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OK, it’s been another week, so we have plenty more stories from the religion of peace. No matter what part of the globe we are discussing, we have many more very disturbing reports about things being done in the name of Islam by devout Muslims.

While plenty of nominal Muslims would not necessarily approve of such things, or do them themselves, the sad truth is, those who are sold out to Islam are doing such things every single day of the year, and are causing untold misery, death and destruction.

islam 37To simply report on these countless activities of course does not make me a racist (Islam is not a race), or a bigot (how is stating facts a form of bigotry?), or a trouble maker (how does alerting people to real threats and dangers make one a troublemaker?). Such stories must be told.

The mainstream media tends to shy away from all these matters, or if they are covered by the MSM, we are not told about the Islamic connection, or we are assured they have nothing to do with Islam. I prefer dealing in truth and reality instead of political correctness and dhimmitude.

So let me offer five more vignettes from the past few days, all revolving around the wonderful world of Islam. And they speak for themselves, so no commentary from me is needed. My first story comes from New York:

A Manhattan man was charged with circumcising his much-younger wife after she refused to have sex, authorities said Tuesday. Moussa Diarra, 48, wanted to have anal intercourse with the 24-year-old victim and when she said no, he forced himself on her, police said. He sodomized her before performing the horrific circumcision around 9 p.m. Sept. 14, the woman told cops. The victim reported the assault about a week later, police said.
Diarra, who is originally from Africa, where circumcision was once common, was arrested Sept. 23, court records show. He was indicted by a grand jury six days later. He is charged with a forcible sex act, aggravated sex abuse by compulsion, attempted assault with intent to disfigure or dismember and assault with intent to cause physical injury with a weapon, court records show. He is being held at the Manhattan Detention Center in lieu of $20,000 cash bail or $40,000 bond. He is scheduled to appear in court Oct. 27.

England is the scene of my second chilling story:

A British medical student suspected of plotting with Islamic State announced ‘I smell war’ just hours before he was arrested. Tarik Hassane, 21, known to friends as ‘The Surgeon’, was being questioned last night over allegations he wanted to bring terror to the streets of Britain.
He was Tasered by armed police who stormed a relative’s flat where he was sleeping after flying into the country. The devout Muslim, studying in Sudan, is suspected of travelling to Syria and conspiring with the brutal terror group.
Three of his friends, all aged 20 or 21, were also held by Scotland Yard counter-terrorism officers.
Magistrates have granted police an extra five days to question four men arrested on suspicion of plotting a terrorist attack on the UK, the Met said this morning. One of them, Gusai Abuzeid, 21, a student at the Greenwich School of Management and part-time Primark worker, was arrested at home in Central London. His brother said his sibling was not religious and could not be involved in an Islamist plot.
One line of inquiry is that the men were plotting a beheading to emulate hostage murderer Jihadi John. Hassane was arrested on Tuesday on the Princess Alice Estate, West London, where two of the July 21 bombers were found nine years ago. Armed police searched flats occupied by his aunt and uncle. One witness heard ‘three bangs’ before he was dragged out. She said: ‘His face was belligerent, angry, not at all remorseful and a complete look of hate.’
Hours earlier, the suspect tweeted that he had flown into the country, adding: ‘Oi lads … I smell war.’ He has been at the University of Medical Sciences and Technology in Khartoum since September 2013. Security services believe that he has travelled to Syria and met with hard-line militants there.

And then consider this story of how African female Muslims are treated:

Saudi Arabian officials have deported 241 Nigerian women from the annual hajj pilgrimage, and are threatening to send back hundreds of others said to be travelling without male chaperones, prompting a diplomatic row between the two countries.
Nigerian officials responsible for organising the hajj said three planes were turned back from the Saudi city of Medina, while a further 1,000 women were held in detention centres in Mecca, some for up to five days. Under Saudi law, women are minors who require permission from a male relative to work, leave the country or, in some cases, receive medical treatment.
But Nigeria’s Saudi ambassador, Abubakar Shehu Bunu, said it had been agreed Nigerians could perform the rites as long as they were accompanied by local officials once they were in Saudi Arabia. Bunu has lodged a formal complaint with Saudi authorities.
Many of the women who were sent back arrived in tears, some carrying babies strapped to their backs. “We are all so sad. I used my last savings to top up what my cousin provided to pay for a hajj seat, only to be treated like infidels who are not fellow Muslims,” said Halima Muhammad, who spent two days in a detention centre.
“From the airport we were all rounded up and taken to a facility that is not fit for humans. No one offered us anything, we had only water and slept on bare floors,” she said by phone from Katsina. Others said they spent hours in darkened planes and were sent back without disembarking. Many Africans save for years to scrape together the £3,000 fee.

Australia is not immune from all this:

A hardline Islamic leader from a group advocating an Islamic caliphate says Muslims should be ready to make sacrifices to achieve it. “We believe this world deserves a new world order,” Ismail Al-Wahwah declared at an event headed by the controversial Hizb ut-Tahrir organisation. More than 200 people attended the lecture at Lakemba in Sydney’s west on Friday night where Al-Wahwah, a sheik from Bankstown, denounced Australia’s involvement in the US-led campaign in Iraq and Syria aimed at fighting Isis extremists.

Finally, this from the US:

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo and his staff have received death threats from Isis, he has claimed. The Jihadist militant group (also known as Islamic State) was using the social media channel to share its news, so their accounts were shut down.
“After we started suspending their accounts, some folks affiliated with the organisation used Twitter to declare that employees of Twitter and their management should be assassinated,” said Costolo. “Obviously that’s a jarring thing for anyone to deal with and I’ve spent a long time talking to the company about it.” Talking at the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit, Costolo discussed the difficulties in balancing freedom of speech with the spreading of negative, malevolent content.

These are just a sampling of the many things done this past week from devout Muslims around the globe. There would be plenty more such stories to tell. If you add these to the hundreds of other such stories I have already documented on this website, you would get the sneaking suspicion that there is something not quite right about the political ideology known as Islam.

And you would be perfectly correct in thinking this way.

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5 Replies to “Islam Around the World”

  1. When will people wake up and learn from the mistakes of other countries?

    The other day I saw this poster in a Sydney shop window –

    Where the Muslims are not happy:

    They’re not happy in Gaza.
    They’re not happy in Egypt.
    They’re not happy in Libya.
    They’re not happy in Morocco.
    They’re not happy in Iran.
    They’re not happy in Iraq.
    They’re not happy in Yemen.
    They’re not happy in Afghanistan.
    They’re not happy in Pakistan.
    They’re not happy in Syria.
    They’re not happy in Lebanon.
    They’re not happy in Indonesia.

    So, where are they happy?

    They’re happy in Australia.
    They’re happy in England.
    They’re happy in France.
    They’re happy in Italy.
    They’re happy in Germany.
    They’re happy in Sweden.
    They’re happy in the USA.
    They’re happy in Norway.

    They’re happy in almost every country that is not Islamic!
    And who do they blame [for their unhappiness]?

    Not Islam…not their leadership…not themselves… They blame the countries in which they are HAPPY! And they want to change the countries in which they’re happy, to be like the countries they came from, where they were unhappy.

    Try to find logic in that.

  2. Interesting read!! It is funny how there are so many options for follows of islam to live in countries who’s ideals are more aligned with their own yet they choose to live in countries outside the rule of islam.

  3. Another informative article Bill, have shared on facebook and please keep up the great work.

  4. Recently, my cousin visited with two friends in their fifties.

    They knew absolutely nothing about islam, just had a general dislike of it.
    They then received my compulsory, beginners guide to the horrors of islam lecture.
    Sadly it seems – due to the media,(and politicians) generally being corrupt, dishonest, dhimmified, in denial, cowardly, any or all of the former, in relation to telling the truth about islam – the task lies with us spreading the terrible truth about islam, by word of mouth – slow but sure! God speed, all who participate in this essential task!

  5. I was telling a very well educated friend about a deceitful practice by a well known Muslim and she got quite angry and said that what I was saying was “offensive” and “racist”! I told her it was not a race issue and she said she did not care and did not want to hear about it!

    I replied “Pretty soon you will care!”

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