The UN’s War Against Our Children

OK, now here’s a bit of good news – at least if you are a paedophile, or a low-life pervert, or someone who does not give a rip about the wellbeing of children. It is yet more proof that organisations like the UN need to be put out of their misery – and real soon.

According to the intelligentsia at the UN, it seems that children are not liberated enough, and they need the help of this transnational powerhouse to find their full potential: as little sexual dynamos. Yep, the evidently bored bureaucrats at the UN seem to think that sexual liberation must start with our children.

Here is how one report covers this very disturbing news: “The UN Commission on Population and Development is considering ‘sexual and reproductive health and rights’ for children as young as ten. Even the Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon agrees. In a statement recently released he said, ‘Young people, as much as all people, share the human right to health, including sexual and reproductive health.’

“Currently international law does not recognize a ‘right’ to sexual and reproductive health and certainly does not recognize this right in the case of minors. But just last year, the UN Special Rapporteur for Health, Anand Grover, stirred up significant controversy when he not only claimed that a ‘right’ of sexual and reproductive health existed but attempted to define that right as including access to abortion, contraception, and sexual education.

“The association of this right with youth by the Secretary General and the Commission on Population and Development (CPD), especially children, is more controversial since the right could be defined as including access to abortion and contraception.

“Organizations like International Planned Parenthood (IPPF) and IPAS, staunch advocates for the sexual and reproductive rights of minors internationally and at the United Nations, have already issued official reports to the conference bureau supportive of rights language including contraception and abortion. They are also using the conference as an opportunity to attack parental involvement in the sexual health of their children.

“For organizations like IPPF, parents are the biggest obstacle to minors accessing services like abortion and contraception, and they hope to secure language at the conference that will marginalize their role.

“In its official statement, IPPF asserts, ‘laws that restrict young people’s access to sexual and reproductive health services, including parental or spousal consent laws’ must either be removed or be refrained from being implemented. IPAS goes even further and argues that youth should be considered independent actors free of any obstacles that ignore their own ‘capacity to make informed decisions.’ Their main goal at this conference will be to marginalize parental involvement and encourage countries supportive of their position to increase pressure for the kind of language that the Secretary General has already been proposing.”

OK so there you have it folks: more moonbattery madness from our morally challenged big cheeses at the UN. And the really scary part of all this is that these guys seem to actually believe all this. They somehow think they actually have the interests of children in mind.

Of course I might have missed something here, but when my kids were ten they were still into Lego and cartoons and assorted games. None as far as I am aware were feeling deprived that they did not have access to condoms, abortion services on demand, and the full gamut of sexual paraphernalia.

In fact they would hardly even have known what most of that stuff was all about, let alone feel they were somehow being stripped of their rights, and denied their full humanity because they did not have full access to all that stuff. But the know-it-alls at the UN obviously know better than us mere parents.

Indeed, how many of these ideologues and social engineers would have any children of their own? I suspect that most would not. They wouldn’t know the difference between Where’s Wally and Wallace and Gromit. They obviously don’t know the difference between children and adults.

For many of them, children are just malleable hunks of clay to be moulded into objects for their social and sexual revolution. They are mere fodder in the global culture wars. They are dispensable cogs in their radical machinery.

The war against our children of course has been going on for quite some time now. And the radicals have also known for quite some time now that if they can get access to our children they can control the direction of society. Two millennia ago the Roman scholar Pliny the Elder said, “What we do to our children, they will do to society.”

So all this lunacy is not happening by accident. Those revolutionaries who wish to remake mankind and society in their own image know that children have to be their primary targets. Capture the children and you capture the culture. All the radicals have understood this.

Vladimir Lenin for example put it this way: “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” Or again: “Give us the child for eight years and it will be a Bolshevik forever.” And non-radicals have also understood this.

Abraham Lincoln said this: “The philosophy of the schoolroom in one generation is the philosophy of government in the next.” The younger a person can be reached – for good or ill – the more likely he will remain in that particular mindset.

So our UN social engineers are pulling rights out of the hat, such as the right to be sexually active at ten; to be laden with the whole gamut of contraceptives at ten; to have the right to have an abortion at ten; to have the right to destroy their lives before they even leave adolescence.

If you are of a religious persuasion, you may recall the words of Jesus which are obviously most relevant here: “If anyone causes one of these little ones to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea” (Matthew 18:6).

Not a bad idea when one thinks about these yokels at the UN.

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  1. The more I think on this, the more I read the Scriptures, the more I am becoming convinced that this “organisation” is the image of the beast of Revelations. Many of the human rights abusers it puts in places of authority, many of the ideas and rulings, like the above, point directly at it directing the world to turn 180 deg from God’s true and holy law and by extension 180 deg from God.

    Just putting it out there that many of the prophecies in the minor prophets, Mathew, Revelations etc all seem to be getting fullfilled. Would be wonderful if I were to be proved completely and utterly wrong, but I do not think I am far off the mark.

    Neil Waldron

  2. Hi Bill,
    I think you might have to revisit how you use the word radical given how normalized these agendas are becoming. As a friend of mine recently pointed out, being conservative is the new radical. Thanks for the great blog.
    Will Taylor

  3. Well, in addition to all of these sexual rights and privileges being extended to children under the age of ten, how about giving them the right to bear arms, thus legitimising African children’s armies who were apparently, after all, just expressing their human rights and unbridled freedom. One increasingly gets the impression that Paul’s statements (warnings really) in Romans 1 are being played out daily on a worldwide scale as God is giving humanity over to their unclean lusts (Romans 1:24)
    Steve Swartz

  4. It is true the UN has a lot to answer for but I have to disagree that it is the image of the beast Neil. I think it’s dangerous to throw wild things out there about the image of the beast. We must stick to the bible on these issues. To tighten your theory you’d need to have good biblical explanations as to who the first beast is and then who the second beast that makes the image to the first beast is. I’d like to explain who I believe the identity of these are but it would take far more than 100 words. However, I’m not saying the UN doesn’t have a part to play, I just think it goes much deeper.
    Luke Belik

  5. An interesting article, Bill. However, I think you have gone too far with the last sentence of your post. Jesus also said something about loving our enemies and blessing those who curse us.
    Jim Wright

  6. Thanks Jim

    No, neither I nor Jesus have gone too far in what was said. Yes we pray for our enemies, but that does not mean for a moment we accept evil and tolerate matters when children are violated. The Bible in fact tells us clearly that we should hate that which is evil. The love of God (and Jesus) is part of his perfections, including his holiness and righteousness. This involves a hatred of everything that is evil. Jesus is the one who said those who treat children this way should get their just deserts. If that is not to your liking, you need to take it up with him. And given your rather glib and cavalier attitude about all this, we take it you do not have any children of your own. No parent could countenance this evil at high levels.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  7. Such openly demonic suggestions, proffered without fear or shame, truly show how far we have fallen and in what danger we stand.
    This kind only come out by prayer AND fasting. We must each do the part appointed to us by God and continue to trust in Him for the ultimate outcome.
    Anna Cook

  8. I remember discussing what moral conditions would prevail at the end times with my father well over 20 years ago. Apart from the usual about abortion, marriages and sexual persuasions etc, he mentioned the children. He said “when you see the legalised abuse of children dressed up as something good and acceptable be sure to know you have arrived, the innocence of the children will be the last to be eradicated”. At the time I could see his point but cannot believe the speed at which this is taking place.

    Good article and so very true.

    Paul Wilson

  9. Just more perverted filth, to whom much is given, much will be demanded. The UN was given much authority, discretion and power and it will be required to give a much stricter account of how it utilised those things. For all those reading this, pick up a book by Melanie Phillips called “The world upside down”, a cracker of a read and to the shame of our Christian leaders the world over, this woman, who is not even a practising Christian as far as I am aware, has a far superior grip on what is actually happening in relation to all this. She leaves them for dead and is so switched on about this type of stuff it is not funny, she is a woman I pray for to become a Christian, she could certainly show a lot of current Christians how to read world events.
    Steve Davis

  10. Why some adults are “hell bent” on robbing children of their innocence is beyond my comprehension. I am appalled by what children are exposed to nowadays. It is such a shame.
    Peter Coventry

  11. We’re trying to fight this here in the states, but the problem is that we have too much infighting between groups to really accomplish anything. The organization (sorry, don’t know html to provide the link) has legislation (Parental Rights Amendment) in the works that another worthy organization “National Right to Life” is battling because they are afraid it would “pose a serious threat to pro-life interests”, despite numerous attorneys who specialize in pro-life issues saying otherwise. Because NRL has such a HUGE influence in congress (which is normally a great thing) nothing is happening on this bill. Ugh!
    Anita Cooper

  12. Jesus was tempted by the devil in a moment of time when Satan said that if you will just worship me all the kingdoms of the world then and now will be yours. The devil has nothing more to offer anyone in this world but every foul thing that is in the world. Whereas God’s Kingdom is beyond this. Thankfully we can never see it till we leave this place because if we did it would be part of this place and limited by its containment. The supernatural cannot exist with the natural (thank god). The devil has been cast down to the earth and woe to its inhabitants. Paul said clearly the weapons of our warfare are not carnal (not of this world). Satan only has the weapons of this his prison. Whether it be the degradation of every clean thing or the persecution of the Christian he will debase it to it’s lowest form. And those who aid his part in that are the chaff the children of the evil one. Once they are free of any moral restraint their filth will rise to the surface and there will be a world seemingly without God in our testing. We must hold fast to his love no matter how slender it may appear it will not fail only we can fail. Satan’s Time is getting short.
    Dennis Newland

  13. I can understand a law to safeguard minors who are routinely abused according to a local custom, such as female circumcision. However that should not be to the exclusion of parental rights, which in a free society, override the rights of the State. It is this drive to separate children/minors from their parents which is suspect and bears the hall marks of Frankfurt School ideology. Alarmingly there seems to be an international drive to impose strange anti-family policies by elitist leaders on the proletariat, whether they like it or not but there is plenty of evidence to show that the tide has turned and what was once deemed progressive has now become regressive. Ordinary people are losing trust in the political classes and the gap between them is widening.
    Rachel Smith

  14. Hi Bill, Ever alert as usual to perverts where ever they exist .
    Makes you wander what ulterior motive the old fellows at the U.N. have in common to be concerned about 10 year old kids sexuality. As you said they don’t have any reason to be busy with this kind of stuff. Thinking back on my happy youth, I have to admit that I was at least 15 years old before my first sexual experience. Even that was because friend introduced me to a new concept. Causing me to leap up to adult hood virtually overnight. You are right this is absolute nonsense and does get you worried about what is really behind it all. Keep up this exposure business it make great reading. I like the way you put the change from Jim Wright back into proper perspective.
    Cheers, Bill Heggers, Perth

  15. Each year in Australia, we murder approximately 90,000 babies with the government’s approval. Last year, 55,000 children were sexually or physically abused. Paedophiles have more rights than their victims.

    No doubt that child abuse is the new norm and opposition to it is immoral. These children are being sacrificed on the altar of selfishness. In the Old Testament it was known as the god of Moloch.

    These perverts are on a role and they know it.

    Roger Marks

  16. “reproductive rights” a.k.a. the ‘right’ to have sex without reproducing.
    Kylie Anderson

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