Activists Are Dismantling Our Freedom and Democracy

Increasingly we are seeing our democratic freedoms being eroded at the hands of the various activist minority groups. As they push to have their agendas embraced by the rest of society they are quite happy to walk roughshod over our freedoms and liberties.

Indeed, granting special rights to these various groups often means having rights taken away from the rest of the community. I have documented this countless times on my website, and it looks like there is no end to where all this is heading.

Let me offer yet one more case of this and then offer the sobering words of one former homosexual as to just how bad all this really is. The incident comes from Texas, and is another example of how the mainstream is being put under great pressure by the militants.

One report covering the story begins this way: “A pastor in Texas is awaiting his day in court following his arrest this month while preaching at a homosexual pride event. Pastor Joey Faust says that he and other members of his church, Kingdom Baptist Church in Venus, Texas, were physically blocked by police while attempting to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with attendees of the Fort Worth ‘Ride the Rainbow’ pride parade.

“In 2011, Mayor Betsy Price served as co-grand marshal in the parade. Following complaints from homosexuals about the preaching and witnessing of Christians adjacent to a picnic that was a part of the festivities, according to reports, the Fort Worth Police Department resolved to step up its presence at the event. This year, a homosexual female sergeant from the Fort Worth Police Department served as one of the marshals. It is believed that the sergeant was responsible for coordinating police efforts at the parade.

“Faust states that as he and others from his church were preaching and distributing tracts to those in the parade, suddenly, the police formed a human blockade across the public walkway. ‘The police lined up [across the street] and said, “You can go no further”,’ he told Christian News Network. ‘We were forbidden to cross the street and they wouldn’t tell us if we were being detained.’

“Faust said that as he stood for some time watching others being allowed to pass by the human blockade, except for anyone that was present to witness to attendees, it became obvious that the police had an agenda. ‘Christians who were in support of homosexuals were allowed to cross the street,’ he stated. ‘A Christian walked by me right in front of the officers, and said, “I’m here with my family and some of them are homosexuals”.’

“Faust then asked police why they were specifically restricting those that oppose homosexuality. ‘I asked, “Why are they allowed to pass?” he said. ‘They were just quiet. At that point, I took a step and attempted to cross,’ Faust outlined. ‘Once I stepped into the street, [the officer] put my hands behind my back.’

“Faust and a second church member were then charged with ‘interfering with public duties,’ a class B misdemeanor. He was jailed for 20 hours and held on $1,500 bail. Faust said that the conditions while incarcerated were deplorable. ‘They did everything they could to make it as miserable and as difficult as possible,’ he remarked. ‘Everyone was getting [released] far earlier than we were’.”

So biblical Christians are losing their rights while the militants are being given even more rights. The Founding Fathers would dread to see what has become of their nation. Our liberties are being stripped away from us left, right and centre, and this ugly situation shows no signs of bottoming out.

But it is not just folks like me warning about where all this is heading. Even those formerly into the homosexual lifestyle big time can see the overwhelming dangers here. And they should know what they are talking about. Consider this warning from former homosexual Greg Quinlan.

In an important new article he sounds the alarm about where the push for special rights and marriage rights by homosexuals is taking us. After looking at some really shocking cases of homosexual militancy and the erosion of our freedoms, he concludes with these words:

“When I decided to leave homosexuality after seeing hundreds of my friends and acquaintances die of AIDS, I was demonized and excoriated as an ex-gay traitor, which continues to this day.  Now I see that same hate against the ex-gay community being targeted against African-Americans who refuse to equate sodomy with their skin color and against heterosexuals who will not recognize homosexual behavior as a civil right.

“So what does that mean for heterosexuals? Just look at what is happening. In addition to banning heterosexual therapy, individual homosexuals are filing lawsuits against heterosexuals by using gay rights laws to force mandatory recognition and approval of homosexual behavior. Businesses and individuals who do not approve are fired from their jobs, threatened, or publicly castigated – as witnessed by the attempted but failed nationwide Chick-fil-A boycott by homosexuals.

“The culture war is not slowing down; it’s just beginning to gain steam as gay organizations turn to anti-heterosexual legislation, mandatory public approval of sodomy, federal funding of gay youth activist organizations and homosexual initiatives, required government training against ‘homophobia,’ ‘heterosexism,’ and ‘transphobia,’ etc., etc.  This is more than a culture war; it is a war for our very own freedoms—a war for the character and future of our nation.

“Homofascism will soon be, if it is not already, the greatest threat to our individual liberties in this country.  So-called equality marriage is just the beginning.”

Yes exactly right. Already many hundreds of people in the West have lost their jobs, been fined, or sent to jail simply for standing up for their conscience and resisting the militants. We can expect to see this get worse and worse in the months ahead.

What becomes of our freedom is largely up to us. Either we stand up and be counted here, or we allow the activists to forever silence us. I know which side of this I will be standing. Do you?

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  1. I suppose this will only get worse if Obama gets re-elected. Personally I cannot understand people, they get a government (here and the USA) that treats them like idiots (well, really they are for voting irresponsibly in the first place!) and they go back for more, am I missing something here? Actually Bill, it looks to me at this point in time like America will be getting another 4 years of Obama?
    Steve Davis

  2. Dear Bill, We must anticipate that God will continue to do exceeding abundantly above all we ask or think. I joined the 100,000 waiting on God to intervene in the life of this once great nation, and our Lord visited USA with a once in 200 years hurricane recording divine displeasure with this departure from godliness. Surely our mighty Lord will continue to reprove the former president, ‘The most abortion-promoting president’ in their history; and will rebuke him for blessing sodomite unions and same sex alliances.
    Let’s be fervent (burning hot) in prayer for revival – and a new President to reinstall God-fearing life programmes.
    Bill, your articles inflame us. Bless the Lord. oh, my soul.
    Harrold Steward, christian family bible studies

  3. Praise God for Bill sending us this information! Praise God for Bill!! God bless you Bill!
    Mrs Jane Byrne

  4. They aren’t turning up to your churches, telling you that you can’t worship. But you are turning up to their events, informing them that they are immoral.
    They aren’t telling you that your relationship isn’t valid and that your love isn’t love, you are saying that to them.
    They aren’t trying to stop you from making a commitment to the person that you love, you are trying to stop them.
    You cry that your freedoms are being taken away. I say that you have no right to tell anyone that who they are is wrong.
    No one is trying to stop you from worshiping your god. But they are trying to stop you from butting into their lives. It’s not “spreading the word of god”. It’s harassment and if you aren’t asked, don’t assume that people want to know.
    Sarah Williams

  5. Thanks Sarah

    But let me call your bluff here. Actually the militants are often turning up to our churches, and they in fact are seeking to disrupt, shout down, and shut down the activities inside. I know this from firsthand experience. More than once the only way we were able to continue was by paying big bucks for security guards (along with having police and even the riot squad at the ready) just so that our meetings could go ahead uninterrupted. If it weren’t for all this security your militant buddies would have closed down many more such gatherings. But hey, don’t let the fact spoil your agenda.

    And when exactly did I ever turn up at a militant homosexual event? Please inform us all about this thanks.

    And of course I am not telling homosexuals anything. I am simply complying with the accepted views of every human culture throughout human history. There is no discrimination here whatsoever. I can no more marry someone of the same-sex as anyone else can. So we are all completely equal here.

    And as you full well know, any homosexual couple can enjoy their relationship fully and can do what they want. They can even have their own public commitment ceremonies, and so on. They just can’t call marriage something it is not, just as they can’t call a square a circle.

    I especially love this line of yours: “I say that you have no right to tell anyone that who they are is wrong.” Um, please tell us all just what exactly you are doing here Sarah. Sure does sound like you are telling me that I am wrong! But I realise logic and consistency have never been strong suits for you guys.

    And I of course just got done documenting how your activist buddies are doing exactly that – trying to stop us from worshipping our God and trying to strip away our rights and freedoms, such as the right to freedom of conscience. But I also understand that you guys don’t read very well – or at least simply ignore whatever reality conflicts with your militant ideology.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  6. you aren’t calling my bluff. You believe that you have the right to tell others how to live, to tell others that how they have sex is wrong. You have no right to do that and if you just go on with your lives and let and let live, you won’t have the problems that you have.
    If you think that sodomy is wrong, then don’t engage in it, but don’t think that others are going to follow your lead just because it says in an ancient book that it is wrong.
    Marriage is not a religious institution, unless one gets married under god in the church. The homosexual community do not want Christian marriage. They want their relationship recognised under law, Not god, the law. Their love and their relationships are just as valid as heterosexual and they want the law to recognise this. Not god and not the church.
    If anyone has come to your church and acted in a militant fashion, they are wrong too. But I would say to you, lead by example. Your church started this by condemning and discriminating against homosexuals in the first place. Live and let live and do no judge others. If homosexuals are having a rally or march, disapprove, but don’t for a minute assume you have a right to voice your opinion. If it wasn’t for the attitude of the church and the homophobic, then homosexuals wouldn’t feel the need to have to push it your face, as they would feel accepted and loved. Gay youth need to be protected from bullying and gay conversion programs have been scientifically proven to be harmful. Your church, your god and your morals are not everyone’s, disapprove in your own time, but don’t tell others how to live. We only go around once on this big, spinning planet of love and who are you to tell law abiding adults how to enjoy what little time we have on this earth? Who they should marry? That their very existence is immoral and dirty?
    Sarah Williams

  7. Thanks Sarah

    You’re still bluffing! But we understand that your side thinks that by reiterating things over and over again it might somehow stick. Sorry, but we are not falling for that one. Repeatedly telling porkies does not somehow magically make them true.

    I of course am not telling anyone how to live. I don’t have that sort of power. But as I document here – and as you so handily ignore – your buddies are doing all they can to not only tell us how to live, but to force us to do it as well with the heavy hand of the law.

    This is a winner: ‘You have no right to tell others how to live’, as she tells me how to live! Classic! Your double standards are such a wonder to behold.

    “If you think that sodomy is wrong, then don’t engage in it.” Gee thanks. One might as well say, if you think that rape is wrong, then don’t engage in it. If you think that incest is wrong, then don’t engage in it. If something is wrong, then it has nothing to do with simply not doing it.

    All I am saying is the truth – homosexuality is an extremely high risk and dangerous lifestyle, one which lowers your life span. Everyone takes a stands against risky and dangerous behaviours. Look at what governments do about smoking. No one in heath care tries to get away with this silliness: If you think that smoking is wrong, then don’t engage in it.

    And please tell us all where I said anywhere that marriage is a religious institution. It is a social institution which has always been about one man and one woman. It is that simple. No church started anything here. As far back as we go in human history marriage has always existed, and it has always been about opposite genders, regardless of religion. Indeed, I have written two books making this case without any appeal to religion at all. So why do you keep dragging up religion here? Why do you keep putting up this straw man?

    It is of course you guys who are out on a search and destroy mission here. You want to come along and entirely destroy the institution of marriage by redefining it out of existence. Sorry, we have every right in the world to defend something as vital as marriage and family from those who would completely ruin it.

    And of course homosexuals have all the rights that anyone else has. I already said that I can no more marry a man than any other. So there is no discrimination here at all. We are all completely equal in this. Yet you just don’t like that. Well tough beans. If you don’t like a triangle being defined as a three-legged item, calling it a circle will not change anything. Either live in the real world and play by the rules or butt out. But ease up on you social deconstruction.

    Oh, and I also love this zinger: “don’t for a minute assume you have a right to voice your opinion.” Let me see here: I am supposed to just sit down and shut up, while you carry on and on. And you are telling me to be tolerant like you are! ROFL! You want me to celebrate diversity like you do! You want me to embrace your pink fascism? Sorry bub, it ain’t gonna happen. I value freedom too much to allow the jackboots to demand that I stay silent.

    And you guys just live in denial here. You pretend that the tens of thousands of people who have solidly and convincingly left their previous homosexual lifestyle just don’t exist. Just pretend they are not there, because they put a real dent in your agenda. That is a great way to deal with evidence and facts – simply hide you head in the sand. It is a good thing real science does not operate like you want it to. Sorry, but most people prefer to deal in data, truth and sound social science, not name-calling, scare-mongering and totalitarianism. No wonder why the overwhelming majority so reject your intolerant agenda.

    And I now that you soundly disagree, but this is in fact a free country and I have every right to express my point of view. I know you guys want us all forever silenced, but that is not going to happen. As long as we are a democracy with freedom of speech, we won’t allow you militants to take our freedoms away.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  8. I honestly can say with a straight face (no pun intended) that I am gay as in happy, because I say no to sodomy.

    Excluding people who are gay in this way, but not gay as in homosexual, is narrow-minded and bigoted, and fails to celebrate diversity and inclusiveness, yes?

    Michael Watts

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