More on the Abbott Victory

As more details emerge about the massive Coalition victory of last night, it is worth offering some further thoughts on the radically changed political landscape we now find ourselves in. As I remarked in my article last night, this was an historic win in so many ways.

Perhaps the most telling – and damning – stat of all was that of the primary vote for Labor. It was the lowest in 100 years: under 34 per cent! That is just mind-boggling. The Australian people have made it absolutely clear that they are fed up with a dysfunctional, divided, derelict and out of touch Labor Party.

They knew that change was desperately needed, and they voted overwhelmingly to dump this circus pretending to be a government. With preferences included, nearly 53 per cent voted for the Coalition with around 47 per cent voting for Labor. There was a swing of over four per cent against Labor and over three per cent against the Greens.

Thus in the House of Reps the Coalition may end up with a total of 89 seats, and Labor 57, with four to independents or smaller parties. Plenty of Labor members were turfed out, and it will obviously take some time indeed for Labor to rebuild.

Peter Beattie, roped in by Rudd as a last minute lifeboat for Queensland, failed big time to win his seat, and the Independent and disgraced ex-Labor MP Craig Thomson was handily defeated in Dobell, NSW. Tasmania saw big swings away from Labor and the Greens. Indeed, the Greens lost half their vote in the Apple Isle.

Yet leader Christine Milne is blaming everyone but herself for this debacle. How they and others do in the Senate remains to be seen. We may not have a clear picture on the scene there for perhaps a week. And of course when we finally learn of the actual Senate composition, those changes will not come into effect until next July.

The usual honeymoon period of a new government is probably already over. A hostile, and now very upset lamestream media, and the new Labor opposition will not cut Abbott and the Coalition any slack whatsoever. They, like so many others devastated at what Australia decided last night, are proving to be real whiners and sore losers.

Simply looking at the moronic, indeed demonic, flood of tweets tells it all. The level of hatred, hostility, and utter irrationality is something to behold. Many of them have even threatened to leave the country. To that suggestion I can only say, “Great, I will wave you off at the pier”.

The appalling selfie, Rudd

Kevin Rudd was a major reason for this massacre. Sure, a divided, dysfunctional and manic Party did a great job of self-immolation. All the back-stabbing and hatred and disunity took its toll. But Rudd was clearly his own worst enemy. If Julia was problematic, Rudd was much more so.

He is one of the most egotistical megalomaniacs to ever lead a national political party. Everything was about Kevvie. His incessant selfies were an indication of an ego out of control. His narcissism was as appalling as it was off-putting.

He simply treated everyone else like dirt, and focused entirely on himself. His contempt for others was well known by staff, colleagues and anyone who had to deal with him. Simply his inability to show up on time, leaving people waiting for hours, often in stifling heat, is an indication of this.

In contrast people could count on Abbott. He was dependable in just so many ways. You knew he would arise at 5 for physical workouts, and be taking phone calls by 6am. He and the Coalition offered such a stark contrast to Rudd and Labor who were all over the place.

Rudd was simply contemptuous of everyone else. His utterly deplorable and unprecedented “concession” speech was the perfect example of this. The rambling, self-serving 24-minute circus of words was one of the most cringe-worthy speeches I have ever heard.

He even bragged about beating his opponent Bill Glasson, saying he should just “eat your heart out”. Not a word of congratulations to the new Prime Minister, not a word of culpability, not a word of apology or contrition. It was a 24-minute selfie which left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.

Usually the loser demonstrates a bit of grace, humility and humanness. But if you tuned in only to his speech last night, you would have been sure that he just won – and won handsomely. And some people still wanted this poor excuse of a leader to run this nation for three more years. Go figure.

He said during his speech that he would not run again for the leadership. Of course he promised us that before. But by now most of Labor – like the rest of the nation – has hopefully had a gutful of the guy. While Bill Shorten may be the logical successor (although he turned on both Julia and Kevin), they may well put in someone like Albanese as a caretaker leader until the heat dies down somewhat.

Homosexual marriage

One more thing can be said here. While Kevin was convinced that the most important issue in the universe was homosexual marriage, he once again miscalculated terribly. His appallingly bad judgment was on full display here. He was completely out of touch with the electorate, living in his own thought-bubble instead.

The truth is, 99 per cent of Australians do not give a rip about homosexual marriage. Indeed, it clearly put off much of the electorate. Yet Labor and the homosexual militants will keep pushing this. Thus we all need to keep in touch with the Coalition members, congratulating them on their wins, and urging them to stand strong here.

Tony Abbott has no plans to go down this track, despite some of his own family members being in favour, and some of his colleagues wavering. Thus please contact your local member and tell them we do not want the evisceration of marriage happening here.

But the good news is that Labor is out, Kevin is gone, and the immediate threat of marriage destruction is temporarily at least put on hold.

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    Joel van der Horst

  2. A very thoughtful summary of events. I imagine, that this would be a good time to promote Jason Clare to leadership. By the time the ALP has rebuilt to an electable strength, he might have been able to recruit a new generation of professionals and philosophers capable of being formed into a ministry nearly as good as Tony Abbotts. Largely and unfortunately, without depth of experience in government. This could take three or four terms to eventuate. Hopefully.
    Colin Spencer

  3. I am not sure if Steven Smith was one of the people supporting Mr. Rudd’s leadership challenge and for his sake I pray he didn’t. For what he said this morning would show him as two-faced as the others. Ideas have consequences and bad ideas have bad consequences. That includes, I am afraid the kind of leader a party that holds to certain ideas would attract. What I mean is this. It wasn’t Mr. Rudd or Julia Gillard’s character alone, that made the Labour party unpopular, but the ideas it stands for. Until they realise that, they will probably go on, stabbing each other in the back and blaming each other for their bad ratings.
    I pray God will give them revelation or remove them from office altogether.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  4. thanks Bill that was very well said. I hope that Australia can get back on it’s feet, now that the deadbeat government has gone!

    Liz Gee

  5. Dear Bill now we have a Prime Minister who will run the country, instead of carrying on with soap opera politics.
    Regards, Franklin Wood

  6. Yes fully agree with what was written. Labor maybe out but Unfortunately Rudd is still there even though as a back bencher. I live in his electorate, hope we have a by election soon. What he said about Bill Glasson was disgusting!

    Robert Dekker

  7. Rudd and his fellow back-stabbing evildoers are gone. A new government with more personal integrity can rest restore integrity in the society through its actions. Some Australians have left the country as ex-pats not because of income but because of its sick culture, especially that of Generation Y. It supports gay “marriage”, abortion, euthanasia, and could not care less about the poor or needy. It contains warriors on both sides of the battle of the sexes and it also involved in the battle between the generations. For more:

    Janice Tooh

  8. Congratulations to Tony and the Coalition.
    We hope and pray they continue on the right track and don’t let us all down on the subject of SSM.
    Give us a reprieve for a few years please.

    Des Connors

  9. The one thing that astounds me is the fact All the Labor politicians think it was their ‘disunity’. I was left with the impression and even the ABC commentators saying that they did a great job running Australia. One gave themselves a 9/10!!! So what it tells me that they believe everything they did was right.

    Even amongst people I know, there is sour grapes that it was the Murdoch media against them. Another on her page posted links from Labor FB site of Liberal’s and the environment and that Abbott is going to cut in 4 billion dollars foreign aid. I don’t think they are concerned about the countries debt. I saw her in my booth wearing a purple shirt yesterday at a booth. It I think was affiliated for a university and if I saw correctly endorsed the Greens. I knew she and their family were Left, but I didn’t appreciate how Left they really were.

    They are Christians too but I can’t comment any further on that as ultimately when you consider what those parties represent, they will be answerable to God. Yes there is another who wrote last night that she would leave the country.

    That depresses me that people don’t appreciate the circus it has been for six years. I manage a couple of small political pages and a language of some a couple of upset people are terrible. I may at times think that but I wouldn’t post that sort of stuff. Others claim they don’t care.

    In closing, Labor is not going to change yet because they arrogantly believe they are right. They truly are deluded in their leftist dogma and social ideology. Now I know even last night that things won’t be perfect, I am happy though we have adults running the country. I can say I will sleep a little better knowing Tony Abbott and his team are in charge for the time being. It is up to people like you Bill, others like Andrew Bolt and Piers Akerman and others to keep chipping away over the coming years. People like me and your friends here can at least be aware of what is going on. We can win if we persevere.

    Carl Strehlow

  10. I am fully aware that Tony Abbott and the Liberal Party are far from perfect, but I thank God that they won this election. I think that there won’t be any surprises in the next 3 years and that everything will be done properly and in order – that really is the best we can have at the moment. I was upset this morning just before entering our Church, I spoke with one of our members, and he honestly felt that Kevin Rudd would be the better PM. Even though this person disagrees with same sex marriage, he felt that Kevin Rudd misquoted the Bible on Q&A the other night – he also stated that the question put to K Rudd by the Pastor was – get this – not necessary. That’s right, apparently we should not question a PM who does backflips regarding his religious beliefs and trashes the Bible to do so. I just feel so sad that this occurred.

    Joan Davidson

  11. Good summary of the outcome. I found Rudd’s rambling, sometimes irrelevant speech intolerable and I switched off. I noticed his audience, initially cheering him, became restless. Even his doting wife looked more and more bored. He’s a verbiage mill on two legs. Good riddance to him.

    Daryl Snowden

  12. I thought Tony Abbott had changed policies and will now give in for a conscience vote, hopefully I heard wrong.

    Johannes Archer

  13. Potential problem alert: based on news so far, a whole bunch of fringe parties are going to be on the Senate and may control the political process. One of them, the Liberal Democratic Party, is described as a right-wing libertarian group that supports gay marriage, euthanasia and marijuana legalisation:

    Mark Wong

  14. Two thoughts:
    1. I thank God for any genuine Christians who have been elected, and hope they can help keep the Government on the straight and narrow.
    2. While the same sex mob and some media push the concept that most people want gay marriage, they don’t want to put that to the test with a referendum. If a referendum were held, there would have to be a booklet produced giving the yay and nay cases. Then the public would be informed on their choice, as opposed to the current situation where many think it might be a good idea.

    John Bennett

  15. On election day I worked outside a poling place. I was surprised at the Christians I knew who attend evangelical & charismatic churches go straight to the Labor people and only take their how to vote card.

    Des Morris

  16. I have a thought about Rudd’s support for homosexual marriage. Rudd said a colleague of his sat down and spoke to him regarding homosexual marriage and that is what changed his mind. I know that Rudd earlier supported homosexual marriage and backed down because many people did not support it.

    Could the push for Homosexual Marriage be a condition of him getting back his office? The greens pushed Labour to accept a carbon tax and Julia Gillard accepted the deal. To have a position of authority you need to convince your team your the best leader first, then you have to convince the country.

    I also wonder if the Royal Commission into child sex abuse may have been a two edged sword. The first report is due June 30 2014. If the report found a link between homosexuality and child abuse then Rudd would look extremely bad. Similar studies show 80% of the victims are boys. Another study showed nearly half of homosexual men and nearly a quarter of homosexual women were sexually molested by someone of the same gender.

    Of course mentioning this may give you the label of homophobic. If homosexual marriage is brought in then we would need to control both the senate and the house of representatives to repeal it.

    John McAllister

  17. I wonder if Kevin might have been different if Therese had just taken his surname.
    Dameon McManus

  18. Btw –
    In all seriousness, I hope and pray that Tony Abbot values his soul more than his position
    I feel for him, and pray that he has the armoury to withstand the ensuing onslaught from the left AND from within the party itself.
    Dameon McManus

  19. Adam Bandt was lamenting about the “lack of positive mainstream media coverage” his party received. If that is what he thinks they need to get seats I am concerned about what he thinks about the people that vote for him, for if the mainstream media influences their vote it wouldn’t be worth having.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  20. This is a great election boost for Australia and adding to the return to conservative governments is some states will help to slow down the rot. However, as you pointed out, we cannot look at this win as reason for Christians to think all be well.
    Although I was thankful for the 11 years of the Howard government I was dismayed that laws brought in by the previous Labor governments concerning issues of morality and simple human decency were not repealed. One of course being laws on abortion. I fear that this new conservative government will do likewise. There may well be a perception that repealing such laws will make them unelectable.
    The Christian vote unfortunately did not favor Christian based political parties as they suffered losses in this election. This appalling notion that religion should be separated from politics must be exposed. Bill you have been doing this for quite some time here, on Facebook. How can we help break this myth? Apart from your many contributions on your blog here are there books written on this subject worth recommending? I would like in some way to start preparing for the next state elections in November 2014 and the next Federal elections.

    Keith Lewis

  21. Bill I have just ordered from Amazon “Why You Can’t Stay Silent: A Biblical Mandate to Shape Our Culture” by Tom Minnery of Focus On The Family. Are you familiar with it? It is a second hand hardcover sold by Steels Books USA in good condition.

    Keith Lewis

  22. I am extremely disappointed that so many Christians fail to understand that Labor holds to the Marxist/socialist philosophy of denying God and doing all they can to write Him out of peoples minds and hearts.
    The majority of ALP politicians are members of the Fabian Society which has the same roots as Communism and avers to bring the world under the tyranny if socialism.
    I’m sure that Bill has written on several occasions about the evils of this society.
    I pray that the evils already foisted upon Australian society by Labor like the religion of Gaia,political correctness and multi-culturalism can be re-trenched.
    I urge every reader to contact the Coalition leadership and request they repeal laws relating to morality, abortion and human “rights” (note human NOT Christian!)

    Roy Ford

  23. Hi Bill

    Did you hear how vicious the are when Warren Mundine said he did not vote Labor as it had lost its soul – only proves the point

    Charles Northcote

  24. I’ve just read Bill’s summary (excellent) and most of the comments.
    I too am saddened by the fact that a number of Christians are out and out Labor supporters. I really can’t understand this.
    However, we have to remember that in the “end times” there will be a great apostasy – falling away from true Christianity. It seems to me that there are many Christians who are only so in name (they talk the talk but don’t walk the walk). I think the church is ripening for this apostasy. I think Bill has talked about false Christians often.
    But let us also remember that our Great and Almighty God IS in control and world events are climaxing to a time when Christ reigns and we will be with Him forever! I’ll see you there!

    Alison Ferguson

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