We can protect our kids

Labor has announced that it wants ISPs to be responsible for blocking Internet porn, especially to our children. All the media is carrying the story today. But the Liberal Communications Minister Helen Coonan said the plan is unworkable, and computer-based filtering was the way to go.


  1. Write to Kim Beazley, who announced the plan, and tell him you support his idea: Kim.Beazley.MP@aph.gov.au.
  2. Write to Senator Coonan, and express your displeasure at her unwillingness to get on board. ISP-level filtering is possible, although somewhat costly: senator.coonan@aph.gov.au.
  3. There is a voteline on this issue in today’s Age. Please enter your ‘yes’ vote here: http://theage.com.au/polls/form.html.
  4. Write to your local Federal Member, and say you support this idea.

3 Replies to “We can protect our kids”

  1. Children should be protected from pornography.

    I’m not sure of the most effective way to do this, though.

    John Kloprogge, Croyden, VIC

  2. Dear Bill
    I think you are doing a wonderful job. As far as disappointment goes in relation to the Government & ISP Filtering I am equally disappointed with a recent communication we had with Telstra over the lack of offer for filtering for Porn on the net. They told me that we could purchase a filter but they don’t offer any filtering.
    Keep up the great work.
    Wanda Taylor, Canberra

  3. The desire to have our ISP’s install some sort of Content Filtering is certainly laudable and all efforts should be made to ensure that the Federal Government mandates that all ISP’s should install such filters.
    There is a problem though that the issue is not being driven by individuals who have a technical background. This gives the major carriers the ability to say; “sorry…its a great idea but technically it is not feasible”. This very important issue urgently requires the support of telecommunications engineers who have a solid knowledge of Telco networks who can advise as to how it can be done – and it can be!

    At the desktop level parents can download a free Content Filter program called “K9” from http://www.Bluecoat.com. This is a very effective program which will provide parents with a greater degree of control over their children’s web surfing.

    Barry Fleming

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