When Love and Hate Collide

So, just back from another of the March for the Babies in Melbourne. (Actually, I am now in Sydney, so my apologies for a few hours delay here.) The annual march commemorating the 2008 Victorian abortion law which is amongst the most liberal in the world is the highlight of the prolife calendar, and this year’s may have been the best so far.

And as usual, it was an incredible study in contrasts: light versus darkness, love versus hatred. According to police estimates, 7000 people marched for the unborn child. There may have been at least 150 police on hand, and perhaps just 30-40 of the rent-a-crowd.

Last year the ferals caused tremendous damage in assaulting and attacking people – young and old – while the police did not do very much about it. See here for a blow by blow description of last year’s march: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2013/10/12/choosing-death-choosing-hate/

abortion 48Because of that around 200 complaints were sent to the police. Last week we received a two page letter from the police apologising profusely, admitting they got it wrong, and promising to do much better this year. And they sure did. They were everywhere – on foot and on horseback. They did a great job of protecting us from the hate-filled mob.

The march first went direct from Treasury Gardens to Parliament House. A number of short talks were there delivered. Then we marched to an infamous abortion mill in East Melbourne, where a few more talks were given, then the march concluded.

The police were with us every step of the way. The first part of the march saw little trouble from the protestors. But at Parliament House they surrounded the crowd on three sides with screaming, drum-beating, and non-stop interruptions. The police moved them into one main area where they carried on the whole time, trying to drown out the speakers.

Strange, last night in Lakemba in Sydney’s west a hate-preacher of Islam was telling a small crowd about how evil Australia is and how it must come under seventh-century sharia law. There were no protestors there. There were no crowds seeking to drown out his voice. There were no demos.

But here we had 7000 people who simply wanted to show their love and concern for the unborn, and we have these screaming banshees treating us as if we were a bunch of Nazis. Go figure. Their signs said it all really. One large sign held high by a very angry young man actually said this: “THE ONLY GOOD BABY IS A DEAD BABY!”

I kid you not. There were other equally appalling signs, such as “Cory Bernardi is a failed abortion”. The anger, rage and diabolical ugliness of these protestors was really something to behold. These really were manifestations of the demonic.

A large pro-life sign on a truck was spray-painted with graffiti, with words like “racist”. Umm, what does racism have to do with protecting babies? “Smash sexism” was another dopey sign. Again, what does loving babies have to do with sexism? Both male and female babies are horribly killed by abortion.

There was even a pamphlet being handed out by the radicals, pretending to be from our side. It was entitled: “You call this pro-life? Anti-abortion, white supremacy and the clash of civilizations.” Oh, now those who love the unborn are white supremacists as well. It featured four apparently really evil people: Senator Cory Bernardi, MP Bernie Finn, Lord Monckton, and one Bill Muehlenberg.

Now Cory was not even there, and I was not a speaker (the other two were however). But according to the pamphlet, the four of us were not only responsible for this evil pro-life rally, but we are the epitome of evil in this nation. In this pamphlet which is strewn with absolutely incredible lies and distortions, they even claim I said that Christians should use force and war against all Muslims.

But telling lies for a cause of genuine evil – the killing of the unborn – is par for the course for this mob. Indeed, it was all the usual suspects: the socialists, the anarchists, the Sex Party, and all the usual hate crew. And 2000 years ago we were told exactly why such bold lies would come about.

Paul in Romans 1:18 spoke about “all the godlessness and wickedness of people, who suppress the truth by their wickedness”. Unrighteousness always leads to the suppression of truth, and we had plenty of that on hand today. To stand for life and love makes us altogether evil, while those who seek to scream and shout us down are portrayed as paragons of goodness.

One highlight for me was when I chatted with three pro-aborts. We went back and forth for a while, and then I finally asked them this: “So let me get this straight – you say you are against all killing?” “Yes” a gal shouted back. “But you are in favour of killing the unborn?” I said. They hummed and hawed, and the gal said, “Yes, I am pro-abortion.” No further comments necessary!

The second stage of the march is when things really started to get out of hand. As we marched the radicals made a number of attempts to break free of the police lines and charge at us and attack us. This is where the police really shone brightly. They protected us wonderfully, putting up with horrific hatred and abuse and a non-stop stream of profanities.

One enraged protestor charged right at us, and a policeman downed him with a superb flying tackle. A lady commented that if he was with the Sydney football club, they might have won the Grand Final. Time after time they attempted to rush at us and attack us, and time after time the police repelled them.

We kept applauding the police and thanking them and telling them we were praying for them. Often you would find a group of 10 or 15 of them running to the next trouble spot, to keep us protected from the furious pro-aborts. They really did do everything they could to protect us. Well done police!

Another glaring juxtaposition was seen during this second stage of the march: to our right the angry protestors were seeking with demonic energy to break the police lines, while to our left a newly married couple were walking along. The love and peace of the newlyweds and the love and peace of the prolifers contrasted so greatly with the frenzied, furious and ferocious demonstrators who seemed to be consumed with hatred and demonic rage.

Love versus hate. Light versus darkness. The contrast today was apparent for all to see. Well does Scripture say: “All that hate me [God] love death.” We certainly saw that today as well. Those who hate God the most hate life the most. They prefer darkness, death and deceit. We must keep praying for these folks.

Many thanks again to Bernie Finn and crew who made this march happen and made it so successful. Thanks to the 7000 who braved the hate brigade. Thanks to people like Sonja who organised a pre-march lunch which around 40 folks attended. Thanks to one and all.

I really cannot see any reason why anyone should miss it next year. I will see you then.


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  1. Good to hear, Bill and well done. So good to hear the police have listened and taken their role seriously this year.

    PS Welcome to Sydney. I would have met with you but have organised a few things on the other side of Sydney.

  2. I am mightily encouraged by the strong police support! Praise our Almighty God for a great showing and for your faithful service, Bill.

  3. Romans Chapter 3 perfectly describes the Pro-abort side. The demonic hatred is clear to see.

  4. Thanks for this report. Last night Denis Napthine was interviewed about whether he would change any of the abortion laws to which he very self-righteously answered that he would not. I went to his website and typed in my message that unless he changed his stand on abortion I would not be voting for him in November. (I will not be voting Labour either). I also pointed out that I was intending to vote Liberal but that has now changed and I will vote for an independent or not vote at all. But I cannot vote for a party that is pro-death.

  5. Thanks for the report Bill.
    I had planned to be there with my wife, but very suddenly she was put into hospital for pacemaker surgery, and I had to attend to her as she came out yesterday, and thereafter for the remainder of the day. Still, some other members of our church (Somerville Pres) attended, so we will hear from them this morning.
    Glad to hear that the police presence made all the difference this year.
    From what you report there is no reasoning with these demonic people at all.

  6. Well done, marchers and police – so good to hear about so many people turning up for the March. The demonic fury demonstrated by the abortion crowd just shows you are doing what is right and good.

  7. The police were exemplary yesterday. I have a copy of that pamphlet, but I haven’t bothered to read it yet. If that’s any indication, you have to wonder if these people are even capable of articulating a rational argument. .

  8. Great story Bill, sounds like it went really well and well done to the police. It restores my faith in them.

    Not much on the news about this. And one report said there were only 2000 prolifers! You will never hear the truth from the media when it comes to killing the preborn.

  9. What a contrast, they have seen the signs (my family) and can not, believe anyone would even think those things, never mind paint it on a plaque and walk through the street, proud.
    In my opinion, any person who displayed such a grotesque statement publicly, should cop 40 lashes.
    Then again, they might enjoy it and their suffering for the cause, the death cause?

  10. So things were better this year, at least from the police side of things.
    Is there any way to thank them?

  11. Good report Bill, Glad you guys were protected this year.

    Yes the other side is easily depicted as being under the influence of satan, in fact they prove it by their very actions and words.

    Oh and btw, my wife and I do have a prayer each day for these poor people, we must pity them, pray for them, and hope beyond hope that we might just manage to save one or two of them one day, after all, we just need to look at the change that can come to people by looking at the Apostle Paul.

  12. 7,000 prolifers and only 40 protesters? I think this is the beginning of change. 😀

  13. Thanks for the report, Bill.

    Those of us who complained about the police inaction last year should take the time to congratulate Victoria Police for their preparedness this year. They must really hate having to put up with ferals yet that’s their job.

  14. I’m glad to hear there were 7,000. Isn’t that over twice as many as last year? We were right up the front and didn’t see much of what the ferals were doing, but gave a cheer when they were surrounded by police during our march to the abortion clinic. They were so good this year. Why did they do so little last year?

  15. Has anyone seen the hammering that the Silent Sentinels in Italy are getting? The police there are reported to have been absolutely useless. It demonstrates very clearly the demonic screaming and spitting of our enemies.

  16. Great to see the protesters agenda was intercepted and thwarted by the victorian police 1Tim1:9-10 knowing this: that the law is not made for a righteous person, but for the lawless and insubordinate, for the ungodly and for sinners, for the unholy and profane, for murderers of fathers and murderers of mothers, for manslayers, for fornicators, for sodomites, for kidnappers, for liars, for perjurers, and if there is any other thing that is contrary to sound doctrine.

  17. Thanks Bill, I thought the contrast between love and hate was very clear to see. I thought it would be lovely to have little gifts that we could give to the police next year – they did a smashing job (in more ways than one!).

    God bless,
    Isaac Overton

  18. Hi Bill, thank you for all your good work. We had our Legion of Mary, ‘Rosary in the Park’ here in Wagga Wagga on Saturday and praying for an end to abortion was one of the intentions… Good on the police and well done to the 7000 good souls! Might see if we can make it next year!


    Self-hatred if you think about it carefully. Irony meter broke a spring again! Costing me a fortune in repairs.

    Congratulations to the police, looks like they did a great job. Not just one side with all the rights to march & protest.

  20. What an encouragement to hear all that! Thanks for your report Bill. Even though I was unable to attend I will certainly be sending a thank you to the police.

  21. It is great to hear that the march went well this year. News.com.au had a reasonably good write up on the event, which painted a bad picture of the pro-death camp. However, they also posted a stupid article about a woman who wrote a letter to her baby she was about to abort. You can see this piece of insanity here http://mobile.news.com.au/lifestyle/parenting/woman-pens-open-letter-to-the-unborn-child-she-plans-to-abort/story-fnet08ck-1227088001502

    David from Melbourne

  22. I was there on Saturday. It was my first time, won’t be the last.

    I agree it was a wonderful event. The contrasts were huge. I stood for a while as the bulk of our crowd started moving back down Spring Street. I just wanted to move a little closer to those who so obviously hate God and us so, so much.

    I couldn’t believe the hate they were spewing. I agree with Bill’s assessment, pure demonic stuff. I could feel this wave of utter hate coming towards me. Not pleasant at all. How you endure this day after day and year after year simply amazes me Bill. Bless you. Then there was our side, beautiful loving families, smiles, children everywhere, mum, dad and kids. So simple, so beautiful, so right.

    I also agree that the police did a wonderful job protecting us. Indeed the other side would have hurt everyone they could if they got through. I do think however, that the police allowed them to get too close to us. Not from a protection perspective, but because they were close enough to make enough noise so that I couldn’t actually hear about half of the speeches. I found that really annoying.

    All in all though, I was so glad to be part of something so great.

  23. That’s fantastic news, Bill! It looks like they’ve singled out our pro-life heroes, Cory Bernardi, Bernie Finn, Lord Monckton and…Bill Muehlenberg. Congratulations to all four of you for making the roll of honour! I really believe that something has been broken in the heavenly realms and Australia will be blessed for rising up and taking a stand. This is a great moment in God’s calendar for this nation and I’ve never been prouder to be a part of Australia’s Christian community!

  24. Well done! If the events passed as you transpired, it truly is amazing what kind of spiritual warfare is going on – and how it shines out. I do fear for the time when the police will not be on our side, though… And I suspect most of us are reasonably certain that it will one day come to that.

  25. I liked reading this report, Bill. This had far more depth than what was said about March for the Babies on Channel Seven’s News.

  26. Hello Bill!
    I attended the march in 2013 but could not attend this time. I am so glad that police did such a wonderful job protecting the marchers this year.
    That 7000 attended this time is terrific news. I’m hoping that our format for the march will change for next year. My vision is of 10,000 marchers dressed in plain black t-shirts as a sign of mourning for babies killed in abortion clinics. With slightly bowed heads and moving silently through city streets, I think we must try to show that we mourn actual persons killed in these abortion clinics. By doing this , people may actually then realize the truth of abortion – that innocent persons are being slaughtered simply because they are babies. What an horrific situation!

    John Ferwerda

  27. Thanks Bill, great report & hope to get there next year. After seeing your FB post showing that little baby smaller than the palm of a female butcher’s hand, possibly 12wks since conception as it was fully formed, but astonishingly he was voluntarily moving every limb & even his head. This little person had so much desire to live because he was made in God’s image. Then to see that butcher holding him, prodding away in amazement that he was alive & trying to survive was heartwrenching to see him finally stop moving & obviously, passing into glory before having a chance to breath & choose Jesus for himself. Showing me that has given me even more reason to fight for the unborn (& for their mothers for whatever reason they have come to this abhorrent descision).

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