Polyamory Everywhere (And We Can Thank the Homosexual Activists For That)

Let me remind you of a few historical realities. Some decades ago when there was a push to equate cohabitation and de facto relationships with heterosexual marriage, the pro-family voices warned that this would just be the start of the slippery slope, and all sorts of other relationships would soon also be recognised and legalised – including homosexual relationships.

Of course the lefty elites and the social radicals poured scorn on that claim, using mockery and insults to try to discredit this argument. They scoffed, saying that we were just scare-mongers, panic merchants, and nutters, and it would never happen. They had a great time attacking and mocking those who made these warnings.

Of course these warnings have now come to pass completely and absolutely, with homosexuality now being the flavour of the month for the past ten or fifteen years, and homosexual marriage seen as normal as apple pie, or vegemite on toast, depending on what country you come from.

So all that vilification and contemptuous mocking was simply a way to divert attention from the truthful claims of the family campaigners. The radicals knew full well that they were right, and thus they had to try to discredit them and demonise them.

And it worked really well. Government recognition of the homosexual lifestyle and homosexual relationships is about as high as you can get on many Western governments’ to-do lists nowadays. The very thing being warned about a few short decades ago is now taking place before our very eyes.

All the warnings have come to pass, and all the talk of slippery slopes have been fully realised. Just as we said. And now pro-family forces are warning about exactly the same thing: once you legalise homosexual marriage, then anything goes.

There is no logical reason whatsoever to deny polyamorists or polygamists their right to marry, once you allow homosexuals to. And for that matter, the case against incest, and even bestiality, begins to quickly dissolve as well. Our side is now making these warnings loud and clear. I have been doing just this for over a decade now.

And what is the response from the other side? Hey, why are we not surprised? It is exactly the same response which we heard decades ago. They are again resorting to mockery and vilification, accusing us of being nuts, and claiming such things will never happen.

Oh yeah? Never happen? Then why have I penned dozens of articles now on these very things happening as we speak. Why do we find over 300,000 results when we simply google the word ‘polyamory’? Why are there academic, professional, legal, and lobby groups all over the West championing group love and marriage?

Of course we are into the slippery slope big time – just as we have warned. And who do we have to thank for all this? Why, the militant homosexual activists of course. Their case for the radical redefinition – and therefore complete destruction – of marriage is the exact same case being used by the polyamorists and others.

I have documented this time and time again on this website. Every single lousy argument being used to make the case for homosexual marriage is being used by the polyamorists as well. And why not? They are in complete agreement on this. They both sing from the same song sheet.

We now know all the standard baloney arguments being proffered:
-love is all that matters;
-keep the state out of the bedroom;
-why are we being denied our rights?;
-as long as adults are consenting, what business is it to anyone else?;
-marriage equality is what we want;
-love is not bigoted;
-why should religion prevent us from our love?;
-it is time to end all unjust discrimination;
-love knows no bounds;
-only bigots will want to block our love;
-marriage should be for everyone;
-we’re here, we’re queer, so get used to it;
-we’re poly, we’re jolly, so get used to it.

On and on it goes: the identical weak arguments; the identical bloated rhetoric; the identical illogic; the identical attempts to redefine marriage out of existence. And it is all over the place now. Let me offer just another example of all this.

Consider this news headline from today: “Identical twins in relationship with same man”. The article says this: “A Perth man who is in a relationship with two identical twin sisters says he would marry both women if it were legal. Marc Glasby, who will appear on SBS current affairs program Insight tonight, was married to his wife Belle for 30 years before falling in love with her sister Dorothy.

“However, despite falling for her twin Mr Glasby still loved Belle and the trio entered into a polyamorous relationship. ‘The relationship has not been without its hiccups, not least of all due to sibling rivalry that exists between sisters,’ Mr Glasby said. Dorothy agreed the start of the relationship had been unusual. ‘When I first came into the relationship there was a lot of guilt of course… looking at what the bible says,’ Dorothy said.

“But her sister Belle said after time the relationship became a source of strength for the trio. ‘Our love keeps the three of us strong,’ she said. Marc said he feels unfortunate to live in a society that doesn’t accept marriage to multiple partners, blaming religion for the taboo. ‘If I had the option I would most certainly be legally married to both girls, as they are both, in every respect except on paper, my wives,’ Mr Glasby said. ‘As far as I’m concerned Dorothy’s my wife as much as Belle.’

“The debate over gay marriage has thrust polygamy into the spotlight as some advocates argue it would be inconsistent to allow marriage between people of the same sex but deny the right to those in polyamorous relationships. Tonight’s Insight discusses the issue of polygamy with advocates including an Aboriginal elder and Lebanese Muslim.”

And if we buy the twisted reasoning of those pushing the homosexual marriage agenda, then how in the world can we deny the logic of this threesome? Their arguments are of course identical. Surely what is true for homosexual marriage is true for group marriage.

Once you destroy the fundamental nature of marriage, then anything goes. And the four fundamental and non-negotiable components of marriage have always been:
-one from each gender;
-only two people;
-of the proper age;
-not a close blood relative.

Meet those basic conditions of marriage, and anyone can marry. But start to mess around with these fundamental components, then we no longer have marriage, but sexual anarchy. And now that the homosexual militants have kicked out the first leg of opposite gender, then the polyamorists are fully justified in kicking out the second leg of two in number.

And of course then the paedophiles can kick out the third leg of proper age, and the incest crowd can kick out the final leg of close family ties. And while we are at it, then the bestiality fans can get rid of a fifth criterion: only between human beings. Hey, why be so intolerant and discriminating? We demand our right to marry Fido.

So thanks homosexual militants. You have done exactly what we said would happen: you have opened the Pandora’s Box, and once it is opened, it is very difficult indeed to shut again. Thanks for destroying marriage, for destroying family, and for destroying society. You ought to be real proud of yourselves.


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18 Replies to “Polyamory Everywhere (And We Can Thank the Homosexual Activists For That)”

  1. Here’s an example of mocking and ridicule from somebody who left a comment on my blog, Bill.

    “Don’t be such a drama queen. The world will not end just because there is marriage equality. Nothing bad is going to happen.”

    Yeah, right.

    Ross McPhee

  2. Here’s a quote from Doug Wilson today that is right on this topic

    “The difficulty is when accurate predictions are made about moral deteriorations. In such cases, vindication is usually no vindication at all. By the time the predicted moral disintegration is complete, nobody is in any moral shape to analyze what happened.”

    Michael Hutton

  3. Dear Bill, Look what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah! They think because it happened thousands of years ago it can’t happen again but they are mistaken.
    Patricia Halligan

  4. Very well written. More people need to speak up. It is so difficult to speak against same-sex marriage, since they consistently resort to name-calling or changing the subject. Sometimes it feels pointless to even try to fight them, even though I’ve researched all their possible arguments and have science, research, and common sense to back me up. They don’t comprehend truth, they don’t see things for what they are. All they see is self-pleasure, and the ways they can obtain limitless self-pleasure.

    How do we debate or argue with people who can’t or won’t follow the conversation? What can we do to combat the deterioration of society?

    Adriana Suzz

  5. Thanks Adriana

    On most of these hardcore issues we have 5-10% on one side, and 5-10% on the other, with 80-90% in the middle, minds not yet made up. We will not be able to reach the 5-10% on the other side – their minds are closed and reason eludes them. But we can and we should seek to reach those in the middle who are still pondering these matters.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  6. It goes further than mere pedophilia and bestiality. http://news.ninemsn.com.au/world/8473435/us-woman-marries-herself . Next thing they will want their marriage to their IPhone, motorbike, or to a belief system or political party – absolutely anything – to be validated and given a legal status.

    All it does is to make marriage meaningless – certainly not God’s intended way of providing a safe and loving environment for raising children, mutual commited loving support between the couple and the protection of society.

    Peter Smartt

  7. Hi Bill I watched the program last night with Jenny and the guy with two wives. A lot of comments about right and wrong, but did anyone note what the “legal eagle” had to say? It sounded to me like what he was saying was, if you stray from the path of the one man one woman marriage there is no law to cover any other legal situation. The eagles have all the say in what happens (when things go wrong), to assets and even over anything you may have written in a will. Because legally the will is not binding and they can please themselves who they feel is the most deserving. Some times these cases can drag on for years.
    It sounds to me like the only people who win are the lawyers.
    Big Bucks are paid out on all sides (That is your big bucks), to the lawyers.
    My advice: Take God’s advice… Follow the book. You can’t go wrong.
    Keep up the good work.
    God Bless. Pat Tichey.

  8. I remember in the 1970s when Mr Whitlam said that the law has nothing to with what happens in the bedrooms of the nation. As I did then I wonder about that as a defence if I forged bank notes in our bedroom (I don’t, by the way, but according to that statement of principle I would have every right to).

    It is disturbing when even Christians can’t see the vapourish nature of such arguments as that and “marriage equality” and so on.

    David Morrison

  9. Thanks Ian. I would say that is the same story I discuss in my article. There can’t be too many of these whacko trios in WA!

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  10. I watched “Insight” in steadily growing disbelief. My husband and I exchanged goggle – eyed glances from time to time, but had not one word to say. We don’t usually watch the show (feeling the presenter to be biased) but the topic made us think we needed to be aware of what’s going on in the current battle and you, Bill, had partly prepared us for what was to come in your articles over recent months.

    The whole atmosphere in that studio, so open,so non-judgemental and free !! – It made my skin crawl.

    The real face of evil showed through when that poor deluded woman revealed that she had abandoned a thirteen year old daughter and an eighteen year old son (if my arithmetic is accurate!) to pursue her own gratification and was moved to tears of self-pity when she explained her reasoning.

    She claimed to be Christian yet was fully ready to covet the husband of another and commit adultery with him. She greatly needs our prayers as she has obviously not been taught even the basics of what it means to follow Jesus.

    I know that we are all sinners and, without the blessing of good faith education, any one of us could be as deluded as she. We needn’t presume to put ourselves on a pedestal. On the contrary, I know we’ll be called to account for sins of omission, not the least of which is failing to speak, admonish and correct when it was our plain duty to do so.

    I think you’ll be O.K. on that one Bill! – If not we’re all sunk !

    Reading over my comment, it seems rather smug and self-satisfied. I’d better watch out for a fall off my pedestal.

    Anna Cook

  11. Thanks Anna

    Hey if this stuff does not make your skin crawl then there must be something wrong with you. There sure is a place for moral indignation at the cesspool our culture is becoming.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

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