Creeping Sharia Continues Apace Throughout the West

Stealth jihad is ever active and relentlessly making inroads all around the Western world. On a regular basis we learn of new moves to implement Sharia law, to promote Islamic values and practices, and establish a growing status of dhimmitude.

Much like the militant homosexual agenda, the impact is much the same: freedoms are being lost, democracy is being dismantled, and the rights of ordinary Westerners are being stripped away. And it is not about social inclusion or learning to live with others.

It is all one-way traffic here. Muslim activists have made it clear they do not want to coexist with us. They want to take us over. They want Islam to dominate throughout the world. That is their mission, and Western freedoms must go to allow for the universal servitude to Islam.

Let me present four recent examples of this, two in the US and two in Europe. By themselves they may not seem all that significant, but taken together, along with many more such cases, we have a very grave situation on our hands indeed.

In Maine a Muslim protest has demanded the resignation of a mayor who is simply seeking assimilation. One news report covers the story this way: “Ten years after a Lewiston mayor set off a firestorm by saying the city’s Somali population was growing too fast, a new mayor’s remarks about the immigrant community is sparking another wave of anger and calls for his resignation.

“Somali immigrants and their supporters in this former mill city in central Maine say Mayor Robert Macdonald should apologize and step down for what they call repeated anti-immigrant remarks, including telling a British Broadcasting Corp. interviewer that immigrants should ‘accept our culture and leave your culture at the door.’ A group of about 50 protesters rallied outside City Hall on Thursday before delivering 1,400 petitions to Macdonald’s office, asking for his resignation.”

It is of course perfectly sensible for a host nation to expect guests to respect their values and principles and seek to blend in. Yet so many Muslims refuse to do this, and take pride in being aloof and separate from the infidels. And they find full justification for this in the chief Islamic religious sources.

And in the US state of Florida we have the case of an extremist Imam given the go-ahead to hold a fundraiser. One report on this begins this way: “A fundraiser will be held for Zaytuna College, America’s first Muslim college, at the Hilton University of Florida Conference Center in Gainesville, Florida on Saturday, November 3. The featured speaker is one of Zaytuna’s founders, Imam Zaid Shakir, an Islamist cleric whose extremism has been repeatedly documented by

“The lecture is free of charge, but tickets for the dinner reception afterwards are $50. The New York Times reported in 2006 that Shakir ‘said he still hoped that one day the United States would be a Muslim country ruled by Islamic law,’ and that he supports accomplishing this non-violently. He says that Islam justifies the hijacking of ‘an airplane filled with the 82nd Airborne’ and that the 1983 bombing of the Marine barracks in Lebanon by Hezbollah was not an act of terrorism.”

The article chronicles other extremist statements he has made, and asks why any Western university would allow such an activist to speak. The truth is, those seeking to overthrow the West are given a free ride, while those critical of Islam would of course never even be allowed to open their mouths in Muslim-majority countries. So here we have yet another case of the West agreeing to its own suicide.

In Belgium some Muslim politicians are calling for the implementation of Sharia law. As one report states, “Two Muslim candidates vowed to establish an Islamic state in Belgium based on Sharia law, after winning local elections in Brussels two weeks ago. Air Jeddig L’Houcine and Redouane Ahrough, both from the fledgling Islam Party, handily won seats in two major districts of the Belgian capital Brussels, Molenbeek and Anderlecht, respectively.

“The election was held on October 14. ‘Islam is compatible with the laws of the Belgian people,’ the two councilors assured skeptics during an October 25 press conference in a tea room in Brussels. ‘As elected Muslims, we embrace the Quran. We consider Islam as a universal religion. Our presence at the council gives us the opportunity to express ourselves,’ Ahrough told reporters.”

The article continues, “During a political run ten years ago, Ahrough distributed a 40-point platform that included bringing back capital punishment, legalizing teen marriage, severity towards divorce, and a ban on mixing of the sexes in public places – all key points of Sharia law. Not only did Ahrough not denounce his old agenda last week, he said it was still the same, with the ultimate goal of creating an Islamic state based on Sharia law in Belgium.

“‘The agenda is still the same, in fact, but our approach is different now,’ Ahrough said. ‘I think we have to sensitize people, make them understand what the advantages are to having Islamic people and Islamic laws. And then it will be completely natural to have Islamic laws and we will become an Islamic state’.”

Wow, frightening stuff. And this is occurring all over Europe. By the simple process of demographics alone, many major European cities will have Muslim-majority populations by the end of the century, if not sooner. Weapons are not needed here to subdue a people – simply large families.

Also in Europe, we have a UN official calling for Islamic Istanbul to be made the “Capital of the World”. One write-up on this states: “Richard Falk is an Anti-Semite, a 9/11 Truther and the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Palestinian human rights. All three things make him especially qualified to author an Al Jazeera editorial calling for turning the capital of Turkey, a genocidal Islamist repressive state currently trampling on the human rights of its Kurdish and Alevi populations, while illegally occupying and settling Cyprus, into the capital of the world.”

Although just one voice, this kind of radicalism is of course not unique to the United Nations. It has long been a hotbed of radical Islamic activism. These sorts of things are rather commonplace there, and it provides yet more evidence why it has long ago outlived its usefulness in the international community.

Plenty more such recent examples could be offered here. But these should suffice to show that all around the West the push for Islam is proceeding apace, but it is a push which also insists on the diminution of the West and the values which have made it great.

Unless Western leaders start showing some backbone here, and resist these many cases of stealth jihad and creeping Sharia, things will only further deteriorate. Whether they have the will and the resolve to take such a stance remains to be seen.

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8 Replies to “Creeping Sharia Continues Apace Throughout the West”

  1. One of the most disturbing things I’ve heard is a brief over view from Chuck Missler. He describes a country and what happens to that country at various levels of Islamic rule. I would like to hear it again but it went along the lines of, at 1 percent this happens at 2 percent this and so on.
    Daniel Kempton

  2. Many are accepting adultery, homosexuality,polygyny beasteality as norm and before long, sharia law may be the norm, Horrors!
    Judith Bond

  3. One can but wonder at the fate that awaits those who seek to marginalise western religious belief; if the worst-case scenario you have depicted comes to pass. Little do they realise that Christianity represents the best bulwark against the imposition of sharia law.

    Dunstan Hartley

  4. I think that we are seeing the real side to not only the islamists but also ourselves. This tells me just as much about the condition of the Australian population as it does the islamists. We will not get off our lazy backsides and deal with this, “I am not interested in politics”, “I don’t get involved in politics”, “All politicians are as bad as one another” ad nauseum! This idiotic outlook will be a part of our ultimate downfall and the part of this I find inexcusable is that a lot of Christians are a part of the not wanting to judge, not wanting to find fault, we are to love our enemies, must not cause offence, more ad nauseum but this time from people who really ought to know better. As usual when I write things like this, I am happy to be proven wrong or reproved.

    Steve Davis

  5. Thanks Tas it’s down loaded and printed and now it’s my job to share this vital information.
    By the way Steve, I like the way you think and speak.

    Daniel Kempton

  6. A good idea perhaps for all Christians may be to start having lots of kids. Beat them at their own game and also have a greater voting voice in the future 🙂

    Of course, we then need to ensure that we raise our children in the word in order to prevent them from turning into little secular humanists.

    Mario Del Giudice

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