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Students, Red Pens, and the State of a Nation

Dec 5, 2008

By now most of you would have heard of another example of madness in our public (taxpayer-funded) schools. An education kit in Queensland is encouraging teachers to throw out their red marking pens because using them might give little Johnny

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So Just Shoot the Messenger

Dec 4, 2008

It is a commonplace tactic for those who do not have a leg to stand on regarding the facts and evidence to simply ignore the facts and evidence, and instead resort to ad hominem attacks. Attacking the character of one’s

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The Menace of Eugenics

Nov 20, 2008

Most people know about Hitler’s plan to create a master race and to weed out the unfit and inferior races. His horrible plans resulted in the Second World War, the deaths of millions, and the Holocaust. His notions of racial

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Those Unethical Ethicists

Nov 18, 2008

Why is it that Australia seems to produce so many “ethicists” who would perhaps have been perfectly at home in a certain European nation about 70 years ago (beginning with ‘G’ and ending with ‘y’). Why do they so often

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Christian Political Involvement

Nov 6, 2008

Yes I know: I am a glutton for punishment. I am writing about the two things one is not supposed to discuss in polite society: politics and religion. But here I am, talking about both. So call me a sadist,

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The Death Culture in the West

Oct 24, 2008

In the West the culture of death continues to grow. And there is a connection between the culture of death and the death of Christianity. When a nation dies spiritually, it begins to fixate more and more on death. A

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Abortion, Population and Eugenics

Oct 15, 2008

Every reason offered for abortion is a bad reason. But there is one reason often thrown around which is not only bad, but dumb. I refer to those who argue that abortion is necessary because it helps to control our

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Women and Abortion

Oct 13, 2008

With the recent passage of a very liberal abortion bill in Victoria, we see once again the way in which telling lies for one’s cause can pay off. The pro-death camp has been quite successful at promoting falsehoods, half-truths and

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Morality, Reason and Abortion

Sep 23, 2008

A Victorian bill to decriminalise abortion was recently passed in the Lower House. It must now go to the Upper House for further debate and voting. Along the way a lot of ink has been spilt as to the pros

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The Sexual Assault on Childhood

Sep 19, 2008

The recent news story of three six-year-old boys at a Brisbane school who ran a “sex club” is certainly a shocking bit of news. One media source begins the story this way: “A group of six-year-old boys ran a ‘sex

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On Barack Hussein Obama

Sep 12, 2008

Very soon the US elections will be upon us. Conservatives are pinning their hopes on a McCain/Palin victory. Liberals/leftists are hoping the Obama/Biden team will make it in. Indeed, the left in many ways has turned Obama into a bit

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Must We Earn the Right to Speak Out?

Sep 10, 2008

When dealing with contentious social ethics issues, sometimes all one can do is proclaim that certain things are wrong, end of story. It is nice if some practical measures can also be introduced into the mix, but sometimes a bottom

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On Burning Babies Alive

Sep 9, 2008

Two events in the past 24 hours have once again got me thinking about our social and moral schizophrenia. We rightly exhibit moral outrage at certain despicable crimes under certain circumstances, but seem to simply yawn and make excuses for

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Even More Abortion Myths

Sep 9, 2008

As with most contentious social issues, one way to make your case is simply to repeat a falsehood often enough, hoping mere repetition will win people over. As Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda minister once said, “If you tell any lie

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Palin and Worldviews

Sep 4, 2008

There are at least two clear reasons why the secular left is absolutely foaming at the mouth over Sarah Palin, John McCain’s Republican running mate. One is her worldview – it stands in complete contrast to the worldview of the

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Vignettes From the Abortion Wars

Aug 28, 2008

The fight over abortion continues unabated. I believe one day the battle for life will be won, just as the battle against slavery was eventually won after much blood, sweat and tears. But in the meantime it’s all hands on

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But I Was Born That Way

Aug 23, 2008

The most common homosexual myth of all – and there are many – is that homosexuals are born that way, and cannot help being the way they are. We don’t judge a person born left-handed, or red-haired, they argue, so

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More Abortion Myths

Aug 21, 2008

It seems that in the making of excuses to kill a baby, there is no end. Countless reasons are offered by the pro-death camp as to why abortion must be legal and widely available. I have previously dealt with some

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