Don’t Mention the ‘M’ Word

Imagine if a group of angry Christians took over a bus carrying Muslim school children, screamed at them and abused them, and threatened to kill them all. Imagine what the reaction would be, and how the media would cover this. There would be a huge outcry, with people demanding that Christianity be severely censured and proscribed.

islam 47Well, an attack on young Jewish school children did take place in Sydney yesterday. Here is the shocking story:

Security was beefed up at three Jewish schools in Sydney this morning following a sickening racial attack against students on buses yesterday afternoon. Jewish children as young as five were subjected to a terrifying racial attack when thugs stormed their school bus and threatened to slit their throats.
Screaming “Kill the Jews” and “Heil Hitler” the louts jumped on the bus packed with about 30 students, from kindergarten to year 12, who were on their way home from school yesterday. Police this morning arrested five alleged offenders involved in the attack.

Now as Robert Spencer notes, while the media is not saying what religious motivations lay behind this fiendish attack, we can nonetheless find some root causes:

This kind of attack is enabled by the relentless demonization of Israel by the mainstream media and Islamic groups. They are normalizing in Western countries a culture of violence, hatred and anti-Semitism. The Daily Telegraph goes out of its way to emphasize that these men were blond and possibly drunk (although the bus driver, who clearly colluded with them, insisted that they were not drunk), as if to emphasize that they were not Muslims. But the increasingly violent, thuggish and authoritarian Left eagerly does the bidding of Islamic supremacists and jihadists.

But even if Muslims had nothing directly to do with this, let me offer another scenario. What if Christians conducted 23,577 terrorist attacks since 9/11? What if Christian terrorists carried out 268 such attacks in 28 countries just in July of this year, with 2660 people killed and 2079 critically injured?

What if Christians were regularly involved in carrying out acid attacks, honour killings, kidnapping of children, mass beheadings, child marriage, female genital mutilation, suicide attacks, the murder of innocent civilians, amputations as punishment, polygamy, killing of apostates, and the oppression of women?

And what if this had been taking place for 1400 years now, with it all done in the name of Christianity? Obviously there would be a world-wide reaction against this, with serious steps taken to put an end to this barbarism, bloodshed and bigotry.

The religion would be greatly curtailed and restricted, if not banned entirely. That would be the sensible response to so much horror. And yet, everything I offer above has in fact occurred and is occurring – not at the hands of Christians, but of Muslims.

This is standard fare for the Islamic political ideology. It is a death cult obsessed with killing, murder and mayhem. Yet we treat it as if it is just like any other religion, and fully deserving of full promotion, acceptance and celebration. We even have Western leaders singing its praises and observing its religious festivals.

I again ask you: if Christianity was behind one and a half millennia of terror, hatred and blood shedding, would it be tolerated, championed and appeased? The double standards here beggar belief. We foolishly accord Islam the highest respect, deference and latitude.

We fear offending it. We want everyone to respect it. We grovel before it. We seek to appease it. We bend over backwards to defend it. We do all we can to vilify its critics and silence its opponents. We have become a race of dhimmis, who fear offending Islam more than anything else.

This is simply the death wish of the West. If it does not snap out of its slumber and stop playing games, then we are all doomed. We cannot and should not appease and capitulate to this death cult. We can respect, love and reach out to individual Muslims.

And as Christians we are called to do this. But we have no reason whatsoever to seek to exonerate, defend and promote a political ideology bent on global domination and the death of the infidels. The daily outrages perpetrated upon us by this violent cult must be faced up to and called for what it is.

When someone tells you time and time again that they intend to kill you and take over your lands and destroy your customs, institutions and values, you don’t seek to accommodate them or appease them. You oppose them with all your might.

So when will the West wake up to its most deadly and diabolical opponent since godless communism?

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5 Replies to “Don’t Mention the ‘M’ Word”

  1. The LNP promised at the last election to amend section 18c of the Racial Discrimination Act to allow greater freedom to discuss issues affecting our nation. Now the Prime Minister breaks that promise. The contexts of the announcement implied that to get the cooperation of the Muslim community in counter terrorist the government had to accede to their demands and drop the planned changes to 18c.
    The Muslim community, as everyone else, should vigorously oppose terrorism, no ifs, no buts, without any conditions. If they don’t they should be regarded as an enemy of the state and should be dealt with as such.

  2. Are you going to argue with a person that points a loaded gun at you? Of course not.

    That is the mindset of Liberals. They are scared to death of them, afraid of rocking the boat. They are afraid of losing their lives – ‘there is no god, once we’re dead, we’re dead’. They are scared of losing their jobs, spouses, children, houses, and all of the material possessions. They are afraid of getting cut up themselves. So they put up.

    Christians, on the other hand are harmless, hence the behaviour.

    This is what I see and the conversations coming from believers and non believers alike. They have no courage.

  3. Yes Erik you’re right. As a whole they are acting very short sighted, living in the here and now. But I find this very strange, because most of their financial forecasting is in the future.
    Super for our old age, the budget will be better if we take some hard line now, it will pay off in the future. Don’t get me wrong I’m a Abbott supporter.
    Environment, rising sea levels and dying trees blah blah, worried our children’s children won’t have the quality of life we enjoy.

  4. Maybe now that we are beginning to see what damage the lack of courage does not only to ourselves and the contemporary vulnerable, but also to the next generation yet unborn to which we leave a legacy of values not defended and protected we might understand better why Jesus said we should not fear those who can kill the body and after that have nothing left they can do.
    One thing that helps me be strong is a recent post from barb wire of a Christian who was forced to convert which he did and then he was killed anyway. God is merciful, but where do you think that soul could be now?
    They have no respect for those cowardly converts with a loaded gun at their head, but there is a greater chance of muslims converting to Christianity once they see our commitment and courage in the face of death even if that is the price we pay. We must consider eternal things. Only that will provide us with the unblinking and uncompromising determination to obey our Lord and master Jesus Christ no matter what and that is what is needed in these times more than ever.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  5. It is one thing to love one’s neighbour. It is another to slavishly agree with all my neighbour’s opinions and beliefs and insist that those opinions and beliefs remain untouched and untested in the court of intelligent public discourse.

    That celebrated Anti-Christian, Nietzsche well understood that the masculine aspects of Islam’s exercise of the will to power would serve the cause of “God-is-dead” Western philosophy well: Both are natural allies against Judaism and Christianity in that titanic struggle which Nietzsche characterized so incisively as “Dionysus versus the Crucified”.

    The Third Reich actively supported the mid-20th-Century forerunners of Hamas, the PLO and ISIS as its allies in the pursuit of Hitler’s “final solution” for the “Jewish Question”.

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