Marriage Wars: No More Cheap Excuses

Francis Schaeffer once said words to this effect about abortion and the responsibility of the churches: “There should be a sign in front of every abortion clinic that reads: ‘Open by permission of the church’.” There is of course plenty of truth in that statement.

While there are many churches and Christians who are standing against abortion, there certainly are far too many which are not. By failing to be salt and light in this area, we have allowed the abortion holocaust to continue largely unabated. And we will have blood on our hands as a result.

The same is tragically true in the marriage wars. Far too many believers, churches, and church leaders have said and done nothing in this key battle. They have sat back and watched this most fundamental of institutions be ravaged and destroyed by the militants.

The silence of the churches has simply been deafening here. Given that marriage is the key institution made by God, appearing in the opening chapters of Genesis, and still going strong in the closing chapters of Revelation, how in the world can believers be so blasé about it?

How can they not care about something which God cares about so very deeply? How can they not be fully concerned and fully involved in the defence of this most basic and crucial of all God’s gifts to us? How can they just sit by in blatant apathy and indifference?

We have abandoned our responsibilities here as believers big time, and we will one day have to give an account before our Lord as to why we allowed his endearing institution to be lost without a fight. We will then have nothing to say, as we hang our heads in shame, realising how reckless and disobedient we were.

So if marriage is destroyed in Australia and believers did nothing to prevent this from happening, what will they tell God when they stand before him? What lame excuses will they seek to drag up? What lousy justifications will they try to offer? Well, many cheap excuses come to mind here:

-But I was just so busy watching TV and playing games
-Oh, I did not think you cared that much about marriage
-I didn’t want to be seen as judgmental
-But our church was more interested in entertainment and feeling good about ourselves
-I did not want to offend anyone
-You really did not expect me to take my faith seriously did you?
-I thought Christianity was just a private affair
-Jesus did it all, so I just enjoyed the free ride
-Religion and politics don’t mix
-We are just supposed to save souls
-But I did not want to rock the boat
-It did not seem like a loving thing to do to defend marriage
-We are meant to be peacemakers and not cause any trouble
-I was so busy looking after myself and my wants that I just could not get involved
-I really did not think that redefining marriage would be so important
-The church is not supposed to be divisive
-I was in the process of getting a new high score in my Facebook game
-It seemed polishing my new car was more important
-I did not want to upset anyone or lose any friends over this
-Believers should not be involved in worldly issues like politics
-Jesus does not want us to be so unloving and divisive
-The world is going down the tubes anyway, so why waste time trying to reform it?
-But my favourite sporting events were on at the time
-I did not want to appear to be too radical

Please feel free to add your own lousy excuses here. Plenty more could be offered. But not one of them will stand up on that day when we stand before him. We will instead realise in an instant what fools and disobedient rascals we were.

Our heads will hang in shame as we realise what selfish and rebellious Christians we have been. Those outstretched, nail-scarred hands will remind us immediately that Jesus gave everything for us, while we couldn’t even get off the stupid  TV for a few minutes to stand up for his most precious institution.

Well did Bonhoeffer say, “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”

And well did Leonard Ravenhill say, “Many pastors criticize me for taking the Gospel so seriously. But do they really think that on Judgment Day, Christ will chastise me, saying, ‘Leonard, you took Me too seriously’?”

So let me ask you again: what are you doing right now to save marriage? If you are not doing anything, why not? What lousy excuses will you offer to your Lord when you appear before him?

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9 Replies to “Marriage Wars: No More Cheap Excuses”

  1. Fantastic News!!!

    An Australian Labor MP’s bill to legalise same-sex marriage has been overwhemingly defeated in the House of Representatives. The result of the vote was 42-98.

    This is not the end of the battle by any means, but a wonderful victory along the way. Thanks to all of you who prayed and worked so hard to make this happen.

    All glory to God.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  2. That is good news, Bill.

    This morning after seeing the coverage given to Cory Bernardi over his reasons for the rejection of the gay marriage bill, our family wrote to him to offer our support and encouragement. Sadly, I see he has resigned his position as shadow parliamentary secretary.

    Nikki Chmaberlain

  3. I think the culture wars is just starting, and the coalition has just fired a shot at the truth by sacking Cory Bernardi. Very disappointed. Freedom of speech is the one freedom above all that protects all our other freedoms so it is pretty sad to see what they have done to Cory. Even Bolt supports his sacking which is also disappointing.

    Rob Withall

  4. I have already written to Sen Bernardi, and to Andrew Bolt, in support of his stance about the slippery slope.

    My next emails will be to the Opposition Leader and to Malcolm Turnbull who labelled the Senator’s comments as “hysterical and alarmist”.

    Unfortunately, Mr Turnbull has bad form on this issue, so I am not hopeful of getting my point across, but it has to be done.

    After Bible Study on prayer, and we always pray after we study.

    John Angelico

  5. Greetings in the name of the Lord,

    Bill, it is so important, that we as God’s battle-axes in this crooked and perverse generation put ourselves together in terms of marriage. Knowing that the devil is roaming about as a toothless lion seeking to devour the institution of marriage; we are therefore to arise in prayer and fast and work with God, for this kind can not go but only by we submitting to God whom will then give us the ability to resist the devil steadfast in faith.

    Babatunde Sunday Teniola

  6. I must admit, when Bill was first exploring the logical progression from ssm to bestiality and the like, a few years ago, my first reaction was “isn’t this a bit over the top?” But I then spent some time thinking about it and came to the conclusion that the argument was indeed very logical and has, of course since then been verified. But maybe that is the reaction of those who have never had the benefit of having someone explain it to us. Hopefully they will think about it and realize how real the danger, the reality of the slippery slope really is.

    Thanks Bill for helping us to think in the correct direction.

    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  7. Thanks guys

    And yet even more terrific news! The Australian Senate has just voted on homosexual marriage with another big defeat! Both votes were supposed to be cliff-hangers, yet both were massive wins.
    Here is how it all went:
    HoR 98 no 42 yes
    Sen 41 no 26 yes
    Total 139 no 68 yes
    A huge win indeed. Many thanks for all your prayers, all your hard work, and all your concern. It has all paid off big time here. Glory to God.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  8. The devil is only a toothless lion when we live a life which has bowed the knee to Jesus see James 4:6. -7 If we do not live a live surrendered to Jesus Christ, the devil has plenty of teeth and reality sadly proves this.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

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