On The Abbott Win

We now have a new government in Australia. Finally. After six years of Labor ineptitude, chaos, confusion and crisis, we now have a new chance at getting Australia back into working order. And it seems to have been – at this early stage – a convincing win indeed.

Tony Abbott said in his 9 minute victory speech: “Australia is under new management. And once more open for business.” In contrast, Kevin Rudd in his 24-minute concession speech was utterly appalling in his arrogance and pomposity. He talked about himself incessantly, while not even once congratulating Tony Abbott. His complete lack of humility was fully on display tonight.

The actual numbers are roughly as follows: In the House 90 seats at least go to the Coalition, around 54 to Labor, and a few others to smaller parties and independents. The primary vote for Labor was way down, as was the vote for the Greens. Of course how things pan out in the Senate remain to be fully seen.

But it was a very strong rebuke of Labor and a clear move by the electorate to bring in substantial change. This very strong mandate for change will now be played out in the months ahead. The mainstream media will continue to be obstinate here, as will the shrunken Labor minority opposition.


I have written on numerous election results over the years, and what I have written elsewhere could probably just be cut and pasted here. That is because my fundamental message regarding such election results remains the same, but let me share it again here.

Will this Coalition victory usher in the millennium? Bring heaven to earth? Solve all our problems? No, no and no. But it will stop the rot for a while. In a fallen world that may be the best we can expect. Politics is always messy, but some parties and policies are less bad than others.

Spiritually speaking, I believe the win to be an indication of God’s grace and mercy. Another term of Labor would really mangle Australia. Simply Kevin’s promise to ram sodomite marriage down our throats in the first hundred days would have been bad enough. But a whole host of other bad policies would be continued, escalated, or introduced.

I believe that the re-election of Obama in America was an indication that God’s hand of grace was being removed from that once great country, and his hand of judgment is being revealed. Another stint of this corrupt, dysfunctional and immoral Labor government could well have been more of the same.

So this change of government will not be a panacea. But then again the Coalition was competing against no panacea either. It is a welcome change of pace, and hopefully important things like dealing with the economy, reining in our out of control debt, slowing down the agendas of the social engineers, and restoring basic freedoms will move full steam ahead.

Indeed, Tony Abbott’s announcement just days before the election that he would roll back Labor’s heavy handed laws that limit free speech on the basis of not “giving offence”, and to defend religious freedom as well as reform the Australian Human Rights Commission is all terrific news.

Of course his move to abolish the carbon tax, the mining tax, and a number of other misplaced Labor policies are all good news as well. Getting control of our borders and reducing the tragic deaths of boat people allowed under Labor’s watch will be another real improvement. These and a host of other changes will be most welcome indeed.

While genuine change for the good should be seen real soon, nirvana will not be obtained. Tony will not save Australia. The Coalition will not save Australia. It is going down the tubes fast, and only a mighty outpouring of the Spirit of Almighty God will really turn things around here. Mighty heaven-sent revival is what this nation needs most.

So while we pray for revival, we must keep the new government in our prayers, as we are instructed to do in Scripture. They will need it. An obstinate and uncooperative opposition, along with a hostile media will as always make things difficult. Pray that the Party stands strong on key principles, and does not cave in to the radical special interest groups.

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  1. Tony’s victory speech was quite humble in comparison to Rudd’s and I think his honesty in not backing down personally re gay marriage may have earnt him a lot of respect.

    Jo Deller

  2. “Pray that the Party stands strong on key principles, and does not cave in to the radical special interest groups.”
    Pray indeed but also keep contacting all Coalition politicians and encourage them to resist radical special interest groups.
    Kevin Rudd was an obvious threat on the sodomite marriage front, but as this article reminds us, the Coalition have issues as well:
    “The Coalition summary on the ACL site give the impression that the Coalition policy is not to change the Marriage Act. That’s true, until the new Parliament is seated, and until the party room decides whether or not to change their position.” (towards the end)
    Seems a new battle front.

    Mark Wong

  3. All I know about OZ politics can be written on the back of a cardboard match pack Bill, but I know from mates there that (in THIS case) the liberals were the good guys. Confusing to me as a Yank, but hey.

    OZ didn’t bow. Good on ya mates! If the current ijit claiming to be the American President doesn’t get us into a war in the Middle East, and survives any impeachment proceedings (and even the possibility of a civil war) he too will be out on his bum, one more turd to be flushed down the dunny of history.

    Ed Sumner

  4. Finally a breath of fresh air for the Australian people! It’s comforting to know that things will start to get better.

    Holly Beecham

  5. Mr Smarmy’s 24 minute speech made my skin crawl. I don’t think I have heard anyone more excessively ingratiating in public office than Kevin Rudd.

    Jamie Bowman

  6. I handed out ‘how to vote’ pamphlets for the Christian Democratic Party yesterday in a ‘safe ‘ LNP seat area. I expected that I may see a lot of excited conservatives types and that it would be a good day. I also thought Christians would be more engaged, concerned and supportive.

    Nope- where I was, most people went for the Greens. I received unbelievable hostility. Only 3 people in the 5 hours i was there sought us out and most people gave the pamphlett back when i said the word “Christian..”
    I thought by saying “standing up for traditional marriage”, I might also get a good response- nope they threw the pamphlett back when i said that.
    On reflection, I said to my husband that I thought I would have had a far better response if I said “pro Nazi party”.

    I left the day feeling so sad about how hard hearted and hostile our country has become to Christianity and also how brainwashed.

    While it is good to see a change in government, we really do need to pray for a change in peoples hearts towards God and a yearning for truth.

    Thanks Bill.

    (ps.Thankfully, the LNP did win the seat in the end).

    Annette Williams

  7. “Spiritually speaking, I believe the win to be an indication of God’s grace and mercy. Another term of Labor would really mangle Australia.” That’s the core of it, Bill. For some reason God has deigned to show mercy on our nation and to ‘stop the rot’ for a while. Now that we have a breather, let’s please not sit back on our laurels as we are often prone to do in this nation. Let’s fight APATHY. Let’s PRAY and SEEK God harder than ever before so that we do not return to the near disaster we have been rescued from and worse!

    Dee Graf

  8. I heard Adam Bandt on the 3AW News this morning describe the Greens as the “Light on the hill in the darkness”, or words to that effect … what the??

    As you say Bill, at least the Coalition victory is a step in the right direction.

    Peter Coventry

  9. How the peolple ever saw him as one of the most popular Prime Ministers in history, I could never understand. I do though like the fact that even though historically politically popular he is now, politically speaking, simply history.

    I hope.

    David Morrison

  10. Great result! Hope that the Senate results will “back it up”.
    Good to see the Greens lose partnership in Government. Hope this new Gov’t will reject any pressure to bring in SSM.
    Let us pray.
    Jerome Gonzalez

  11. Time for Christian based parties (CBP) to have a good look at themselves. The Christian community can’t support four CBPs competing against one another. It means four candidates for each seat and 600 election campaigns that have to be staffed and paid for. Sometimes all this when there is a candidate with good Christian credentials standing for a major party.
    You also have to wonder about some CBPs. Why did Family First preference Legalise Marijuana Party in SA before Cory Bernardi, a staunch campaigner against SSM or in QLD preference every Tom, Dick and Harry before another CBP and put David Goodwin director of pro-life organisation Emily’s Voice at 58?

    Des Morris

  12. I had hoped that the results of this election would reflect a move towards more explicitly christian rather than merely conservative values. This appears not to be the case as C.D.P. A.C. has gone backwards nationally and R.U.A.P has not done as well as I had anticipated. It is good news, though I still fear for the Liberals while they have moles in their midst.
    Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbot have something interesting in common. They both have sisters that could potentially influence them. Mr. Rudd has a sister who is a strong Christian and she must be grieving for her spiritually poor and weak brother.
    Tony Abbot is reported to have a sister who has left the views on marriage with which she no doubt has been raised which in turn has the potential to influence the public policy of her Prime minister brother. In that alone I believe the strength or lack there of of both men is indicated. Mr. Abbot still stands for traditional marriage and my prayer is that he will stay standing strong on it regardless of the pressure from family and cabinet he is sure to face in the future.
    The few snippets of the 2 men’s speeches they replayed on the ABC this morning, you could see the difference of approach so clearly. I applaud Mr. Abbott for explicitly including all those who did not vote for him into the number of those for who he will endeavour to govern. Mr. Rudd spoke of nothing but the supposed greatness of the Labour party and of the honour of having been “it’s” Prime Minister.
    regardless of the finest and best crafted speeches, the heart of even a career politician can not be hidden.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  13. Thanks Bill for your articles.
    I didn’t know that Abbott said he would roll back Rudd’s prejudicial laws against free speech. Nor did I know that Abbott will also reform the bigoted leftist Human Rights Commission.
    It’s similar to Qld’s LNP Premier Newman when he won the state election. He rolled back the ALP’s legislation that allowed politicians to tells lies in parliament.

    The deceitful left are always against free speech in their efforts to control thought. Our lamestream leftist media also limits free speech through it’s biased, one-sided “public debates”.

    Anyone who witnessed the political turmoil in the 90’s would have seen the left and it’s lamestream media at it’s worst in it’s hypocrisy and deceit. They attacked new political parties like Pauline Hanson’s One nation, Australia First, etc, using any deceitful tactic to malign them.

    Any who dare to oppose the left’s twisted ideals and it’s tactic of brainwashing society through the lamestream media and education system ,etc, is overwhelmingly abused into silence.

    It will be interesting to see how far Abbott can go to bring Australia back from the dark ages.

    Harold van de Wiel

  14. Thank you Bill for putting it so well – again. Up here in Qld we will keep praying and trusting God for the best outcome in Fairfax. Ted O’Brien is a fine Christian man with great principles. We are praying that he will received enough preferences to get him over the line and be our representative, as opposed to Mr MONEY.
    Thank you for the reminder to keep in touch with our representatives. We must let them know we are believing for the best in them and are praying to Almighty God to give them the wisdom they need to guide our country well.
    I have always had problems using the illegitimate expression “g.. marriage”. Thank you for supplying a better alternative.
    God bless and keep you,
    Dawn McGregor

  15. I hate how the word gay has been redefined. I’m going to endeavour to never use it again the way it’s been used in modern times. When I grew up I only knew it in the “Flintstones” way. The gaystapo has been successful in not only inventing propaganda terms like “homophobia” but changed the very meaning of some words like gay.

    Jeremy Woods

  16. A female relative said I was homophobic recently. I replied that indeed I was, and thanked her for the complement. Telling her that someone had to defend the idea that women still deserved the favored role in marriage and men’s attention. And suggested she stop debasing the important role and cultural status of women. She has never since repeated the comment.

    John Heininger

  17. Well written Bill, as usual.
    A timely reminder that we still need to pray for our govt and to lobby our politicians about Christian values and how we feel.
    Would all the city people please remember to pray for regional and outback folk and their representatives. We’ve had a dreadful time under labor with lost jobs and businesses and business opportunities and the loss of our water to feed a nation and an impoverished world.
    Jill Hatton

  18. 3 things
    I predict TA will roll on SSM within his first term
    The Greens should have been obliterated as a party as they were in Ireland
    How does Labour still have 54 seats left?
    Stand tall folks.
    Dameon McManus

  19. Good morning all,

    I am delighted that Abbott is now our Prime Minister. I was just praying for your new government in the shower this morning. I prayed that God would lead them and guide them in the way they should go. I prayed that they would listen to the people and serve the people as we are the ones who voted them in. I prayed that the Holy Spirit would move upon them by His mighty power and rest upon them and that they would make good on their promises. Again I am extremely delighted as is my husband and also on another note our Blues won yesterday. What a fantastic weekend. Sorry guys just wanted to put that one in lol.

    Go Liberals and may God be with them always and also I prayed that Jesus would be lifted up and exalted as their Saviour and Lord.

    God bless each and everyone of you and Bill. I love your articles Bill. It is very refreshing to hear a Christian be so bold as I am and do not shy away from the truth. Keep on going.

    Love Isy Keys 🙂

  20. Agreed Bill. we pray that Tony will even comeback to some roots – he sensed a call from God once. Unfortunately he didn’t give God a mention in his speech – it wouldn’t have done any harm.

    Richard Warner

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