And Then the End Comes

And so this is how it ends: moral meltdowns, mental malfunctions, and mass mayhem. Entire generations turned into zombies, unable to think, incapable of making moral distinctions, unwilling to run against the tide. Everything the totalitarians hoped for – and we are witnessing it before our very eyes in much of the West.

We have created a race of mindless amoral robots who have lost the ability to reason, to discern, to critically assess, and to form independent opinions. Instead we have the attack of the lobotomised. They are just what every police state dreams of: mindless minions who will be led like sheep and conned like toddlers.

Freemen think for themselves and do not rely on the mob to make moral judgments. Such people are a threat to the coercive utopians so they have to be replaced by the automatons who will readily conform. Independent thinking and moral assessments based on objective moral absolutes are a real threat to the new utopian thought police.

American commentator Gary DeMar has just recently written a piece on this very theme and is worth quoting at length. He warns about “How a Generation of Young People Have Been Damaged by Groupthink”. He begins by referring to the case of a football coach caught molesting young boys at Pennsylvania State University:

“No social group is immune from the effects of Groupthink. Intelligence has nothing to do with it. The people at Penn State have university degrees, and yet, they stood by while they knew that evil was in their midst. Social commentator David Brooks offers an insightful explanation that makes Groupthink look rational:

“‘I don’t think it was just a Penn State problem. You know, you spend 30 or 40 years muddying the moral waters here. We have lost our clear sense of what evil is, what sin is; and so, when people see things like that, they don’t have categories to put it into. They vaguely know it’s wrong, but they’ve been raised in a morality that says, “If it feels all right for you, it’s probably OK.” And so that waters everything down’.”

He continues, “We’ve become a nation of moral bystanders. Deep down the majority of Americans know certain behaviors are wrong, but they’ve been cajoled into believing that nothing can be said in objection to the new amoral climate. If we do react, we are labeled ‘intolerant’ and ‘insensitive’ to different ‘lifestyle choices.’ Christians are told that they are not being ‘loving’ when they enter an opposing opinion on moral questions.

“The change in moral perceptions and attitudes has been stunning. ‘After the horrendous crime against the World Trade Center towers on September 11, 2001, a young Yale student has this observation: “Absent was a general outcry of indignation . . . [M]y generation is uncomfortable assessing, or even asking, whether a moral wrong has taken place”.’

“Where are young people getting this type of thinking? At schools like Penn State. Parents send their children off to the big-name university for the sake of prestige and they come back as moral midgets, and they wonder why. Of course, it doesn’t happen to every child, but it happens to enough of them that we are beginning to see the effects of a moral backlash.”

And even if there are people who can still think and make moral judgments, it is very hard for many to speak out. Fear is paralysing so many, because the thought police are now out in force. If anyone dares to think other than the accepted PC line, especially if it is Christian thought and morality, they are hunted down and destroyed by the PC police.

This is nowhere better illustrated than in the controversies over homosexuality. If anyone dares to take a line even remotely critical of the homosexual agenda, the lavender mafia will be breathing down their neck in seconds. Ask me – I know all about it.

But even those who are open to things like homosexual marriage and the like can be quite outraged by the gaystapo and their relentless war on anyone and anything that does not toe the pink party line. Consider the words of columnist Rod Dreher:

“I have my own opinion about SSM, but I don’t want to live in a world in which any normal businessman — pro-SSM or anti-SSM, or pro/anti whatever — has to live in fear that his private religious or political opinions, and giving money to support organizations that advance his viewpoint, will be subject to the equivalent of a whipping at the pillar in the public square. I have spent most of my professional life working among cultural liberals, and living in cities that are culturally liberal. In my experience, it is hard to overstate the epistemic closure and intolerance of many liberals on this topic. They consider it an open-and-shut matter, with no gray area, and no reason to give grace and tolerance to anyone on the other side of the issue. I have even heard it seriously proposed that companies should be careful about hiring people with ‘anti-gay’ opinions, because the presence of such people could cause gay employees to feel ‘unsafe,’ thus creating a ‘hostile work environment.’

“You don’t think this is coming too? Chick-fil-A has not been accused of discriminating against gay folks, not in hiring nor in the way it treats its customers. It is being excoriated because the man who owns the corporation holds traditional Christian opinions about same-sex marriage, and gives money to organizations that share that view. Chick-fil-A can defend itself with its army of lawyers. Can you, when they refuse to hire you, or sic the government inspectors on you, or picket your business because they found that you signed a petition against gay marriage, or gave $25 to a campaign to support traditional marriage?”

He concludes, “We are on our way to becoming a country in which traditional Christians have to fear for their livelihoods and live in the closet because of their religious convictions. And the most right-thinking liberals among us have no problem with that, because they believe, like the most reactionary 19th-century pope, that error has no rights.”

Quite so. He entitled his article, “What To Do With the Heretics?” He was certainly right to do so. If the secular left have always ranted and raved about the evils of things like the Spanish Inquisition, they seem to not see the irony in the fact that they are now calling for a secular inquisition.

Everyone must pass the tests laid down by the secular left thought police, and those who do not pass will be declared to be heretics, and treated accordingly. The witch hunts are back in earnest, and guess who are the new witches? Conservative Christians are no longer to be tolerated.

And all this comes from those who shout the most about tolerance. As Alister McGrath puts it, “The 20th century gave rise to one of the greatest and most distressing paradoxes of human history: that the greatest intolerance and violence of that century were practiced by those who believed that religion caused intolerance and violence.”

No wonder the masses are silent, still, and afraid to rock the boat. The tolerance brigade is on the prowl, looking to terrify and snuff out any opposition. In such an atmosphere we do not need any more compliant mindless minions, but men and women who will stand up and declare, “I will not bow to your tyranny”.

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  1. Globalisation and political correctness have had the chilling effect of hushing people up. The elites of Western nations have brought problems upon us in their pursuit of putting profit over people who are fast becoming the ignorant masses. The elites are thinking of ways to solve the towering problems they have caused, and inevitably other people will have to pay the price for their strategic errors caused by greed. Government officials are quietly beetling away in the background on their private agenda, known to them but hardly talked about to us.

    Many young people today suffer with low self-esteem and uncertainty as to where they stand in the world. They leave school with limited vocabulary, thanks to text speech, and scant knowledge of the rudiments of grammar so articulating a point of view could be difficult. With peer pressure, it makes sense for them to merge with the herd and avoid accountability as an individual and scapegoat anyone who doesn’t fit in. Role models are few and far between. Really it is fair and healthier to hear more independent thought, trying to avoid the pointlessness of how relativism goes round in circles answering questions and questioning answers. We must not lose the hard won freedom that our forefathers fought for and drifting towards a totalitarian State will do just that. The State has potential for great good and we must try to keep it balanced – like a pot on a potter’s wheel. It has to interact with us and we with it.

    Rachel Smith, UK

  2. Since moving back to Australia 2 years ago I have noticed a dramatic change in Australian people. We used to be outspoken and unafraid to shoot from the hip on any topic. But now, when I tell people I was a Christian missionary in China for 13 years, they don’t answer at all. Instead it is like a record that jumps to the next track. The speed at which they change the subject is phenomenal. But the look on their faces is usually one of shock and dismay.
    In the 1960s and 70s I am told that missionaries travelling to Papua New Guinea were often bumped up to first class because they were thought of as honourable people.
    I find that now in Australia a huge percentage of people are involved in one way or another in Hinduism, which is the basis of the New Age movement. It’s often in the form of Buddhism. At present I am working in an office with 2 white Australian Buddhists. They proselytise the clients as much as they can.
    I was getting my haircut and the hairdresser – a middle aged woman from England – remarked, “Why would you want to preach in China – don’t they have enough problems without introducing the Bible!? To which I tried to reply regarding the virtues of Christianity. She just interrupted saying “well I see all these people on tv in churches in America praising the Lord and then they come outside shooting each other.” That was her assessment of Christianity, and she was quite indignant.
    I wholly and absolutely admire the owner of Chick-fil-a and pray that they will come to my town in the future.
    He has set the standard for all of us true followers of Jesus: Don’t stop sharing the Gospel and just let God handle the consequences. We will win in the end!

    Rodney Gynther

  3. I have just finished reading an article in the Huffington Post by Lorraine Devon Wilke titled “Chicken with a side of Bigotry: Chick-fil-A’s Ungodly Business Plan”.
    This paper is not known for its support of Christians, and reading this article gives us a glimpse of what we can expect if ssm is legalized in Australia. anti…

    Madge Fahy

  4. A Godless unbelieving world has been present in every generation since the beginning.
    What has changed is that this Godlessness has become a religious institution which tolerates no opposition, as you say.

    We are instructed to be “be wise as serpents yet guileless as doves, Beware of men….” Matthew10:16-17.

    I don’t think changing times should change our response when it comes to basic principles.

    We must be guided in all things by conscience, first and foremost, but also prudence, and “not throw pearls before swine.”
    The good know how to do good and the evil know how to do evil.

    Charlie Dimech

  5. “In my experience, it is hard to overstate the epistemic closure and intolerance of many liberals on this topic.”

    That’s my experience, too. No amount of contrary evidence counts in the minds of these pro-homosexual true believers. I would like to draw on psychology to explain this odd phenomenon but unfortunately psychologists are amongst the worst offenders.

    John Snowden

  6. This was written in 2005 by Michael D. O’Brien:

    “How long will it take for our people to understand that when humanist sentiments replace moral absolutes, it is not long before very idealistic people begin to invade human families in the name of the family, and destroy human lives in the name of humanity (and tolerance)? This is the idealist’s greatest temptation, the temptation by which nations and cultures so often fall. The wielder of power is deluded into thinking he can remould reality into a less unkind condition. If he succeeds in convincing his people of the delusion and posits for them an enemy of the collective good, then unspeakable evils can be released in society. Those who share a mass-delusion rarely recognise it as such, and can pursue the most heinous acts in a spirit of self-righteousness.”

    John Adams, the second president of the United States of America put it well when he said: ‘We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry, would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.’ …
    “Our Founders had a better answer than government or even education. God is the answer. God is the moral compass of America. Or He should be, if we ever want to restore morality in our homes and civility to our land. Our Founders believed morals flowed from one’s accountability to God, and that, without God, immoral anarchy would result.”

    David Skinner, UK

  7. Richard Wurmbrand, a Romanian pastor, who suffered under Communism in Romania by being imprisoned and tortured for more than 14 years, wrote the following in the preface to his book “in God’s Underground.” And remember this was written in 1968!

    “In churches and universities all over Europe and America I found that people – although they were often deeply moved by what I said – did not believe that a danger really threatened them. ‘Communism here would be different,’ they said. ‘Our Communists are few, harmless.” We thought the same in Romania, once, when the Party was small. The world is full of small Communist parties, waiting. When a tiger is young you may play with it; when it grows up, it will devour your. I met Western Church leaders who advised me to preach the gospel and avoid attacks on communism; this advice I had also from the Secret Police in Bucharest. But wrong must be called by name. Jesus told the Pharisees that they were ‘vipers,’ and for this, and not the Sermon on the Mount, he suffered crucifixion.’

    A church elder also recently said to me with regard to highlighting the evils of the gaystapo. “We just concentrate here on preaching gospel.”

    Returning to the Chick-fil-A issue, how soon before customers and patrons are photographed and reported to their employers and the police?

    David Skinner, UK

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