The Islamic Republic of Sweden

For a week now the city streets of Sweden have been ablaze, yet I bet most of you have never heard of this. And if in the remote chance that you did, you would have heard something about it being just some poor unemployed youth letting off a little steam.

What you likely did not hear is that once again, this is a case of angry Muslims trashing their host culture, seeking to remake it into their own ugly and bloody image. And as usual, Sweden, like the other Nordic states, is relying on its tradition of tolerance to see them through all this.

They of course are kidding themselves. Another nation known for its tolerance, Holland, has also experienced its fair share of abuse from their Muslim guests, including assassinated politicians, and other MPs who are under 24/7 protection from the religion of peace.

Failed policies of multiculturalism which put little or no restrictions on who immigrated to a nation, and what rules they must abide by, has been part of the problem. Many European nations are now abandoning or radically altering their multiculturalism policies, realising what an enormous blunder they have been.

Also greatly problematic has been wilful ignorance about the nature of Islam, and what its goals really are. The truth is, Islam is an expansionist faith which seeks to see the whole world come under the domination of sharia law and Allah’s will.

Thus politicians in Europe have in many ways created the mess they now find themselves in. And now the streets are on fire as a result. Consider an important article on this by Jerome R. Corsi entitled, “’Youth Rioting’ In Sweden? It’s The Muslims, Stupid”.

He begins, “The nightly rioting in Stockholm that establishment media ascribes merely to ‘youths,’ is being carried out by Muslim immigrants. Muslim immigrants in Sweden now total slightly more than 6 percent of the population, providing additional support for the maxim that a Muslim population of 5 percent is a tipping point for political turmoil. In other countries, Muslim immigrants at that point have begun to seek concessions, including, typically, the right to govern themselves by Shariah, or Islamic law.

“In Sweden, the Muslim population has doubled in the last 14 years, with Muslims now accounting for over 41 percent of Sweden’s total population growth. The growth reflects not only increasing Islamic immigration but also a disproportionately high birth rate in a nation in which the native birth rate is trending toward zero-growth.

“According to European Union statistics, an estimated 574,000 Muslims lived in Sweden in 2012, making up 6.05 percent of the population, compared to 1998, when there were 284,000 Muslims, or 3.21 percent of the total population. The EU currently estimates that at current rates of growth, the Muslim population will reach 40 percent of the total population in Sweden by 2030.

“While Sweden does not keep welfare statistics specifically for Muslims, experts estimate from available government welfare statistics on the foreign-born that somewhere between 70 and 80 percent of Sweden’s welfare payments go to Muslims, with the percentage on the rise.

“In Stockholm, the rioting in recent days has centered on Husby, a low-income suburb of Stockholm with some 12,000 residents. Approximately 80 percent are first- or second-generation Muslim immigrants from Turkey, the Middle East and Somalia.

“Swedish police estimated that about 200 Muslim youths were responsible for the violence last week that set hundreds of cars and several buildings on fire with Molotov cocktails, including a parking garage fire that forced the evacuation of residents of an adjacent apartment block. After setting cars on fire, masked Muslim youths waited to pelt with rocks any police responding to calls.”

He concludes, “In February, the Economist reported that in Sweden, only 51 percent of non-Europeans have a job, compared with over 84 percent of native Swedes. ‘The Nordic countries need to persuade their citizens that they are getting a good return on their taxes,’ the Economist noted, ‘but mass immigration is creating a class of people who are permanently dependent upon the state.’

“In Sweden, 26 percent of all prisoners and 50 percent of prisoners serving more than five years are foreigners, the Economist detailed. Nor is the conflict limited to social-demographic characteristics and economics; it also extends to cultural differences. ‘Nordics fervently believe in liberal values, especially sexual equality and freedom of speech, but many of the immigrants come from countries where men and women are segregated and criticizing the prophet Muhammad is a serious offense,’ the Economist concluded.”

Mark Steyn also weighs in on the situation in Sweden and elsewhere: “For the last week, Stockholm has been lit up by what the great Australian wag Tim Blair calls the nightly car-b-q, started by ‘youths’ after the police shooting of (you’ll never guess!) a Muslim man waving a machete. John Hinderaker notes that the authorities are taking a somewhat insouciant attitude to their blazing metropolis:

“But while the Stockholm riots keep spreading and intensifying, Swedish police have adopted a tactic of non-interference. ‘Our ambition is really to do as little as possible,’ Stockholm Chief of Police Mats Löfving explained to the Swedish newspaper Expressen on Tuesday. ‘Our goal is really to do as little as possible.’ Chief Löfving’s media relations officer, Lars Byström, elaborates: ‘We go to the crime scenes, but when we get there we stand and wait.’

“That’s not strictly true. They are handing out parking tickets to the burnt-out cars. Seriously. Meanwhile, in Britain, the constabulary of a nation where men are hacked to death on the street in broad daylight are arresting Tweeters who Tweet insufficiently culturally sensitive Tweets about the unfortunate incident – and sending three coppers to warn an 86-year old lady that the cheese wheel she makes for the annual cheese-rolling competition is a threat to public safety.

“This is how it’ll go. As western governments lose their ability to impact anything that matters, they’ll become ever more coercive about all the little stuff. Heaven help the first granny who takes down a machete-wielding jihadist with an oversized cheese wheel.”

As many commentators have noted over the years, Europe has simply lost the will to exist. Its secularist core is nowhere near sufficient to withstand the vibrant and aggressive inroads of Islam, and when push comes to shove, most Europeans seem content to put up the white flag of surrender, and simply sit by and watch as Europe, its freedoms, and its democracy, are obliterated by an alien totalitarian ideology.

The great liberal death wish, as Malcolm Muggeridge spoke of, has settled deeply upon Europe, and it looks like its days are numbered. Unless some more Geert Wilders and Ayaan Hirsi Alis can be raised up, and raised up quickly, it looks like it is goodbye Sweden and goodbye Europe.

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  1. Bill,
    This is precisely the reason why we should consider voting for Daniel Nalliah’s Rise Up Australia Party. They are against multi-culturalism because they know it doesn’t work, and Daniel has dealt with Islamic oppression first hand. He has been trying to warn Australia for years about this problem, and if we don’t heed that warning we will also be in trouble.
    Rodney Gynther

  2. Goodaye Bill, what is the answer? Even if the Koran encourages persecution and death of the infidels and as you say “The truth is, Islam is an expansionist faith which seeks to see the whole world come under the domination of sharia law and Allah’s will.” What can be done when the majority of Muslims are probably law abiding citizens who simply want to live a quiet uninterrupted life? I do understand the lame Politician’s and leftish media’s desire to quench any public concern over Islam’s dark side, when there are plenty of thugs who would be happy to go on a rampage mugging Muslims and burring mosques. I am grateful to your articles that expose Islam for what it is but what practical things do you suggest the leaders of a Western country (while there is still freedom) to do? Or how do you suggest we treat our Muslim neighbours (those living in our country)?

    Martyn Mettam

  3. Thanks Martyn

    Good questions. Christians can and must do two things simultaneously: love and reach out to individual Muslims, yet do all they can to resist creeping sharia and stealth jihad. To warn about the very real dangers of political Islam does not mean we cannot and must not seek to reach out to individual Muslims with love and the gospel. As hard as it may be, we must do both at the same time: stand up for freedom on the political level while bringing Christ’s message of salvation to Muslims friends and contacts. I seek to explain this more fully here:

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  4. The thing that should concern people is that in places like Belgium and the Netherlands, it is only a decade or two before the population demographic will enable Muslim majority governments to be elected democratically, likely to the exclusion of any non-Muslim government ever again.

    Will people realise where this is headed by this point, or will the formal establishment of the umma in European nations be reported as some great victory for freedom and democracy?

    Simon Fox

  5. Hi Bill, I’m not questioning your sources here, but I am curious to know where you heard about the Islam slant on this incident. The only scant info I read was a brief ABC article, and as you say, nowhere else. This article did not mention the “Islam” word one iota. Still learning about all the non-MSM sites.

    Matt Patchon

  6. I’ve known of the story from you for over two days. My wife saw the story on the Swedes’ situation in the Sunday paper today with a photo of fires. Before she started reading I asked her to look to see if it said ANYWHERE that it was Islamic in nature. After reading about eight references to ‘immigrants’ one mentioned a particular person of Iranian descent. So predictable sensitive silly to ignore aspects of causation. Of course the spin from Gannet News was that this is about evil corporate Sweden, not helping the poor immigrants…you know from Ireland, France, Laos, Cambodia… Predictable.

    Joe Whitchurch, US

  7. Sadly, most Muslims who seek a better material life in the west do not realize that like Ruth, they have to not only leave their native land, but also their religion in order to find not only eternal life, but temporal prosperity as well. The religion they bring with them neither furnishes them with a work ethic that will provide peace, stability and material supply through the work of their own hands, nor with an appreciation of that which is freely given to them in their time of genuine need.
    You spoke of Europe’s secular core which is unable to withstand the zealous onslaught of Islam. That is a very important point. We read in Isa 9 that “the zeal of the Lord will accomplish this”. Likewise I believe there is a counterfeit zeal from the dark side from which Islam has borrowed its power and it can only be withstood by God’s own remnant enabled protected and supported by the Living God in whom they trust.
    God’s richest blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  8. In response to Rodney’s post above. How should we vote? We have always voted for the Christian Democrats but what is their position on Islam and immigration? Do you know Bill? In doing what you have written Bill (fighting sharia law etc) we will be saving those wives and daughters who fear their own husbands and fathers. I think silently the Muslim women are hoping for someone to stand up and fight Islam. What do others think?

    Liz Gee

  9. I agree, it is quite well demonstrated that Muslims are the common aggressor of western civilization, as any ideology or false religion (Example Nazi). They are not tolerating any idea or other form of opposition and as the Koran is teaching that conquest the world by lies, deceiving and force is permit and they are even sanctify such cruelty. There is only one way to deal with them, exclusion of them to be accepted as refuge or immigrant in country that are not Muslim. They can choose many country around the world that are implement what they believe.
    So why they wanted to live in infidel nation, that is a way to Muslim colonialism. They cannot accept any form of social life different from the abusive. And human rights breaking, especially for women that had not rights and are forcefully subjected to man, that is contrary to the human right universal recognition that we are all equal.
    Luigi Rosolin

  10. Fred Nile called for a moratorium on Muslim immigration 10 years ago. He argued that the impact of Muslim immigration on Australian society and the values Australian’s have held dear for many generations should be documented and evaluated before it should continue, but his plea fell on deaf ears.
    Don’t forget, he is on Q&A tonight and thank you Bill for alerting us to that last week.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  11. Islamaphobia = scared of Islam = Main Stream Media.

    Once upon a time there were brave journalists and politicians who stuck their neck out to tell it like it is. Now-a-days these professional talkers dare not upset their superannuation packages with a job-threatening statement about what Islam is really up to.

    Or life threatening, like the political killings of Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn and film-maker Theo van Gogh who dared to say what Islam is.

    The Islamaphobic media and politicians seem to relish the chance to serve their dhimmitude. (Dimmies for short, with emphasis on the dim)

    Hooray for the real heros – high profile and recognised critics of Islamic teaching in the west, like;
    Holland’s… Geert Wilders
    Australia’s… Daniel Nalliah
    and um, who else is there again?

    Rodney: Yes – of course RUAP is targeting the Senate in this Federal election, and has a very good chance of getting Nalliah in.

    Tim Lovett

  12. Taken from something I read today… interesting…
    The unrest – a predictable consequence of Sweden’s failed model of multiculturalism, which does not encourage Muslim immigrants to assimilate or integrate into Swedish society – is an ominous sign of things to come. The fatal flaw of Swedish multiculturalism has been to grant asylum to hundreds of thousands of immigrants who have no prospect of ever finding a job or making a meaningful contribution to Swedish society. Many immigrants are, and will remain, wards of the state.
    that is a BIG mistake we in Australia can’t afford to make.

    Liz Gee

  13. Liz
    We’ve already made it. Rudd and Gillard’s border security program!
    Dunstan Hartley

  14. I personally believe that multi-culturalism can work – but probably not when Muslims are involved. My observation in Australia is that Chinese, Koreans, Filipinos, Indians, and others assimilate well. But some (not all) Muslims do not assimilate, and probably have no intention of doing so. They want their own schools, etc, and to be a culture within a culture.

    David Hunt, Brisbane

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