More Scenes From the Tolerance Wars

I have written quite often now about how the groups shouting the loudest about the need for tolerance and acceptance have been the most intolerant and un-accepting groups around. And we all know who I mean by one particular group which leads the way in all this. Well, at least a week has passed since I last presented glaring examples of this, so let me once again offer a weekly roundup.

The tolerance brigade has been hard at work, both here and overseas, making sure that while they demand tolerance from everyone else, they will refuse to offer any tolerance themselves. It is all very predictable, and it happens all the time.

Consider these three recent examples. The first comes from Spain, where a Catholic bishop is facing prosecution for simply presenting the position of the Catholic Church on homosexuality. One article describes this situation as follows:

“Homosexual groups are seeking the prosecution of a Spanish bishop after he gave a sermon repeating the Catholic Church’s teaching associating the gay lifestyle with the suffering of hell, and then an interview in which he endorsed psychological treatment for homosexual behavior.

“Bishop Juan Antonio Reig Plà of the diocese of Alcalá de Henares began the brouhaha on Good Friday earlier this month, when he gave a sermon on the death of the soul as a result of sin. Referring to various kinds of sinful behavior, including adultery, theft, and failure to pay wages to workers, Reig Plà added homosexual behavior to the list as well. With regard to each example of sin, the bishop spoke of the act itself, and the resulting destruction of the soul.”

Even worse, he went on to suggest that those homosexuals who want to change can actually experience real help. “With the help of the grace of God and accompanied by priests, counselors, and catechists, and in some cases, by professionals, people with SSA (Same Sex Attraction) can live in chastity (dominion over one’s self); not without combat, but the life of every Christian who wants to live according to the will of God includes fighting against temptation until the very day of death,” he said.

That of course really ticks off the tolerance brigade. They absolutely hate it when you suggest that people can leave the homosexual lifestyle. That claim of course undermines their whole agenda, so they fight it tooth and nail. The tens of thousands of people who have left the homosexual lifestyle are simply invisible people for these activists.

And they will seek to shut down anyone who dares to speak these truths. Thus a priest giving a sermon is fair game for the tolerance thought police. So too are any professional counsellors who assist those asking for help in leaving their homosexuality behind.

Consider what is occurring in the UK. Those who want to turn their life around are being denied that by the gaystapo and their supporters in the professions. Here is how this story is covered in one report: “While most medical ethics throughout the western world has adopted the primacy of patient autonomy as its guiding principle, the psychiatric and psychological professions in the UK are becoming increasingly authoritarian in matters of sexuality, according to one would-be therapist.

“Recently published professional guidelines in the UK say it is an ‘ethical offense’ to either offer to help a client overcome homosexual temptations and feelings, or to accede to a request to do so from a client. ‘I would agree that the focus is no longer on autonomy’ in ethics in psychotherapy, said Dr. Michael Davidson, PhD, Director of the Core Issues Trust. In Britain’s main psychotherapeutic organisations, ‘the person-centred approach is not being respected,’ he said.

“The Core Issues Trust is a Christian organisation that helps equip Christian ministers to help those with unwanted same-sex attraction and who want to leave the gay lifestyle. Dr. Davidson told LifeSiteNews this week that he has fallen afoul of a ‘politically motivated’ shift within the counselling and psychotherapeutic professional organisations, one that he says is betraying the real needs of clients and patients, and their freedom to make choices.

“‘I started my training in 2009 with the UK Psychodrama Association, and was very open and explicit about my position, including about my own journey out of homosexuality,’ he said. Nonetheless, two years into his training to become a therapist, Davidson was suddenly presented with an ‘interim order’ telling him he was a threat to ‘public safety’ and was not allowed to practice any type of therapy or even to train and attend classes, pending the outcome of an investigation into his conduct.

“Since the publication last summer of the professional guidance, he said, the psychotherapeutic community has created a climate in which therapists who do not toe the official ‘gay affirming’ line, daring to assert that homosexuality is not, or does not have to be a fixed condition, face severe censure, even the loss of their professional credentials. Dr. Davidson said that the system overrules even the wishes of patients, telling them, in effect, that they must remain in the homosexual lifestyle, whether they want to or not.”

So much for tolerance and acceptance. It seems only those promoting the homosexual lifestyle are to be accepted and given a go. Anyone else must simply sit down and shut up. And even if you are sitting down, and minding your own business, you will be attacked in public by the tolerance brigade.

On Sunday the Opposition leader Tony Abbott was having dinner when a bunch of ornery tolerance enforcers entered the establishment and proceeded to try to shout him down and hound him out of the place – all in the name of tolerance of course. A journalist who was there gives this account of the evening:

“On Sunday, a group of six to 10 demonstrators burst into the restaurant, surrounded our table, and started screaming something along the lines of ‘Tony Abbott, you don’t dig it, you’re a bigot’ or some such drooling nonsense. They were apparently objecting to the fact that Abbott, like Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd, opposes gay marriage.

“Abbott remained perfectly calm throughout. One dear, white-haired old lady put herself at some risk by trying to get the demonstrators to leave. But they planned to stay. Abbott and I had to decide what to do. Should we leave? Eventually the manager threw the demonstrators out, one or two at a time. Restaurant staff prevented them coming back in.

“Outside, the champions of equality and tolerance continued screaming and began banging on the windows. One of the staff worried the windows would be broken. A number of diners at the tables on the pavement told the demonstrators to get lost. Not only were the demonstrators spoiling their dinner, these folks thought it unfair that Abbott could not even go to a restaurant without sectarian left-wing haters harassing him.

“There is something genuinely un-Australian and offensive about the idea that when you disagree with someone’s politics you confront them physically and abusively. I’ve brought all sorts of famous and controversial people to dinner in Australian cities and I’ve always been proud of the fact that Australians have a respect for people, that they don’t abuse, or trespass on the privacy, of someone just because they are well known.

“Abbott was considerate throughout. He apologised to the manager for being the occasion of such a scene. Prior to the demonstration, a number of people in the restaurant had said g’day to him, none especially political, all friendly, concerned not to interrupt a private dinner.

“The manager apologised to Abbott for the actions of a few idiots and asked us to go upstairs, where we finished our dinner. The restaurant called the police. The demonstrators dispersed when the wallopers arrived. The police were surprised Abbott didn’t have some protective federal police presence around him. But in Australia we haven’t needed that much. That’s the beauty of Australia. We left the restaurant half an hour later. What a horrible, sneering face the tribunes of tolerance wear.”

Don’t you just love it when the champions of tolerance and acceptance come out in force, demonstrating to the whole world just what such tolerance and acceptance looks like? We all owe them big time for so clearly showing us all just what they really want, and what their true values are.

I don’t have to make any of this up. I don’t have to write lengthy essays on the intolerance of the tolerance brigade. They simply provide me with plenty of real life examples each week. All I need to do is record what has taken place during the past seven days.

It is a pretty easy job really. Of course eventually the tolerance activists will ensure that their brand of tolerance applies to me as well, and they will seek to close down this website and have me imprisoned for my “hate crimes”. But until they succeed in such acts of love and tolerance, I will keep telling the whole world about what a tolerant bunch these guys really are.

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13 Replies to “More Scenes From the Tolerance Wars”

  1. On ya Bill.
    You could easily be a REAL Aussie mate!
    No worries. I’ll stand with you when the intolerance brigade come for you. God Bless you and “keep on keeping on”! Now that’s real Aussie – mate!
    Robert Colman

  2. Here’s a scene caught on video involving the theologian Doug Wilson speaking at Indiana University (I think). He is accused of hate speech for defending the traditional Christian teaching on man and woman. Wilson adeptly turns the tables on the protestors while remaining calm throughout. Warning – offensive language:
    Pr Mark Henderson

  3. I saw the scene on the web. How RUDE and INCONSIDERATE these people are. Hopefully this calibre of people will strengthen his resolve to not back such silly changes to the marriage law.
    Ben Mathewson

  4. Hi Bill, yes just many more examples of the intolerance brigade at their finest, thankfully we have you willing to bring forward the truth about such people, also good to see Tony Abbott standing firm.

    In the case of the Spanish Bishop, it is interesting to note that in the opinion of the intolerance brigade, their view of therapy for homosexuals “applied generally in the United States as well as in certain European countries, constitute a clear violation of the charter of the Rights of the Child, as well as the most elemental culture of respect for diversity”. Thus as you said, even if a homosexual wants to change, they will not be allowed to.

    Fred Merlo

    P.S. Thank You for today’s lesson, we kept discussing it all afternoon.

  5. Good on you Bill for your persistence and standing for what is true and right. You are one in a million!!
    Damien Spillane

  6. Dear Bill
    Yes Damien is right you are one in a million. Another great article about the crazy world of Animal Farm where some animals are more equal than other animals and anyone that disagrees with those more equal animals gets treated like a pig. Ah the joys of telling the truth in an untruthful world.
    Warwick Marsh

  7. Dear Bill, The people who called Tony Abbott a bigot seem to be bigots themselves. A fine display of “tolerance”.
    Regards, Franklin Wood

  8. Douglas Wilson has written very good short book responses to Richard Hawkins, Sam Harris, and Christopher Hitchens brilliantly showing the insanity of their atheist beliefs.
    Jeremy Woods

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