There May Be Some Hope Yet

A few recent indications that Australians might be fighting back – finally!

There have been a few recent events in the Australian political scene that seem to be rather encouraging and may indicate that we are not quite yet at the bottom of the barrel. A few acts of brave resistance seem to indicate that not everyone has capitulated to the deep state here, and there may be some hope for our nation and its future.

But before my many detractors and critics try to accuse me of hypocrisy here, let me say that this is simply not the case. Yes, of late I have penned a number of articles on the related themes of the political malaise we find ourselves in, and how our only ultimate hope is not in politics, but in Christ alone.

That of course is still my firm conviction. Politics will not save us, a politician will not save us, and new programs and policies will not save us. But as I have also said all along, we still need to be in the fight – we still need to engage at every level, including the political, cultural and ideological. So we stay involved in politics, while at the same time realising that there are limits to how far politics can take us.

What then are these recent events that might give us all some hope? Two stand out. The first is the surprise move by Federal MP Craig Kelly to leave the Liberal Party and join the crossbench. This is all over the media right now. See here eg.,

That’s a good thing? Well, not if you are a dyed-in-the-wool Liberal supporter. That is one less Liberal on the team. But if you are more concerned about fixing this country, and more concerned about standing up for what is right, then this may well have been a very good move indeed.

The truth is, Kelly is one of the best MPs we have. He has consistently and courageously been defending genuine conservative values and concerns all along, even while so many of his Liberal Party colleagues have too often simply been weak as water. Some fellow MPs have withstood him as he has opposed attempts by the Libs to move to the left on energy and climate change policies for example.

He has strongly stood against the Rona hysteria and lockdowns, and has championed hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin to help treat coronavirus. But he has been given the cold shoulder by Morrison and his mates – even chewed out publicly!

Kelly is actually another Trump type of politician – he is seeking to drain the swamp, stand against the fake news, and expose all the pretend conservatives. For that alone he should be the Prime Minister, while ScoMo should be sitting on the back bench.

He is one of the best and most consistent conservatives in federal politics today. But sadly, good men like Kelly are effectively being pushed out of the Liberal Party. It is heading ever more to the left, leaving real conservatives like Kelly high and dry.

So this is a loss for the Libs and a gain for the crossbenchers. As Herald Sun columnist Rita Panahi put it, “So, the Liberal party can accommodate Matt Kean but not Craig Kelly. The ‘broad church’ needs repairs.” Yep. But it may have been a very smart move by Kelly. While he was with the Libs it was in an uphill battle to stand strong for conservative principles, and the Libs gave him little support.

But now as a backbencher, and with the Libs having an increasingly slim majority, they will now finally have to treat him with some actual respect if they hope to have him vote their way on key issues. So ironically, the Libs may now treat Kelly better than they did when he was on their team.

Please keep Craig in your prayers, thanks. The left-wing media of course has long been attacking him. FascistBook for example just recently banned him for a month. And when your own party will not even support you, that is bad news indeed. We clearly need many more champions like him. They are a rare breed – few and far between.

My second recent case of a possible resurgence in people power and a fightback to the powers that be involves a tennis match, of all things. I did not watch the men’s final of the Australian Open, but we all heard about it afterwards. Num num bigwigs giving political speeches got the crowd upset – and rightly so.

When Tennis Australia President Jayne Hrdlicka started rambling on about vaccines, and about how terrific Victorian Premier Dan Andrews was, that got the masses stirring. Boos rang out, and that caught most folks by surprise. See this two-minute video clip:

As Chris Kenny said, the Sunday evening crowd gave a “timely reality check on the media political class.” The truth is, folks are fed up with Andrews and his lockdown madness. And they are getting sick and tired of the politicisation of everything, including sport. When they come to an event like the Open, they are leaving their worries and cares behind – including the dreary world of politics and political correctness.

They do not want to be lectured to by some PC twit with an agenda – they want to enjoy the tennis, and that is all. So the booing crowd – while sending shivers down the spines of the loony left, offending them big time – gave me a real confidence boost. Finally, a bit of fightback.

Rita Panahi also spoke about this event and is worth quoting from:

Long suffering Victorians who booed when a sports official foolishly veered into motherhood statements and politics during the presentation ceremony at the Australian Open, have been branded “disgraceful” and “unAustralian”.

Tennis fans deserve better than to be admonished by the professional Karen brigade for not wanting to cop a lecture about the pandemic and the wonderfulness of the Victorian government during a sporting event.

Those who like to pretend they’re our moral superiors are determined to view the booing as representing some sort of anti-vaxxer sentiment. What utter tosh.

The simplistic and profoundly stupid narrative that the crowd were booing vaccines has spread far and wide with dimwitted sports journalists misunderstanding the public mood and maligning Australians in publications across the globe from the UK’s Telegraph to the New York Times.

Victorians weren’t booing the COVID vaccine program; Australia has some of the highest immunisation rates in the world and the overwhelming majority of the population will voluntarily get the COVID-19 vaccine.

The booing had nothing to do with vaccines and everything to do with frustrated sports fans, who had endured multiple lockdowns including one lasting 112-days, not wanting to cop platitudes and political posturing during a sporting event they’d paid through the teeth to witness.

Yes quite right. So there you have it: two small but significant steps. Maybe Australians are finally beginning to wake up. Maybe Australians have decided that enough is enough, and they ain’t gonna take it anymore. I sure hope so. Just when I was despairing of Australia heading down the gurgler for good, a bit of resistance has given me some hope.

It should give you some hope as well.

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13 Replies to “There May Be Some Hope Yet”

  1. Thanks for this encouragement Bill. Craig Kelly is obviously in politics for the right reasons and I am very glad he is now independent. He does his research and is right on both issues. At the beginning of the ‘Rona’ I asked my integrative doctor for advice. I summarised that advice and sent it to family and friends, most of whom ignored it. Re medications I wrote;
    Medications – shown to be effective
    -Chloroquine phosphate – export recently banned by the UK government – increases uptake of zinc absorption
    -Azithromycin – antibiotic – better result when combined with chloroquine.
    -Remdesivir – anti-viral
    -Nitazoxanide – anti viral
    Prevention – long term
    -Increase food sources of zinc especially if you exercise – try lentil sprouts, lamb, grass fed beef, chickpeas, chicken, almonds, spinach, mushrooms, avocados, ricotta cheese, kefir or yoghourt, cashews, sesame and pumpkin seeds, cacao powder.
    -Keep blood pressure within normal limits
    -Have 2 – 3 grams of Vitamin C daily
    -Increase anti-viral foods – coconut oil, fennel, garlic, ginger, kale, parsley, pomegranate, red clover, sprouts, sweet potatoes, turmeric, wild blueberries, coriander, green tea.
    Why didn’t we hear about supporting the immune system which is obviously the first thing to do. I suppose people wouldn’t have to rely on the government? Perhaps they wouldn’t have panicked and could have acted more as resourceful adults?

  2. As long as the covid vaccine remains voluntary, im all good.
    I do not judge a person if they want it, but i myself will choose not to. ( not against other vaccines, just had hep b & c vax and tetanus)

  3. There is so much we don’t know about this “vaccine”. No guarantees, no accountability. It won’t make us “safe”. It won’t make us free. It’s just a trial to see what happens.
    And yet they want to make it mandatory. Not happy. Not confident. Lost trust in all doctors now.

  4. Thank you, Bill,

    We have been praying for some “kick-up-the Ar-archipelago” to happen to the current bunch of Liberals, bent over, to please the Leftist brigade, on all kinds of PC issues, such as;

    Rhona – Climate – social – engineering in all aspects of life.

    Yes you’re so right in mentioning

    The Five Solas are:
    1. Sola Scriptura (“Scripture alone”): The Bible alone is our highest authority.
    2. Sola Fide (“faith alone”): We are saved through faith alone in Jesus Christ.
    3. Sola Gratia (“grace alone”): We are saved by the grace of God alone.
    4. Solus Christus (“Christ alone”): Jesus Christ alone is our Lord, Savior, and King.
    5. Soli Deo Gloria (“to the glory of God alone”): We live for the glory of God alone.

    Good on you Craig Kelly, hope and pray for “Conviction” pollies, to take back what the “enemy” has plundered!

    Thank you and your family and fellow concerned, but NOT afraid, citizens(:

    Cheers & Blessings

    Eric Hansen

  5. Yes, great news – but Rita the crowd did in fact also boo the vaccine!*

    Morrison called Craig Kelly to his office and gave him a gag order. Praise God for Craig Kelly’s principled departure from being controlled by Morrison’s determined dishonesty and veiling of truth.

    And so yes, Craig Kelly will need now to be respected by egomaniac Morrison (one of our daughters, extremely politically astute and informed, said recently that just hearing Morrison speak she feels her blood pressure rise – a feeling she has not had with any previous PM). So very, very much disillusionment with this slippery man, who has certainly let Christians down hugely.

    How wonderful if faithful Kevin Andrews would follow Craig Kelly to the cross bench and thereby draw the respect he deserves.

    *Very important to watch and be aware of and share re the vaccine:

  6. Re: Lesley’s concerns about the vaccine. According to an article I read, and assuming I recall the details correctly i.e. do your own reading, authorities believe they need 70% of the population vaccinated with a 95% efficacy vaccination to have a hope of developing herd immunity, yet the AstraZeneca vaccine has only 62% efficacy, 20% of the Australian population are children so won’t be vaccinated, and another 10-20% of the population won’t get vaccinated because of health issues or other reasons.

    While companies will be able to mandate the vaccination for frontline positions, most positions aren’t such, and so they likely won’t be able to require it for all staff. Given nobody I know IRL is saying they’re interested in getting vaccinated, and several have health reasons to avoid it, that 10-20% of adults who won’t\can’t get vaccinated could be very low. Factor in that viral mutations could make the current vaccinations somewhat pointless, rushing to get vaccinated seems like a politically driven exercise not a scientific one.

  7. Thanks Bill, great article. Craig Kelly is a Sydney Federal MP who I agree would make a good Prime Minister.

  8. The government, Andrews and cronies had better hope the booing was aimed at the inappropriateness of a political message at a sporting event and not the vaccine. Otherwise, the vaccine take-up might not be as popular as they would have wished for.

  9. Sadly, our PM ScoMao has been a complete disappointment.. he only has high praise for Dear Leader Chairman Dan and won the previous election which everyone (and especially the MSM) called a “referendum” on global warming hysteria, yet had decided to go against his own campaign message and embrace a “100% carbon neutral” program this year whose only virtue is that it hurts the poor and kills jobs while furnishing the Chinese Communist Party with as much of our coal as they deem willing to condescend to take from us… why anyone still votes Liberal when all you get is the Greens-Alp coalition policies anyway!!

  10. Suzanna Balfour Feb 24, 2021 at 11:48 am

    Yes, great news – but Rita the crowd did in fact also boo the vaccine!*

    That may be so, Suzanna and I can’t verify because I wasn’t there. But to add some nuance to that, I suggest that the booing of the vaccine was also to do with the Victorian government changing its strategy from “flattening the curve” to “eliminating the virus” (as if they could) to “wait for the vaccine” and all we were getting was more and more severe lockdown restrictions, along with heavy-handed jackboot policing.

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