Beheadings: What Will It Take To Wake Us Up?

There has been yet another horrific beheading. But no, it was not another sad episode from Iraq, or other parts of the Middle East. It was from the comfortable suburbs of London. Yes, a woman was beheaded in her own garden by another knife-wielding Muslim.

And my biggest worry is this: while the beheading of an elderly woman may not rile too many feathers, more people may wake up to the barbarism of Islam by the fact that some cats were beheaded first before she was. Yes, that seems to be where our priorities lie nowadays.

islam 104As the Sun opens its article: “A grandmother was beheaded in her back garden yesterday by a maniac with a machete. The ranting man, said to be a Muslim convert, attacked 82-year-old Palmira Silva after decapitating cats in a bloody rampage.”

Both things are evil of course. But why do I fear that the only thing to wake up sleeping Westerners is not the fact that she got beheaded, but that her cats were beheaded first? How have we come to the place where we can just sleep through pure evil, and cannot even wake up when it is happening on our very doorsteps?

I just wrote yesterday about the horrific case of child abuse in England committed by mostly Muslims. Some 1400 children were tortured and sexually abused, but it went on for year after year because the false gods of political correctness and multiculturalism said that we cannot use the M word.

England and much of the West seem more concerned about offending Muslims than they are about protecting children from rape and sexual assault. All because of this lousy commitment to multiculturalism – a failed god if ever there was one. As Mark Steyn says about this:

So now, in the new multiculti Britain, the child sex trade is back, as part of the rich, vibrant tapestry of diversity – along with Jew-hate, and honor killings, and decapitation porn. The solutions to the internal contradictions of multiculturalism are (a) David Cameron’s expanded security state; (b) Afsun Qureshi’s universal prostration before Islam; or (c) an end to mass Muslim immigration. The last is too obvious for any viable western politician ever to propose it.

But back to our beheading story. It has only just recently occurred, and as usual, many media outlets are refusing to use the M word. They are playing it safe. But that only means we will get more of this happening in the future. Here is how the Daily Mail begins its coverage:

A woman who was found beheaded in a suburban back garden after a man ‘went berserk with a machete’ has been named by police as Palmira Silva, 82. The victim, who is believed to be of Italian descent and also known as Pamela, was found dead outside a house in Edmonton, north London.
Police say the killing is not currently being linked to terrorism and that specialist firearms officers were called to reports of a man wielding a knife and attacking animals just after 1pm. Witnesses say he had been ‘cutting the head off a cat’ as he walked along the road.
When officers arrived, they found the victim collapsed in a garden. She was pronounced dead at the scene. Police officers cornered the man to stop him attacking anyone else while they evacuated homes along Nightingale Road, Metropolitan Police Commander Simon Letchford said.
The 25-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of murder and is in custody. He is also receiving medical treatment after sustaining injuries in the arrest. Rickie Benson, a builder working up the road from the horror scene, said: ‘I heard there was a man walking up the road cutting the head off a cat as he made his way to the house.

In a war, we must identify the enemy. Refusal to do so means we are doomed to lose the war. If people are doing utterly diabolical things in the name of Islam, then we should name the culprit. Pretending Islam is a religion of peace, and treating it as a protected species, helps no one.

It simply makes matters worse. So whether it is the contemptible rape of young children or the beheading of grandmothers and cats, all this will simply continue and be compounded, if we refuse to call a spade a spade. The simple truth is, Islam is not a religion of peace.

It is a murderous political ideology and death cult. The sooner we stop lying to ourselves about this the better.

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14 Replies to “Beheadings: What Will It Take To Wake Us Up?”

  1. An all this by a group that are engaged in a system that was fabricated to support their brutal behaviour over a thousand years ago !!! – now exposed as a fraud !!!

  2. There are signs now that British politics is beginning to enter upheaval and we may see fireworks at the next G.E. Over the next few weeks we have the Scottish referendum and a by-election that could begin changing the face of the country, at which point we hope common-sense and courage will begin making their way back to dominance. There’s a way to go yet but I believe God is starting to quietly put up the new scenery.
    Nonetheless, this beheading is a ghastly act and should stir more people into questioning just what the heck our government is doing about it all (which at present is nothing, of course).

  3. In the name of decency, it is time to take heed. There is a madness in the species that is taking over the mute ‘civil’ society and laying to waste all that has been built and achieved over hundreds of years and hard-won battles. If God is indeed starting to put up new scenery, let Him also grant us increased courage and commonsense to take care of it all. Here in Australia, we are following in Britain’s wake, but yet to ‘wake up’. Let us hope it is soon.

  4. Det Ch Insp John Sandlin said: “I can understand why this may cause people concern, however we are confident that we are not looking for anyone else at this stage.

    “Whilst it is too early to speculate on what the motive behind this attack was I am confident, based on the information currently available to me, that it is not terrorist related.”

    Well there you have it according to the BBC this is not a terrorist related attack so we can all go back to bed and go to sleep. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    I think this takes dhimmitude to new depths

    David Skinner UK

  5. Phil,

    Nice expose…..I will be watching this video again.

    After watching the video Jay Smith…

    All I can say is we have lived and walked the real Wizard or Oz. What a Fake!! Mohammad was a mere man for sure.

    Nice work Phil. That was well laid out. Completely godless book.

    Erik Ahlblad
    South Korea

  6. The homosexuals and Muslims are working in parallel in their agenda to bring down Western civilization.

    Many of us in confronting Stonewall and the gay lobby have mistakenly assumed that the established religions of Roman Catholicism, and Islam, or Chrislam as it is called, could be relied upon to maintain the moral lines. But the former became deeply corrupted in its early development with the worship of Mary and the saints; whilst the latter in its very DNA is an idolatrous and satanic religion, intent on destroying the Church and bringing everything under subjection to Allah. The Church of England and many other denominations appears to have also capitulated to both with Ecumenism
    What is even more alarming is the craven cowardice of our governments to both Islam and the gaystapo, whilst simultaneously removing Christians from the public space and being unresponsive to the genocide of Christians in islamic countries.

    David Cameron has gone into the import export business. Whilst importing Islamic and gay refugees he is exporting home grown Islamic and gay terrorism to the rest of the world.

    David Skinner UK

  7. “The simple truth is, Islam is not a religion of peace.” I think that is a bit misleading in that Islam is a religion of peace (ROP) and a religion of terror (ROT) simultaneously, the latter being true does not imply that it is not a religion of peace. This is an important concept to grasp as otherwise one does not have an appreciation of how shifty Muslims can be and get away with it. There is the principle of abrogation (mentioned by Ken in the video) but that isn’t the main thing which allows both to be true but the fact that in Islam principles are relative not absolute as assumed in the west and leads one to say it cannot be a ROP because it is a ROT. It promotes peace between Muslims, i.e. those who have submitted to Allah, but extreme prejudice towards those who are not. That is not an incompatibility.When Muslims say Islam is a ROP they do not qualify it as being in regard to Muslims only and the first step in countering their assertion that it is a ROP.

  8. Don’t even call it a religion…it’s nothing but a philosophy ascribed to a man no one even met.

  9. Thank you!! The mask has come off. Proves my point all along, it all comes down to MONEY, nothing else.

  10. Yes Eric!

    Islam: A political prophetic philosophy with financial support coming largely from oil and arms profiteers, whether Sunni or Shia, whether Saudi Arabian or Iranian and …, and yes, even British or American.

    Remember Jesus said, ‘The Spirit of the Lord is upon me,
    for he has anointed me to bring Good News to the poor.
    He has sent me to proclaim that captives will be released,
    that the blind will see, that the oppressed will be set free,
    and that the time of the Lord’s favor has come.’

    Paul reminds us, ‘See to it that no one takes you captive through philosophy and empty deception, according to the tradition of men, according to the elementary principles of the world, rather than according to Christ.’ (Col. 2:8 NASB)

    Let’s neither ignore nor disobey God’s Word.
    Let God arise and His enemies be scattered.
    Beware lest we may not be found among his friends.
    Rejoice always. Pray non-stop. Give thanks in ALL circumstances. Lord, have mercy!

  11. The trouble is there is terrorism already amongst us but it comes in various forms. In the medical system we have situations where human genes have been patented so that only specified companies can use those processes ( usually at the expense and cost of patients health and life) all others are restricted due to the the patent laws. This despite genes being named as a product of Nature (God’s creation and Gods patent but freely given) and therefore cannot be patented. Money rules this system not the welfare of our fellow humans. GM foods flood the markets yet a tremendous amount of information has come to light over the longer term to give more than adequate cause for serious concerns and investigation of that process without using scientists connected to the producers. Money rules this system too and is costing governments and the people dearly. It has been commonly stated that the US needs a war to keep its arms industry going. Money again rules this system and human desecration is often its outcome..
    Even when the US entered the last war and needed alluminum to build planes it was discovered that most of that production was going to Germany. Apparently the President had to step in to ensure America got the necessary metal for home use. Money from any form or process does not concern the producers and many have been known to make obscene profits from wars. Nearly every problem in this world is caused by greed and or the protection of those assets that satisfy that lust.
    Yet whilst we are horrified by the decapitation of humans we forget the sickness caused by greed. It is my view that after the war of Physically combat is over we face an even greater creeping war in peacetime at the hands of the legislators and micro Gestapo departments that can only operate in times of peace when the consequences of not adhering to their bureaucratic laws can be costly and constrain our efforts to fight back in a more honest form without having a fortune at our disposal to fight on their terms. In most wars we usually know who the enemy whereas is in the bureaucratic jungle it is almost impossible to eradicate the culprits and the faceless wonders who by there deeds often cause more harm than the battlefield of combat, Jesus himself said to many whilst eating with the scribes and pharisees woe unto you who lay waste widows houses. How many times do we see where legal fees become greater than the contention in the first place and who makes the most out of a battle of a husbands will or the discernment of property rights often when little is left but debt.. Jesus at that time was extremely outspoken in naming the truths and greed of the establishment, is it any wonder they wanted him dead.
    We need to stand up for our God with the valour of David who demanded of the Israelite army as to how long they were going to allow the Philistines and specifically Goliath to blaspheme against their God.

  12. Intrigued by Cameron’s claim that “in Britain, Muslims are [the] biggest donors; they give more to charity than any other faith group”, I went looking for the basis of this.

    It seems to stem from a poll done by ICM research in June last year. About 4000 people responded to the question “How much, if at all, would you say you generally donated to charities last year?”. The poll was “an online representative poll” and was “carried out in conjunction with the JustGiving website”. Beyond that, I can’t find anything about how it was conducted, but being done on-line and in conjunction with an on-line charity donation site makes me wonder just how representative it was, and simply asking people for a figure from memory of how much they gave is not the most reliable way to get a good result.


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