Shattering the Ten Per Cent Myth

I was recently awoken by a radio station wanting to interview me about a lesbian character to appear on a popular TV soapie, Home and Away. I said this was another attempt to cram the homosexual agenda down our throats, a grubby move to spruce up ratings and revenue, and another way to indoctrinate our youth.

That night on the same Seven Network, the current affairs show Today Tonight (which immediately precedes Home and Away), had a segment featuring this issue. Of course it was just a cheap promotional, not an objective news item. It had on a well-known psychologist who assured us that a full ten percent of young people are homosexual.

I immediately emailed this man, telling him this was of course a myth perpetrated by the homosexual lobby, and that I was quite happy to send him the documentation on this. Perhaps unsurprisingly, he never got back to me. Evidently he is quite happy to peddle this line. Far too many people it seems will not let the evidence stand in the way of pushing an ideological agenda.

Since many folk appear to be uninterested in the facts, I share them here for those who are. The truth is, the ten per cent claim is a falsehood. Let me offer a sampling of the evidence. An issue of Newsweek admitted that the 10 per cent figure which sexologist Alfred Kinsey used was highly inflated: “Activists seized on the double digits to strengthen their political message. . . . Policymakers and the press adopted the estimate – despite protests from skeptical conservatives – citing it time and time again. But new evidence suggests that ideology, not sound science, has perpetuated a 1-in-ten myth.”

Homosexual activists have confirmed this to be a case of deliberate deception: “Based on their personal experience, most straights probably would put the gay population at 1% or 2% of the general population. Yet . . . when straights are asked by pollsters for a formal estimate, the figure played back most often is the ‘10% gay’ statistic which our propagandists have been drilling into their heads for years.”

What is the evidence? The 10 per cent figure is actually about eight to ten times too high. Let’s look at Kinsey’s findings, for example. An article in The American Journal of Psychiatry claims that Kinsey’s work suffered from “severe methodological limitations” and that his sample group – male prisoners and sex offenders included – was “far from representative”. The authors of the article say that the actual figure should be about 1.1 per cent.

Furthermore, Kinsey never actually said that 10 per cent of the population is homosexual. He claimed that 4 per cent of white males were exclusively homosexual throughout their lives after adolescence, and that 10 per cent were “more or less” exclusively gay for parts of their lives.

Finally, while most people seem to know about Kinsey’s original study, very few know about a more recent Kinsey Institute study conducted in 1970 and released in 1989. This study found the number of homosexual males to be only 1.4 per cent. It also found that lesbians are far fewer than male homosexuals.

Some years ago the Wall Street Journal presented a summary of some of the recent studies on the extent of homosexuality. All the findings present similar low figures. In the United States a 1989 University of Chicago study found that only 1.2 per cent of both male and female adults reported homosexual activity. And a 1993 survey found only 1.1 per cent of men who claimed to be exclusively homosexual. Furthermore:

•    In France a 1992 government study of over 20,000 adults found that 1.4 per cent of men and 0.4 per cent of women had had homosexual intercourse in the five years preceding the survey.
•    In Britain a 1991 nationwide survey of 19,000 adults found that 1.4 per cent of men aged 16 to 59 had homosexual contact in the past five years.
•    In Canada a nationwide survey of 6,000 first-year college students found that 1 per cent were homosexual and 1 per cent were bisexual.
•    In Norway a 1987 nationwide poll found that 0.9 per cent of males and 0.9 per cent of females had homosexual experiences within the past three years.
•    Finally, a 1989 study in Denmark found less than 1 per cent of males aged 18-59 were exclusively homosexual.

More recent American studies have demonstrated similar figures. A 1993 study of the sexual behaviour of men based on the National Survey of Men found that “2 percent of sexually active men aged twenty to thirty-nine . . . had had any same-gender sexual activity during the last ten years. Approximately 1 percent of the men (1.3 percent among whites and 0.2 percent among blacks) reported having had exclusively homosexual activity.”

A year later the most scientifically rigorous study to date of American sexual practices was released. A condensed version of the study, Sex in America, reported that there were “few homosexuals” in its survey, and the nationwide incidence of male homosexuality was only 2.8 per cent, while lesbianism was just 1.4 per cent.

And a major study released in 2000 in Demography found more of the same. Based on three large sets of data (the General Social Survey, the National Health and Social Life Survey, and the U.S. Census), it found that the number of exclusive male homosexuals in the general population was just 2.5 percent, and the number of exclusive lesbians just 1.4 percent.

Recent Canadian research has found similar sorts of figures. The 2003 Canadian Community Health Survey, a comprehensive study of 135,000 Canadians on a wide range of health issues, was released mid-June 2004 by Statistics Canada. It found that among Canadians between 18 and 59 years old, about 1.0 per cent consider themselves homosexual; another 0.7 per cent said they were bisexual.

If the homosexual lobby is willing to use faulty statistics to support its cause, just how reliable is it in other areas? As one homosexual warned: “If you say a number that you can’t prove, there’s always the chance that by disproving one part of your argument, your opponents weaken you overall. I think that’s dangerous.”

While it is understandable that a movement would want to overestimate its importance and influence, it is reprehensible that such large portions of the media parrot these figures, without doing their homework first.

But the truth is, those who have sought to do the figures in Australia have come out with quite low figures. A recent study by Monash University entitled “How Gay is Australia?” based on 2001 Census figures found very low numbers indeed. It found that only 37,774 persons are in same sex couples; persons in same sex couples are only 0.2 per cent of the total population; and persons in same sex couples are only 0.47 per cent of all persons in couples.

A 2008 Victorian government report found similar numbers. According to The State of Victoria’s Young People, 97.9 per cent of Victorians aged between 12 and 24 regarded themselves as heterosexual; 1.5 per cent identified as bisexual; and 0.6 per cent identified as homosexual.

And a recent study of sexuality in Australia has confirmed that the ten per cent figure is greatly overblown. In a study of nearly 20,000 Australians, La Trobe University researchers found that 97.4 per cent of Australians said their sexual identity was heterosexual. A mere 1.6 said it was homosexual, and a paltry 0.9 per cent said it was bisexual. So much for the 10 per cent myth.

The same study found that those who had an exclusively same-sex sexual attraction amounted to 0.6 per cent for men and 0.2 per cent for women. And those who had sexual experience exclusively with the same-sex came to 0.6 per cent for men and 0.1 per cent for women.

In a book-length retelling of the study, two of the authors involved in the original research go on to say, “When questions about homosexuality have been asked in rigorous scientific sexual behaviour surveys in the United Kingdom and the United States, results similar to those in Australia have been found”.

In sum, the evidence is in. The ten per cent figure has always been a big lie. But homosexual propagandists know that if you tell a lie often enough and loud enough, people will start to believe it. People deserve to know the truth about this. If the mainstream media will not run with the facts then I will.

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  1. Bill

    A good source on this is Homosexuality: The Use of Scientific Research in the Church’s Moral Debate by Stanton Jones and Mark Yarhouse. They, like yourself, put the figure at around 2-3% also.

    They also debunk the myths that homsexuality is entirely determined by one’s genes and untreatable by therapy.

    Damien Spillane

  2. Another good one Bill.
    Interestingly, I have had a few homosexuals accepting the 10% is wrong and claiming the real figure is 5%. Unfortunately they have never been able to substantiate it!
    Just to confirm Bill’s stats: I carry the ‘secular’ La Trobe Uni “Sex in Australia” survey book in my briefcase.
    Not only is it from La Trobe uni – not the most conservative of institutions – but it is headed “Australia and New Zealand Journal of Public Health”. It carries some weight when talking to the media and MPs.
    It is a very convincing document that even the best of the 10% punters really cannot argue with.
    Another interesting ‘fact’ is the correlation between the Australian stats of 2003 and the Canadian stats of 2004.
    In both cases the results were around 1% for adults identifying as homosexuals with men slightly higher than women but interestingly, both surveys gave the opposite situation for bisexuals – with more women than men – 1.15% total – 1.4% of women and 0.9% of men in Australia and 0.9% of women, compared with 0.6% of men in Canada. This surely legitimises the results despite homosexuals claiming otherwise.
    One assumption that can legitimately be drawn from these two studies, I think, is the larger the survey the smaller the homosexual percentage will be because they do tend to congregate in certain areas. For this reason, the Australian survey deliberately added an extra 1,000 people from???? Yes, Central Sydney, the homosexual heartland of Australia!!!
    Giving this sizable extra weighting in a relatively small survey may well seem legitimate, but surely it would advantage the homosexual stats somewhat.
    This is why people can rest assured that the real figure for those who identify as homosexuals is between 1 and 1.5% , NOT 10%.
    Sadly, those talking to school children who attempt to normalise homosexuality still claim that one in ten students are probably same-sex attracted. We must know the truth to set our young people free from satan’s lies.
    Peter Stokes

  3. Thanks Bill for a very informative article. The consistency of the stat’s is remarkable. However, given the loud voice the gay lobby has and the way they influence government policy (especially Labor governments) one can be forgiven for believing the 10% figure. Where did we go wrong that we have allowed such an extreme minority to become of such influence?

    I am surprised that anyone still quotes Kinsey after the questionable standards of his research methods and the criticism heaped on him by other researchers. And that is not even taking into account his own deviant practices which would have influenced his views.

    The speech by Cardinal Pell that you quoted and your recent post Fighting the Good Fight are a reminder call to all of us (religious and secular) who are fed up of having homosexuality fed to us by every means!

    Frank Norros

  4. Good one Bill, the trouble is that gays have elbowed themselves into high places and think they can call the shots. The truth will in the end prevail. Guilty of their unpopular orientation they need the company hence this incessant propaganda on their way of life. Seeing some of them behave in public toilets is revolting. If their way of life is so prevalent why the sleezy behaviour in shadowy places?
    Patrick Abrahams

  5. As a point of interest, a 2003 AIHW study found 2.7% of all Australians as classified as having an intellectual disability. This means there are more people in our society with an intellectual disability than those identifying as homosexual. (I’m now waiting for “Home and Away” to have a character with an intellectual disability alongside its gay character.) Unfortuantely people with intellectual disabilities don’t have the same political power nor social recognition as the gay lobby. As a result many of the needs of people with intellectual disabilities, their families and their carers are left unmet, unlike the much more wealthy and very vocal gay groups. It’s a pity our schools and media spent so much time promoting and affirming the gay lifestyle and not other more worthy and needy causes.
    Greg Randles

  6. People have been believing lies since Adam and Eve and the issue of homosexuality is no exception. This lie is perpetuated by a biased media who steered by a loud group within their culture. Fact is, homosexual behaviour is not normal and is down right dangerous with high rates of sexually transmitted disease, depression, drug and alcohol abuse, suicide and violence being the norm rather than the exception. This lifestyle is furthered through sexual abuse, which is in turn perpetuated through the use of pornography. At the Sexual Integrity Forum in Canberra a couple of years ago, the key note speaker was Dr Maryanne Leyden, who is a sexual trauma councillor. She stated that every case she has dealt with during the last ten years involved pornography!
    So, what is the answer? These people need our help and prayers. They need to be encouraged to let Jesus love them. To accept that they are accepted by the Father, Son and Spirit just as they are in Christ, and then allow the Spirit to change them as they are transformed throught the renewal of their minds to be more like Jesus and live life to the full! SET FREE!
    Lou d’Alpuget

  7. Thanks for a great article filled to the brim with great statistics. Of course, people who are inclined to think for themselves don’t actually need the wonderfully long list of studies and reports cited. To us, it’s just plain common sense. The sad thing is, sense in this day and age, although clearly plain to see, doesn’t appear too common!

    George Kokonis

  8. Right on the mark, Bill!!!

    As a teacher and parent, I think it’s scandalous that so called “sexual health” organisations, such as Family Planning, SHine SA, Family Life, etc, are funded millions upon millions of dollars by State and Federal Governments to deliver their ideologically driven, “10% of the population are homosexuals” lie, to hundreds of thousands of children and adults throughout Australia.

    The material in these programs, particularly found in the sex ed courses in many of the state schools, are not only flawed academically with respect to homosexuality stats, but also in areas concerning STDs, drugs, abortion, sexual lifestyle health risks, etc.

    I should add, here, a quick investigation into much of the material in these programs, reveals they are either written or linked to La Trobe University’s Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society (ARCSHS) department or a “sexual health” institution/s with similar credentials.

    Our SHine SA sex ed course in South Australia is indeed written by ARCSHS, and it is extemely biased toward homosexuality, promiscuity, abortion, and anti-family.

    Here is just one sample, of skewed homosexual stats [and note the language] found in SHine SA’s “‘Teach it like it is’ sexual health curriculum resource for teachers of middle school students (aged 11 – 15), 2004, page 157:

    “In Australia, what percentage of the population is same sex attracted? La Trobe research states 8 – 11% of year 10 & 12 students do not identify exclusively as hetrosexual (Hillier et al 1997) ”

    Amazingly, ARCSHS is also contracted to evaluate the SHine program. So effectively they are evaluating their own work. No points for guessing what sort of marks they have given themselves!

    Trevor Grace

  9. I was confronted with the 10% “fact” upon starting uni in 1983, and since then have often wondered … if there are that many homosexuals, then where are they? Either the number was inflated, or I’ve been living a very sheltered life. It’s great to see some real information rather than propoganda … thanks Bill.

    Greg’s point about 2.7% of all Australians having an intellectual disability is interesting. It reminds me of estimates I’ve seen (I’ve forgotten where) quoting around 3% for the proportion of Australians who are active bible-believing born-again Christians.

    So if TV and film were to reflect the real world, for every positive portrayal of a homosexual character there would be roughly three intellectually disabled plus three born-again Christians portrayed in a positive light.

    I’d like to see that! … but I know I won’t.

    Graham Barker

  10. People like to play the numbers game, even us Christians. It is comforting to know that we are part of the largest faith group in the world. But Christ said “Many are called but few are chosen.”

    By claiming that 10 or 6% of the population are gay, this would make them one of the largest minority groups. Bigger in fact than, as Greg Randles point out, the intellectually impaired, who according to him are only 2.7% of the population. When they wish to proudly boast of their existence they will claim that almost half the population is gay! Indeed if one were to judge by the vast numbers attending Gay Parades and Events in major cities throughout the UK, one would wonder who was not gay! But they cannot be both a victimised minority group and an every growing section of the population. Which is it? I have yet to see a homosexual or lesbian couple anywhere walking hand in hand. Maybe I am living in the wrong part of the world. One place I know they are concentrated and that is in the British government, but they can hardly be said to representative of the rest of the British population!!!
    I also notice that at the Beijing Olympic Games, 2008, out of nearly 12000 athletes there were only eight lesbians and two homosexual. Where were the other 1000? Though they identify not only with blacks but the disabled, I haven’t noticed them putting themselves forward for the Paralympics.

    As for Kinsey. He was a monster on any scale. Why people still trot out the same dumb statistics from this criminal beats me.

    Finally, if some might think my tone a little testy or terse, I can only say that any sympathy for practising homosexuals is completely and utterly misplaced. Spare a thought for our children, for homosexuals like Ian McKellen, the mouther and mangler of Shakespeare, who is making inroads into British Schools, has only one thought in mind for them and it is not the thought of a parent but a predator.

    There really is a war on, you know.

    David Skinner, UK

  11. Of course “Home and Away” and “Today Tonight” are Channel 7’s two main weapons in promoting anti-Christian sentiment amongst Australia through primetime television.

    A rabble-rousing tabloid program masquerading as journalism and the classic Australian soap opera are perfect platforms to both assault Christianity and promote the things that are anti-thetical to it.

    I expect this kind of thing to intensify in the near future…

    Yarran Johnston

  12. Me again. Sorry, more statistics.
    David, Hi. You say “if one were to judge by the vast numbers attending Gay Parades and Events in major cities throughout the UK…”
    Have you counted them? Has anyone counted them?
    The Sydney mardi gras claim 9,500 marchers this year – there were at best 5,500 without the volunteers tagging on the end they said there were 2,000 – 2,000 missing people.
    The MG crowd was quoted as 300,000 it is actually about 60-70,000 tops. In 1998 they claimed 700,000!!!! If we had not consistently challenged then they would have gone higher.
    Melbourne midsumma homosexual ‘pride’ march claimed 4,000 marchers this year – we recorded the whole parade and counted 1,800 people!!!
    Organisers said 45,000 – there were about 10,000 tops
    Many were probably in St Kilda for a Sunday afternoon stroll. It would not be hard to suggest 5,000 are there most Sundays.
    Challenging seems a waste of time but our results prove it is vital if we are to show society they are not a prominent as they claim. It takes a while but we are getting results. We are still a long way from getting the truth from organisers though. We must attend events and take photos of the crowd, and then got to our web site to get the formula to work out the numbers
    Also, false statistics are nothing short of fraud because they get money from governments and commercial ‘sponsors’ based on the stats. Fraud is a criminal offence but only is someone lays the charges. We have.
    Peter Stokes

  13. So if TV and film were to reflect the real world, for every positive portrayal of a homosexual character there would be roughly three intellectually disabled plus three born-again Christians portrayed in a positive light

    The producers would combine them: portraying three as Christians with mental illnesses. And would feel justified in doing so. See here for an example.
    Philip Rayment

  14. It also found that lesbians are far fewer than male homosexuals.

    And I would suggest that they are normally temporarily lesbian – typically coming out of bad marriages or from a bad relationship to their father.

    And don’t forget that Kinsey was not so much a scientist as a pervert in a labcoat.

    Louise Le Mottee, Hobart

  15. Thanks guys

    As an example of numbers inflation, and MSM complicity, consider today’s Herald Sun. An article on family stats based on new figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics stated that those who identify as same-sex couples are up from 0.2 per cent in 1996 to 0.4 per cent in 2006. Whoppee doo! But then these words finish off the paragraph: “but this is probably underestimated”. Oh yeah? Sez who? Some pro-homosexual reporter decides to put her own spin and editorial comment on the story. No wonder why the MSM is so distrusted by so many. It is not reporting the news, it is pushing agendas.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  16. Hi David, sorry for the delay – I don’t get on blogs too often.
    You ask, ‘what does one do with figures supplied by the Metropolitan Police’?
    You do some maths – and challenge the police. We did that about SMG and embarrassed them. They knew they were wrong but PC said “don’t challenge”.
    Once we personally got on to them the crowd figures dropped 100,000 per year for three years – We would phone them each year before the event – then we hit them with the ‘Fraud’ word in writing to the top brass – and they immediately bailed out.
    We did the same in Melbourne with the same result. The very year Nixon marched police stopped counting!!! There have been NO ‘police’ figures since 2002!
    It takes time but it is worth bursting their Bubble
    London Pride – route 3.5km estimated crowd 500,000??? Stupid!!!
    3,500m = 7,000 people per row 35 rows on EACH side of the parade for the WHOLE route!!!!!!
    Go for it David – photos at: clearly show there are not 35 rows ANYWHERE!!! Except, perhaps, maybe at Trafalgar Sq
    Try this one just for starters.
    Tell the Lord Mayor too – I see he marched!!!
    Peter Stokes

  17. Bill,

    This comment has nothing to do with the topic at hand, although personally I’ve never heard of the 10% before, I just knew it was at most about 2%.

    I read the site daily and appreciate the content, but find it hard to read. The font is a bit on the small side and the text does not contrast very well with the background.

    I’ve been away for the past week and a bit. You’ve added a picture of yourself in that time and, typically, you don’t look like I imagined!

    Tim Pearce

  18. Thanks Tim

    I think the font size has been increased recently, but yes, we can always work on making the site more readable.

    And I also don’t always think I look as I imagine I might!

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  19. It is not surprising that those, who push the false figure for the so-called percentage of homosexuals in the community, pick on 10%. These people can’t count. Following the recent promotion of the homosexual Mardi Gras in Sydney, an article in the Daily Telegraph claimed an “estimated” number of 300,000 watched the parade. A couple of days later, the column in The Australian called “Strewth” claimed 100,000 lined the streets to view the same parade. Well both figures can’t be correct. Here is a more realistic possible “maximum” figure.
    The parade runs for 2,500 metres (2.5klm). If you could squeeze 2 people in the space of a metre, then one line along the whole street, would have 5,000 people. If that side of the footpath had viewers six deep, then there would be 30,000 people on one side of the street. If you had a similar number on the opposite side of the street, the dizzy limit able to watch the parade would amount to 60,000 people.
    Apart from all that, could anyone be gullible enough to swallow a claim that the 300,000 number at the homosexual Mardi Gras exceeded the combined totals, which were at the Melbourne Cup, the AFL and NRL grand finals and the Tennis championships in Melbourne in January?
    Frank Bellet, Petrie Qld

  20. Hi Frank
    I suggest you look at the earlier comment of mine (above) re the Mardi gras.
    It is not 2.5klm it is actually 1.6 perhaps 1.8 at a stretch.
    I have written to mardi gras for a substanciation of their figures and asked how they estimate them but with no reply to date.
    Peter Stokes

  21. Statistics are all good and well, but they do little to put society in perspective. I recommend going out this next Gay Pride Day and join in the march. You’ll see a lot of faces there- gay, lesbian, bisexual, transexual, transgender, individuals with a disorder of sexual development, all the people who just group themselves as queer, all the people shunning labels all together and of course all the straight individuals who come for their own reasons (eg. support, curiousity, fun). It’s hard to make people into numbers when you’re actually amoungst them.

    Perhaps if you get out there you’ll also see how little people care about percentages. There are no thresholds in our society that a minority is required to meet before they can seek equal rights and if there is, there is something very wrong. I strongly recommend you talk to some queers and other minorities- you don’t have to like them or understand them, just see them as an individual. Afterall many of you are a minority. Strictly devout Christians, think about how the majority of liberal Christians classify you. You’re the 1-2% of hard-liners, most church goers dismiss your opinions and it will only get worse as our society becomes increasingly liberal. But you’re not just a percentage. I know you all have families somewhere, there’s something you do passionately (writting, cooking, sport) and there are people who love you dearly. Your statistics are not the sum of you or your life. It doesn’t make your convictions any less strong, the only difference is that yours suggest others not sharing your beliefs should make the sacrifice. The Bible preaches that God alone will make our final judgement, most queers know that and most are content with that arrangement.

    Now for those who are worried about the children. I can assure you that you are wasting your time because all children already need help. The majority of children I have grown up with have been abused by other children, adults, family or strangers in some form or another. Abuse feeds abuse and the chain has been going throughtout human history. Society has only recently just stared to talk about it. Parents (gay or more aptly straight in this case) aren’t the ones to blame for this.

    Rebecca Cuskelly

  22. Thanks Rebecca

    I am not quite sure what to make of your rather rambling and unclear remarks. But you seem to miss the point of the article. Homosexual activists are quite happy to lie with statistics to push their agenda and receive special rights. That is the issue I was dealing with, not all your other red herrings and irrelevancies.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  23. It comes a shock to me as a homosexual and a secularist to write these words, however, Bill Muehlenberg is right.

    I often encounter the notion that male and female homosexuals represent 10% of the population, particularly among other gay/lesbian people. As a student of gender and sexuality at university I’m compelled to argue that this figure is grossly inaccurate. Most empirical research I have encountered in my studies suggest that percentage of homosexuals in Western societies (where the vast majority of research has occurred with a range of methodologies) is much closer to the 1% range. I think this is borne out through anecdotal comprehension of the realities of the situation. If the figure truly were 10% of the population, the proportion of homosexuals in Australia would be around 2.1 million people. Such a constituency would constitute a critical mass within society that would exercise significantly more political and social influence which is manifestly not the case.

    So whilst I will relentless fight for my (equal, and not special) rights and as such oppose practically all of Bill’s views, I will do so with a respect for the truth so lacking in much of the debates surrounding issues relating to homosexuality.

    Matthew Fisher

  24. Thanks Matthew

    The best state we can be in is one of humility and openness to the truth. As a very profound person once said, “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (Jesus, in John 8:32). Thanks for writing.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  25. Tim, can you adjust the font size in your browser? I use Firefox where Ctrl_+ does that, and Ctrl_- reduces font size.

    John Angelico

  26. Thanks Bill for directing me to this post of yours from 2009. When I was in Bible College 25 years ago, the LGBT stats at the time were pegged at 1 – 2 % of general population. So nothing has really changed. This Essay was a very interesting read!
    Regards, Kelvin.

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