But He Is Not Supposed To Exist

Whenever the activists seek to implement their social engineering agendas, they first must silence all opposition, or seek to demonise them and/or write them out of existence. That is just what the slave owners and slave traders did to blacks: they relegated them to the status of non-persons, and could thus say, ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

They became invisible people. We are doing exactly the same today to another entire class of people: the unborn. We pretend they are non-persons, and therefore we can do with them what we will – that is, slaughter them in the millions. Out of sight, out of mind.

Another such group of people now exists: former homosexuals. You see, the militants, plus their supporters in the MSM, have managed to convince many that there just is no such thing as a former homosexual. They simply don’t exist. They are invisible people – out of sight, out of mind.

So the militants can carry on their deceptive campaigns, and when a foil to their agenda comes along – a real former homosexual – they just smirk and say he does not exist. They will claim he never was a homosexual in the first place. Now that is one way to try to make your case: just pretend all countervailing evidence does not exist.

Just treat them as non-persons in other words. Render them invisible. Out of sight, out of mind. The trouble is, with so many bits of evidence around – tens of thousands of former homosexuals – it gets a bit hard for the militants to keep playing this game.

My recent book features two very powerful and moving stories of a former homosexual and a former lesbian. Their stories cannot be wished away. Indeed, forget about all the social science data I present in my book if you like – it is impossible to argue against genuine changed lives, standing there in flesh and blood.

Indeed, I am reminded of the time Jesus healed a blind man. The man who was just healed of his blindness was being given a hard time by the religious leaders who were trying to badmouth and entrap Jesus. The guy replied, “All I know is, once I was blind but now I see” (John 9:25). Yep, it’s pretty hard to argue against something like that.

It’s the same here. The reason the militants hate former-homosexuals so much is that they are living proof that change is indeed possible. The lie of the militants that no-one can leave this lifestyle is shown up for what it is – so much baloney.

There are just so many stories out there of former homosexuals who have wondrously been set free from their dead-end and high risk lifestyle and radically turned around. And many have gone on to heterosexual marriage and having children.

Let me share another such story – that of Jim Domen. He can now rightly and assuredly say, “Homosexuality is a behavior; it’s not my identity”. Although raised in a religious home, he experimented with homosexual relations while young. He soon fully gave way to it.

“Domen met a same-sex partner online and they moved to Palm Springs together. ‘We pretended to be married and I thank God marriage was not legal then,’ he says. ‘I was not in my right mind and marriage would have complicated things.’

“They established a business in the sun-baked mecca, but things soured in the relationship, partly due to his partner’s alcohol and drug use.  One day they had a colossal argument and Domen announced he would move out. ‘That day my partner switched over our bank accounts and took my name off everything,’ he recounts. Domen had no access to money.

“Some friends let him stay temporarily in a vacant, unfurnished apartment. In his first evening in the apartment, he laid down on the tile floor. His only possessions were his clothing. He stared up at the ceiling and said, ‘God, I’m yours again.’ Still, a spiritual battle ensued for his heart and soul. Even though he wanted to turn toward God, he thought that as soon as he got back on his feet he would probably drift back into the homosexual lifestyle.”

He says he did not want to change and his heart was hard yet he kept seeking help, and that eventually came, beginning with his own family: “Domen’s parents invited him to move home, the last place he wanted to go. He had never connected well with his father, an L.A. County sheriff. ‘Growing up, I saw my world through the eyes of the feminine,’ he says.

“Yet something remarkable happened during his time at home with his parents. God orchestrated a season of healing between father and son. ‘We built a friendship relationship as men,’ he says. ‘We had a lot of one-on-one time together that brought healing.’ Domen started to pray, read the Scripture regularly, and he attended several men’s Bible studies. ‘I was hungry for God’s Word and healthy male relationships,’ he says.”

As his faith started to deepen, his life started turning around. He was persuaded to go to a theological seminary, and there more change took place: “At the same time, he dated women for the first time in many years. When he felt sexual arousal toward the opposite sex, it rocked his world. ‘This is pretty cool,’ he thought.

In his men’s accountability group, he shared his newfound feelings. ‘Awesome, dude, you lusted over a woman,’ one of the men said. Domen chuckled and replied, ‘Sin is still sin,’ he said. ‘I don’t have the right to sin in the opposite direction either.’

“When Domen graduated from seminary, the school mistakenly mailed his diploma to the wrong address. He went into the office to pick it up, and had a ‘chance’ encounter that changed the future course of his life. A young, attractive woman named Amanda came out from her back office at the same time Domen arrived at the counter. She retrieved the lost diploma and handed it to him. ‘Take it out and read it,’ she suggested. ‘This looks like something important to you.’

“As he scanned the document he said, ‘This is a miracle. I’ve come out of the homosexual lifestyle, I’m a pastor, I just bought my first house, and now I have my M.Div. degree.’ ‘It sounds like God has restored the years the locusts have eaten,’ she said, quoting from the Book of Joel. ‘Wow, who is this woman behind the counter quoting from a minor prophet in the Old Testament?’ he wondered. Domen says he ‘saw Jesus burning in her eyes.’

“Jim and Amanda married in 2009. ‘Marriage rocks; I love being married,’ Domen declares. ‘This is the most amazing relationship I’ve ever been in. It’s peaceful, it’s godly, it’s tranquil. I can’t wait to get home.’ While Jesus brought a remarkable transformation in his life, he still encounters temptations. ‘I will have sin issues until the day I die,’ Domen admits. ‘It’s a journey. It’s a walk. I want to choose life and choose righteousness in all areas of my life. I know I’m fallen and I need a Savior named Jesus. Homosexuality is a behavior. My sexuality is not my identity. My identity is in Christ’.”

Amen. Of course such a person is not supposed to exist. But he does, as do countless others. That is the good news we need to be telling to all homosexuals. Change is possible and change can happen. It may not always be easy, but it sure can happen nonetheless.


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9 Replies to “But He Is Not Supposed To Exist”

  1. Wow fantastic story of someone coming out of the grip of homosexual sin, and coming to know the Lord God personally.
    For those of us who have been involved in addictive sins
    (I class sexual sins and gambling, drinking and smoking as addictive sins, among others), temptation to return will always be a problem. For me, when temptation does come, I acknowledge my weakness to temptation, and ask God for the strength to overcome it. Its been just over 10 years and glory to God, He lead me out of darkness and into His light.
    From a lonely single man to having a wife chosen by God and 5 children, fantastic.
    God sets the lonely in families, he leads forth the prisoners with singing; but the rebellious live in a sun-scorched land. Psalm 68:6

    Mark Lambert

  2. I was just reading on Jonathan Sarfati’s link how having friends and family who are homosexually active complicates the position for them, or so they believe. People have said to me such things as
    “What if a child of yours turned out to be homosexual?” I thank God they haven’t, but I could perhaps be justified in finding quite offensive the suggestion that my opinions should be dictated to me by my children or other family members and friends.

    And as Jonathan says, “former homosexuals” are simply people who have stopped sinning in that way. If there are former murderers, thievers, wife-assaulters and so on, there will obviously be former homosexuals.

    David Morrison

  3. That is the beauty of Christianity, since whenever someone met Jesus, they are a changed person. Throughout the Gospels we see people who had gross sin in their lives, had their lives turned around by the forgiveness of Jesus.
    2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

    It is always great to hear news of the life changing gospel of Christ.

    Ian Nairn

  4. With respect to another damaging behaviour, smoking, we now see advertising encouraging people to give up smoking even if they have failed many times before. Even when I was at Uni. (I’m a GP) we were taught that a successful quitter had 4-5 prev. unsuccessful attempts. However difficult quitting smoking is, it’s vital. Same applies to the homosexual lifestyle. If a homosexual falls back into the homosexual lifestyle, that doesn’t mean quitting that lifestyle is impossible, it’s just that, like giving up smoking, it may be hard. But still essential for a healthy individual and society at large.
    Graeme Cumming

  5. This is the second time in a week I’ve come across the statement, “homosexuality is an act, not an identity,” or words to that effect. Good article, Bill.

    Christina Charles

  6. The presentation of ‘gay’ issues as human rights issues is deceitful. The global homosexual movement egregiously violates the rights of its members by denying them the freedom to ever leave.

    Any other human institution that did this would be rightly called a cult.

    Michael Watts

  7. Yes quite so Michael

    Another group like this is Islam, where those seeking to leave are branded apostates and treated accordingly.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

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