Pro-Death Madness

Sorry, but there is no other way to describe these guys. If you think killing unborn babies is neat, that makes you a nutter and a morally myopic moron to begin with. But if you go around saying it is just a part of life and we should all just get used to it, then you are even more of a moral midget and a mental misfit.

Yet that is just what we had happening recently in the streets of Melbourne. In case you missed it, some baby-killing supporters thought it would be cool to do some flash mob activism on the streets. One activist website put it this way:

Want to do more to stand up for women & against abortion shaming? Take the Pledge Now!
On September 30, 2012, over 100 people – men and women, politicians, service providers, activists and community leaders alike – danced near Federation Square in Melbourne’s CBD against abortion stigma and the shaming of women.
In additional to all our wonderful participants, we would like to say a special thanks to:
Marie Stopes International Australia, for t-shirt donations
Eve Mahlab, for website donation
Jane Caro, for messaging support
Jude Perera, MP
Colleen Hartland MLC, MP
Beth Wilson, Victorian Health Services Commissioner
Our organising volunteers
Flashmobs in SYDNEY and ACT are currently being planned.”

Um, a few problems here. First of all, the mob turned out to be just a few dozen. Fortunately it seems there are not that many brazen pro-death types around. Thus their little demo was a real flop in terms of actual numbers. By way of contrast, our March For Babies next weekend in Melbourne will have many thousands, not just a few dozen.

And it is absolutely appalling to see these politicians proudly endorsing all this. These pro-death MPs should be hanging their heads in shame, not holding them up proudly as they seek to justify this horrific genocide. They have blood on their hands big time.

But it was the Marie Stopes International t-shirts which these guys ran around with which really took the cake. Emblazoned on the white t-shirts were these words: “Abortion – a fact of life. Let’s end the stigma”. Yes you heard me right.

They are of course committing the naturalistic fallacy here: just because something is does not mean it ought to be. Just because something exists does not mean it should exist. Description, in other words, should not equal prescription. All sorts of things are a fact of life, but there is no reason in the world for us to just accept them, and worse yet, to seek to de-stigmatise them and promote them.

Indeed, let’s just take their idiotic slogan and run with it for a while, and see just how much sense it really makes:

“Rape – a fact of life. Let’s end the stigma”
“Slavery – a fact of life. Let’s end the stigma”
“Murder – a fact of life. Let’s end the stigma”
“Incest – a fact of life. Let’s end the stigma”
“Hatred – a fact of life. Let’s end the stigma”
“Arson – a fact of life. Let’s end the stigma”
“Suicide – a fact of life. Let’s end the stigma”
“Environmental destruction – a fact of life. Let’s end the stigma”
“Greed – a fact of life. Let’s end the stigma”
“Child abuse – a fact of life. Let’s end the stigma”
“Neo-Nazism – a fact of life. Let’s end the stigma”
“Lying – a fact of life. Let’s end the stigma”
“Theft – a fact of life. Let’s end the stigma”
“Kidnapping – a fact of life. Let’s end the stigma”
“Anti-Semitism – a fact of life. Let’s end the stigma”
“Drug abuse – a fact of life. Let’s end the stigma”
“Bestiality – a fact of life. Let’s end the stigma”
“Torture – a fact of life. Let’s end the stigma”
“Genocide – a fact of life. Let’s end the stigma”

The list is endless, and I am sure you can think of many more. So I am sorry, but I am just not buying their empty and morally vacuous pro-death rhetoric.

Click to access MarchForTheBabies_13oct2012_webA4.pdf

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13 Replies to “Pro-Death Madness”

  1. Can a correlation be established between people who demand the abolition of the death penalty for murder, and those who promote abortion?

    Dunstan Hartley

  2. Thanks Dunstan

    I would say that the great majority of lefties favour both – they want to keep killing unborn babies (which is about death to the innocent) while demanding the end of the death penalty (which is about death to the guilty).

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  3. They say that abortion is a fact of life as 1 in 3 women has had an abortion but they shame and refuse to listen to the stories of the almost 1 in 3 post-abortive women who regret their abortions saying that the only reason a women would regret her abortion is if she has been brain-washed by religious guilt.

    Kylie Anderson

  4. And the grand title of them all:
    “Death, a fact of life, let;s end the stigma”.
    What a contrast to the One who said. “I have come that they may have life and have it more abundantly”.
    Why is it so hard for people to see it?
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  5. Kylie,
    In regards to you comment, the very same reason for this is the very same reason the vicious gay lobby (you know, the nasty ones) do not want gays to be able to leave the lifestyle, the same who demand that every child from preschool up be brainwashed into thinking the gay lifestyle is natural, normal and to be strived for.

    They hate with a passion the simple logical natural “truth”.

    Because to them truth is subjective, subjective to whatever it is this week they think is the in thing. next week it will be something new and improved. forced gay conversion of those nasty hetro’s, lets kill the kids if they don’t show the right atributes before they are 11, that sort of thing.

    But at the end of the day, satan is in control of this world, we are commanded to be apart from this world, whislt at the same time helping as many as possible, one at a time to be apart from this world as well.

    Neil Waldron.

  6. At least they are being honest about themselves when they say that that since it happens it is perfectly acceptable. How do you think they say that homosexuality is acceptable? Unfortunately they only want to accept what they believe is acceptable, otherwise they would have to agree with the other things, which they don’t.
    Ian Nairn

  7. I noticed on the news some Greens protesting against cruelty to sheep – a good cause – but it makes we wonder why they have more concern for the welfare of sheep than for babies in the womb. Maybe cruelty to sheep isn’t supposed to be a fact of life while abortion is.
    David Morrison

  8. On the positive side, how about:
    “Heterosexuality – a fact of life. Let’s end the stigma!”

    Neil W, a small theological point. You said:

    “But at the end of the day, satan is in control of this world,…”

    but how does that compare with Matt 28:18: “Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.”?

    John Angelico

  9. Hey Bill, I think you need to revise your closing paragraph. This is one thing for which you should not be sorry.

    Neil Nuttall

  10. Where are these sad excuses for Humanity and just a waste of Space coming from?

    From under which Rock did they crawl out from. These sad excuses have stooped so low that they could crawl under a Snakes belly.

    I don’t care which Law says such things are Legal, my response will always be, is it Moral, and if it is not then I will always oppose such Idiots and their fanciful Philosophies.

    Leigh Stebbins

  11. Thank you for speaking the truth Bill and bringing a sane perspective to an insane world. Evil is running rife and it is very sad to see so many running with it. Truly we are in the times prophesied about, when what is right will seem wrong and what is wrong will seem right; and when, in the last days men’s (and women’s) hearts will grow cold.

    I have worked as a Midwife for many years to help preserve and promote mums’ and babies lives and it breaks my heart to think of others working hard to destroy such lives. All little ones deserve to have a start at life and the opportunities it offers. How many I wonder, of all those who support abortions, really know what it involves or have ever witnessed one? It is easy for people to support something from a distance, without ever being exposed to the horrors they are condoning. What if they had been aborted? These ones want the right to speak out and support such practices and yet by exercising what they see as their right, they are taking away the rights of unborn babies who will never get to speak out about anything.

    Abortion is something that stays with people – the effects of an abortion can be life long and are not over once the procedure is. It is not about rights for women, because nothing right or good can come from murder; no matter how well it is dressed up to look like something else, cunningly called by another name or made to seem socially acceptable or worse, even necessary.

    Thank you again Bill for giving yourself to promote what is right and true and exposing that which is trying to destroy those values. I appreciate you providing such insights and such an informative website.

    God bless you, strengthen you and protect you.

    Robyn Sloane

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