Mangling Marriage: Obama’s True Colours

In one of the most unsurprising announcements of the decade, US President Barack Obama has come out and said he supports homosexual marriage. Why are we so underwhelmed by this news? As I have documented so often, Obama is easily the most pro-homosexual US President ever.

He has constantly been promoting the homosexual agenda, so this latest bit of news comes as no surprise. In this he is not unlike our own leader, Julia Gillard. While she still claims to support traditional marriage, she too has hemmed and hawed on this issue. And it shows when push comes to shove. For example, at the Federal Labor conference last December at which homosexual marriage became official policy, Julia did basically nothing to oppose this.

Both leaders seem to think that they can placate noisy minority groups and still win elections. Both are in big trouble now, and hopefully both will be kicked out of office: Obama in November and Gillard next year. If they think that flying the homosexual flag is somehow going to help them, they are even more unintelligent than I thought.

Consider the utterly idiotic and bizarre comments by Obama in seeking to justify this decision. This is in part what he said in his announcement: “This is something that, you know, we’ve talked about over the years and she [his wife Michelle], you know, she feels the same way, she feels the same way that I do.

“And that is that, in the end the values that I care most deeply about and she cares most deeply about is how we treat other people and, you know, I, you know, we are both practicing Christians and obviously this position may be considered to put us at odds with the views of others but, you know, when we think about our faith, the thing at root that we think about is, not only Christ sacrificing himself on our behalf, but it’s also the Golden Rule, you know, treat others the way you would want to be treated. And I think that’s what we try to impart to our kids and that’s what motivates me as president and I figure the most consistent I can be in being true to those precepts, the better I’ll be as a as a dad and a husband and hopefully the better I’ll be as president.”

Practicing Christians? Jesus said you will know them by their fruit. We have had plenty of ungodly, unbiblical fruit pouring out of this guy and his administration for years now. Who is he trying to kid? And the Golden Rule? Puh-leeese, spare us. Paedophiles could also appeal to the Golden Rule, or bank robbers, or arsonists. They want to be respected for what they do as well.

Thank you Barack for your solid grasp of the Bible and theology. Dragging Jesus into this discussion is about as low down as you can go. He might as well argue that Jesus supports adultery, fornication and incest. Hey these are all lifestyle choices, and we want to be loving and compassionate to these folk as well, right?

Just forget everything God has ever said about his designs and purposes for human sexuality. Just chuck it all out the window in the name of a ridiculous understanding of the Golden Rule, and a completely unbiblical and secular humanist understanding of who Jesus is and what he taught.

I was just reading the book of Jude last night. Jude warns about those who have snuck into the churches to push their poisonous agendas. The heretics being condemned there sound a lot like the US President. Verse 4 especially seems pertinent here: “For certain individuals whose condemnation was written about long ago have secretly slipped in among you. They are ungodly people, who pervert the grace of our God into a license for immorality and deny Jesus Christ our only Sovereign and Lord.”

Yep. They talk about grace and love, but they are twisting it to justify immorality and sexual perversion. They are taking the wonderful grace of God and using it as license to push their ungodly and perverse agendas. And Jude speaks of their certain judgment for so distorting the gospel and harming the church.

We have this very thing happening with Obama. He is unquestionably a wolf in sheep’s clothing in this regard, and he will have a lot to answer for one day when he stands before the holy and righteous God of the universe. So too will all those apostate church leaders who are also part of the homosexual activists’ cheer squad.

They are betraying their God, their own people, and especially homosexuals themselves, who deserve better. Instead of telling them the good news that Jesus is in the business of changing lives, they condemn them to their fate: a dead-end lifestyle.

And this is somehow supposed to be what Jesus would do? Leaving people trapped in their harmful sexual addictions? What kind of gospel is that? Jesus said he came to set people free from the snares of the devil, not leave them wallowing in the pit.

But there is some good news: while deceived church leaders and politicians are promoting this radical social experiment, the masses are voting with their feet. They are saying no to the radicals, and yes to marriage. Consider the most recent example of this: the American state of North Carolina. Just yesterday the people there voted overwhelmingly to keep marriage between a man and a woman.

Amendment One, the Defense of Marriage Act, was passed on Tuesday by 61 per cent to 39 per cent. That is a landslide win for common sense and the institutions of marriage and family. And what is even more incredible, every time an American state has been given the chance to vote on this, the people have spoken loud and clear.

This is now the 32nd time a US state has voted on this, and in all 32 instances, homosexual marriage was defeated. Whether it is Proposition 8 in California, or referendums or constitutional amendments in other states, the people are rejecting the radical activist agenda.

As Family Research Council President Tony Perkins said: “At every opportunity, the American people have demonstrated a deep appreciation for the unique benefits that marriage between a man and a woman brings to families and society. They recognize that marriage is the only kind of union that results in natural procreation and keeps a mother and father together to raise the children produced by their union.”

Quite so. And when homosexual marriage does go through in other nations or various states, most often it is the work of activist judges or secular left politicians, not the clear will of the people. Far too often unelected and unaccountable judges are deciding these matters for the people, instead of reflecting what the people really want.

What just happened in North Carolina is another clear indication that when the people actually get to decide for themselves on these issues, they reject the radical social engineering on offer. As Focus on the Family’s Jim Daly says of the situation in the US:

“Every time the issue of protecting traditional marriage (31 times via constitutional amendment) has been put before the men and women those constitutions were created to serve, it has passed. Thirty-two-for-32. In ‘conservative’ states like Mississippi, Utah and the Dakotas; ‘liberal’ states like California and Hawaii; and those more ideologically up-for-grabs states like Florida, Michigan and Ohio, which routinely prove to swing presidential elections.

“The perfect average of passage is a powerful statement about the will of the American people on this issue. Unfortunately, that unanimous will has not been respected in some jurisdictions by a court system Thomas Jefferson once warned us views a foundational document like a constitution as ‘a mere thing of wax … which they may twist and shape into any form they may please.’

“California is the most notable example, a federal district court judge declaring Proposition 8 unconstitutional in 2010. An additional three courts have invalidated marriage-protection laws passed by state legislatures. . . . The American people, as evidenced again Tuesday in North Carolina, understand that truth. Let’s hope their decision is allowed to stand and not rendered moot by a court superseding the duties enumerated to it by the U.S. Constitution.

“If not, we’ll see another disturbing example of what Jefferson, who helped envision and write that Constitution, recognized as uniquely dangerous to our way of government and way of life. ‘The opinion,’ he wrote in 1804, ‘which gives to the judges the right to decide what laws are constitutional, and what not, not only for themselves in their own sphere of action, but for the legislature and executive also, in their spheres, would make the judiciary a despotic branch’.”

Yes exactly right. We are in a war. The homosexual social engineers, aided and abetted by “progressive” politicians, activist judges, and a biased media, stand in one corner; the majority stand in another. It will be a fight which will be played out time and time again.

We must keep working to preserve marriage and family. Despite the odds arrayed against us, we can win. And we must win.

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  1. By their fruit ye shall know them…
    It certainly is true to form for Obama. Not unlike many people who profess faith in Christ, he has a very twisted concept of the what Christ did, what Christ stood for, and what Christ expects of his followers.

    If the constant degradation of marriage isn’t painful enough to watch, what infuriates me is that politicians in both countries constantly ignore the will of the majority for the noise of a tiny majority.

    Garth Penglase

  2. Well said, Bill. Mr. Obama and the other “elites” in our cultures are “blind guides”, leading the blind into pits which neither they nor their followers can get out of without the grace of God.

    As for the despotism of our judicial system, we continue to see that reality demonstrated as well. Just over a week ago a Federal court in Texas declared it was ‘unconstitutional’ for Texas to stop giving tax money to Planned Parenthood. The judge relied upon convoluted reasoning about “loss of access to necessary medical services” for Texas women, even though Planned Parenthood doesn’t offer said services – and even though the state of Texas would continue to fund those services through legitimate medical providers.

    It looks more like the end-times every day, if not for the world then at least for Western civilization.

    Ronin Akechi

  3. Hello Bill,

    Obama’s reference to Scripture reminds me of the following words put into the mouth of Antonio, by William Shakespeare, in “The Merchant of Venice”:

    “The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose. An evil soul producing holy witness is like a villain with a smiling cheek,”

    I think Obama is both an evil soul and a villain.

    Donald Battaglini

  4. President Obama is rejecting clear advice from the Bible and the very words of Jesus when he is promoting “Homosexual marriage”. Jesus plainly defined marriage as a union between one man and one woman when he spoke to the Pharisees about the issue of divorce.
    Mark 10:6-9 But from the beginning of the creation God made them male and female.
    For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and cleave to his wife
    And they twain shall be one flesh: so then they are no more twain, but one flesh.
    What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.

    If that is not clear as mud then I don’t know what is.

    Ian Nairn

  5. Doesn’t surprise me at all. He is a master of deceit and Machiavellian tactics. Sowell in “Obama Master of Political Deceit”

    “Now there are different kinds of liars. If we must have lying Presidents of the United States, I prefer that they be like Richard Nixon. You could just look at him and tell that he was lying. But Obama is much smoother. On this and on many other issues, you would have to know what the facts are to know that he is lying. He is obviously counting on the fact that, in this era of dumbed-down education, many people have no clue as to what the facts are. He is also counting on something else — namely, that the pro-Obama media will not expose his lies.”

    Damien Spillane

  6. Dear Bill, Barack Hussein Obama has defied the living God as His Creator, choosing to embrace Kinsey’s 30plus percentage of U S male homosexuals. John Court rectified this research, reducing the rate to 1 and a half percent. Obama qualifies for the savage judgment of fire and brimstone from an eternal God.
    Chuck Colson, originator of Manhattan Declaration, (Christian marriage is prominent) and our own Clifford Wilson of New Life have prepared the ground for the most intensive prayer in US history.
    Obama will flounder from this hour – and sink in oblivion.
    God is not mocked.
    Christian Family Bible Studies expands this.
    Harrold Steward

  7. Another good article on this is here:

    Here is a quote:

    The “evolution” of Obama — and Vice President Joe Biden, and Education Secretary Arne Duncan, and so many prominent Democrats (and libertarian Republicans) — toward accepting “same-sex marriage,” is really a story of the corruption of modern liberalism and, indeed, America’s slide into moral decadence. The chattering classes dwell obsessively on politics — and certainly Obama’s capitulation was driven by pressure from his well-funded “gay” activist base. But America’s precipitous moral decline — represented by the slow, and then rapid, embrace of evil (organized sin) by its leaders — tells a more important story: America is losing its goodness because we are leaving God behind.

    -Peter LaBarbara

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  8. Who will be the next President — Romney? — what good will that do? Nowhere in the world is there an obvious candidate to lead any nation back to sanity; not in America, not in Europe and not in Australia. Having sown the wind, we look likely to collect some real Kansas weather — very soon.
    Anna Cook

  9. Thanks Anna

    Yes I will soon be writing a piece on Romney. He is far from ideal, but at this point, we must get rid of Obama. If he gets in a second term we are all toast.

    But yes, where are all the great leaders when we need them?

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  10. Another good article on this:

    “Most Americans are neither intolerant nor bigoted. Rather, they understand that marriage is the basic institution of society. For thousands of years in the West, it has had a privileged role. Marriage solidifies the bonds between a man and a woman, laying the foundation for raising children in stable families. It is the glue that binds a functioning, viable social order. Marriage is the natural unit that enables society to perpetuate itself from one generation to the next. This is not hate; it’s common sense.”

    -Jeffrey T. Kuhner

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  11. Could we somehow encourage the activists – judges, homosexual lobbyists and all – to just take say Hayman Island (currently up for sale, I believe) and prove their point for thirty or so years?
    John Angelico

  12. The report I read in the Herald Sun said that President Obama had given the issue of homosexual marriage some thought and after listening to his daughters tell him about a couple of their friend’s parents who were same sex partners he decided in favour of same sex marriage.

    It is of great concern that the policies and legislations of one of the world’s superpowers is based on the preferences of the parents of a couple of the presidents daughter’s friends.

    In regards to the Golden Rule, Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, I have never had any intentions towards other men, I would appreciate if they remember the Golden Rule and return the favour.

    Richard Jardine

  13. Thanks guys

    Robert Knight also has a very good article on this:

    ?”This actually is about much more than marriage. It’s about truth. Mr. Obama is asking us to put into law a requirement for us to recognize as a marriage something that is not a marriage. When you do that, you create the sinews of tyranny, which stretch out to strangle freedom of speech, freedom of association and, eventually, freedom of religion. The virtue of tolerance is strangled, too, morphing into the vice of mandatory celebration. With this wicked move, Mr. Obama is insisting that we bow down and worship the false idol of sexual anarchy. That’s what his wealthy supporters in Hollywood demand.”

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

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