade us.
    The one’s who brought the water up to their mouths were the ones chosen to be in God’s army.

  10. Dear Bill,

    Thank you for the article. The best yet! It is really comforting to know that they are written with such sincerity and a genuine love for Our Lord Jesus who was TRUTH itself.

    The MSM is an absolute disgrace. This pandemic has shown them in their true colours. Mealy-mouthed yes-men with no backbones to question what can only be described as incidents of police brutality. I was brought up to respect the police but some of them have overstepped the mark.

  11. Standing with you for freedom and true justice, Bill. And, from my side of the world, we are increasing in number – we who are not sheeples but willing to stand up for righteousness. Makes me think of the album cover of Keith Green’s “No Compromise”.

  12. You are right to differentiate our policing from the US. For one, ours is monolithic. We have some of the largest police forces in the world, drawn upon state and territory lines and they are most certainly vulnerable to government abuse.

    What we see in America is almost the polar opposite. Their police forces are incorporated upon county lines and have a great deal of independence from the state and federal hierarchies. This is open to abuse at the county level and this manifests in the occasional corrupt force. It is not open to abuse at the state and federal level and this is where the Democrats “defund police” playbook comes into play. They wish to radically reconstitute the police along lines where they can control it. They would love the Australian policing model.

  13. By far the greatest threat to mankind (Australian mankind in the first instance), far greater than any modern day viral irregularity (be it Corona, Dan Andrews, black or white lives…), is that terrible “must-have” ‘box-in-the-corner’. Were it not for the “4k mine’s-bigger-than-yours” plant holder in everybody’s living room we would have nations of free thinking people unable to be side-swiped by the snakes and vipers “running” our lands.

    To be 100% sure… “they” have successfully programmed the masses (and they do call them programs), “they” have dumbed down, divided and disillusioned the populace to the point of despair and “they” have seduced God’s people with their sugar and wine whilst leading us all down the ramp to the slaughterhouse.

    Together We Stand – Divided We Fall (one Nation at a time initially and then BOOM!)

    A divine miracle could change the current situation but I suggest that might not be in alignment with God’s enduring Word.

    And, not to put to fine a point on it but; the most deserved of the hardship and horror, both current and to come, are the Christians. We have been caught sleeping on our watch!

    We voted in the Government that would reduce taxes instead of the Party who laboured for family values.
    We voted in the Government that took God out of our daily lives instead of the Party who were concerned for the baby in the womb.
    We voted in the Government that would sell our Nations soul instead of the Party whose policies favoured life, family values and freedom.

    We were plain greedy. What have we done?

    What can we do: Throw the boxes out onto the street (1000’s throughout Victoria would make an impact), get on our knees and pray, and pray and pray and pray…..

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