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Crucified For Speaking the Truth

Aug 2, 2009

There is one thing that can be counted on with absolute certainly in this relativistic world: there is a protected species which no one even dares to cross, certainly not in the mainstream media. This group can now get away

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More Pro-Homosexual Discrimination

Jul 23, 2009

Some people are evidently more equal than others. Homosexual activists have long complained about discrimination and a lack of equal rights. But when push comes to shove, it seems that homosexuals are more than happy to agitate for inequality and

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Discrimination and the Media

Jul 22, 2009

For all the hoopla about discrimination, the simple truth is everyone discriminates all the time. And that is just as true of the mainstream media, which so often crusades against what it considers to be the evils of discrimination. Every

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How PC is Putting Us All at Risk

Jul 21, 2009

Political Correctness is certainly annoying, foolish and a pain in the neck. However, it can also be quite dangerous, especially when it is applied to issues of national security, policing and justice. In the attempt of our elites to make

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In Praise of Discrimination

Jun 23, 2009

Time was when a man could be praised for having discriminating tastes. It was a mark of being able to make fine differentiations. Discernment, judgment and careful evaluation also used to be regarded as virtues. But today of course the

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Where All This Persecution is Heading

Jun 19, 2009

As a young believer I marvelled at stories of persecuted Christians in the early church. The horrible suffering, torture and death they faced were incredible to learn about. I often wondered what such persecution would be like.

Well we are

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Coming Soon to You: The State PC Church

Jun 19, 2009

I have written extensively as of late about how religious freedom in the West is slowly but surely coming under attack. State-sponsored anti-Christian bigotry is on the increase throughout the Western world. Various forces have been warring against the free

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Another Nail in the Christian Coffin

Jun 4, 2009

The ongoing assault on all things Christian continues unabated. Every day around the Western world new reports emerge of Christian persecution, anti-Christian bigotry and moonbeam political correctness. Each one in isolation may not seem so terrible, but taken together they

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The Lifestyle Police Juggernaut Roles On

Jun 3, 2009

All around the Western world the forces of radical activism and moral anarchy are hard at work. And a leading player in all this is the militant homosexual lobby, along with its government supporters. They are on a crusade to

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Non-Stop Obamanations

Jun 3, 2009

It should be clear by now that Barack Obama is America’s most pro-abortion President ever. It should be equally clear that he is also the most-pro-homosexual President of all time. If anyone doubts this, his latest act of madness should

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Hate Crimes and the Religious Left

May 12, 2009

Christians know that in this world they will suffer persecution and tribulation. Jesus promised this would happen to all true followers of his. But one of the more ominous warnings that Jesus gave was that this persecution would often be

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In Praise of Perverts

May 10, 2009

If anyone wonders why society is in such a mess, they simply need to look at our ruling elites. Many of our opinion makers, judges, movers and shakers, and intellectualoids tend to promote ideas, values and worldviews which are not

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Twisted Clergy, Deception and Abortion

May 2, 2009

A ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ is a very common expression, used to denote someone who comes into the flock to destroy it; that is, it describes an enemy who uses deception and cunning to feign friendship, when the real purpose

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100 Days of What?

Apr 30, 2009

While the mainstream media both here and in America is waxing sycophantic over the first 100 days of the Obama administration, treating him as the long-awaited Messiah, more sober voices are much less sanguine. No one is questioning that Obama

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More Celebrity Zingers

Apr 25, 2009

Hollywood celebs, pop stars and other movers and shakers in popular culture are not always known for their brilliance and depth of intellect. They are not exactly known for their high moral standards either. But given their huge fan bases,

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The New British Totalitarians

Apr 21, 2009

Of all the countries I have monitored over the past few years, Britain is certainly at the top of my list. It seems on a weekly basis a new case of idiocy and coercive utopianism emanates from this nation. It

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