World AIDS Day

December 1 is World AIDS Day. This is a worthy cause no doubt. But in so much of the Western world AIDS has in effect been allowed to spread unchecked. Instead of taking normal routine actions to check the spread of a deadly infectious disease, most Western governments have in fact aided and abetted its lethal reach.

As I document in my new book, HIV/AIDS has become our first politically protected disease. By glamourizing, celebrating and officially promoting the number one reason for its spread in Australia and the West, we have taken a public health crisis and turned it into a PC campaign for the radical homosexual lobby.

In Australia male homosexual activity, along with intravenous drug use, is still the overwhelming means of spreading this disease. If we did all we could to reduce and discourage these two activities, Australia would have a very small problem indeed in this area.

But militant homosexuals along with limp-wristed officials, politicians and leaders have decided that instead of resisting this high-risk and dangerous lifestyle, they will do everything they can to see it turned into some kind of celebrated lifestyle.

This really is unconscionable. It is also a case of gross double standards. Consider another very high-risk and dangerous lifestyle: tobacco smoking. Governments here and overseas have taken drastic steps to discourage this dangerous behaviour.

They ban it from all sorts of places, disallow advertising for it, and basically make those who engage in it feel that they are endangering themselves and others – which they are. But when it comes to the dangerous homosexual lifestyle, political correctness reigns and politicians do not have the guts to take a stand for public health and safety.

In my book Strained Relations I spend a fair amount of time examining this issue in some detail, with copious documentation. Let me offer just three paragraphs here from that book:

“It may not be politically correct to say so, but if we seriously discouraged homosexual activity, we would greatly reduce the number of deaths due to AIDS in the Western world. Says one authority, ‘AIDS is a preventable, behavior-related disease. And we know what works in preventing the spread of AIDS. The virus is primarily spread by having sexual contact with an infected person or by sharing hypodermic needles or syringes with an infected person. Avoiding such behavior greatly reduces – indeed it almost entirely removes – the chances of becoming infected. Given the awful consequences of contracting the AIDS virus, it should be clear enough that public officials as well as members of the public health community have a basic responsibility to speak up for the true and time-honored, for things like restraint and responsibility on matters of sexual behavior.’

“Instead of claiming victim status, shouting homophobia, and blaming the rest of society, homosexuals need to take responsibility for their own actions. The simple truth is, if we want to see a real reduction in the number of AIDS cases, homosexuals will need to stop their high risk sexual practices.

“This is a truth which even some homosexuals have acknowledged. Consider this forthright comment by an American homosexual: ‘By continuing to engage in sexual practices that spread HIV, we are contributing to our own massacre. What is wrong with us? Are we so self-hating that we welcome death, that we would trade 10 minutes of pleasure for a lifetime of illness? . . . The gay men who are now contracting HIV through unsafe sex are not victims. They have consciously decided to disregard their own health and the welfare of their community’.”

Plenty of others have also presented a bit of sanity into this debate. One American writer offers six sensible recommendations which need to be carefully considered. I am quite happy to present them here:

ACKNOWLEDGE HIGH RISK ‘GAY’ SEX: Recognize HIV/AIDS as a predominantly “gay disease” in the USA (as some LGBT leaders like Matt Foreman have admitted) — linked to male homosexual behavior (and IV drug abuse — another high-risk behavior). Gay writer Jack Hart has called gay male sex practices like anal sex “highly efficient ways of transmitting disease.”

TEACH KIDS REAL RISKS IN THE CLASSROOM: Stop pretending that all lifestyles are at equal risk for AIDS — because HIV is NOT behaviorally — or lifestyle-neutral. Instead, teach students in school health classes the DOCUMENTED REALITY that certain behaviors, especially male homosexual sex, are especially high-risk for contracting HIV (and other STDs like hepatitis). See this September 2011 CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) fact sheet, which points out: “MSM [men who have sex with men] account for more than half of all new HIV infections in the United States each year (61%, or an estimated 29,300 infections).”

RESTIGMATIZE DANGEROUS BEHAVIORS: In the wider culture and especially among youth, re-stigmatize anal sex and other (predominantly) homosexual acts (e.g., “rimming,” homosexual slang for oral-anus perversion). If other behaviors were as dangerous as homosexual male sex, there would be well-funded PR campaigns and government mobilizations to curtail them. Political Correctness is no excuse for failing to educate against bad and harmful behaviors.

CLOSE DOWN GAY BATHHOUSES: Using whatever means and laws necessary, shut down all “gay” bathhouses (e.g., Steamworks in Chicago, and Flex Baths in Cleveland). These anonymous sex clubs facilitate unnatural and deviant, disease-spreading sex. Moreover, because they are used by bisexual men and those on the “down low” (homosexuality-practicing men who do not identify as “gay”), bathhouses help spread AIDS to innocent women. For the record, AFTAH also supports citizen action against heterosexual swinger clubs as well as strip clubs and pornographic video stores, which promote promiscuity and undermine natural marriage.

EQUALIZE DISEASE SPENDING: Work toward equalizing (taxpayer) federal/government spending on HIV/AIDS vis-a-vis other serious, life-threatening diseases. As the non-partisan Fair Foundation has demonstrated, AIDS receives vastly disproportionate federal research funding per death compared to other diseases like Alzheimer’s. There is no valid reason why HIV should receive such privileged taxpayer funding — especially since it is driven by high-risk behaviors long-considered immoral.

STOP BIGOTED “HOMOPHOBIA” PROPAGANDA: Stop the highly politicized “anti-homophobia” rhetoric emanating from government agencies like the CDC — which should be focused on eradicating disease, not bashing adherents of Judeo-Christian or Muslim morality. “Homophobia” is a contrived smear term used to denigrate faith-based opposition to homosexuality. It is counter-productive folly to promote the normalcy of homosexual behavior — e.g., through offensive, indecent public ad campaigns — in the name of “safer sex.”

Yes quite right. We are committing sexual suicide, and until we start embracing some mental and moral clarity on these issues, things will only get far worse. We owe it to our nation, our families, our children and our selves to say no to this destructive, narcissistic and selfish lifestyle, and return to some common sense.

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6 Replies to “World AIDS Day”

  1. Thanks Bill, great article.
    As we know, according to the mantra of the homosexual lobby, it is we,(the ‘homophobes’) who are responsible for all the mental health issues in their population, how long do you suppose it will be before they will be saying that we are the cause of them contracting HIV and AIDS too?

    Did you know that they have put a lengthy submission forward about having people living with HIV and AIDS included in the National Disability Insurance Scheme?
    So- not only are we expected to approve and promote homosexuality which will see its population grow, we can also look forward to having our taxes pay for supporting them on lifetime benefits.
    Witnessing firsthand the needs of people living with genuine disabilities and the real discrimination they face on a daily basis, this makes my blood boil.
    (BTW- of course I support those who have HIV through no fault of their own- but that is a miniscule percentage compared to those from homosexual practices).
    Annette Williams

  2. What is wrong with the West? We should be learning from Nigeria and Russia where there’s no shameful “tolerance” of sexual perversion. Homosexuality needs to be made illegal worldwide, for the benefit of everybody, including so-called “homosexuals”.
    Barbara Murray Leach

  3. Having visited and volunteered at the Agape Children’s Home, Thailand, most of the 86 young people there are HIV positive and orphaned. These HIV+ children are the result of the sex trade, and have been abandoned and rejected by their families and villages.
    All these children want are a Mum and a Dad.
    So what will homosexual relations bring? More HIV positive people and more abandoned and rejected Australians.
    Send the MP’s who want homosexual ‘marriages’ to visit the Agape Home and see if these chidren touch their heart!

    FT Alexander

  4. There is a big reason why STDs are not that much of a problem in the wider community, but have a possibility of spreading is due to the Christian foundations of sexual enjoyment, that being one just one sexual partner for the life of the marriage and only having sex inside of marriage. The homosexual community has AIDS rate similar or high of those in the Sub Saharan Africa and South east Asia, where promiscuity is common. But as we case away these shackles, in the name of sexual freedom, we will see the consequences of such actions.

    The unfortunate truth is this disease is such a preventable disease that we are allowing the spread of it, has to be one of the saddest thing happening. But thankfully our citizenship is not of the world, so we know we are just sojourners, waiting for the coming king. We know what will happen and with all glory to God he has saved us from our sins.

    Ian Nairn

  5. Yes, Ian, I agree, the most heartbreaking reality is that somehow so many people do not want to know their saviour. Our human resources are so limited when it comes to having people see their sinfulness and their need for forgiveness, for though logic and knowledge point so clearly to Christ, without the help of the Holy spirit, they can not make the step cross, small step of simple trust though it be. Often I find myself filled with the passion Paul expressed in Romans 9. It is the passion of the Holy Spirit, so we must pray, Holy spirit come and bring revival.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

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